Tydus BROKE HIS LEG!! (hospital)


  1. jaidon Elliott

    jaidon Elliott5 時間 前


  2. Meghan Saemann

    Meghan Saemann5 時間 前

    Nice try. Good joke.

  3. Emma Lyon

    Emma Lyon8 時間 前

    Jake you are so cool

  4. butch

    butch11 時間 前

    tydus president of the free world in 2072

  5. Kristie Wark

    Kristie Wark13 時間 前

    Boo boo

  6. Minecraftgod420 Lel

    Minecraftgod420 Lel16 時間 前


  7. Minecraftgod420 Lel

    Minecraftgod420 Lel16 時間 前

    (. .)

  8. Kai Lane

    Kai Lane19 時間 前

    He would be crying

  9. Fahad Aldhahri

    Fahad Aldhahri20 時間 前

    I know the Tesla is a car but the Tesla is worried that tydus leg is broken

  10. Predator MX

    Predator MX21 時間 前


  11. •Stars Cute•

    •Stars Cute•日 前

    People:Nah it’s a prank Me:OMG WTH HHGJNHHN WAA

  12. Adiq Aqil

    Adiq Aqil日 前

    This is how jake pals merch

  13. Brianna Fuentes

    Brianna Fuentes日 前

    Nice dude

  14. Karmarina Mongkeya

    Karmarina Mongkeya日 前

    Why does Jake put his chan inside his shirt

  15. alyssa chouinard

    alyssa chouinard日 前

    Getting money from kids I love how this is a really popular person on JPreporter

  16. Brian Chapman

    Brian Chapman日 前

    Yea very funny 😐😐😐

  17. howard dunn

    howard dunn日 前

    That is so sad I'm Jack minni paul

  18. Nikaesha Rivera

    Nikaesha Rivera日 前

    I was sad that he fell of

  19. Nikaesha Rivera

    Nikaesha Rivera日 前

    I was sad that he fell of

  20. Mohammed.ismail10 Uddin

    Mohammed.ismail10 Uddin日 前

    I think he really broke his leg😢😢😣😣😭😭

  21. XxxcutefoxyXxx Walker

    XxxcutefoxyXxx Walker2 日 前


  22. JesseGoesRoblox

    JesseGoesRoblox2 日 前

    How can you break a leg from a short distance.. Me: *jumps from a short distance* *le no break leg* Am i invincible

  23. gacha kitty 200

    gacha kitty 2002 日 前


  24. Burrito Baloney Brothers

    Burrito Baloney Brothers2 日 前

    I have ADD

  25. bk fmz

    bk fmz2 日 前

    It was bad you keep smiling

  26. Lerin rose Hastings

    Lerin rose Hastings2 日 前

    I thought it was real 😅😅😅

  27. Toshkhani Sisters

    Toshkhani Sisters2 日 前


  28. GP

    GP3 日 前

    I hope you get better tidus

  29. Michelle Mathis

    Michelle Mathis3 日 前

    I love you Tydus you’re adorable! So glad you’re okay and it was a prank!

  30. Jennifer Messer

    Jennifer Messer3 日 前

    I feel so bad

  31. DD DD

    DD DD3 日 前

    I knew you didn't break his leg because he would be crying and you would probably stop video

  32. tct4419

    tct44193 日 前

    Stop 🛑 doing pranks

  33. Mojca Vrtovsek

    Mojca Vrtovsek3 日 前

    im sorry buddy for ur leg :(

  34. Oscar Sanchez

    Oscar Sanchez3 日 前

    This prank was awesome Jake Paul

  35. Rj Hunter

    Rj Hunter3 日 前

    It’s everyday bro

  36. Rj Hunter

    Rj Hunter3 日 前


  37. Darcy Jay

    Darcy Jay3 日 前

    This video should of/be posted on JakeNTydus channel

  38. Amanda Barraza

    Amanda Barraza3 日 前


  39. Sierra Sena Goodwin

    Sierra Sena Goodwin4 日 前

    It feels so reall don't make fun of me I I was crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  40. ツMightyM6502

    ツMightyM65024 日 前

    It means his lying if he can stand with no crutches

  41. Cabe ***

    Cabe ***4 日 前

    Give me that

  42. Anna Smith

    Anna Smith4 日 前


  43. Alpha Q

    Alpha Q4 日 前


  44. XxdragonkingxX

    XxdragonkingxX4 日 前

    leave a like is you feel bad for Tydus l l \/

  45. Stacy Dale

    Stacy Dale4 日 前

    🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀//////////////

  46. Trinity Skye

    Trinity Skye4 日 前

    Jake can you give me a can you deliver me a team 10 chain because I see you in Titus always 🙈🙊😝😍

  47. Frédéric Hendrickx

    Frédéric Hendrickx5 日 前

    You my fan

  48. Itz Gacha Gamer Perla Yong

    Itz Gacha Gamer Perla Yong5 日 前

    Pls like

  49. Viper PS3D

    Viper PS3D5 日 前

    this is a lie

  50. Jose Vazquez

    Jose Vazquez5 日 前

    Holy he scared the heck out of me

  51. Yo yo

    Yo yo5 日 前

    Wuthering if he accidently broke his leg

  52. Jaiden Moss

    Jaiden Moss5 日 前


  53. mhenul balintataw

    mhenul balintataw5 日 前


  54. Daniel Eromosele

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  55. Camri Feggins 1.5 Feggins

    Camri Feggins 1.5 Feggins5 日 前

    Part your home jake ok

  56. Camri Feggins 1.5 Feggins

    Camri Feggins 1.5 Feggins5 日 前

    That ok

  57. Camri Feggins 1.5 Feggins

    Camri Feggins 1.5 Feggins5 日 前

    I cry and my leg hurts

  58. Camri Feggins 1.5 Feggins

    Camri Feggins 1.5 Feggins5 日 前

    Hi jake Paul

  59. ethan eversole

    ethan eversole5 日 前

    Toys are us is back

  60. kasmos25 roblox

    kasmos25 roblox5 日 前

    I think i broke my toe