Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!


  1. Emily Mitchell

    Emily Mitchell18 分 前

    OK that’s not her twins are born or made the overly releases two eggs and that makes twins it’s not one person gets chopped in half mixture

  2. Lauren Deprow

    Lauren Deprow18 分 前

    The dude is so weirded out

  3. Dad and Sarah Reviews plus

    Dad and Sarah Reviews plus21 分 前

    I love when Ethan says “tummy” honestly t makes him seem so pure (although he’s not lol)

  4. Cheyenne Ewing

    Cheyenne Ewing23 分 前

    Why did he look like he wanted to kill himself the entire day💀💀-the doctor

  5. Kent Cernal

    Kent Cernal24 分 前

    stop smacking mom!

  6. Harshini Vamaraju

    Harshini Vamaraju27 分 前

    So, is Emma pregnant with twins??? Tbh I don't understand

  7. Gavin F

    Gavin F30 分 前

    I just realized that gethan was a girl in the whom. (If you didn’t know until 6 weeks before birth everyone is a girl and then they develop their Y chromosomes or X chromosomes).

  8. 100 subs with no videos lets try

    100 subs with no videos lets try35 分 前

    Me an my twin was highted the same and weighed the same thats crazy and we were 15 min apart we also had the same pack

  9. Peppermint

    Peppermint43 分 前

    So much for blowing up the womb" "😂

  10. Poopyy Dooo

    Poopyy Dooo46 分 前

    “It’s a PEcan” “It’s a peCAN” 😂

  11. Ellie Zimmatore

    Ellie Zimmatore46 分 前

    Ethan looks a fricking meme in trimester one with those weird glasses on lolololol

  12. Hilary Tran

    Hilary Tran52 分 前

    😂😂 the moments when they hugged or held hands was like i was watching a k drama😂😂

  13. McA Abi

    McA Abi57 分 前

    On this 8s from dance mom's girl in the plastic bubble . Remember ????

  14. Makaylie B

    Makaylie B59 分 前

    Not to be rude but think about it one of you was a mistake 😂

  15. Sadie Fletcher

    Sadie Fletcher時間 前


  16. Amber Muhammad

    Amber Muhammad時間 前

    This is how many time dr. Said uh

  17. rylee_dance_1 oehlert

    rylee_dance_1 oehlert時間 前

    But like when do you realize that one of you guys is an accident

  18. muah mia

    muah mia時間 前

    “YOURE GETTING FOOD ALL OVER THE WOMB” I don’t even know how to respond to that

  19. Mybabiesfinnandbil

    Mybabiesfinnandbil時間 前

    I hate the word belly.

  20. Luna Nunez

    Luna Nunez時間 前

    They should let emma Chamberlain edit their videos😂

  21. muah mia

    muah mia時間 前

    The gynecologist looks so uncomfortable

  22. Ginga Ninja0308

    Ginga Ninja0308時間 前

    STAWP HITTING MUM oh sorry mum

  23. Gachagigi Gigi

    Gachagigi Gigi時間 前

    Woaaah that’s odd but interesting

  24. Ginga Ninja0308

    Ginga Ninja0308時間 前

    “the fluid in there is about half of a 2 litre bottle” thats 1 litre why couldn’t u say 1 litre instead of saying 2 LITRES

  25. austin pokhrel

    austin pokhrel時間 前

    This guys says sure to much

  26. Picks Hockey

    Picks Hockey時間 前

    Imagine if we remembered being in our moms actual stomach

  27. XxPastel DuckyxX

    XxPastel DuckyxX時間 前

    I was 7 pounds

  28. Looped Lobster

    Looped Lobster時間 前

    did i really just watch this

  29. Joy Tabbu

    Joy Tabbu時間 前


  30. Laney Brooke

    Laney Brooke2 時間 前

    Are these the gay incest twins💀

  31. Joy Tabbu

    Joy Tabbu2 時間 前


  32. monse’s page.

    monse’s page.2 時間 前

    they’re mad stupid bro. “were we even alive yet?” yes you dumbass 😭.

  33. P J

    P J2 時間 前

    The doctor seemed so uncomfortable😂 and this video made my day💖😂

  34. The Jakes

    The Jakes2 時間 前

    Yes you are alive in the womb... come on boys lol

  35. Rachel Martin

    Rachel Martin2 時間 前

    Next video: lookalike becomes grethan ft Jeffrey star

  36. SpecialEd Kiddo

    SpecialEd Kiddo2 時間 前


  37. Allisondoes tuff

    Allisondoes tuff2 時間 前

    *wombmates* killed me 🤣

  38. Serena A

    Serena A2 時間 前

    Do twins ever think or realise that one of them was a mistake

  39. Grace LaChapelle

    Grace LaChapelle2 時間 前

    I am a triplet and I was born at 2 pounds how did you get so big?

  40. Addison Lombardo

    Addison Lombardo2 時間 前

    Are Ethan and Emma dating or something???

  41. Im prettymuch bored with life

    Im prettymuch bored with life3 時間 前

    This video radiates dumbass energy

  42. Shooketh MOtO mOtO

    Shooketh MOtO mOtO3 時間 前

    Grayson:“And Ethan was like 7.5 pounds” Ethan: we were thick Aren’t we all xD

  43. Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar Eclipse3 時間 前

    I started wheezing when I read the title

  44. Johanna Purdom

    Johanna Purdom3 時間 前

    why is the doctor so fucking creepy

  45. Eva Grace Carnes

    Eva Grace Carnes3 時間 前

    this doctor dude is sooooo regretting coming to this

  46. Gmmv Mmv

    Gmmv Mmv3 時間 前

    Broo, that doctor looks so fucking confused, he like wtf r this kids asking Legit all his answers r”yes” absolutely, sure.

  47. Shreya Kusumanchi

    Shreya Kusumanchi3 時間 前

    i learned more about pregnancy in this video than college

  48. Eva Grace Carnes

    Eva Grace Carnes3 時間 前

    AAHAHA why was ethan that huge bruuuuhhh

  49. Cordy Gamblin

    Cordy Gamblin4 時間 前

    “ it’s about one half of a two litre bottle” One litre has left the chat

  50. Logan Bloomer

    Logan Bloomer4 時間 前

    Your whommates