UFC 246 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 1


  1. Houcine Elattir

    Houcine Elattir日 前

    No more cursing in embedded ! Man it sucks to hear the beep everytime

  2. Tyler Colden

    Tyler Colden24 日 前

    Fake fight Donald was retiring and coner blew his cash needs money to beat up more old men at bars and mistreat women and young dumb kids will support him as he laughs in our faces to the bank

  3. Roberto Luongo

    Roberto Luongo24 日 前

    cole smith got so many views for the ufc lol. YO VANCOUVER LOVES COLE SMITH. let him kick ass.

  4. Roberto Luongo

    Roberto Luongo24 日 前

    almost 3 million views.. probably for cole smith thats my nigga SHOUT OUT VAN CITY

  5. だよ俺

    だよ俺27 日 前


  6. Kev_ Limpid

    Kev_ Limpid27 日 前

    You see Conor working is ass off and Donald in the hot tub. What did u expect?

  7. Andy Macedo

    Andy Macedo28 日 前

    Look nobody harassing her - quiet - 😳😲😲😲😲 imagine that ? What's that feeling like ? 🤔💁😳 couldn't possibly imagine having privacy and not being followed and harassed everywhere ? 😳😲🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 must be nice ? Two cops got shot and died - I'm sure when they left their houses this morning they didn't think it would be their last day alive - not see their families ever again ? Taking life for granted - 😲😔 sitting here everyday watching this nightmare and not resolving it - 🤔😲😔🙄 consequences -

  8. Khattri Dan

    Khattri Dan28 日 前

    You have to fight with khabib again

  9. Antrenament cu alin

    Antrenament cu alin28 日 前

    The king ist backm.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=598993104006662&id=100016879324510&sfnsn=scwspmo&extid=AvQgx2ICRwSlG6Yx

  10. Brian Kennelly

    Brian Kennelly28 日 前

    How in the hell is that dude cole cutting to bantamweight? He's gotta be like 190 😂



    Mcgregor won

  12. leroy jenkins

    leroy jenkins28 日 前

    Working them collarbones out


    ROBERT KELLY29 日 前

    Sees Pennington double taps right of the screen

  14. Lord Gold

    Lord Gold29 日 前

    "Laying my internal tots." -Mcgregor 2020

  15. Kryptonit

    Kryptonit29 日 前

    Who is this transgender 8:22

  16. Kryptonit

    Kryptonit29 日 前

    Is she bleeding from her nose? 4:16

  17. Alyosha Kostelec

    Alyosha Kostelec29 日 前

    Is Claudia preparing to transition? She’s looking and sounding a little masculine.

  18. john david

    john david29 日 前

    Do whatever you want just control enough that you don't kill your rivals when you are in Octagon

  19. ThE PrEdAtOr

    ThE PrEdAtOr29 日 前

    Cowboy should be making at least a mil for this fight. Its bullshit!! Hes saved the UFC's ass so many times by stepping in for injured fighters.

  20. Michael majs

    Michael majs29 日 前

    plz ufc come on

  21. _____

    _____29 日 前

    Supple conor best conor

  22. Charles Charlemagne

    Charles Charlemagne29 日 前

    Conor is truly a star and carries himself like one. I am a fan again.

  23. John Mclaren

    John Mclaren29 日 前

    Mcgregor on a charm offensive after slapping an old man in a bar. Typical two faced irish man

  24. Christopher Ball

    Christopher Ball29 日 前

    Claudia out here looking like Skrillex these days.

  25. Charles Charlemagne

    Charles Charlemagne29 日 前


  26. Frank Rizo

    Frank Rizo29 日 前

    Tony the type of guy to have Dana hop on the scale at weigh ins!

  27. mark collard

    mark collard29 日 前

    What is with Rocky's lip?

  28. Wk Alapaha

    Wk Alapaha29 日 前

    "Just focusing on my internal torts, relaying my internal torts to my internal team 2:01

  29. Carlos Andres Bevan

    Carlos Andres Bevan29 日 前

    Connor working hard....to change that bad boy image

  30. Anthony Don Byrnes

    Anthony Don Byrnes29 日 前

    I’m full of energy, I hope you are, that’s the only thing I even see Connor struggle with is energy and breathing after a few heavy rounds

  31. Abu Dharr

    Abu Dharr29 日 前

    He’s on breaking point. If he loses this McGregor retires. Just like when he was sitting at the cage after the Khabib fight; the end of his legacy

  32. bfkrug

    bfkrug29 日 前

    Who tf wears a durag with a beanie on🤣

  33. usarrr

    usarrr29 日 前

    Did they remove the Bellator logo from Dillon Danis' gloves, or has it just faded out with use?

  34. Rubén Palma

    Rubén Palma29 日 前

    conor is still the BREAD !!!

  35. Zarek Wellington

    Zarek Wellington29 日 前

    Raquel for sure the man of that relationship.

  36. Bjjizzle

    Bjjizzle29 日 前

    Late for the comments but this just might be my favorite fight of all time

  37. peaboss

    peaboss29 日 前

    Subtitles crooked?

  38. Jim 83

    Jim 8329 日 前

    So cowboy takes his bike in a van and then rides it into the city for the last part merely for show? Coz he ain’t riding his bike for 9 hours across the country I’m guessing...

  39. Jordan laird

    Jordan laird29 日 前

    Claudia rates herself so much lol called herself a pioneer 😂 she’s known for some dodgy scorecard wins that’s all I can remember

  40. Michael T

    Michael T29 日 前

    Sherdog represent

  41. Chris calli

    Chris calli29 日 前

    This conor reminds me of the "Dana, 60 gs baybehh!!!" That's that shit I DO like.

  42. Jerry Gartrell

    Jerry Gartrell29 日 前

    He’s Spirit seems different

  43. Brandin Sizemore

    Brandin Sizemore29 日 前

    Like if Cowboy is better than Tekashi 69

  44. James Mauldin

    James Mauldinヶ月 前

    2:21 did he just pray?

  45. Vinny

    Vinnyヶ月 前

    Lol they got a fucking DJ for their gym

  46. Purple Goldie

    Purple Goldieヶ月 前

    How the fuck is that guy a bantamweight?

  47. waleed sulaiman

    waleed sulaimanヶ月 前

    2:21 , that right there shows how focus the champ is....

  48. KeoneArt

    KeoneArtヶ月 前

    Why tf is the physical therapist wearing high heels...?

  49. KeoneArt

    KeoneArtヶ月 前


  50. Deep hug

    Deep hugヶ月 前

    "Happy Fucken Days, God Bless" A new Conor is here!

  51. sir noppelin

    sir noppelinヶ月 前

    I like this Connor!

  52. Joel Keane

    Joel Keaneヶ月 前

    The life of a fighter!!! Fuck yeah! Why did I bother trying to be a footballer?

  53. Mike Kavanagh

    Mike Kavanaghヶ月 前

    Piece of advice. When you create a playlist put the videos in order. Common sense.

  54. whammyot

    whammyotヶ月 前

    The closed captioning is messed up.

  55. Warrior

    Warriorヶ月 前

    They did not show everything when he run the stairs. He gassed.

  56. Barry Paraskeva

    Barry Paraskevaヶ月 前

    That's what I wanner see, just Connor and the goat.. not all the other hang on's and knobs..

  57. Mark Madho

    Mark Madhoヶ月 前

    Watching up to the end i was like damn how captain Erik grow all that hair 😂😂😂

  58. Jim Phan

    Jim Phanヶ月 前

    Benching on fight week interesting

  59. Eddie Robinson

    Eddie Robinsonヶ月 前

    Bad as it sounds - and I’m sure there is an abundance of people doing the same - kinda just skipping the bits that aren’t Mac or Cerrone 😬😬😬 Does that make me a 'bad guy’ ? 😬😬😬

  60. Miguel

    Miguelヶ月 前

    On my NECK! *whispers* leg....WHAT? Nothing

  61. JaBoi

    JaBoiヶ月 前

    UFC sorta homosexual, dudes rubbing each other’s dongs