Types of People in Quarantine


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    What are you doing in Quarantine? 🦠🤔

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    Video games

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    Umm just playing games

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    What I'm doing in quartine is whatching you guys

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    This Is How Many Times they say fam 👇

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    Wy is that me the one that lowis eats

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    It was so funny at the end when the guy was playing against himself! I thought they were two people at first.

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    What do I do in quarantine I’m just playing my iPad and eat pizza and watch you guys or go for a walk or go to another place to have a mascon

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    Danny what the heck

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    Yo thanks for keeping us entertained 😁 through this rough times bro thanks bless bro 💯👊💪👊🙏😭💯💯🙏 thanks man and thank the doctors out there for helping us through the rough times 🙏💔🙏 bless 🙏 bro fan 💯💪

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    Who agrees with the one that eats all day

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    The funny fun thing is that the guy that ate all the food is saying that he ate no food

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    that crazy funny boi

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    Nobody: Danny: yo I’m sowry

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    I’m the one who eats literally all day

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    Yooo how many people should be outside with friends

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    The guy that was throwing the party kinda sounded like grew from the despicable me 😂 sorry if I spelled grew wrong

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    I’m your biggest fan

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    i would be the one that eats all the time but im fasting i have been fasting everyday

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    I'm sick of the saying crazy times/challenging/difficult times it's not that bad. It's happened before. It will be over

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    Fun fact I haven't gained a single pound I wish i was lying 😂

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    ‘Yo dude back up **pushes with HAND** ‘Social distancing’ Me:AHHH YOU TOCHED HIM YOU GOT HIS GERMS AHHHHHHHH

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    I love it when Danny nominates ranvir to do the push up challenge and then unfollows him that part is so jokes

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    I am fucking bored

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    Ranbir has such a fake accent. Atleast have an American accent I know you are an Indian so am I

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> does 14 days turned into 2 months

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    What song do the play at the end?

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    I live in mongolia its not that much people are sick

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    Make the videos longer

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    I for real skipped the intro cuz Danny was not in it

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    This will be over in 14 days? I wish! When he first said "wait until this is over", I thought in 2 more years you won't even remember what the argument was about". Hopefully the pandemic will be over soon enough though.

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    @elsewhere prince I am an introvert and I'm still not liking this lockdown/stay at home order. I believe I have a pretty good immune system. However, I don't want to bring the virus home to the elderly at home.

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    Ranvir is beef ting anyways in general

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    Haha Like if you agree Haha

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    Where do you fide that Music in the ending

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    Is Ranvir’s real sister Riya Malik?

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    I'm the one who eats all day bruh there is like nothing to do but eat

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    My favorite was kids on spring break

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    I’m the one that eats all day like let’s be honest

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> YAA YEA

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    Just sleeping

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    Bruh where did you get all that toilet paper from

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    Now i know y danny so fat

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    Ranvir why do you talk so weird

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    I’m the one who eats all day

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    I. Love the beefy ting guys

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    do know u guys aren’t family.... u can’t be near eachother... lol 😂

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    The one that eats all day has me dead because that's literally what I do especially complaining there's no food in the house after my ass sat there and ate everything over the course of 12 hours🤣🤣🤣🤣 this scares me on how accurate this is

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    Am I the only one who loves quarantine?

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    Who the hell is awake at 10 am in quartine

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    I’m the guy that eats

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    The one who eats all day is me I just play eat and sleep. :) pp.The home workout is my brother. ;) pp.

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    Love ur vids. Really funny 😁😍

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    I put socks on my hands and started talking to myself.

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    You guys realy sound like Kairos and Lex ;-;

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    I canda like queranteen because I don’t going places

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    You just made this to show of your toilet paper

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    Get fit

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    I am INVISIBLE I have been outside every day Boy shoppping And E