TWICE "Feel Special" M/V TEASER Silhouette Intro


  1. Frankie

    Frankie7 日 前

    I just got feel special as an ad-

  2. taya bashouk

    taya bashouk9 日 前

    Today is my birthday 7/10

  3. Valen Sone

    Valen Sone13 日 前

    Necesito este video completo versión normal, para ver a Jihyo que me mató.

  4. Kalah Beatty

    Kalah Beatty16 日 前


  5. Emily Chan

    Emily Chan16 日 前

    I’m Emily I love you 💕

  6. Mir Mirza

    Mir Mirza16 日 前

    This reminds me to Lion Heart teaser...

  7. Mel Baschet

    Mel Baschet17 日 前

    Someone after the MV got released?

  8. anonymous

    anonymous17 日 前

    Intro part

  9. Jin Ji Jun

    Jin Ji Jun18 日 前

    70M views Fighting!!

  10. Caitlyn Baduria

    Caitlyn Baduria18 日 前

    The MV and song already sound so good omg :(

  11. Im ChiddieChidChid

    Im ChiddieChidChid18 日 前

    this couldve been the actual into, its better and unique

  12. AHAfni

    AHAfni19 日 前

    Can everyone stop stream this and stream feel special cuz feel special not trending yet!!!! While typing.... This teaser was so good...

  13. jack jo

    jack jo19 日 前

    My fellow malaysia once stop streaming the teaser the mv need to be trending lol..😂😂

  14. Cherry_ Pop

    Cherry_ Pop19 日 前

    My wig FLEW

  15. baby.chimmy yoonkimin

    baby.chimmy yoonkimin19 日 前


  16. Shalomi H.

    Shalomi H.19 日 前

    Was I the only one who thought tsuyu was the one in the center?

  17. TWICE&ONCE 4ever

    TWICE&ONCE 4ever19 日 前

    no trending 37 in Malaysia 28.9.2019

  18. Abigail Tng Ye Yue

    Abigail Tng Ye Yue19 日 前

    Wthhhhhh why is the teaser trending for so longgggg and the mv didn't trendingg

  19. Nur Aina Fasihah 04

    Nur Aina Fasihah 0419 日 前

    The Official M/V is not trending in my country but this teaser and their "Relay Dance"vid is trending😅😅

  20. myoui banana

    myoui banana20 日 前

    at first i thought its like indians songs lol am i the only one??

  21. Gyunie

    Gyunie20 日 前

    you make me feel especial

  22. butterflyxx

    butterflyxx20 日 前

    When the teaser is trending 23 on malaysia instead of the actual MV

  23. kepo amat

    kepo amat20 日 前

    I like this part ❤️😁

  24. Lerrad Chia

    Lerrad Chia21 日 前

    Any Malaysians noticed that many of the teasers trended in Malaysia but the MV itself did not?

  25. Stan Twice

    Stan Twice20 日 前

    Yeah that’s why!!

  26. Regina George

    Regina George21 日 前


  27. Regina George

    Regina George21 日 前

    The best teaser

  28. Tzuyu ah

    Tzuyu ah21 日 前

    Las amooooo

  29. Manne Bae

    Manne Bae21 日 前


  30. Manne Bae

    Manne Bae21 日 前

    las amo

  31. Tony Chong

    Tony Chong21 日 前

    Malaysian ONCE please make this mv trending now not teaser already

  32. Lizbeth Rodriguez

    Lizbeth Rodriguez21 日 前

    Me encanto😊😚😍😘😄😙

  33. Raïma Aboubacar

    Raïma Aboubacar21 日 前

    Who is here after feel special mv?☺️




  35. Once X Blink X Army

    Once X Blink X Army21 日 前

    Attention to all malaysian Onces who were here and watching this teaser. Stop watching this intro teaser because we want the full Feel Special M/V on trending. JPreporter just allow one video with same title trending on a country. Pleasee!!!

  36. yjy 267

    yjy 26722 日 前

    Malaysian onces stop watching this teaser and start streaming the mv we want it to be trending



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  38. zara. zainudin

    zara. zainudin22 日 前

    Malaysian ONCE!! Feel Special MV is already out. Go check them out now and make it trending!! 🔥🍭

  39. Mevlüt Yamalı

    Mevlüt Yamalı22 日 前

  40. Robert Davis

    Robert Davis22 日 前

    Yes I used the Dan Pena QLA Concept & followed my BOSS KPop Hip-Hop chicks & TRINA, "The Baddest Chick" & so far I Feel Special too! ThankU Soo Much!

  41. plo pleasant

    plo pleasant22 日 前


  42. plo pleasant

    plo pleasant22 日 前

    Wooooow twice wooow ❤❤❤💋💋💋💋

  43. KookYuLya ChewyKookie

    KookYuLya ChewyKookie22 日 前

    Heyyy Onces Malaysian! Watch this Then please Watch The MV please... And Let us make This MV to trending

  44. Naela E

    Naela E22 日 前


  45. FZX

    FZX22 日 前

    Why teaser on trending but not mv on trending

  46. Tabitha Yamauchi

    Tabitha Yamauchi22 日 前

    As ONCE who r there since day 0 this is everything man.... they matured and looks expensive glamorous af it just makes me so proud, I still can’t stop crying everytime I watch the MV. I always love their cutesy concept and never complain about it even tho peoples start to saying they’re always do the same concept I always love the way they are, but I think they’ve finally grown so they r willing to evolve with the new more mature concept ever since FANCY and I live for this TWICE concept too... honestly they can just do any kind of concept and still killin it.

  47. myoui banana

    myoui banana22 日 前

    this made me so special

  48. Stan Blackpink and Twice Blinkonce

    Stan Blackpink and Twice Blinkonce23 日 前

    Who is here after the actual m/v?

  49. Aditya Arya

    Aditya Arya23 日 前


  50. Geovana gpe. C. Torres

    Geovana gpe. C. Torres23 日 前


  51. TWICE 1020

    TWICE 102023 日 前

    Go to stream MV pls... don't stay here

  52. myoui banana

    myoui banana23 日 前

    str3aam the mv yall

  53. Armyonceblinkmomo

    Armyonceblinkmomo23 日 前

    This is my ringtone I do not care about Anything

  54. آدم شجن

    آدم شجن23 日 前


  55. آدم شجن

    آدم شجن23 日 前


  56. Priya Limbu

    Priya Limbu23 日 前

    Twice Twice Twice only Twice 😍

  57. kim soli

    kim soli23 日 前

    I love you sana and mono

  58. TV엘리아

    TV엘리아23 日 前

    Who is here after feel special mv | | \/

  59. Once DubuPH

    Once DubuPH23 日 前

    Yung mataas pa views neto kesa sa MV. Don't me YT. You do note!

  60. Quiin AhgaStayOnce

    Quiin AhgaStayOnce23 日 前


  61. Olga Baldonado

    Olga Baldonado23 日 前

    SANA is so preeeettty in this video