TWICE 「Fake & True」 Music Video


  1. 特選丸大豆しょうゆ

    特選丸大豆しょうゆ2 分 前


  2. Wanna One

    Wanna One35 分 前

    I love this song

  3. gae sanake

    gae sanake時間 前

    M Y ⚫O W N⚫K I N D⚫O F⚫A E S T H E T I C

  4. 周子瑜

    周子瑜時間 前





  6. SL

    SL5 時間 前

    21 499

  7. cats style

    cats style6 時間 前

    I love you twice

  8. Antonia Ceura

    Antonia Ceura7 時間 前

    I loved💕✌🏻❤

  9. buzzyogurtlight

    buzzyogurtlight8 時間 前

    son unas diosas wn

  10. たらーこ

    たらーこ8 時間 前

    表現とかでそうなったんやろけど ナヨンさん箱に入る確率高くない??笑YESorYESでも占い師で入ってなかったけ??かわいいなぁ〜

  11. Daniela Espinoza

    Daniela Espinoza10 時間 前

    me gusta mina love

  12. Failed Aniki

    Failed Aniki10 時間 前

    remember when Nayeon spoiled this together with humming lmao 😂

  13. fmv de kpop

    fmv de kpop11 時間 前

    나는 Mina Momo Dahyun과 Chaeyoung을 좋아한다


    GABRIEL ORTIZ11 時間 前


  15. TZUYU once

    TZUYU once13 時間 前

    25M ViEWS 45,000 COMMENTS Go Go ONCE!!

  16. Nilay Sezer

    Nilay Sezer15 時間 前

    Van Dahyun

  17. h u n n i e. ¡

    h u n n i e. ¡17 時間 前

    Twiceeee is better than blackpink, okay?

  18. PongPongClap

    PongPongClap17 時間 前

    dear twice one day I will stop shouting your name one day I will stop dreaming about you one day I'll stop with this stupid game I know one day, I like it or not, my body will be much more mature the smile that I used to see, one day I no longer remember But one thing is certain, Even though my memory disappears my heart will find a way to bring me back, to the time when I still dreamed about you. my brain might not be able to function, but my heart and mind are still beating for the 9 women I'm always proud of so thank you.... even though you don't know that I exist you are special🖤 TWICE X ONCE FOREVER.

  19. Hobi is a jellyfish cuz he got no bones Hobi

    Hobi is a jellyfish cuz he got no bones Hobi17 時間 前

    The video is so aesthetic

  20. manolo hernandez

    manolo hernandez18 時間 前

    MINA I miss you 💞💞💞

  21. kristalin ahole

    kristalin ahole18 時間 前

    I always thought Candy Pop is the best Japanese song that Twice ever had but this came out and it's so amazing I love it so much 💕

  22. PeachiCakei

    PeachiCakei18 時間 前

    You can literally pause almost every second and make a good wallpaper i-

  23. Wayneeethepooh

    Wayneeethepooh19 時間 前

    When they dance in this MV Mina was not there😥

  24. Emily LU

    Emily LU19 時間 前


  25. -AriMoon-

    -AriMoon-19 時間 前

    How many people loves mina?

  26. Brian Ou

    Brian Ou19 時間 前

    12/10-12/11 (TUE) 0AM KST TWICE VIEWS COUNT, SOCIAL MEDIA 1. Feel special(+599,035) 2. Fancy(+417,900) 3. What is love(+228,406) 4. TT(+192,499) 5. Likey(+171,718) 6. Yes or yes(+158,452) 7. Fake & True(+155,303) 8. Heart shaker(+153,327) 9. Like ooh ahh(+140,749) 10. Cheer up(+125,483) 11. Dance the night away(+121,446) 12. Breakthrough(+115,514) 13. Signal(+77,285) 14. Knock knock(+72,119) 15. Happy happy(+45,291) 16. Candy pop(+36,543) 17. BDZ(+31,892) 18. Wake me up(+22,914) 19. TT Japanese(+20,484) 20. Merry & Happy(+20,468) 21. The best thing I ever did(+19,370) 22. I want you back(+18,628) 23. One more time(+17,843) 24. Likey Japanese(+14,523) 25. What is love Japanese(+12,464) 26. Brand new girl(+10,445) ---------------------------------------------- JYP Subs 14.50M (=) TWICE Instagram 11M (=) TWICE Subs 6.07M (=) TWICE Vlive 5,737,722(+3,006) TWICE Twitter 4,501,747(+4,541) TWICE JPN Subs 2.47M (=)

  27. Bill Swag

    Bill Swag19 時間 前


  28. Mina's 37th Mole

    Mina's 37th Mole20 時間 前

    Awww Mina still looking so gorgeous!!! Sana too!! Really thankful to see you live in Japan. Thank you so much for the happy and precious memories!

  29. Carlos Rico Rivera

    Carlos Rico Rivera20 時間 前

    Chaeyoung like

  30. Carlos Rico Rivera

    Carlos Rico Rivera20 時間 前


  31. Carlos Rico Rivera

    Carlos Rico Rivera20 時間 前

    Twice like

  32. Carlos Rico Rivera

    Carlos Rico Rivera20 時間 前

    True maknae Chaeyoung

  33. Carlos Rico Rivera

    Carlos Rico Rivera20 時間 前

    If I love Chaeyoung

  34. Carlos Rico Rivera

    Carlos Rico Rivera20 時間 前

    My bias is Chaeyoung

  35. Carlos Rico Rivera

    Carlos Rico Rivera20 時間 前

    Sana and Momo are cute

  36. Carlos Rico Rivera

    Carlos Rico Rivera20 時間 前

    I like this

  37. arif amnan

    arif amnan21 時間 前

    LOVE LIVE FUN WORK-dahyun (2019)😶😶

  38. ebthal 676

    ebthal 67622 時間 前

    توايس أن ماي هارتت

  39. Vanlaldika Hauhnar

    Vanlaldika Hauhnar23 時間 前

    Real and false

  40. 면비빔

    면비빔23 時間 前

    fake and true 😆