[TWICE - MORE & MORE] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 200604 EP.668


  1. it's a ‘b’ ird it's a ‘p’ lane

    it's a ‘b’ ird it's a ‘p’ lane4 時間 前

    ‘Twice is performance group’ Really ? They’re perfect!

  2. ayhu nurhikmah

    ayhu nurhikmah5 時間 前

    The dance is good, but if lipsync again, I think not good enough.

  3. 전서영

    전서영8 時間 前

    라이브 아닌것 같은데.. 요즘 누가 저런 마이크 씀?

  4. Mari EGO

    Mari EGO11 時間 前

    Im still learning the Freaking Dance😭 Im so done😭

  5. Marisah Alifia

    Marisah Alifia12 時間 前



    ONCE FLOWERS13 時間 前

    TWICE 💕

  7. Huda Resoul Aziz

    Huda Resoul Aziz13 時間 前

    اوك اني ما احب توايس و لا يمهم و لا گرباهم بس هالاغنيه عن جد ابدااع بكل شي الازياء و اللحن الام في ال.... كل حاگه .... ادماااااان هالاغنيه ادمااااااااان 💜💜💜

  8. Leah Stockstill

    Leah Stockstill13 時間 前

    Here after watching LOA debut stage and WOW. They’ve really grown so much ❤️

  9. chimmie star

    chimmie star17 時間 前

    IDK WHAT TO SAY!!!! Twice are full of visual queens!!!👸👸💗💗

  10. 박효진

    박효진20 時間 前

    여름노래로 티아라나 씨스타나 소녀시대 들을께요 그냥 왜 1위를 한지는 사실 잘 모르겠네요...? 오늘 처음들었는데 전노래가 더 중독되고 좋은것같아.... 트와이스 데뷔곡이나 한번더 나오면 안되나?

  11. Shadow Plays

    Shadow Plays22 時間 前

    Poor momo shes lonely ;-;

  12. _씅

    _씅22 時間 前

    립싱크라도 잘하던가...세상에 이정도인줄은 몰랐다

  13. silver chariot

    silver chariot22 時間 前

    Jihyo 🥺🥺🤍

  14. Charisma Girl

    Charisma Girl日 前

    I missed Mina so so so much😭

  15. Nargiz Namazova

    Nargiz Namazova日 前

    I am not their fan but wow guys,,, they are amazing 💜

  16. The Ridiculous

    The Ridiculous日 前

    Before they sang It felt like they were playing try not to laugh challenge

  17. precious mile

    precious mile日 前

    twice nayeon jihyo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Lisauglybitch Lisaugly

    Lisauglybitch Lisaugly日 前


  19. Crusty Toads

    Crusty Toads日 前

    Tzuyu ❄💨💖😫

  20. Amazing Siblings Jacob and Amber

    Amazing Siblings Jacob and Amber日 前


  21. abraham prisa utama

    abraham prisa utama日 前

    Twice fighting!

  22. rhyne Alagos

    rhyne Alagos日 前


  23. Mary Anne Aquino

    Mary Anne Aquino日 前

    OMG 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I love them and I miss them

  24. Karin na

    Karin na日 前

    Momo voice is very ngirung😂

  25. Bella Evora

    Bella Evora日 前


  26. Bæby nisha

    Bæby nisha日 前

    I am new here and i want to know if there are rappers in twice coz they are soo amazing

  27. Charron Vincent

    Charron Vincent日 前

    Who's wana talk about Karl Marx ?

  28. K4t

    K4t日 前

    Por que nadie habla de lo bien que bailan

  29. Oly Kats

    Oly Kats日 前

    Goddesses!!! Beautiful outfits!!! 😘

  30. jeong jammin'

    jeong jammin'日 前

    I love this stage so much, period. #GetWellSoonJeongyeon

  31. •JeonCeli Once•

    •JeonCeli Once•日 前

    All is talking about members I talk about perfect twice They hace perfect visuals,songs, integrantes and More & More!!!

  32. تعبانه من كل شيء

    تعبانه من كل شيء日 前

    المسرح ملك لتوايس بس

  33. Aya Yousf

    Aya Yousf日 前

    I'm blink but I'm here for support the prettiest girls in the world

  34. Aya Yousf

    Aya Yousf日 前

    @تعبانه من كل شيء 💙💙

  35. Aya Yousf

    Aya Yousf日 前

    @João Guilherme ofc💙

  36. João Guilherme

    João Guilherme日 前

    Thank youu ♡♡

  37. تعبانه من كل شيء

    تعبانه من كل شيء日 前

    Thank you sm ♡♡

  38. Hype Ka

    Hype Ka2 日 前

    Lipsync???? Or nah???

  39. Fauzi Fahmi 07

    Fauzi Fahmi 07日 前

    Yes, this is pre recorded

  40. João Guilherme

    João Guilherme日 前

    They are singing but they have a vocal support in the background

  41. Wolzie

    Wolzie2 日 前

    Poor momo all alone

  42. João Guilherme

    João Guilherme日 前


  43. zyzyzy

    zyzyzy2 日 前

    Omg all the members are so beautiful!!!

  44. Ohlala Pop

    Ohlala Pop2 日 前

    onces !! I made a (FMV) of the song firework in my channel (English subbed) tell me what you think about it

  45. Blink-blackpink 4ever

    Blink-blackpink 4ever2 日 前

    No one here talking about Tzuyu shes so Beautiful!! Its like ive seen an Angel!!

  46. Pem Tse

    Pem Tse2 日 前

    Wow!!!! Live so good .... twice fighting

  47. Dyana Manzil

    Dyana Manzil2 日 前

    Musiknya mirip kek yg wktu ada event skin martis ML . ngrasa gk. Mana org indo nih

  48. LV LV

    LV LV2 日 前


  49. anastya anastya

    anastya anastya2 日 前

    Mina very beautiful

  50. Lj

    Lj2 日 前

    ending fairy mina is chef kiss

  51. Lj

    Lj2 日 前

    i know there's missing something loud fanboys fanchant

  52. Hopsel18

    Hopsel182 日 前

    I still wanna know why Momo was by herself with the zoom intro? Kinda made me feel like shes alone(?) wouldn't have been better to put her with 2 more members? 🥺

  53. Army that Orbit Once

    Army that Orbit Once2 日 前

    *I think she was like the main character in this comeback stage like she represents something i dunno really*

  54. 炸雞

    炸雞2 日 前


  55. jisoo lisa rose jennie

    jisoo lisa rose jennie2 日 前

    Que es twice blackpink in your area

  56. Sandra Pilar

    Sandra Pilar2 日 前


  57. YR DIARY

    YR DIARY2 日 前

    Hey once! I'm currently making videos of twice’s most viewed fancams on my channel (YR DIARY) and it would me a lot to me if you can check them out :)

  58. Maria Sebastiana Freitas

    Maria Sebastiana Freitas2 日 前

    Eu amei

  59. Kim Oliq

    Kim Oliq2 日 前

    Stan OT9 !!! NaJeongMoSaJiMiDaChaeTzu

  60. lily rh

    lily rh2 日 前

    creatively i admire jeongyeon so fucking muchhhhhh

  61. ああ

    ああ2 日 前

    ナヨンエグい 最強 爪先どうなってんのステップやばい

  62. Minsung Forever

    Minsung Forever2 日 前

    I clicked on it and it gave me a more and more cover best day ever!

  63. Krishna poojary Krishna

    Krishna poojary Krishna2 日 前

    Twice is amazing

  64. Presh An

    Presh An2 日 前

    Chaeyoung being a little fairy, it makes me happy that she gets to sing and rap at the same time ❣️

  65. Peek a boo

    Peek a boo2 日 前

    My boyfriend: Omg I think I have a crush on all of them Me:Same bro same

  66. ONCE & TWICE

    ONCE & TWICE2 日 前


  67. boualala leila

    boualala leila2 日 前




    CHOREOGRAPHY is Exact like the MV respect for twice 😍😍😍

  69. Vira

    Vira3 日 前

    bruh. the rap parts always sound good live. idk hahaha

  70. Noor Rashidah Ardi

    Noor Rashidah Ardi3 日 前

    TWICE members are all 𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐮𝐥

  71. TWICE Tzuyu

    TWICE Tzuyu3 日 前




    Twice has become lame!!! Boo!!!!

  73. abraham prisa utama

    abraham prisa utama3 日 前

    We love twice!

  74. Faria Tasnim

    Faria Tasnim3 日 前

    The dance break slaps everytime

  75. rat

    rat3 日 前

    stable queens

  76. Lucy Mwandwe

    Lucy Mwandwe3 日 前

    I think I should just officially join the fandom I've been stalking and loving them on the sideline for 4years straight its not health I should officially Stan these Queens

  77. Zakia Moly

    Zakia Moly2 日 前

    It's ok being late then never. Thank u for giving Twice a chance. Welcome to Twiceland.

  78. Gabriel Kai

    Gabriel Kai3 日 前

    This is a message and this is a message for are we play Lucky by it go well

  79. Gabriel Kai

    Gabriel Kai3 日 前

    It's me little early and I'm your biggest fan ❤️❤️😁

  80. Young Mi Gonzales Loayza

    Young Mi Gonzales Loayza3 日 前

    Queen of kpop

  81. Bkook

    Bkook3 日 前

    Estas mujeres son diosas wey 🥺♥️

  82. park reinako

    park reinako3 日 前

    Saaanaaaaaaa 💞💞💞💞💞

  83. Juliana Santos

    Juliana Santos3 日 前

    aside form the fact that this comeback is PERFECT i really be missing the fanboys fanchant lmao

  84. Camilañ Gongor

    Camilañ Gongor3 日 前

    Que. Padre

  85. Beena

    Beena3 日 前

    their stylists should get a raise

  86. TWICE IS THE BEST GROUP GIRL twice forever

    TWICE IS THE BEST GROUP GIRL twice forever3 日 前

    Poor alone momo 😂😂

  87. Nhi Nguyễn Ngọc Yến

    Nhi Nguyễn Ngọc Yến3 日 前

    Yêu mấy chị

  88. Anvi Pillai

    Anvi Pillai4 日 前

    I actually never scanned Twice before becuz I’m not a fan of cutesy songs that much but lately since Twice doesn’t do a lot of cutesy songs I really started jamming to More and More... I think I’m going to become a Once after a while... Becoz Quarantines got me doing THINGS...

  89. Zakia Moly

    Zakia Moly2 日 前

    Thanks for giving Twice a chance. Welcome to Twiceland.

  90. Hannah Libang

    Hannah Libang3 日 前

    haha welcome !!

  91. bts fire

    bts fire4 日 前

    Nayeon un yeleği çok tanıdık geliyo