Trying STUPID Life Hacks


  1. Mr Wonder

    Mr Wonder時間 前

    These people are stupid

  2. Sara R

    Sara R3 時間 前

    7:19 I feel attacked

  3. Arian Sedej

    Arian Sedej7 時間 前

    Wtf, this guy looks like Mini Ladd!

  4. Monroe Robbins

    Monroe Robbins9 時間 前

    I’d rather crochet blankets for an entire family of 8 than do any of these.

  5. PrimalLegend11

    PrimalLegend1111 時間 前

    12:53 we all know its true

  6. Callum Hughes

    Callum Hughes14 時間 前

    18:04 😂

  7. Arcradire

    Arcradire18 時間 前

    17:51 My mom does this except she uses saran wraps instead

  8. xrememberance

    xrememberance19 時間 前

    3:14 me and my collection of thrash metal CDs are very offended

  9. Tyler Davis

    Tyler Davis20 時間 前

    Why does this guy look like miniladd 🤔

  10. DaMiniBeast

    DaMiniBeast22 時間 前

    "Who has CDs laying round" Console players: -_-

  11. Lazar Hoe

    Lazar Hoe日 前

    Diabetes at its finest 10:34

  12. German Aderius

    German Aderius日 前

    2:21 .. I thought I was seeing things 😂😂

  13. bye hello

    bye hello日 前

    Very resist with Russia an Russian ,😟☹️

  14. The Unknown

    The Unknown2 日 前

    nice t-shirt Craig

  15. Evan Reaper

    Evan Reaper2 日 前

    (1:40) well jokes on you I can’t tie my shoes or do boat knots... I wish I was joking :(

  16. Cloxy

    Cloxy2 日 前

    2:43 bruh just use toilet paper smh

  17. Gorgeous People

    Gorgeous People2 日 前

    Hmm Thats Great


    MYSTIICS_YT2 日 前

    Ok boomer

  19. Hurrikane 162

    Hurrikane 1622 日 前

    Ok boomer

  20. Emma Alfonso

    Emma Alfonso2 日 前

    Craig i absolutely love you but sometimes i worry for your mental state

  21. DatBoiBob

    DatBoiBob3 日 前

    Life hack: leave team 6 and be gay

  22. iman azwan

    iman azwan3 日 前

    "funny funny you're actually not funny"

  23. Chris127Vlogs

    Chris127Vlogs3 日 前

    16:45 thats really knot going to help

  24. yoshi

    yoshi3 日 前

    First time watching one of your videos and I had tears in my eyes laughing at this... I love your channel for now!!!

  25. Groper.not.Grouper

    Groper.not.Grouper3 日 前

    Smh minilads an opp

  26. forlorn

    forlorn3 日 前

    2:26 r/thanks i hate it

  27. corryns randomness

    corryns randomness3 日 前

    Um had he heard of troomtroom

  28. Abizaid Roman

    Abizaid Roman3 日 前

    This is an example of what 2019 does to people

  29. Craved HunterIII

    Craved HunterIII3 日 前

    Is this mini lad

  30. zPryze

    zPryze3 日 前

    Why do u know so many references

  31. Steven Santos

    Steven Santos3 日 前

    Forest Gump: i love you Jenny Craig: I LOV YUUUU JENNAY

  32. ChrispyFilms

    ChrispyFilms4 日 前


  33. Bee-Zee Soul

    Bee-Zee Soul4 日 前

    You took an actually good life hack, and you decided to make it stupid.

  34. Whisperr

    Whisperr4 日 前

    Wait you sound like miniladd

  35. SharpCopper33

    SharpCopper334 日 前

    Gen zs Karen's are vsco girls

  36. pumpkin spice flavoured depression

    pumpkin spice flavoured depression4 日 前

    It hurt me watching Craig waste that cola

  37. Seb Nagel

    Seb Nagel4 日 前

    It ain’t a needle it’s a medicine dropper

  38. D_Rod 63

    D_Rod 634 日 前

    *has mug* *grabs cup* *grabs another mug*

  39. Фшынщь Ноу ХФьвф

    Фшынщь Ноу ХФьвф4 日 前

    Eric Harris: Natural Selection-1999 Craig:NaTuRaL sElEcTiOn -2019

  40. Eian Henry

    Eian Henry4 日 前

    I like how dark his kitchen is