Trying Dollar General Makeup For The First Time


  1. Layla khan

    Layla khan11 時間 前

    hey jeffreee ⭐u look beautiful with out eyebrow❤💜🧡💛💚💙🖤💓💕💖💗💝💞❣💘

  2. Avery Gerving

    Avery Gerving22 時間 前

    Nobody Jeffree: okay let put my hair down *takes out clip*

  3. Lilliana Sanchez

    Lilliana Sanchez日 前

    Last time I wore dollar store makeup, I had a severe allergic reaction and my eyes were swollen shut for days. I currently now only shop at sephora

  4. Brianna Gonzalez

    Brianna Gonzalez2 日 前

    Steel my broom

  5. Lacey Brown

    Lacey Brown2 日 前

    me over here using dollar general makeup nate: NO

  6. Olive-Ray The Cat

    Olive-Ray The Cat4 日 前

    This makes me feel very poor. But I don’t care, still love you Jeffree!

  7. TheNava1210

    TheNava12104 日 前

    Jeffrey: hi every body welcome BACK to my channel! hi how are ya?? Me: I’m good Who else does this???

  8. Kloe Lucus

    Kloe Lucus5 日 前

    Roller tree has setting spray after you complained about it.

  9. Kirra Flynn

    Kirra Flynn5 日 前

    Does he even lock his $$$ car

  10. Marissa Dorner

    Marissa Dorner5 日 前

    Jeffrey: walks

  11. Ryan Marie

    Ryan Marie6 日 前

    When i see buety Gurus put a lot of concealer underneath there eyes. Star: *It looks lighter in the bottle* Me: *THATS ENOUGH JEFREE😂🙊*

  12. Marcy P.

    Marcy P.6 日 前

    Me when I go shopping

  13. Megan Adams

    Megan Adams6 日 前

    What happened to the lashes ? I was bummed you didn’t use them . I wanted to see a review on them.

  14. Lizzy Downing

    Lizzy Downing7 日 前




  16. edmund mendoza

    edmund mendoza8 日 前

    oh my, Hermes!

  17. Mariana Palomo

    Mariana Palomo8 日 前

    He didn't use the lashes

  18. jennifer K

    jennifer K8 日 前

    Hi jeffree i love your videos and pls likemy commet

  19. Maggie Vlogs

    Maggie Vlogs9 日 前

    Ok that foundation is five dollars of course it wont compare to 50$ found s

  20. 《Itz Pastely Gacha》

    《Itz Pastely Gacha》9 日 前

    Jeffrey where are your eyebrows ?

  21. Amanda Hughes

    Amanda Hughes9 日 前

    Let's face it. Jeffrey would look stunning in a rag.

  22. Adel Winfrey

    Adel Winfrey10 日 前

    There are some dollar generals here in Missouri.

  23. Anikia Williams

    Anikia Williams10 日 前

    Bitch I recently started watching ur channel so now I'm in love with you I can't get enough

  24. imlavender the purple

    imlavender the purple10 日 前

    Yes hunnyyyyyy I've been waiting

  25. Ava Marie XXVI

    Ava Marie XXVI10 日 前

    September 18th

  26. Ava Marie XXVI

    Ava Marie XXVI10 日 前

    I think your amazing

  27. Ava Marie XXVI

    Ava Marie XXVI10 日 前

    A bag

  28. Ava Marie XXVI

    Ava Marie XXVI10 日 前

    I want

  29. Ava Marie XXVI

    Ava Marie XXVI10 日 前

    You hilarious

  30. jigsawgaming and friends

    jigsawgaming and friends10 日 前

    Wait he forget the lashes

  31. Cheryl Honahni

    Cheryl Honahni10 日 前

    I have the same pallet

  32. Cheryl Honahni

    Cheryl Honahni10 日 前

    My son does makeup

  33. Hannah Morphew

    Hannah Morphew11 日 前

    Why does Jeffrees ass look so good in this outfit 🤩🤤

  34. Jennifer Boyer-Nizinski

    Jennifer Boyer-Nizinski11 日 前

    Jeffree is so good to his fans!!!

  35. Patrick

    Patrick11 日 前

    I wonder what he did with the Grand Rapids house after the breakup...

  36. Cherinie Hasim

    Cherinie Hasim11 日 前


  37. Nurse Lucas Moll, RN

    Nurse Lucas Moll, RN12 日 前

    I just can't believe how much he's buying 👁👄👁

  38. Nurse Lucas Moll, RN

    Nurse Lucas Moll, RN12 日 前


  39. X BeatZ

    X BeatZ12 日 前


  40. Stephanie I

    Stephanie I13 日 前


  41. Madison Sewell

    Madison Sewell13 日 前

    Rip diamond

  42. Naruko Kakashi

    Naruko Kakashi13 日 前

    Why are you the best


    『KHADIJÀ』 GAMING. YT13 日 前

    I don’t have that much makeup and I also know that I am not that much lucky that any of the JPreporterd will come with huge bag packs filled with makeup and say this all is for u girl 😞😞😔🙁

  44. Kennedy M

    Kennedy M14 日 前

    That contour color is the same color as my skin

  45. Dedra Solis

    Dedra Solis15 日 前

    Review Artistry!!!! One of the biggest (under rated) makeup line !!!

  46. Chelsie Coleman

    Chelsie Coleman15 日 前

    He didn’t even put on the fake lashes

  47. Allana Bobby

    Allana Bobby17 日 前

    Love how amazing ur makeup is. I am 47 and want to.loss lines in my face. Under eyes.(I cry a lot). Please help.a Mom out.

  48. Gerald Gonçalves

    Gerald Gonçalves17 日 前

    I love this vídeo...I love you Jeffree❤❤

  49. Abby Halloran

    Abby Halloran17 日 前

    Idk if u have done this before but could u do a full face of English makeup brands btw ilysm 💛😁

  50. Abby Halloran

    Abby Halloran17 日 前

    I love how JEFFREE went into this open minded even tho he’s like the richest person on this planet we love that 💛

  51. IHasDoughnut

    IHasDoughnut18 日 前

    He forgot to use the fake lashes!!

  52. Doggy girl!!

    Doggy girl!!18 日 前

    He is so lucky I also buy my makeup I. The dollar store and other stores

  53. Joni Asadon

    Joni Asadon19 日 前

    Love you Jeffrey!!

  54. aliyah Azra

    aliyah Azra19 日 前

    Jefree u should try making video about TKB trading its a diy makeup sites

  55. Miss Laiba

    Miss Laiba19 日 前

    Love from Pakistan

  56. Gia Nieto-Giovanini

    Gia Nieto-Giovanini20 日 前

    In Texas we have cheap stores on each side of the road

  57. Jaime Tolmay

    Jaime Tolmay20 日 前

    Jeffrey can you please stop using so much botox we can see you gonna be a ugly man one day and by the way I hate gay people and by the way your makeup looks like a f****** clown makeup I hate your makeup why are you even having a channel is actually half of the people doesn't even like you f*** you and I hate you I wish you were poor then you have to shop at the Dollar Tree and then all makeup you had to buy for yourself is Dollar Tree makeup so please don't be so negative about makeup your makeup I hate it's not even being minted

  58. brat

    brat13 日 前

    df lol

  59. Ely clown !

    Ely clown !19 日 前

    "Don't be negative" You 10 seconds before: I hate gay people

  60. Noni 2004

    Noni 200420 日 前

    Just watching to see what I’m able to walk down the street to get

  61. Shania Wahler

    Shania Wahler21 日 前

    I can watch your intro a million times in a row I’m obsessed 😂💗

  62. Sharon Marcum

    Sharon Marcum21 日 前

    Hell yeah I love the eyeliner. It's my go to liner. And the foundation is pretty good. I haven't tried the highlight or the lippies but I'd like to try them. But the eyeliner is definitely my favorite 😍

  63. Amelia in the making

    Amelia in the making21 日 前

    He forgot the lashes

  64. Caitlin Edwards

    Caitlin Edwards21 日 前

    He can use the worst brand ever and still make it look good

  65. Elz Furney

    Elz Furney21 日 前

    U should review shop miss a makeup!!!!

  66. Payton’s Page

    Payton’s Page21 日 前

    Ok I wish I was as Rich as jeffree

  67. Hannah

    Hannah22 日 前

    Dollar General is too expensive.. dollar Tree is where it's at

  68. Ilene Hernandez

    Ilene Hernandez23 日 前

    Me watching this in the future 🤯

  69. Jane Loves life For real

    Jane Loves life For real23 日 前

    “I wonder if they have Jame Charles‘s pallet” omg the shade 😂

  70. Grace S

    Grace S23 日 前

    Jeffree u need to try rcl beauty’s makeup line💖 love u

  71. k ys

    k ys24 日 前

    Can i borrow 10,000 dollars i need the money to leave the hellhole that is texas.

  72. Kim Mague

    Kim Mague24 日 前

    Love your channel. I'm new to it, fun stuff every day!

  73. Anja Hrovat

    Anja Hrovat24 日 前

    When you realize that the hottest person is actually behind the camera

  74. Ana Fisher

    Ana Fisher25 日 前

    I eat Takis when I'm whatching you

  75. Peek-a-boo Pinup

    Peek-a-boo Pinup26 日 前

    Watching your videos is helping me get through some depression. Thank you

  76. Jacques Williams

    Jacques Williams27 日 前

    Hello Jeffree Star this is Marcy I was just coming to see if you are willing to give me a makeover I am in desperate need of one at least my boyfriend jacques says that.

  77. Francoise Estes

    Francoise Estes28 日 前

    15:57 22:54 22:47

  78. Hannah Motley

    Hannah Motley28 日 前

    Jeffree is literally me shopping “GrAb ThEm ALL”

  79. Fatma Abbassi

    Fatma Abbassi28 日 前

    Not to hate hun, but the’re legit saying James’ pallete is only good enough for Dollar Tree, like shut up.

  80. Fatma Abbassi

    Fatma Abbassi24 日 前

    Stinky_ Cheese lmao ik, si was m comment, no one could hate on the queen himself.

  81. Stinky_ Cheese

    Stinky_ Cheese24 日 前

    It's just a joke

  82. Susan Santiago

    Susan Santiago28 日 前

    I just want a good makeup teacher I've been doing it wrong for years thank you Jeffree🖤🖤

  83. Princess

    Princess28 日 前


  84. Princess

    Princess28 日 前

    I love this video

  85. Ale

    Ale29 日 前

    Not a fan of make up vids or Jeff this was somehow recommended so I watched. And I’m impressed he took something that is considered cheap and made it look good