UFC Raleigh: Curtis Blaydes Octagon Interview


  1. El diablo da Costa

    El diablo da Costa13 日 前

    DC would beat all these bum HWs.

  2. El diablo da Costa

    El diablo da Costa13 日 前

    The game is changing, classic guys losing fights now...but DC remains a guy that’s not to be fucked with by any newcomer.

  3. Natural Power

    Natural Power14 日 前

    Time for my man JDS to retire. Was the best fighter alive at one point. Time to move on

  4. Deeboy M

    Deeboy M14 日 前

    My boy jd tho shud considering hanging up the gloves no doubt

  5. Deeboy M

    Deeboy M14 日 前

    The Black Tomato Squash

  6. Deeboy M

    Deeboy M14 日 前

    DC looks like a DC Comic inactive figure his comic name should be

  7. Joshua Show

    Joshua Show15 日 前

    Ngannou beat jr in the a Couple second

  8. pliit

    pliit15 日 前

    Gratz you Ugly beast

  9. Joshua M.

    Joshua M.16 日 前

    Curtis gave us one of the best sound bites of all time : Go home Big Titties, work on ya wrestling"

  10. Nayun x

    Nayun x16 日 前

    lol DC the pussy is doing the rogan? That doesnt fit.

  11. Mike Silbitzer

    Mike Silbitzer18 日 前

    dude has to avenge that ngannou loss before we even consider any title contention. haha.

  12. Roctis Kravei

    Roctis Kravei18 日 前

    A title shot not Francis Ngannou hahahaha

  13. Admiral Nips

    Admiral Nips18 日 前


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    Poesias EVT19 日 前

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  15. Oloruntola Deed

    Oloruntola Deed19 日 前

    Dc cut the interview short after he mentioned title shot

  16. Jose Pedri Mante

    Jose Pedri Mante19 日 前

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  17. Dee Jay

    Dee Jay19 日 前

    You can’t beat France Ngannou bro! Hell u can’t be DC 🤷🏾‍♂️

  18. Arturo Chiari

    Arturo Chiari19 日 前

    Curtis vs Volkov Overeem vs Blagoy Rumble vs Lewis

  19. Dou

    Dou19 日 前

    The Guy Who There Title's Shot

  20. HJ Jaan

    HJ Jaan20 日 前

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  21. GagamGirl Spider Vlogs

    GagamGirl Spider Vlogs20 日 前


  22. Angelique 92

    Angelique 9220 日 前

    Dos Santos is a looser is only blablabla

  23. A Ibrahim

    A Ibrahim20 日 前

    0:55 That kid is like wtf are you doing, bish?!

  24. Reds Maroon

    Reds Maroon20 日 前

    Tittle shot ??.. pump the brakes.. pump the brakes 😁



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  26. Thug Thanos

    Thug Thanos20 日 前

    Blaydes kind of skinny for a heavy

  27. ENOUGH!

    ENOUGH!20 日 前

    DC might be a great guy but seriously he is bad as commentator and interviewer

  28. The Prophet Mohdonald Bin Trump

    The Prophet Mohdonald Bin Trump20 日 前

    Daniel looking like he's also holding the heavyweight championship belt of the hotel buffet

  29. The Prophet Mohdonald Bin Trump

    The Prophet Mohdonald Bin Trump20 日 前

    John would smash both these schmucks in the same night

  30. Bradley Thomsen

    Bradley Thomsen20 日 前

    Please retire or find another occupation, Jr.

  31. New Beginning

    New Beginning21 日 前

    Blades is a monster

  32. Mly Driss El Bouanani

    Mly Driss El Bouanani21 日 前

    No jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-z25AY8n5Uek.html

  33. Grrrg Grrrg

    Grrrg Grrrg21 日 前

    That face reminds me of the meme

  34. Matt Ball

    Matt Ball21 日 前

    Underrated fighter

  35. Hulk Groen

    Hulk Groen21 日 前

    Don't like that move if you killed him...Nagano please fuck him up...or someone

  36. Sigurd2020

    Sigurd202021 日 前

    I think DC vs Stipe 3 needs to happen.

  37. Rick Robitaille

    Rick Robitaille21 日 前

    Curtis that was a bad performance......now who is going to want to fight you now?

  38. Dr Albert Smythe Jr

    Dr Albert Smythe Jr21 日 前

    Respect... Blaydes and DC are two of the good guys in the sport. He calls him out indirectly right to his face while remaining 100% respectful.. Got to love that!

  39. maria moazaes

    maria moazaes21 日 前


  40. C W

    C W21 日 前

    What a great dude

  41. o griss

    o griss21 日 前


  42. Pete well

    Pete well21 日 前

    What's pokey been up to other than carb loading

  43. Rollin Rocker

    Rollin Rocker21 日 前

    Nah that fat short lil interviewer's gonna get the title shot LOL

  44. kamionkami1

    kamionkami121 日 前

    Did curtis forget about ngannu?

  45. Pablo Wancho

    Pablo Wancho21 日 前

    Stephen vs. Joe : 3 round fight 👌👌👌 Dana make this shit happen 👍👍👍

  46. bob bob

    bob bob21 日 前

    Curtis will never beat ngannou his chin and heart is weak

  47. Typhon

    Typhon21 日 前

    Ngannou took JDS' soul.

  48. How to talk to women

    How to talk to women21 日 前

    my favourite

  49. HiddenFoxStyle

    HiddenFoxStyle21 日 前

    What's the hold up with Stipe and Cormier? Is somebody injured? I try to follow, but I might've missed something.

  50. T Reaper

    T Reaper21 日 前

    Love how the replay isn’t even there when DC asked for it lol

  51. Randy Singh

    Randy Singh21 日 前

    Blaydes should have called out this pudgy dude DC to his face.

  52. Frankie Cal

    Frankie Cal21 日 前


  53. youssra chiger

    youssra chiger21 日 前

    nganou vs curtus3

  54. Zephaniah 1v3

    Zephaniah 1v321 日 前

    Give that man his earned title shot after him and Francis fight.

  55. Bianca & Alan

    Bianca & Alan21 日 前

    A velha guarda do Brasil já era. Velhos campeões do Ufc,não ganham mais,só a nova garotada

  56. Oscar Gutierrez Bermudez

    Oscar Gutierrez Bermudez21 日 前

    You’ll get it but let me tell you Stipe is going to beat you if he beat Francis Ngannou he he beat you twice come on

  57. - IdonplayAdc -

    - IdonplayAdc -21 日 前

    U got fucked up by a Meganigatofrancis remember...

  58. Nike 13

    Nike 1321 日 前

    He's gotta get through derrick lewis and overeem, then ngannou then title shot

  59. MegaSkilla

    MegaSkilla21 日 前

    First for Blaydes.....Ngannou part three.

  60. Ma Bu

    Ma Bu21 日 前

    Dos Santos looks seriously out of shape these days.