Tungsten Thor's Hammer (World's HEAVIEST)


  1. the Hacksmith

    the Hacksmith3 ヶ月 前

    TOP QUESTIONS: - Why didn't you melt tungsten? Because it's got the highest melting point of any metal - no mold could hold it! - How Ridiculous has a heavier one! Yes... But it's also like twice the size. We have the heaviest 1:1 scale replica - Use Osmium, it's denser than tungsten! It would cost $3.2M if you could even find enough. Other questions can likely be answered by watching our original video on the lead filled version, don't forget to check out all seven of our different thor hammers! Thanks for watching!

  2. Slickpickle

    Slickpickle4 日 前

    If no mold can hold tungsten, then we wouldn’t have molded tungsten objects. Not to mention you don’t need a metal mold, etc. to make a mold of molten tungsten.

  3. Osouf Miller

    Osouf Miller5 日 前

    That must be expensive building a tungsten hammer you should make more stuff out of tungsten since it’s such amazing element and not a lot of you tubers really wrk with this element since it’s expensive and in general hard to work with.

  4. vedu pk fitness

    vedu pk fitness5 日 前

    Can i get some help from you sir please

  5. clardy lord

    clardy lord6 日 前

    Can you make a real dual disk

  6. extremegamer267

    extremegamer26712 日 前

    Wheres that moutain video

  7. Vihaan Shah

    Vihaan Shah4 時間 前

    Hela:I broke your hammer Thor:Hacksmith will make a new better one.😉

  8. Kerem Kolukısaoğlu

    Kerem Kolukısaoğlu5 時間 前

    0:26 wtf

  9. Dr. Aadhith Ganesh

    Dr. Aadhith Ganesh22 時間 前

    U could have casted the entire hammer with tungsten ,it will be more stronger

  10. Manley Bose3

    Manley Bose323 時間 前

    When will you guys be bringing it to Ice Land

  11. ErenTubeHD

    ErenTubeHD日 前

    Did Anyone hear the fart lol

  12. RAJ

    RAJ日 前

    *That reminds of Indian Maharana Pratap singh.. whos swords weighed 50kgs, he carried two of 25 kilos.. his armor weighed 72 kgs, and his spear weighed 80kg.. in total he used to carry 206 kg weight on himself during the war fight, you guys should make armor and sword like that..!*

  13. omega tac

    omega tac日 前

    Hacksmith made the world's heavies frying pan

  14. The Ethalon

    The Ethalon日 前

    What an amazing video

  15. Sanskar Bhattarai

    Sanskar Bhattarai日 前

    Mrbeast: What is going on logang in today's video I will be buying hacksmith some opsinum Hacksmith:oh my

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    I love you youtube 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😉

  17. S M N Naz

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    Where is the leather strap?

  18. TheKingofdom

    TheKingofdom日 前

    18:37 Did he just fart trying to lift that?

  19. AMK

    AMK日 前

    Isn't it a bit concerning that it looks like you were melting lead with no breathing apparatus? Lead fumes are toxic

  20. lyndon Dsouza

    lyndon Dsouza日 前

    Why didn't you use a furnace



    New subber. Your show is kickass.

  22. syam kumar

    syam kumar2 日 前

    Osmium hammer would be heaviest for the same volume

  23. GoUik cz

    GoUik cz2 日 前

    Imagine this just being metal and great acting skills.

  24. 100 subscribers without a video

    100 subscribers without a video2 日 前

    You should try osmium cuz it's is heaviest metal on earth

  25. 100 subscribers without a video

    100 subscribers without a video17 時間 前

    @SCP-049 yep it's literally expensive

  26. SCP-049

    SCP-04918 時間 前

    It's about $3,200,000 USD.

  27. SCP-049

    SCP-04918 時間 前

    Too heavy, and expensive.

  28. Dark Horse

    Dark Horse2 日 前

    Guys, I appreciate you're Effort and I really enjoyed the VIDEO. But you have to understand that Thor's hammer is Un-Liftable not because its heavy but as it's made up of URU, a metal forged from a neutron star's NUCLEAR PLASMA, which gives the creator a sort of recognition-control over it ! Also, it has Physics defying properties as it was actually first crated by the Celestials. Btw, Amazing Video. - From a Marvel Nerd

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    Make the stormbreaker

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    Bro he did them drugs

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    Now throw it on someone to see

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    100 lbs. are 45 kg.

  33. Sunshine Stoutenger

    Sunshine Stoutenger3 日 前

    That's cool

  34. Penny Williams

    Penny Williams3 日 前

    Next, make it with Osmium.

  35. Goldman

    Goldman4 日 前

    Only the strong boy chosen by the kindergarten teach can easily lift that

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    Supper 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

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    Tôi nghi 1 là bạc 2 là đồng 3 là sát

  38. Slickpickle

    Slickpickle4 日 前

    If the hammer was not surrounded by steel, the tungsten would be brittle and shatter if hit just right. Oh, and it’s not a lightsaber. A lightsaber would use light, and light only, as it’s source of heat and ability to cut, etc.

  39. Its Super

    Its Super4 日 前

    I use stones for stones like my comment since you liked his

  40. Polymer Clay Artist

    Polymer Clay Artist4 日 前

    Thats what I chose as a wedding ring cause it's tough and cheaper than gold lol

  41. Somesh Sawalkar

    Somesh Sawalkar4 日 前

    Try making the cover and the handle of the hammer with tungsten too !! That will make it more heavy and durable!

  42. Aakashdeep Mahajan

    Aakashdeep Mahajan5 日 前

    U guys are genius

  43. Jitesh Jangid

    Jitesh Jangid5 日 前

    Your back hurts just by watching this.



    We made an osmium hammer! What did it cost? 3.2 million.

  45. prem suresh

    prem suresh2 日 前

    Its osmium

  46. Jitesh Jangid

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    You're not worthy

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    18:59 Dave... DAVE!! Dave is the hero in this video. Thanks Dave! 👊

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    awesome light thor highest thunder

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    Next one make out of Deploide uranium!

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    0:25 hold up

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    I want see thanos's blade

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    Ini baru layak jadi youtuber no 1. Terniat

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    Hadthor hasn’t taken the WSM title years in a row he only won once and he admitted to steroids after that...

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    9:45 i thought he was messi😂😂

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    Nathan Ellis6 日 前

    Me: *throws away my depleted uranium mjolnir*

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    Next time use osmium to make it 200kg instead of 100😂 but it cost more than tungsten soooo good luck😅

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    Can i work with you guys?

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    put it on the toilet

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    The Mjolnir is heavier than the girl but I’m Heavier tha the Mjolnir

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  63. Alang Vangnao

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    How to make Thor 🔨 hammer! Very easy___Just ask some help from Odin 😂



    Why not a depleted uranium hammer, that could be cheaper??? its same density than tungstene lol and melt at 1130°c , but not sure many people would love to wield it :p

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    Dilaver Yalman6 日 前

    İyi olmuş

  66. Paul Kelley

    Paul Kelley6 日 前

    The tungsten-filled one is about as heavy as me. So if I were to have all of my body mass compacted into the shape and size of Mjolnir, it would be more or less the same as this one.

  67. 5 Drummers In A Band

    5 Drummers In A Band6 日 前

    In the actuall myth, thor's hammer couldnt be lifted because it was so heavy.

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    X999 bonus damage to toes

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    Tungsten is one of those materials that feels unnatural when holding. Feeling my arm dragged to the floor from such a small volume of material really messes with the head.