1. Troy WHITE

    Troy WHITE25 分 前

    I am.... Me Likey :D

  2. aninha na

    aninha na時間 前

    Caralho q música boa

  3. Lesi Ferreira

    Lesi Ferreira2 時間 前

    I Love giros 🥰🥰🥰

  4. Lesi Ferreira

    Lesi Ferreira2 時間 前

    I Love girls

  5. Danica Mostoles

    Danica Mostoles3 時間 前

    When your in Feel Special era but you still not over in this song

  6. R. Meijer

    R. Meijer5 時間 前

    this numbers gif me good feelings

  7. _____- KpopGacha Life.creations

    _____- KpopGacha Life.creations5 時間 前

    Likey and fancy are twices best eras in my opinion xx

  8. ༎ຶ༎ຶPark AgustD༎ຶ༎ຶ

    ༎ຶ༎ຶPark AgustD༎ຶ༎ຶ6 時間 前

    Yo: like like!!! Mi mamá: cállate a ti no te sale. Yo: :'c

  9. Jorge Victor

    Jorge Victor6 時間 前


  10. Milan T

    Milan T7 時間 前


  11. xyz_

    xyz_7 時間 前

    lol trash

  12. krugez plays

    krugez plays7 時間 前

    I’m here from twomads video

  13. LISA

    LISA8 時間 前

    Who else fan of Lissaaaa ✋💘💘 comeone don't lie 😏

  14. Gucci Gang

    Gucci Gang8 時間 前

    Why are their choreography’s so satisfying to watch

  15. Im Nayeon

    Im Nayeon9 時間 前

    Twice ♥️

  16. agyadav

    agyadav9 時間 前

    some twice hater: I love it when you call- Me: ME LIKEY ME LIKEY LIKEY LIKEY ME LIKEY LIKEY the twice hater: What the ....?!!

  17. Ravi Subhashini

    Ravi Subhashini9 時間 前

    I likey likey

  18. 天然水南アルプスの

    天然水南アルプスの9 時間 前


  19. Claudio Fricati

    Claudio Fricati10 時間 前

    My gay brain needs this everyday

  20. กัมปนาท ด้วงหิรัญ

    กัมปนาท ด้วงหิรัญ10 時間 前

    น่าร้ากกกกกกกก จัง

  21. シ[ᴍiɴiii]

    シ[ᴍiɴiii]10 時間 前

    DEAR TWICE I Love you and i went to say Twice the best girl group ever that means i dont wanne see them *TT* i wanne see them all *happy* *happy* And i *likely* every member but i always ask *what* *is* *love?* once always say love is something that *breaktrogh* your heart and make you *fancy* and then you *feel* *special* and i alwasy *dance* *the* *night* *away* when i hear there songs but when i hear twice song and i lose *signal* i become *TT* then when i hear there songs i sing *like* *ooh* *ahh* and when new person says he became once I SAY *YES* *OR* *YES* I ran out of ideas sorry T-T

  22. Lillynator 96

    Lillynator 9610 時間 前

    Hi Ahgase here. Once please help our boys and watch you calling my name

  23. athraa athraa

    athraa athraa11 時間 前

    2019 ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽😍😍😍

  24. Jenny Baquilar

    Jenny Baquilar11 時間 前


  25. Jenny Baquilar

    Jenny Baquilar11 時間 前

    LIKEY 4EVER!!!💓

  26. Jenny Baquilar

    Jenny Baquilar11 時間 前

    still here

  27. Selena KpopTrash_4lifeU

    Selena KpopTrash_4lifeU11 時間 前

    Can you believe this is THE BEST kpop song EVER OMG 9 QUEENS of kpop

  28. Family Chua

    Family Chua14 時間 前


  29. unicron play chanel

    unicron play chanel15 時間 前

    2019 october ????

  30. TWICE Queen Momo!

    TWICE Queen Momo!15 時間 前

    After two years, I'm still listening to this song, anybody else? ☺

  31. ✨Mangokweeen✨

    ✨Mangokweeen✨16 時間 前

    I love likey so much it’s got such a different sound to most of twice’s music even though it sounds happy it also has a sorrowful sound to it

  32. The Intergalactic Badjao

    The Intergalactic Badjao16 時間 前

    Twice drum jam 🖖 see yah!

  33. Dawson Ting

    Dawson Ting17 時間 前

    Want to share this because it's funny, at least for me. Saw IN2IT member Isaac dancing to this song and other members joined in too.

  34. GAME IT!

    GAME IT!18 時間 前

    MIna Me Likey😍

  35. Maybe Grammy

    Maybe Grammy18 時間 前

    I think this is the first kpop mv I ever watched

  36. Kjgxhh Fzfcx

    Kjgxhh Fzfcx20 時間 前


  37. Bry :3

    Bry :321 時間 前

    this bop never gets old, it's just perfect

  38. Bry :3

    Bry :321 時間 前

    this is so aesthetic, i love it

  39. Crystal Feliciano

    Crystal Feliciano21 時間 前

    I want too be on your teammmmmm🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  40. Mundo da Helo

    Mundo da Helo21 時間 前

    Love Twice

  41. Ali Akbar

    Ali Akbar日 前

    Luv sana part

  42. Fabian TWICE

    Fabian TWICE日 前

    Fighting 450M !!!!

  43. Someone, wuuu.

    Someone, wuuu.日 前

    1:51 *Daniel liked that.*

  44. Băng Ngọc

    Băng Ngọc日 前

    One of the best songs of Twice

  45. Agent Z

    Agent Z日 前

    BlackPink or Twice BlackPink=like odd Twice=like even

  46. Isabel regina Montenegro Mascarenhas Isabel

    Isabel regina Montenegro Mascarenhas Isabel日 前


  47. Margaret Nulman

    Margaret Nulman日 前

    anyone here from ryxn??

  48. crimsonbts

    crimsonbts日 前

    Quite popular opinion but nontheless: Likey is Twice's best song to date! Pure perfection.

  49. Norah

    Norah日 前


  50. Norah

    Norah日 前


  51. Norah

    Norah日 前

    so good song

  52. Taciane Alves

    Taciane Alves日 前

    Primeira vez que eu vejo tt e eu amei

  53. Deborah Dede

    Deborah Dede日 前


  54. Deborah Dede

    Deborah Dede日 前


  55. manu *w *

    manu *w *日 前

    Love like 😍

  56. XxxAngelBreezexxX

    XxxAngelBreezexxX日 前

    People think I only listen to emo music but I secretly listen to music like this 💀💀

  57. 나혜원

    나혜원日 前

    If you love❤ Twice Likey the video!!! (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

  58. Fellipe Guilherme

    Fellipe Guilherme日 前

    que bosta

  59. Youme channal

    Youme channal日 前

    I miss handsome Jungyeon kkkkkk

  60. Mr Tea & Crumpets

    Mr Tea & Crumpets日 前

    igumpdrop brought me here.

  61. top phim hay

    top phim hay日 前

    khó tin