1. fruitrollups

    fruitrollupsヶ月 前

    Arnell: “I see the vision!” Alissa: “I kinda see the vision too!” Arnell: “Nah, I’m lying..I don’t see SHIT!” Lmaoooo! 😂😂😂😂

  2. Royal Gems

    Royal Gems16 日 前

    Starr Stevenson same here I was like Ik damn well I ain’t tripping

  3. Starr Stevenson

    Starr Stevenson19 日 前

    Nevermind, I watched the video, it was just like her face looked familiar and I remembered I watched Arnell earlier today and then Alissa called her so , I'm glad I'm not seeing things lol

  4. Starr Stevenson

    Starr Stevenson19 日 前

    Are Alissaand Arnell related or are they each other's doppelganger?? I need answers please, I'm sooo shook right now!!

  5. thatblackkat15

    thatblackkat1519 日 前

    I immediately thought of that meme "it was all a lie she lied."

  6. Jade Duckervil

    Jade Duckervil21 日 前

    Are they sisters

  7. Caty Bee

    Caty Bee5 時間 前

    You should review it! With photos!!!

  8. Meesha Williams

    Meesha Williams6 時間 前

    copyright/watermark your photos

  9. Sana t

    Sana t6 時間 前

    girl, you need to sue these ppl 👉👈

  10. youknowwhatflav

    youknowwhatflav18 時間 前

    Da bayang? ♥️🤷🏽‍♀️

  11. arianna zarate

    arianna zarate20 時間 前

    Not the bayang

  12. Marsala Brown

    Marsala Brown21 時間 前

    lol your too sweet Alissa! you should make a series of reviewing products that use your photos.

  13. Miss Zelly

    Miss Zelly日 前

    Put a water mark on your photos and you can easily hit these companies with a copyright lawsuit. Believe me that is the one thing I always hear people telling youtubers and influencers to protect themselves.

  14. Makayla Brooks

    Makayla Brooks日 前

    Girl we calling the police and suing ain’t nobody just gonna keep using your face to sell some stuff they know ain’t right

  15. Des_Dillinger

    Des_Dillinger日 前

    i just came in to say: NOT THE BANGYANG!!

  16. mayatheplug

    mayatheplug日 前


  17. Baby Fries

    Baby Fries日 前

    Not the bayang

  18. Nikki M

    Nikki M日 前

    When Jackie said it was atrocious I laughed so hard!!

  19. Alaina Caperz

    Alaina Caperz日 前

    Not da bayangggg , DA BAYANGGGG 😭😭😭😭😭

  20. Leysongeia Pollard

    Leysongeia Pollard日 前

    Alissaaaa im weaaakk omg lmfao

  21. VaderVengeance

    VaderVengeance2 日 前

    Try watermarking your images! I know it would suck for IG but maybe it will stop the photo thieves for a bit.

  22. Ronii B

    Ronii B2 日 前

    kinda looks like rihanna packing much forehead under the bangs

  23. Ronii B

    Ronii B2 日 前


  24. sethu -

    sethu -2 日 前

    Not the bayang

  25. Danavia _

    Danavia _2 日 前

    I know people probably already made the joke but I can’t watch this video without commenting “Not the bayang”

  26. UMICL

    UMICL2 日 前

    They stole your image and then they stole your money 💀

  27. ViciousDabbler

    ViciousDabbler2 日 前

    Girl don't you got a lawyer? You have the rights to the use of your likeness. You need to get you a check... or from the sounds of it a lot of checks.

  28. aleida massey

    aleida massey2 日 前

    Not the bayang 😂

  29. Cringe Queenz

    Cringe Queenz2 日 前


  30. aishajames

    aishajames2 日 前

    They need to pay you suuuus😠

  31. Sadie Brugh

    Sadie Brugh3 日 前

    A company from wish also stole your photo of u in a pair of pic orange reflective glasses!!! @arnell

  32. Babbzi

    Babbzi3 日 前


  33. Kayla M

    Kayla M3 日 前

    Not the bayang 😳

  34. e l e n a

    e l e n a3 日 前

    Was that Jackie Aina, or am I going crazy

  35. e l e n a

    e l e n a3 日 前

    I didn’t even realize this wasn’t Arnell until she called her up. Damn

  36. SuperPrincessstar1

    SuperPrincessstar13 日 前

    Me looking @ thumbnail: Not THE BAYANG!! Me a 2 secs in: A CURLY BAYANG

  37. Chris & Larisse

    Chris & Larisse3 日 前

    “Not the bangs the bangs”😭

  38. Simply Lexi

    Simply Lexi3 日 前


  39. Th3lite

    Th3lite3 日 前

    Girl you need a lawyer you need to be getting paid off of the sales they’re making from your photos

  40. Rita Marie

    Rita Marie3 日 前

    Not the BAYANG

  41. vdeogame knights

    vdeogame knights3 日 前

    NOT THE BAYANG 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  42. Reamogetse Pitswe

    Reamogetse Pitswe3 日 前


  43. Jade Tate

    Jade Tate3 日 前


  44. crypandora66

    crypandora664 日 前

    Water marks on your pics girl!! And in an obvious spot maybe???

  45. Mama Chungus

    Mama Chungus4 日 前


  46. Leane Kom

    Leane Kom4 日 前


  47. Ariana

    Ariana4 日 前


  48. Christina Carlton

    Christina Carlton4 日 前

    Put water marks on your photos

  49. ToriLaurel1

    ToriLaurel14 日 前

    Not the BAYANG!!!

  50. Tay Young

    Tay Young4 日 前

    Not the bangs The bayangs Oh ow ohhh 😂😂

  51. Natalie Chapkis

    Natalie Chapkis4 日 前

    I think it would be cool if you had Arnell make a better version of it. It could be a fun challenge. Love your videos!

  52. Ashley King

    Ashley King4 日 前

    Not the bang gang😂😂😂

  53. Kakola Kalia

    Kakola Kalia4 日 前

    lol this is a good time to say not the bayanggggg

  54. Katspearl

    Katspearl4 日 前

    I can.... see what theyre going for......... but its bad. but then again $20 😂

  55. Keeping up with Si

    Keeping up with Si4 日 前

    not the bayangggg

  56. King Jasm

    King Jasm4 日 前

    Sis I haven't watched your vids since you started growing out your HAIR AND LOOK AT THE GROWTH💫💫💫💫

  57. Trinity Sletten

    Trinity Sletten5 日 前

    not the bayanng 😂💀

  58. Sydney

    Sydney5 日 前

    What in the B.A.P.S is going on here

  59. Jada Turley

    Jada Turley5 日 前


  60. Gwencere

    Gwencere5 日 前

    Ugh, it makes me so angry that people use your gorgeous photos for their shitty products. So sorry this keeps happening to you :(

  61. Jada Jones

    Jada Jones5 日 前

    Not the bayanng

  62. MedusaaMedusaa

    MedusaaMedusaa5 日 前

    Not the bayangsss!!

  63. José Cruz

    José Cruz5 日 前

    Tbh make this into a series and put them on blast

  64. Larry dalibster

    Larry dalibster5 日 前

    Not the BAYANGGGGG

  65. Janice Pereira

    Janice Pereira5 日 前

    Not the BAYANG, the BAYANG Ooh-Oh-Ooo-OH 😂