Trying Celebrity Makeup Hacks!


  1. daxy_ chan

    daxy_ chan59 秒 前

    بموووت يضحكني ذا الانساننن😂😂😂😂

  2. Gary Fleming

    Gary Fleming3 時間 前

    I love you

  3. Rea Potter

    Rea Potter20 時間 前

    courtney put like 2ml of foundation, which looked nice and natural. Maybe try to put less. Like wayyyyyy less.

  4. Diajeng Ashkia

    Diajeng Ashkia日 前

    whats the cream highlighter that james used on em’s bit?

  5. Lia Potts

    Lia Potts日 前

    Instagram should have a filter related to some iconic makeup looks

  6. Randi Brumley

    Randi Brumley日 前

    Omg I clean my hands today too. Hate hate hate makeup on my hands and nails lol

  7. Luciana Phoenix

    Luciana Phoenix日 前

    Can you do miss universe 2018 catriona gray makeup routine

  8. Nina Peiter Carballido Mendes

    Nina Peiter Carballido Mendes日 前

    I loved the liner

  9. DarkSpooky ReaperMan

    DarkSpooky ReaperMan日 前

    Get breast inplants to be a full girl

  10. Isabella Lopez

    Isabella Lopez日 前

    You should have followed Kim k’s contour if she has one lol sis you would have looked sister snatched 🙂

  11. Ari 7

    Ari 7日 前

    I even can’t tell how much i love u sis

  12. Toyosi Asala

    Toyosi Asala日 前

    Dang......I love you.....but you talk so fast😅..........💕💕💕

  13. Consume it’s Cloey

    Consume it’s Cloey日 前

    I love you James

  14. Lau B

    Lau B日 前

    Please Can you tried to do more videos in spanish? 🙏🏼🙏🏼 like if you want more videos in spanish ✨

  15. Let it rain I clear it out

    Let it rain I clear it out日 前

    James pls try KPOP girlgroup make up



    Dude I am a girl and I suck at makeup compared to you 😑

  17. Pauline COUAILHAC

    Pauline COUAILHAC2 日 前

    OMG James didn’t use his code James for 10% off 😂😂😂💙

  18. roblox player

    roblox player2 日 前

    8:35 4:23

  19. Ianna

    Ianna2 日 前

    omg im living for the eyeliner 😍 the whole look is beautiful tbh

  20. Alyssa Gessner

    Alyssa Gessner2 日 前

    Rrrrrratajackowski ratatouille

  21. GOD'S WAY

    GOD'S WAY2 日 前

    You’re very handsome!!! I love you


    ASTHTKS2 日 前

    yo, skin? uuuuuhhhhhmazing sista!!!!



    HE EVEN sounds like a a girl

  24. Happy- Pugs2008

    Happy- Pugs20082 日 前

    Like if James Charles is the best at makeup 👇🏻

  25. Ana Genis

    Ana Genis2 日 前

    my mom hates u cuz u look so damn beautiful!

  26. Ally Kisielewski Mcphillips

    Ally Kisielewski Mcphillips2 日 前

    Sister I look so much younger than 20 😇

  27. eileen hathwaite

    eileen hathwaite3 日 前

    Omg the contour is sooo dark bow that the foundation is finally fing correct

  28. Rosie Styles

    Rosie Styles3 日 前

    Emily RATATATA

  29. Sofia Peterson

    Sofia Peterson3 日 前

    I got the same tooth brush as you

  30. Imagination Magic

    Imagination Magic3 日 前

    Was this filmed before he got his eyebrows microbladed???? Bc in his last video he said he likes to do his eyebrows first now

  31. Alessia Marquez Borelli

    Alessia Marquez Borelli3 日 前

    James: Ratatouille😂😂😂

  32. Megs

    Megs3 日 前

    James, I have a tip for you. Use clear mascara instead of black because then your lashes wont get clumpy

  33. Olivia Strong

    Olivia Strong3 日 前

    Please do a “turning into a British chav”

  34. Little Pea

    Little Pea3 日 前

    I get beauty tips from you... I mean you’re a celebrity.

  35. Rana Salah

    Rana Salah3 日 前

    I slowed the video's playback speed to ×0.75 to understand what in God's sake he's sayin

  36. Freddy González

    Freddy González3 日 前

    You look more beautiful without makeup😍😍

  37. Erika Alferez Delgado

    Erika Alferez Delgado3 日 前

    my mom says your make up looks better then hers..!

  38. WildFaZe REX

    WildFaZe REX3 日 前

    8:40 it’s ratatatata

  39. Novie Pasia

    Novie Pasia3 日 前

    Im from philippines,, i love your skin so much. Look so moisturize and healthy..

  40. Ashlleys Life as a single mom

    Ashlleys Life as a single mom3 日 前

    I’m living for this eyeliner look on you!

  41. Brynn Thigpen

    Brynn Thigpen3 日 前

    I love doing my makeup because I use the James Charles pallet

  42. Jeff Be

    Jeff Be4 日 前

    I love you

  43. halle keeney

    halle keeney4 日 前

    Big chunk...:)

  44. Lily Jacobs

    Lily Jacobs4 日 前

    Ngl his make up is always amazing ❤️no day went by that its not perfect

  45. Yamel C.Z.

    Yamel C.Z.4 日 前


  46. D.I.Y Chanelle

    D.I.Y Chanelle4 日 前

    Is it just me or does it look like one eyebrow is raised up higher

  47. Mike jay Emerson

    Mike jay Emerson4 日 前

    He said “off” when Jordan came up

  48. Fa lalala

    Fa lalala4 日 前

    2:14 James: *has* *a* *watch* .... Also James: *points at the back of his hand*

  49. Yola Soy

    Yola Soy4 日 前


  50. Lee Ji Eun

    Lee Ji Eun4 日 前

    Your makeup is very Cool! Try a makeup insipired in someone!!

  51. Reema ؟؟؟؟؟؟

    Reema ؟؟؟؟؟؟4 日 前

    لا يوجد عرب؟!

  52. Yuri Yuki

    Yuri Yuki4 日 前

    I hate make up on my fingers too

  53. kya howard

    kya howard4 日 前

    if you wet the makeup it’ll look better

  54. Elijah Dubose

    Elijah Dubose5 日 前

    Why do you wanna be a girl

  55. Brianna Brown

    Brianna Brown5 日 前

    I liked it until u got to the eye liner

  56. Tiffany Clopton

    Tiffany Clopton5 日 前

    James:Those wings are definitely a fail Me:Thats bad......then whats mine called?:(

  57. Victoria Perelló

    Victoria Perelló5 日 前

    You really look like Dua Lipa!

  58. Majda l

    Majda l5 日 前

    I followed the advice of doing foundation or concelear with my hand as if ur applying cream when i watched the vogue videos, THE BEST ADVICE!

  59. Girl

    Girl5 日 前

    You should do a part two 😏🤩🤩🤩

  60. Marifer

    Marifer5 日 前

    Someone please recommend me a tutorial to make the eye make up he did