Ultimate MRE Taste Test


  1. Noah Perkins

    Noah Perkins年 前

    As a vegetarian in the army, only having like 4 options out of 24 on two boxes - Chad always does take the vegetarian taco pasta

  2. Rebellious Nature

    Rebellious Nature3 日 前

    The only reason why you should be in the military if you are a vegetarian is if it is for religious reasons.... if it is a choice matter than you should re-evaluate your life choices because in any survival situation you have to eat what you have to to survive... what has this world become... SMH

  3. Absolute Best Potato of Them All

    Absolute Best Potato of Them All7 日 前

    Ha lol

  4. rob sumner

    rob sumner12 日 前

    But thank you for your service

  5. rob sumner

    rob sumner12 日 前

    Eat a burger

  6. LoanLeaf

    LoanLeaf12 日 前

    TravestyJunction why

  7. S. M. Collins

    S. M. Collins日 前

    I had a pepperoni pizza mre

  8. 0912lui

    0912lui3 日 前

    Do a Jollibee taste test!

  9. Lmf 252

    Lmf 2523 日 前

    It wasn’t as warm because you laid it against the rock, and not the “or something.”

  10. dioco maglinte

    dioco maglinte3 日 前

    Eating with Taras Kaul

  11. Devlin Stanton

    Devlin Stanton8 日 前

    You gotta mix the cornbread and cheese into the chili

  12. baileytom78

    baileytom788 日 前

    I ate a bunch of MRE's after hurricane Harvey I thought they were pretty good. Still have some in my closet just in case. I carry a couple in my saddle bags when I go on a roadtrip.

  13. Alex A.

    Alex A.9 日 前

    whats the original version of the song they used in the intro?

  14. les m

    les m9 日 前

    We normally throw the heaters away and eat them cold

  15. J Pennington

    J Pennington9 日 前

    Linc: Tastes like school supplies. Marines: Did somebody say crayon?

  16. Kenneth McKenzie

    Kenneth McKenzie9 日 前

    I've always thought the beef taco was the tastiest

  17. kaden Murphy

    kaden Murphy11 日 前

    It is Sargent please don't say sarge

  18. David Denis

    David Denis12 日 前

    What you forget is these are made to make you constipated, eat too many and you will not poop for a week or two. Massive Rectum Evacuation can’t happen

  19. LoanLeaf

    LoanLeaf12 日 前

    I live in NJ I will come 🤗

  20. EbtsOby

    EbtsOby12 日 前


  21. Immanuel Kim

    Immanuel Kim13 日 前

    “Smells like school supplies” .... you have to make MREs appetizing to Marines somehow

  22. Georgia Can chaser

    Georgia Can chaser6 日 前

    Immanuel Kim that’s golden right there🤣

  23. Daddy

    Daddy13 日 前

    Mess kits are actually a thing and do contain a plate.

  24. Jarrod El-Khouri

    Jarrod El-Khouri14 日 前

    *Steve has entered the chat*

  25. noob noob

    noob noob15 日 前

    You weren't supposed to leave it sitting up on end. it was supposed to be on its side.

  26. noob noob

    noob noob15 日 前

    You missed an opportunity to have a category of Meals Rejected by the Enemy.

  27. Kimberly McLear

    Kimberly McLear15 日 前

    Link " it's speaking your love language... which is just beans" 🤣

  28. Commander Loona

    Commander Loona16 日 前

    Have fun not pooping for a week 🤣

  29. Mudville

    Mudville16 日 前

    The real question is why wasn’t chili Mac an option

  30. Devi

    Devi16 日 前

    A rock or something

  31. Alex1999

    Alex199918 日 前

    My go to as a RM was sausage and bean casserole with added Tabasco.

  32. deadly zebra

    deadly zebra18 日 前

    i like how they used the Rock or Something on the back

  33. Travis-Jacobs Crampton

    Travis-Jacobs Crampton18 日 前

    what song is that MRE's intro from?

  34. Ethan Myers

    Ethan Myers18 日 前

    you forgot to give it a shake link. love you still tho. eat 2-3 of these a day for months. it gets tiring.

  35. Peyton Ross

    Peyton Ross18 日 前

    Anyone else wishing you could tell then the aren't suppose to taste good, look good, or smell good just that is gives you something to eat? No just me. Ok '·'

  36. Davie Bean

    Davie Bean18 日 前

    Link: Sees something burning Also Link: Throws it on the floor and doesn't think about the building burning down

  37. Lord Maul

    Lord Maul18 日 前

    The First Sergeant had my NJROTC class try some MRE’s, sadly they tasted better than the school food.

  38. Yesi Nichole

    Yesi Nichole19 日 前

    The metallic taste is from the spoon. Even when I make soup on the stove I can’t use metal spoons because the taste.

  39. blacktop gaming

    blacktop gaming19 日 前

    If it comes with a fig it's a winner

  40. Emily HoganCamp

    Emily HoganCamp19 日 前

    Y'all need to bring a veteran on to show you how to work those MREs

  41. UrOnController

    UrOnController19 日 前

    Do an international mre taste test

  42. Gabriel Howes

    Gabriel Howes20 日 前

    It’s spelt MRE because it stands for mystery.

  43. CNG On The Move

    CNG On The Move20 日 前

    In the world of pouch food Packit Gourmet has a chicken salad that is amazing. And their hamburger one is great mixed with mashed taters. It's the go-to when camping.

  44. Hawwwlucha

    Hawwwlucha20 日 前

    at least you didn't do this back when the veggie omelet was included

  45. Ein The Corgi

    Ein The Corgi20 日 前

    The first strike bars are 👌🏻 just saying

  46. ding dawng

    ding dawng21 日 前

    Steve1989MREinfo: pathetic