Turning A Salvaged Car Into A Street Legal Race Car Part 5


  1. TheChaztor

    TheChaztorヶ月 前

    PLeasE tell me in the future they have the music turned down compared to the vocals????????

  2. Crispy 85

    Crispy 852 ヶ月 前

    You guys gotta do a bloopers video.

  3. 陆臻

    陆臻5 ヶ月 前

    This is a lamborghini engine?

  4. VINMAD666

    VINMAD6666 ヶ月 前

    Pretty sweet build.........NOT a big fan of that blue color.........just my opinion...........stay safe ........."F" in LOVE UR VIDEOS......PEACE

  5. Aston FromYT

    Aston FromYT6 ヶ月 前

    Great build! 👌👌

  6. jman vlogs 3.0

    jman vlogs 3.07 ヶ月 前

    0:41 song plz

  7. Jordan Johnson

    Jordan Johnson8 ヶ月 前

    Apparently that heat exchanger comes with "Mountain Hardware" LMAO. Gotta love the accent. 👍💪

  8. Agora Vai

    Agora Vai8 ヶ月 前

    why do you shake your hands so much?

  9. Dennis Boland

    Dennis Boland9 ヶ月 前

    goonsquad? Any affiliation to something awful goons?\

  10. Ryan Bertoldi

    Ryan Bertoldi9 ヶ月 前

    I gotta give it to those Goblin guys, this thing really does fall together, super cool to watch.

  11. K Red

    K Red10 ヶ月 前

    so my Neighbor is Ray Bates, and he builds some super hoped up parts for that cobolt motor

  12. Jason Russell

    Jason Russell10 ヶ月 前

    Do not use silicon see comment on part 4 by evilution

  13. Mohammed Riyadh

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  14. 2007crf450r

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    your parents should be proud its awesome to see young men like yourselves with a great attitudes and great work ethic you will go far in life. SUBSCRIBED!!!!!

  15. Aleks

    Aleks11 ヶ月 前

    would be crazy if the previous owner watches their videos and have a spare key XD yoink

  16. Carson Kosier

    Carson Kosier年 前

    Why didn’t you take the motor and transmission out of the other car

  17. HenryMania

    HenryMania年 前

    Ok I thought this was a DIY project. Turns out the frame has everything ready for them to screw in. They are just bolting parts no need to weld. The spray can job will last 3 months before rust comes through. What's the company that sells kit car frame for a Cobalt SS bolt on's?

  18. SeleckPlays

    SeleckPlays年 前

    You should do a collab with Restore It!

  19. Jalopy Joe

    Jalopy Joe年 前

    Help me settle a bet. Are you guys twins or just brothers?? Good work, keep it up.

  20. MrSouthernag

    MrSouthernag年 前

    DF needs to have other donor options. How about a Porsche 944 kit although the electrics are tricky.

  21. Jimothy Michaelz

    Jimothy Michaelz年 前

    love the country accents ya'll im a TN boy

  22. JACKY G

    JACKY G年 前

    Nice and good quality video , no too much talking, nice 2 yong man , keep it on . Well done guys

  23. Jester123ish

    Jester123ish年 前

    Where the metal straps holding the gas tank go over the frame is going to be an issue, at the very least they'll wear the paint off, at worst they might allow it to move around a bit too. Maybe put some rubber between the straps and the frame?

  24. Rocco N April

    Rocco N April年 前

    Drop that trans off with Abom79!

  25. Ivan Talbott

    Ivan Talbott年 前

    Are yall brothers or cousins or friends???

  26. Hocine HASSEN

    Hocine HASSEN年 前

    talking more than working but nice job

  27. Stupid Fast

    Stupid Fast年 前

    Im diggin the build, very similar to some of mine on my channel always love me some offroad action!

  28. Fred Garvin

    Fred Garvin年 前

    The gauge cluster looks great, but I'd want oil pressure and water temp gauges as well.

  29. Damian Piotrowski

    Damian Piotrowski年 前

    I’ve been here since only your mustang build and damn you guys got so far In so little

  30. Jan Hofman

    Jan Hofman年 前

    Guys!! you're awesome... :) i saw every video you made and i wish you to continue what you're doing and to be succesfull!

  31. Gary Taylor

    Gary Taylor年 前

    Which Milwaukee Driver & impact drill set do you guys use?

  32. James Taylor

    James Taylor年 前

    wheres part 6 to your street legal race car build

  33. Andre Dillard

    Andre Dillard年 前

    Luv watching yall videos

  34. Nathaniel Mathies

    Nathaniel Mathies年 前

    I know you guys are young and have good knees and backs, but PLEASE bud a work bench. My back hurts just watching you guys work on the floor!

  35. Michael Shaw

    Michael Shaw年 前

    Great Fellas

  36. DavidLabowsky'sUnderpants

    DavidLabowsky'sUnderpants年 前

    Did you actually just use a fucking pressure wash on the transmission.. wow dumb ass move. Straight into the clutch housing... 😨😨😨

  37. super plush party

    super plush party年 前

    You should try to find a ford gt to rebuild or a ford focus st

  38. Jeony Esty

    Jeony Esty年 前

    Build an Mazda rx7 next please!!!!!!!

  39. Fomeezer

    Fomeezer年 前

    the mustang started the massive subscribers

  40. Marco Huertas

    Marco Huertas年 前

    You should give it away!!! ( To meee)!!!!

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  42. Fords4life 91

    Fords4life 91年 前

    Bro!u gotta put those JL audio speakers that u see on the razors on that!!!!

  43. Jw Slay

    Jw Slay年 前

    When you get older working off the floor get rough, buy a work bench and make it fold up when not using it

  44. CCCP Garage

    CCCP Garage年 前

    Awesome! Is this kit car was specifically made fro cobalt retrofit?

  45. stevo

    stevo年 前

    Nice jobs guys watching from uganda

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    22k followers in a week? WOW

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    Damn, keep up the great work. I think I sub'd when you guys were at either 300k or 500k. You will prob reach 1 mil by march. Keep grinding, stay humble! Thank you for your hard work :)

  48. Joe Metzger

    Joe Metzger年 前

    Great job editing your videos. You are improving each and every time!

  49. TheWeeez

    TheWeeez年 前

    We want more GTR restoration videos!!

  50. Tyler Mccloud

    Tyler Mccloud年 前

    Sure cool and unique until you gotta replace it.😹😹

  51. Rob E

    Rob E年 前

    Happy New Year! Did you guys keep the latest Cobalt as a Daily Driver?

  52. Bubu shuya

    Bubu shuya年 前

    Happy new year guy's... Hope this year you guys will bring more excited videos...

  53. John Smith

    John Smith年 前

    Drinking game - Take a shot every time they say "go ahead" the challenge is to make it to the seccond minute if the video

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    *HAPPY NEW YEAR* 🗨! GOONZ🥐🍿🌸🚘 www.teepublic.com/sticker/3859260-goonzquad

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    Did I see a bentley in the background ? Build a Lamborghini after this build

  56. Jordan Johnson

    Jordan Johnson8 ヶ月 前

    Who knew how accurate this comment would turn out to be 4 months ago when you wrote it lol. 😜

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    Happy new year my friends

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    i love to see the next build the wonderfull lamborghini aventador New year New car

  60. John DAWSON

    John DAWSON年 前

    I would like to see you build a pickup truck pls. Ps I love your videos they are awesome.

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    I want new build