Tungsten Thor's Hammer (World's HEAVIEST)


  1. the Hacksmith

    the Hacksmithヶ月 前

    TOP QUESTIONS: - Why didn't you melt tungsten? Because it's got the highest melting point of any metal - no mold could hold it! - How Ridiculous has a heavier one! Yes... But it's also like twice the size. We have the heaviest 1:1 scale replica - Use Osmium, it's denser than tungsten! It would cost $3.2M if you could even find enough. Other questions can likely be answered by watching our original video on the lead filled version, don't forget to check out all seven of our different thor hammers! Thanks for watching!

  2. Daytruin ziaos

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  3. OMEGA Sanchez

    OMEGA Sanchez日 前

    OMG I want one!

  4. evotech

    evotech日 前

    I wanna see the mountain hold it!

  5. Jack Beucher

    Jack Beucher2 日 前

    Where do I get one?

  6. David Davidson

    David Davidson3 日 前

    Not only would an osmium Mjolnir be obscenely heavy and expensive, but it would also be **really** smelly.

  7. Jamie kicks

    Jamie kicks12 分 前

    *Thor wants to know your location*

  8. Zachary Who

    Zachary Who34 分 前

    Vision mentioned it was incredibly well balanced. Try making a lighter one with a heavier pommel just for the cool factor of holding it 1 handed.

  9. Poonam Chugh

    Poonam Chugh47 分 前

    I want to take very higher wight hammer

  10. Adam Parkison

    Adam Parkison時間 前

    The hacksmith: I used the țůňğ§ţëń to cut the ťųńģşťəņ

  11. Adam Parkison

    Adam Parkison時間 前

    Who is hafpór?

  12. TheKIRA42

    TheKIRA42時間 前

    Wolframio no tungsteno

  13. yolo btw

    yolo btw8 時間 前

    I would do 1300

  14. yolo btw

    yolo btw8 時間 前

    I want one of those how can I buy it

  15. LoonyTitan 113

    LoonyTitan 1138 時間 前

    Dave looks like either Thor or captain America

  16. justice trades

    justice trades8 時間 前

    I could easy pick that up

  17. justice trades

    justice trades8 時間 前

    The real one isn't heavy at all it just vibrates at to high of a frequency

  18. Supremicide squad

    Supremicide squad9 時間 前

    Not that this isn’t impressive but someone made one that’s literally impossible to lift without the thumb print

  19. the Hacksmith

    the Hacksmith9 時間 前

    Yeah we made one of those too...

  20. K R

    K R9 時間 前

    That one guy was like fire 😈 when they melt down the tungsten on the stove

  21. Nicholas Bowen

    Nicholas Bowen9 時間 前

    does ammonia things no joke

  22. Nicholas Bowen

    Nicholas Bowen9 時間 前

    when u can’t deadlift 115

  23. Simone Antichi

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  24. bigblocklawyer

    bigblocklawyer12 時間 前

    As a Larry Allen fan, it seems funny the strong man in the video can (only) bench 500 pounds.

  25. Nigel Brown

    Nigel Brown15 時間 前

    Brainfoo: I have lead Hacksmith: We have tungsten

  26. Hanz Aaron Perez

    Hanz Aaron Perez16 時間 前

    Compare that to captain marvel

  27. FancyDesigns

    FancyDesigns17 時間 前

    If you keep lifting these hammers like that your backs will be porridge.



    Fart at 18:38

  29. imRix

    imRix18 時間 前

    Where can i buy the replica?

  30. mads vigan

    mads vigan23 時間 前

    Wow AU and W has almost the same denity, and both expensive....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Illuminati confirmed

  31. Bilal Taha Kaya-B.T.K

    Bilal Taha Kaya-B.T.K23 時間 前

    Türkler Buradamı

  32. jacob 101

    jacob 10123 時間 前

    Is that cocaine

  33. Degenerate

    Degenerate日 前

    This hammer weighs exactly as much as i do

  34. Shadowmech88

    Shadowmech88日 前

    Is there an ETA on a video of Hafþór attempting to lift this hammer?

  35. the Hacksmith

    the Hacksmith18 時間 前

    No :(

  36. jotenks Joseph

    jotenks Joseph日 前

    Watch they are going to make gaster blasters soon

  37. 14 12

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  38. Chronic Eazy

    Chronic Eazy日 前

    Do a tungsten stormbreaker

  39. Abdulah Sacko

    Abdulah Sacko日 前

    I hope that wasn't steroids or drugs



    Next blow a few million dollars on osmium kek

  41. Fke Fke

    Fke Fke日 前

    Use osmium

  42. Tad Cooper

    Tad Cooper日 前

    "chunks of tungsten" ................Chunksten?

  43. Søren Petersen

    Søren Petersen日 前

    Found you guys via juji, great job guys! :) Would love to lift that hammer

  44. Y33tMAn

    Y33tMAn日 前

    So, ammonium nitride is an adrenaline stimulant?



    İtsnot 50kg

  46. Werner Grobler

    Werner Grobler日 前

    In the woreld

  47. Werner Grobler

    Werner Grobler日 前

    Make the heaviest rc car

  48. Crony_Games

    Crony_Games日 前

    Awesome work man you now has a new sub

  49. Kazuhira Fiddler

    Kazuhira Fiddler日 前

    To made this hammer heavier, you would have to use gold. Gold is 50 kilograms per square meter heavier than tungsten

  50. Andrea Scimone

    Andrea Scimone日 前

    @Kazuhira Fiddler well then platinum is even heavier

  51. the Hacksmith

    the Hacksmith日 前

    Which is almost negligible...

  52. Kazuhira Fiddler

    Kazuhira Fiddler日 前

    @Andrea Scimone That's right, but for what i know this is the only way to make it heavier using natural earth resources

  53. Andrea Scimone

    Andrea Scimone日 前

    That wouldn't be a lot heavier but a lot more expensive

  54. Jozee

    Jozee日 前

    Skip to 15:30

  55. Atomas X

    Atomas X日 前

    0:27 sounds like a smash Bros. Character's Voice....

  56. 555Lemmy666

    555Lemmy666日 前

    this video is somewhat pointless when you don't even melt the tungsten and just fill junks of it inside a mold which is made out of an other material also, the title is really misleading and very clickbaity i don't know why i even continue watching this

  57. 555Lemmy666

    555Lemmy666日 前

    @the Hacksmith mainly because it is very clickbaity, indicating a 1:1 replica entirely made from tungsten but then 'only' putting junks of tungsten in it it's not that i wouldn't appreciate the work you've put into it, the hammer looks super cool and all, however, i felt kinda fooled after watching it

  58. the Hacksmith

    the Hacksmith日 前

    You can't melt tungsten. It has the highest melting point of any metal. It is the heaviest 1:1 replica. Why are you so mad?

  59. iSin_Dragon

    iSin_Dragon日 前

    Ese martillo pesa más que yo alv :v

  60. Draw Technic

    Draw Technic日 前

    Great channel!

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  62. ZEUS

    ZEUS日 前

    Can you sell this? Or the lead one? Thank you :)

  63. Wojtek Maziejuk

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  64. Mr Mellow Crafty

    Mr Mellow Crafty日 前

    Why the little handle??

  65. the Hacksmith

    the Hacksmith日 前

    It's thors hammer...

  66. Senthil Kumar

    Senthil Kumar日 前

    Next you make real Ironman shute

  67. Memphis Costanz

    Memphis Costanz日 前

    You coped Howe in credball

  68. Zohaib K.

    Zohaib K.日 前

    Was that a fart at 18:37 ?

  69. rishi raj sharma

    rishi raj sharma日 前

    Please make thanos hand of real six stones

  70. UYIS

    UYIS日 前

    Can you make hawkeye's quiver? The one he can control which arrowhead he uses

  71. Plastic Straw

    Plastic Straw日 前

    WHERE IS MY HAMMER! I require it to defeat Thanos

  72. S0lgewd S0lgewd

    S0lgewd S0lgewd日 前

    Right at the moment where I began to think, "wow this looks very unsafe...." Then the "not a flamethrower" lights on fire. "WHEW DAVE?!?! DAVE?!?!?"

  73. Plum Hazey

    Plum Hazey2 日 前

    INSANE!!!!!!!!! I like it!

  74. Alex K

    Alex K2 日 前

    Cutting tungsten with a hack saw lol

  75. Paintbucket

    Paintbucket2 日 前

    If you drop it, you’re fired.

  76. Sharptooth100

    Sharptooth1002 日 前

    Terrence "Hulk Hogan" Bollea, Mr T, John Cena, The Undertaker, Kane and Big Show can hold this hammer with one hand.

  77. Jonathan Schillace

    Jonathan Schillace2 日 前

    If you ever get the money would you make a heavier hammer using Osmium which is denser?!?!?!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  78. Maurer 10

    Maurer 102 日 前

    Are you tony stark

  79. Sandy Cooper

    Sandy Cooper2 日 前

    3:00 will lastpass auto fill your lastpass password?

  80. x3mperformace

    x3mperformace2 日 前

    Uhh, a 50 kg hammer... Ohh, but someone made one at a 100 kg, before you... So its not even more than half the worlds heaviest one. And one to one... Have you consulted Thor. Nahh, you did'nt cal l.

  81. the Hacksmith

    the Hacksmith2 日 前

    That one is far bigger. Ours is the heaviest 1:1 replica

  82. KarateCaveman

    KarateCaveman2 日 前

    You should do Brain Foo's Hammer vs your Hammer

  83. KarateCaveman

    KarateCaveman2 日 前

    @the Hacksmith See which one can destroy concrete blocks better, something like that.

  84. the Hacksmith

    the Hacksmith2 日 前


  85. Oscar Velazquez

    Oscar Velazquez2 日 前

    Make doomfist's gauntlet from overwatch

  86. Dan

    Dan2 日 前

    Okay, just what the hell is he huffing?!

  87. Max Jansson

    Max Jansson12 時間 前

    Ammonia. Power lifters sniff it before heavy lifts to shock their bodies and get an adrenaline rush

  88. Steve Roger

    Steve Roger2 日 前

    Hello how much does it cost to have one?

  89. Dane Dora

    Dane Dora2 日 前

    I bet you if the avengers were real they would hire you

  90. la patata melarossa

    la patata melarossa日 前

    Who said they’re not real?

  91. ninjakawa1000

    ninjakawa10002 日 前

    Did he just fart at the end @18:40 😂

  92. Unstopable 20Q

    Unstopable 20Q2 日 前

    My boner can carry all 3 of em hammers


    EVETINE3 日 前

    Did you ever get the mountain to pick up the hammer?

  94. WakandaIloilo Poreber

    WakandaIloilo Poreber3 日 前

    The hacksmith people = dwarfs from avengers:infinity war.The hacksmith people = “THE MAKERS OF GODLY WEAPONS THAT ARE SO freakin COOL.

  95. Turbold Boldbaatar

    Turbold Boldbaatar3 日 前

    did he just fart? 18:37

  96. Shinging Moon

    Shinging Moon3 日 前

    do the blue star gun in MIB

  97. TTV_Shark_Attack _

    TTV_Shark_Attack _3 日 前

    You are on cokaine

  98. graefx

    graefx3 日 前

    "Dave. DAVE."

  99. Augusto Wang

    Augusto Wang3 日 前

    5:16 is that thanos' soup?

  100. Darth Gorthaur

    Darth Gorthaur3 日 前

    Has he actually won the wsm because last i heard it was eddie hall...i dont think he has even won it once.

  101. Hollywood NY

    Hollywood NY3 日 前

    This shit is beautiful

  102. TheStatistnr27

    TheStatistnr273 日 前

    get larry wheels to lift it

  103. Gabriel Sampaio

    Gabriel Sampaio3 日 前

    That Jujimufu shout-out !

  104. Bruce Harrison Jr.

    Bruce Harrison Jr.3 日 前

    No budget for Iridium? JK That is roughly twice the density of lead (1.97 X).

  105. Julia Velazque

    Julia Velazque3 日 前

    Lol la orejas de ese hombre parece la de un duende

  106. Michael Flarkin

    Michael Flarkin3 日 前

    Considering my wedding ring is Tungsten, I'm really hoping a broken finger isn't in my future...

  107. Siddhant Chandra

    Siddhant Chandra3 日 前

    make some thing from fortnte

  108. manoj sahu

    manoj sahu3 日 前

    *I was a waiting for the Mountain to come !!*

  109. jan goldyn

    jan goldyn3 日 前

    now Osmium 22,5-22,6 g/cm³ xd

  110. Lukeatronio

    Lukeatronio3 日 前

    You should make a depleted uranium hammer

  111. Alla Ditta

    Alla Ditta3 日 前

    Use vibranium dude

  112. Bob Alpha

    Bob Alpha3 日 前

    U sound just like Capt America 👍🏻

  113. Jack Kids

    Jack Kids3 日 前

    This whole thing is just screaming -- don't try this at home!

  114. Bang Bos

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    Apa cuma saya org indo yang nonton ini

  115. Bang Bos

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    Ajk yg lain

  116. Imam Mhmd Ysf

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    Saya temenin gan

  117. Angelo Cariaga

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    18:30 coca in?

  118. ThatIcePigeon

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    17:24 *IF YOU DROP IT YOU'RE FIRED.* yeah ;/

  119. Mallika Manoharan

    Mallika Manoharan3 日 前

    Was it just me or did i just hear a fart sound at 18:38💩

  120. Ramon Amorim

    Ramon Amorim3 日 前

    13:34 ASMR

  121. XyMagicMikeXy

    XyMagicMikeXy3 日 前

    How to use the hammer. You become a tornado, spin in circles hitting opponents, because momentum you can lift it higher. When you hit max velocity let go.... aim is key.