"Tyrant Kuma" - One Piece Chapter 908 Analysis Ft. Drizzt, Froob and Lando


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    Y'all straight made IM sama Lelouch😂

  2. P&A

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    Yo Brago, great stream again bro, I was thinking about Bonny.. It was stated in the last chapter that she is from Sorbet Kingdom. When i heard that, it changed my personal opinion about Bonny being a daughter off Big Mom (before i didnt believe that) but now i feel there might be a slight chance, not only because of her lips and her appearance (a bit like Big Mom) but also because Sorbet is a french dessert... So could it be that one off the islands off Big Mom is infact Sorbet Kingdom? I dont know, i'm just putting that out there.. peace bro

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    Nice discussion guys 👍🏼

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    I really think Bonnie plays a very important role to the 5 elders and Emm as well this may be far out there but i think Bonnie keeps them young for Emm

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    Lando's accent is getting out of control. It sounds like he might be saying some wholesome things but without being able to properly articulate it, it might as well be gibberish

  6. ApexX_Prime

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    so Imu has the power of Geass.. ofc cause Geass is the best anime ever

  7. Silvers X. Tanner

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    Oda is 43? We usually talk about him like he’s 70

  8. Sara

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    What if Bonney’s devil fruit awakening works like (MILD MHA SPOILERS AHEAD) a certain character’s rewind quirk in My Hero Academia? It can rewind as well as for Bonney fast forward a person’s biological as well as mental age, physical state, evolutionary state, and etc. If she can use it like how it was inferred in MHA, Bonney would have like top 3 most broken abilities, if you don’t think so already.

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    yo u taking that order thing from code geass brago lol

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    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a>:18 , Gear 5's video on "History of Void Century" was pure BS.

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    Great video as always brago and team! Loving the content and discussions via page by page analysis! Yeeeeeee boooieee

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    At least Oda used Lincoln/Uncle Sam instead of like Trump for our representation lol

  14. Austin White

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    Brago its funny that Drizzt mentioned Kingdom after this last chapter I believe that the 5 elders are similar to Ryofuis 4 pillars. Each member is an expert in there respective field, which makes them more valuable than the average celestial dragon. With Imu being the head, the elders are extensions of his will carrying it out. Possibly being an ancient being it would shake the world to have many know that someone can live that long so maintain order you have the elders as the face.

  15. Khalil Scott

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2175">36:15</a> I disagree whoever bonney change their age or whatever will stay that way until either they grow or if bonney dies

  16. secretcountry

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    (around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a>:00 ) the reason the World Gov. risked upsetting the balance (with a war with the WB pirates) was because Ace was Rogers son. So i guess that implies that the potential of a future pirate king is more upsetting to the balance than a war with a Yonko

  17. secretcountry

    secretcountry年 前

    It seems Shiro Yacha already made my point in more detail "at marineford guys you forget the most important thing ACE he is the son of ROGER KING OF THE PIRATES AND WITHEBEARD WANTED HIM TO BECOME THE KING OF THE PIRATES ?TAHT MEAN FINDING THE ONE PIECE AND KNOWING THE SECRETS OF THE WORLD"

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    Im available at anytime i dont do shit all day long #frooblyfe 😭😭😭😭

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    Yo Sensei lmao that nigga bored

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    +Brago D Ace I think the bas in your mic is a bit too much, probably needed more mid range hertz

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="704">11:44</a> sounds like froob is trying to talk while getting mad head

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    im glad you touched on the kidd hype from sabaody niggas been disrespecting kidd way to heavy just for losing to a yonko

  23. Strawhat Papi

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    yall basically theorized that Im sama got the geass geass fruit

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    I hope someone dies in the reverie

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    "just getting vagina" "yeah pretty much:" i died lmao

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    Lando with those 2 is a good combo. I wouldn't mind seeing more Stebo though.

  27. Sammy D.F

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    For me the five elder represent like the five fingers of a hand so they are the hand of god kind of + the five elder are all of a different size bet we could line them up like a hand

  28. TehThxsis

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    Maybe akainu will kill kuma and dragon will get mad and we can FINALLY see his powers in action baaaaaby

  29. Fandom D. Saint

    Fandom D. Saint年 前

    After reading this chapter, I went back and read Chapter 581 and it shows that after the war Bonney went in search for the man who is the cause for her certain suffering and heads to the New World in search of him. In Chapter 595 we see that she had a run in with Blackbeard and is captured. At the time I assume she was after him because he was the reason why the War started in the first place. Now I'm starting to think maybe she went after VegaPunk because he made Kuma what he is today but collided with Blackbeard.

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    BrokeBlackMan 94 Damn you everywhere the abtv originals after show comments now brago comments you into all the lit shit😂

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    Froob a lazy fuck. He probably doesn't even work

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    This was a good stream to listen to while doing chores. I enjoyed it.

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    These chapter analysis discussions are nice!

  34. Nicholas Clegg

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    YOOO. What if Sorbet Kingdom is one of the 1st 20 Kingdoms like Dressrosa. And Kuma took it over for good reasons. But that Kingdom is still like the territory of a Celestial Dragon (the same way Doffy thought) So they are taken Kuma OUT for messing with one of their own kingdoms/selected Steward...

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    When I said the hat that IM sama was wearing looked like the thrown everyone ignored lol.

  37. MadaraLimbu

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    I think introducing to IM sama right now is a great way to get rid of Blackbeard and forward the story. since everyone thought he was the main antagonist. I believe when shanks wanted to talk about a certain pirate i think it would be fitting to say it’s about rocks pirates which could have escaped from impel down when Luffy broke out the of impel down. Lots of other people from level 6 escaped but was never mentioned who in particular but now it could be some of rocks pirate and now they are somehow alliance with Blackbeard which would make sense why shanks had to pull up to talk with the five Goresei. Now that we know big mom is pulling up in Wano too it could be a good way to get rid the Yonko system. I believe this is the big war Oda was talking about. With big Mom, kaido and shougen, Blackbeard and rocks pirate, shanks, supernovas and of course we have straw hats and marine.

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  39. Shiro Yacha

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  40. Gohan_Solo#22

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    You should totally listen to OPP. They are extremely informative on any one piece updates. They have been reading one piece and providing content longer than anyone else in the US. Greg is on every now then and he literally works in Japan for One Piece. Food for thought, I wouldn’t overlook them. They know more about the series than anyone I’ve ever listened to.

  41. solenstyle

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    I thought the same as Lando in regards to Bonney. When Bonney first sets sail to the New World she says "It's all that man's fault" and that she's going to track someone down in the New World. Then the next thing we see is that she's been defeated by BlackBeard. From this, I can't see how she'll blame the WG apart from Vegapunk. Why? Because at that time the New World was not littered with Marines. She did not know Akainu would start to become aggressive over there. The only one that we know was present in the NW was Vegapunk and Punk Hazard being Vegapunk's former workplace is evidence of that.

  42. MrDragonkarp

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    Marines WG CP0 Top tiers 1 Im/Possibly CP0 Leader in the middle at Dressrosa 2 Garp 3 Akainu 4 Kong 5 Sengoku 6 Mihawk 7 Kizaru 8 Fujitora 9 GreenBull 10 Tsuru Top tier Mentions Gorosei Momousagi Chaton Magellan John Giant Comil Momonga Doberman ONigumo Strawberry Yamakaji

  43. MrDragonkarp

    MrDragonkarp年 前

    Jewelry Bonney(estimated Age24) uses her df to turn into her grandmother Queen Conny and Kuma(Age 47) could be her father. Teach(age40) may be from this island aswell

  44. Shiro Yacha

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    and yeah brago in the anime they said " who killed bobbin " but that was a mistake in the correct translation it said " who take him down " and that don't mean he is dead

  45. Shiro Yacha

    Shiro Yacha年 前

    read my comment it said that he was dead in the anime but if you hear what they said in japan it mean who take him down not who killed him

  46. Ruffy

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    Shiro Yacha hey literally showed bobbin dead in the anime and said he was dead

  47. Derek Of Rivia

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    All these CRAZY plots throughout Reverie that Oda is tossing us.....I'm sure 95% is gonna be post Wano. The Great war is coming and GODAS got something amazing planned for us.

  48. ChaosLierLen

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    Remember, Orlumbus has Conqueror's Haki.

  49. Clayton

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    I believe the world government gave Kuma the title of tyrant to give the public a reason to fear him and justify their punishment of him, it's propaganda that allowed them to take him off his throne and enslave him

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    Brago u just been killing it lately with everything the streams have been entertaining as hell with u subtly stirring the pot, ur cranking out short videos and ur making these great page by page analysis' that are fucking fantastic man thanks for all the content

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    the thing is Jaiminis Box changes there translation all the time after the Viz so it lines up. JBoxes translation on Friday is totally different from when they change it on Monday

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    Fujitora could have captured Luffy 2 , Luffy has the pLot Plot no mi

  54. Rolando Menacho

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    So there is a pirate called Bonnie that actually sold all their possessions and became a pirate because they killed her husband the first husband so I think that she's probably a princess that's that sold all her stuff after after Kuma got abducted

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    Smh this is the last chapter to drop before I leave for bootcamp Monday , see y’all in 2 months

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    Shishi SonSon much appreciated

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    do ya thang homie

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    Where is Tyquan1000 finest....

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    All the guys of OP that I respect all we need is joyboy

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    Will of P about to save everyone. Pell is our hero.

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    Lando is weird bro

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    Jeff MyNama Lol. Thanks. I thought that you were going to make fun of my accent lol. People seems to be doing that these times

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    Not in a bad way lmao you're funny

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    Jeff MyNama lol how?

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    Speaking of my hero, whens the MHA stream???

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    Mha ew

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    Noticed right I need that MHA stream

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    The One Piece bible studies.

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    Franky's new world feat will be to reverse vega punk's surgery to return Kuma to the original.............Franky would match vega punk and the strawhats debt to Kuma would be repaid!!!!!

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    I think Franky will build kuma a new body too siphen his personality into with Laws help

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    Dope theory!

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    flegga91 that's actually a really dope idea and I never seen this idea before either

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    Much better than having like 10 people all trying to get their opinions out at the same time! Good stuff here Brago.

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    I'm loving these analysis, keep up the great work brago.

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    What if at some point Pudding meets Kuma and fixes his mind. Sanji could ask for her help.

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    Let me Do A Ty headcanon: If dragon fights admirals he goes whirlwind mode Where he is actually untangible as he has The Best arnemwnt haki In The verse besides Garp! And he brings Down casual tornados!

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    Then Rayleigh goes Dark King Mode Absolute

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    Why did the Gorosei commission the 400 year long construction of the bridge?

  82. Eamon Quinn

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    Maybe. I think it could be an evac route out of Mariejoa into East Blue in case things go south in Mariejoa for the nobles.

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    Eamon Quinn Maybe to increase Trade similar to The sea train

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    Hey I have one question When chopper use monster point his hat also increase size

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    Intro is tooo fire!

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    Yo I’m really liking this in-depth analysis from the VIZ

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    I still think its strange that bonney can age up into a whole different person but maybe im just on crack lmao the Reverie just keeps getting better and better

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    Kuma X Bonny fanfic incoming

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    Don't forget brago Emu is the most dangerous terrestrial bird currently in existence

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    aizat sukor didn't realize you were talkin about the legitimate bird seeing how it doesn't have any relevance but ight

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    Sean Baxter here's a link for u en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emu

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    Sean Baxter looks like someome never heard of Emu... its a bird, a bird that doesnt fly... hence the terrestrial bird... its like ostriches...

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    aizat sukor celestial dragon asshat

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    aizat sukor the fuck is a terrestrial bird you readin two piece?

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    that gate where bonney has gone into is not the gate that the kings normally go into but the gate of where the tenrubytu live in and if you look closer there are three gate wich one of them is in cover by mist

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    Is it true Imu Sama appeared already in chapter 490?

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    pelle bombed last chapter instead of getting bombed. He could have been flying around gathering Info

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    brago going chopper leaves Drum style what are those Pink things?

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    drizzt killing it like usual. keep up your awesome work. brago best host in the community. knows his shit like no one else

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    The cover story will tie into the Reverie. Thats why it is longer.

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    Ongo Gablogian yeah cause the king, orlumbus served could be at reveire and could tell the government about luffys fleet and I think sai and the dwarf people are going to be revealed to part of luffys grand fleet

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    Lol Drizzt is the best of this stream ( no disrepect Brago) hahahaha

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    Don't forget brago elizabello ii there and kyros they can also support that argument what happened them in dressrosa. Perhap one of the kings or queen could have connection gecko morphia

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    Loving these small group analysis Brago this was a great idea. Going by page by.