UFC Raleigh: Michael Chiesa Octagon Interview


  1. SpaceMonkeyGaming

    SpaceMonkeyGaming10 日 前

    Michael Chiesa really has no standup game at all & it seems like he never works on it which is sad

  2. John Wick

    John Wick16 日 前

    I think chiesa can beat Colby tbh

  3. Samuel Terry

    Samuel Terry16 日 前

    Is no one feeling the cringe with this one?

  4. Chris Nc

    Chris Nc17 日 前


  5. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo17 日 前

    Please, can someone tell me what he said? Can't understand, 2 fast

  6. Christopher Gabriel

    Christopher Gabriel18 日 前

    They shoulda just posted the last 15 secs lol

  7. Connor B

    Connor B18 日 前

    I see Colby having the advantage every which way except if it hits the ground. That’s we’re Chiesa is dangerous.

  8. Adrian Bergmann

    Adrian Bergmann19 日 前

    Please Dana let Colby have another title shot he didn't get enough.

  9. Cristiano Isidoro

    Cristiano Isidoro19 日 前

    Colby Rousey? He's moved to Ireland with Connor Rousey.

  10. David Vega

    David Vega19 日 前

    Contrary to popular believe this man is very skilled and that would be a entertaining fight and also he should never fought at lw he’s look really good and very long at welterweight

  11. Youngsavge1234

    Youngsavge123419 日 前

    Dam DC looks 300lbs plus

  12. nizamm

    nizamm19 日 前

    He is still my boy - Dana's Mom

  13. Jose Pedri Mante

    Jose Pedri Mante19 日 前

    Craaazy It is crazy jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-MXloDNZhLJw.html

  14. Corn Flakes

    Corn Flakes19 日 前

    Michael "you might want to get in the middle" Chiesa

  15. Big Kals

    Big Kals19 日 前

    Colby will fuck this green riding hood's ass

  16. Royce Fernandes

    Royce Fernandes19 日 前

    RDA should've focused on Chiesa, rather than calling Masvidal out about the authenticity of the BMF title

  17. MemeYoyo

    MemeYoyo20 日 前

    Why In july? After 3 round fight.

  18. Uncle Nature

    Uncle Nature20 日 前

    How did this mf ever make 155?

  19. Explicit

    Explicit20 日 前

    This dude is beyond boring.

  20. eViL jEsuS

    eViL jEsuS20 日 前

    love RDA, one of the most well rounded fighters ever. This is the first time he's lost to someone roughly his own weight at welterweight. I know Chiesa is taller but u know what i mean. Did RDA finally get old Saturday night :( Muay Thai looked great tho, chin up Raphael!

  21. srg gar

    srg gar20 日 前

    I wanna see it

  22. high5compliments

    high5compliments20 日 前

    This guy dont deserve to fight with Colby Covington!Colby is the upper next level and a vip for the sport.This guy needs to eat a lot of sandwitches with peanutbutter to call Colby out!!! Let this guy first fight with robbie lawler,lets see if he still talking this way after one win in 10 fights....

  23. Joy Saha

    Joy Saha20 日 前

    the shortest octagon interview of all time!!!

  24. Diego Belkhelfa

    Diego Belkhelfa20 日 前

    "And this is still my mom" - Michael "Mulletless" Chiesa

  25. Ken Hadouken

    Ken Hadouken20 日 前

    "Don't ever talk about my mom! " Chiesa "Why should I? I'm your daddy junior! King Colby Jawington

  26. Triple Ggg

    Triple Ggg20 日 前

    I don’t like miachel chiesa he is going to get his sss whoooped

  27. core bry

    core bry20 日 前

    RDA lost to this bum? Time to go to Bellator man

  28. Fernando Angelone

    Fernando Angelone20 日 前

    Michael vs Connor would be fun.

  29. Deimos Project

    Deimos Project20 日 前

    John anik has the best Head shape in the business

  30. AcidGlow

    AcidGlow20 日 前

    *Michael sure is evolving quickly recently. He's rising up the ranks* ✅🙂

  31. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith20 日 前

    Colby destroys him nuff said

  32. ENOUGH!

    ENOUGH!20 日 前

    what will it be? a mma bout or a "who-has-the-least-personality" contest?

  33. Jacks Cleaner

    Jacks Cleaner20 日 前

    “I made holes in Chiesas mom” -Colby Covington 😘

  34. Davide Termini Dubbings

    Davide Termini Dubbings20 日 前

    I love DC as a commentator

  35. Santiago Jung

    Santiago Jung20 日 前

    He wanted to look cool by announcing the callout to Colby but as he thought twice to say something more, he was seen as kinda moron.

  36. Carlos Alvarez

    Carlos Alvarez20 日 前

    Lmaoo imagine how the press conference would go😂😂 Colby would be bullying chiesa with yo mama jokes

  37. If you laugh you sub!

    If you laugh you sub!20 日 前

    Rda won that

  38. Zach

    Zach20 日 前

    Somebody's trying to leapfrog right into title contention.

  39. isaac steinman

    isaac steinman21 日 前

    Pretty crazy to see him go from the ultimate fighter, to being outclassed by chad mendez at 145 to now beating RDA at 170 and calling out colby Covington. Pretty crazy. 💉❔

  40. Bryan Gilston

    Bryan Gilston21 日 前

    Wheres his mother?

  41. Bada Bing

    Bada Bing21 日 前

    trash performance hows mom doing?

  42. New Beginning

    New Beginning21 日 前

    Chiesa is a lil cry baby

  43. BrianWit TheB

    BrianWit TheB21 日 前

    The quickest interview in ufc history lmao .

  44. Belis Breckenridge

    Belis Breckenridge21 日 前

    Call me crazy but beating RDA hasn't been an I impressive feat since USADA entered the fray.

  45. sarkis mehrabian

    sarkis mehrabian21 日 前

    Colby Covington? That guy that just got his jaw broke? You want to fight that guy that JUST got his jaw broke? Are you that soft that you have to call out a guy that currently eats through a straw? I'm done with my questions.

  46. Pete Ramirez

    Pete Ramirez21 日 前

    Dos anjos , cowboy & pettis please retire you guys had a good run . Not hating at all you guys had a good run but the sport has moved on so should you fellas ...

  47. Ryan P

    Ryan P21 日 前

    The guy has come a long way, you gotta give him credit for that.

  48. KneeGrowObama

    KneeGrowObama21 日 前

    Colby has harder training partners than Chiesa. Lmao@ Chiesa being good enough or popular enough for Colby. Colby is beating Masvidal after Usman does later this year

  49. Belf R

    Belf R21 日 前

    Chiesa needs to hit hard if he has a chance against Colby I feel he can catch him still

  50. Josiah Radical

    Josiah Radical21 日 前

    "I know his momma got tickets"

  51. Grid One

    Grid One21 日 前

    Stephen A.Smith 'Michael Chiesa didnt show enough in that post fight interview. Let me tell you why'.

  52. Jon Tucker

    Jon Tucker21 日 前

    F*** that was awkward 🤣

  53. Peyton Lee

    Peyton Lee21 日 前

    Haven’t heard a word from Colby since he ran out the octagon with a broken jaw. And usman isn’t that good just has heart he fought him with so many injuries and still kept punching Colby with a broke hand. That’s horrible they were both horrible strikers somebody call Jorge up I bet they will go back to their take downs every second then.

  54. ONS

    ONS21 日 前

    DC looks so happy, that makes me happy.

  55. RawDog

    RawDog21 日 前

    Quickest interview ever, and he was still in there after his fight longer than Colby was after losing to Usman

  56. dc commesse

    dc commesse21 日 前

    I really don't like Colby, but he will absolutely destroy Chiesa, I actually feel bad for Chiesa, he needs to change the people around him telling him that fighting Colby is a wise move.

  57. Nicolas Ruvalcaba

    Nicolas Ruvalcaba21 日 前

    He definitely won the fight, but I'm not a fan of unanimous decisions where the guy wins but doesn't land a single strike..

  58. kamionkami1

    kamionkami121 日 前

    I don't think anyone likes this guy for suing Conor 🤣

  59. Captain Chaos

    Captain Chaos21 日 前

    Dang can’t take steroids anymore ehhh

  60. NotOften Told

    NotOften Told21 日 前

    Is Colby's jaw gonna be ready?