TWICE Sings Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, and More | 8 Bit Melody Challenge


  1. Seventeen

    Seventeen29 日 前

    How Many Did you get right?? (be honest)

  2. Bangtwice BestFandom

    Bangtwice BestFandom9 時間 前

    Thank you for INVITING TWICE ......BTW i got 3 correct hehe

  3. crazyfrenzy -

    crazyfrenzy -2 日 前

    rlly good actually, 8

  4. Jane S.

    Jane S.3 日 前


  5. Indah Rachmawati Putri

    Indah Rachmawati Putri3 日 前


  6. Veda Riley

    Veda Riley4 日 前

    @Hari Dahal yes

  7. thas maiboi

    thas maiboi43 分 前

    ME: watches 9 women making random noises at 12 AM

  8. Basmala Mustafa

    Basmala Mustafa11 時間 前

    Hahahahahahah i laughed out loud 6:29 🤣🤣😂🤣

  9. Angeline Graciela

    Angeline Graciela12 時間 前

    Me singing more more more more more and more when its supposed to be work from home ;*)

  10. Muhammad isfhalana fadil

    Muhammad isfhalana fadil15 時間 前

    when i see jeongyeon idk why im so happy

  11. Lia Dove

    Lia Dove15 時間 前

    Jihyo: blablabla seventeen me: watching me also: w-wait.. SEVENTEEN? uh huh.

  12. prettymonkey

    prettymonkey15 時間 前

    i guess they're filming on the same day for "time to twice crime scene", their outfits is same as "time to twice crime scene" outfits *sorry english is not my native language, so my english might be bad

  13. Rose Sibulan

    Rose Sibulan日 前

    their outfits on time to twice

  14. Firhan Anaqi

    Firhan Anaqi日 前

    work from home literally 👁👁👁

  15. Devu Nidhin

    Devu Nidhin日 前


  16. joshua ocampo

    joshua ocampo日 前

    i hear kinni minaj HAHAHAHAHA LMAO💀😂

  17. Adrian Games

    Adrian Games日 前

    Tzuyu:*Thinking* Also Tzuyu:AHHHhhhh Momo:HAHAHAH Tzuyu:nananana one more TIME Unnies:*Proud unnies*

  18. Minorka Delara

    Minorka Delara日 前


  19. sh 71

    sh 71日 前

    Twice so cute love you twice

  20. antorinam juvidal

    antorinam juvidal日 前

    OMg, I can't help looking at nayeon, she is so damn beautiful

  21. exwice

    exwice2 日 前

    wow minas so beautiful

  22. crazyfrenzy -

    crazyfrenzy -2 日 前


  23. Iyzonme 1195

    Iyzonme 11952 日 前

    0:00 when gru's not around

  24. Minatozaki Kyla

    Minatozaki Kyla2 日 前

    I realized just now, theyre shooting this and time to twice at the same time

  25. Xanlar Mamedov

    Xanlar Mamedov2 日 前

    Me too 😅

  26. beyza fba

    beyza fba2 日 前

    When they were shooting crime scene


    CAVEMAN2 日 前

    *Okay the title should be: Twice talk about their trainee days.*

  28. Nur Nilam Sari

    Nur Nilam Sari2 日 前

    Start from 1:28,the 2nd song that tzuyu answer it correct 'baby one more time' make my heart melting,thanks tzuyu,you make me remind back my childhood song from britney spears,saranghae twice ❤️

  29. Stan_ Twice97

    Stan_ Twice972 日 前

    If Sana says California is the U.S then CALIFORNIA IS THE U.S 😤😤

  30. Stifling Frost

    Stifling Frost3 日 前

    I just realized that this video was also taken during the same day as Time To Twice: Crime Scene

  31. Ze Arturia

    Ze Arturia3 日 前

    I thought the third one is More & More by Twice

  32. Ze Arturia

    Ze Arturia3 日 前

    I thought the third one is More & More by Twice

  33. Allison pink plays

    Allison pink plays3 日 前

    Twice in the opening: *AH AH AH AH AH AH*

  34. Jonalyn Pionilla

    Jonalyn Pionilla3 日 前

    2:14, 2:39, 3:27 that glances OMG !!! I'll forever stan SATZU 😍😍 ..You guys always save our SATZU HEARTS .. we will support you no matter what, right SAPPHIRES ???

  35. Radhika Gupta

    Radhika Gupta3 日 前


  36. Chance Justine Bragais

    Chance Justine Bragais3 日 前

    Basically Momo: *about dialing

  37. Ma. Celisha

    Ma. Celisha3 日 前

    so i just noticed,i think this is filmed after or before they filmed the TTT CRIME SCENE EDITION.jddjdj edit: because of their OUTFITS XD

  38. Zo Zoe

    Zo Zoe3 日 前

    After they shoot they shoot the crime seen,am i right? Nahh

  39. jelhene angela marie angeles

    jelhene angela marie angeles3 日 前


  40. jason zhao

    jason zhao3 日 前

    They wore these outfits during the time to twice crime scene. Did they film time to twice right after this?

  41. Pavilion

    Pavilion3 日 前

    I noticed it when they released the crime scene teaser

  42. jason zhao

    jason zhao3 日 前

    @gday mate yea I noticed that after watching the time to twice episode lmao

  43. gday mate

    gday mate3 日 前

    Lol i just notice that

  44. ismail puteh

    ismail puteh4 日 前

    Hahahaha they recorded this during Time to Twice Crime Scene XD

  45. Hope Eternal

    Hope Eternal4 日 前

    I mean that's not 8 bit at all but ok.

  46. Verónica Cassamá

    Verónica Cassamá4 日 前

    "Hi I'm Chaeyoooung" "Hi I'm Nayeooon" "Hi I'm Dahyuuun" "Hi I'm Jeongyeooon" "Hi I'm Tzuyyyu" "Hi I'm Momooo" "Hi I'm Sanaaa" "Hi I'm Jihyooo" "Hi I'm Minaaa" 🥺💕💕💕

  47. Max Power

    Max Power4 日 前

    Mina is an absolute passenger


    MINJEONG4 日 前

    i really thought work from home was more and more

  49. Veda Riley

    Veda Riley4 日 前

    Twice: BaCk In My DaY

  50. So Sa

    So Sa4 日 前

    0:12 , I literally almost died. How can someone be so adorable.

  51. Edie Sánchez

    Edie Sánchez4 日 前

    6:28 Nayeon cuteeeee🐰🐰🎶

  52. alyssa marie

    alyssa marie4 日 前

    jihyo’s smile after she screamed at the beginning was sooo cute im-

  53. letterjm

    letterjm4 日 前

    No one: Twice: when we were trainees.... 🙈🤣🤣

  54. fancy soty

    fancy soty4 日 前

    5:56 chaeyoung said lgbt rights

  55. 김연주

    김연주4 日 前

    Press the like button if you are the one who thought of 'Time To Twice Crime Scene' after watching the clothes they are wearing ❤

  56. Mariela J

    Mariela J4 日 前

    i was waiting for a comment like this asf 🕺

  57. Angelika Ronquillo

    Angelika Ronquillo4 日 前

    I cannot believe it's work by fifth harmony not more and more by twice

  58. Moreen Palaganas

    Moreen Palaganas4 日 前

    hi they wear the same clothes on ttt first episode



    This video was shot during TIME TO TWICE crime scene... RIGHT??

  60. Samuel Saragih

    Samuel Saragih4 日 前

    Justin Bieber

  61. twice once

    twice once4 日 前

    I didn't know after crime they got a guesting show,WAHAHAHAH!! the background looks like the stage,pffts

  62. Shawnn Jacob P. Macalinao

    Shawnn Jacob P. Macalinao4 日 前

    This is from TTT/ Time to Twice

  63. TwiCeu! oNceu!

    TwiCeu! oNceu!4 日 前

    This is where they do the crime scene play too!!😊

  64. bruh girl

    bruh girl4 日 前

    They are looking so cuteeee 😍 Especially jihyo and tzuyu 💝

  65. 구미윤

    구미윤4 日 前

    They litterally guessed a lot more than me .-.

  66. Felix Emmanuel Adaptar

    Felix Emmanuel Adaptar4 日 前

    *w o a h*

  67. Felix Emmanuel Adaptar

    Felix Emmanuel Adaptar4 日 前

    *Seventeen the news not the band* ; Seventeen be like with their sns accounts

  68. Siti Maisarah

    Siti Maisarah5 日 前

    Idk i love them😍

  69. let Me

    let Me5 日 前

    4 of them is sounds like yeon yeon yeon yeon😂even chaeryeong is "yeong" but it sound like the same😂

  70. Myoui Mina

    Myoui Mina5 日 前

    in the say my name part why the fck did i sang chicken wings chicken wings bruh

  71. Luca Hermosilla

    Luca Hermosilla5 日 前

    Nayeon is an angel!

  72. • キラービースト •

    • キラービースト •5 日 前


  73. Koh Angela

    Koh Angela5 日 前

    Tzuyu fabulous

  74. Dwhyl Casares

    Dwhyl Casares5 日 前

    Momo is my bias she loves to dance like me

  75. Theresa Piña Colada

    Theresa Piña Colada5 日 前

    Work from home is not that special of a song. I’m not surprised they couldn’t guess it. I couldn’t even guess it (compared to the other songs that were on the list)

  76. simmer

    simmer6 日 前

    I really thought the 1rst song was Chicken wing song

  77. hxvencherry x

    hxvencherry x6 日 前

    "nanana- one more time" -cute Tzuyu face-

  78. Leonard Escorpion

    Leonard Escorpion6 日 前

    Justine Bieber: Chaeyoung reaction 😶🤗

  79. Bangtan Pop

    Bangtan Pop6 日 前

    I can't be the only one who thought the first song was cHIcKeN wINgS cHIcKeN WiNgS, hOTdOG aND bAL---

  80. Andy Heras

    Andy Heras6 日 前

    Anyone else want to see Momo and Mina do a dance cover of chandelier

  81. swiftie army once

    swiftie army once6 日 前

    Dahyun at 7:30, gurl I-😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  82. Ricky Jay Baldoque

    Ricky Jay Baldoque6 日 前

    I love the way Mina is so silent ❤

  83. Arniel Alboroto

    Arniel Alboroto6 日 前

    Say my name by destiny child in 8-bit melody it sounds like chicken wings chicken wings hotdog and balony chilly with my homie HAHAHAHA

  84. Mekashisuko UwU

    Mekashisuko UwU6 日 前

    Jeongyeon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  85. Jamaica Criezel

    Jamaica Criezel6 日 前

    Look at dahyun shes shining😂

  86. Cedie Tiongson

    Cedie Tiongson6 日 前

    chaeyoung's "justin beeebahhh" is soo adorableee-

  87. Angela

    Angela6 日 前

    i thought the first song was chicken wing chicken wing LMAO

  88. lian sara

    lian sara6 日 前

    Chae: "Justin bieber~!!" 5:06

  89. Arwen Hansen

    Arwen Hansen6 日 前


  90. Arwen Hansen

    Arwen Hansen6 日 前

    work from hawme

  91. Patricia Torceno

    Patricia Torceno6 日 前

    I notice their outfits are the same as the Twice Crime Scenee!

  92. Sana Keu

    Sana Keu7 日 前

    nayeon with the I'm and Im again.

  93. Sana Keu

    Sana Keu7 日 前

    they did the other members dirty with the thumbnail haha

  94. morph

    morph7 日 前

    tzuyu vietnam flashback 9:17

  95. kim _ lona

    kim _ lona7 日 前

    Cool baby👶🍒 0:20

  96. kim _ lona

    kim _ lona7 日 前

    0:50 so cute

  97. Anna Carla

    Anna Carla7 日 前

    Twice music: on Twice: 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 what is this music??????🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪.

  98. Brian Wood

    Brian Wood7 日 前

    I love chaeyoung so much

  99. jeyd

    jeyd7 日 前

    wtf, that was from Fifth Harmony and not More n More? like I was laughing at Twice for not knowing their own song, I was also wrong lol

  100. BLINK -SONE

    BLINK -SONE7 日 前

    TWICE:"Baby baby baby ooh" CHAE:"Justin Bieberrrrrrr" I love that BELIEBER



    The song that came into my mind from the first song was Chicken Wing by Bella Poarch instead of Say My Name 😂

  102. Xubrata Xaha

    Xubrata Xaha7 日 前

    When she screamed Justin Bieber. I got goosebumps for real

  103. Elliorr Falcon

    Elliorr Falcon7 日 前

    Momo looks very tired

  104. stan blackpink and twice

    stan blackpink and twice7 日 前

    1:43 i will simply be passing away from MoTzu’s cutess

  105. Thasmin kate Notado

    Thasmin kate Notado8 日 前

    The start of the video is so good

  106. Ariel Señires

    Ariel Señires8 日 前

    I love you twice specially momo

  107. Karly Tongson

    Karly Tongson8 日 前

    Don't look at Dahyun, snap out of it. Your bias is Jeongyeon!

  108. risky risky wiggy wiggy

    risky risky wiggy wiggy8 日 前

    5:07 a belieber insentified

  109. Michael Burnett

    Michael Burnett8 日 前

    some please loop nayeon saying "nicki minaj super bass". it's adorable

  110. Crawl Sensei

    Crawl Sensei8 日 前

    Sana all the way ❤