1. vines squad

    vines squad2 年 前

    Like this comment if you'd like to see a Part 2 of Dolan twin vine compilation

  2. omqgiselle xo

    omqgiselle xo2 ヶ月 前

    Ethan: hey excuse me? Man:yes what can I help you with? Ethan: Does that couch come with the guy?

  3. Lulu Lemons

    Lulu Lemons4 ヶ月 前


  4. Anangelis Torree

    Anangelis Torree4 ヶ月 前

    Whatever they do is so handsome and thats my type of crazy😍😍😘😘☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺💕💕

  5. Olivia [] Besson [] Dolan

    Olivia [] Besson [] Dolan5 ヶ月 前

    Heck yee

  6. tracy bell

    tracy bell6 ヶ月 前

    vines squad 😛

  7. Melody Valencia

    Melody Valencia日 前

    3:47 song?

  8. art is my passion

    art is my passion2 日 前

    0:48 yesss it does sir

  9. Shireen Akhtar

    Shireen Akhtar3 日 前

    6:06 When Me and my friends see a substitute teacher walking into our class 😂

  10. katie moser

    katie moser4 日 前


  11. Monique Jonker

    Monique Jonker4 日 前

    These guys are crazy😁😁😂😂and kinda cute😍

  12. Alexandreiya Fu

    Alexandreiya Fu6 日 前

    wait is Jake paul in their vines?! has anybody noticed ?!

  13. MJ

    MJ11 日 前

    4:59 so we're not gonna talk about how good graysons hair looks?

  14. Lilli Perrett-Earley

    Lilli Perrett-Earley11 日 前


  15. Book Worm

    Book Worm14 日 前


  16. Samreen Shahid

    Samreen Shahid14 日 前

    I miss Them already :'(

  17. gabs 8mg

    gabs 8mg16 日 前

    6:50 Camron Dallas was just owning it

  18. Jawad Ahmed

    Jawad Ahmed16 日 前

    Song name at 1:35?

  19. Katy Hubek

    Katy Hubek18 日 前

    When I tell you a screamed when i watched the shower one the screaming guy I found him now😂😂

  20. AlexisGachas123

    AlexisGachas12321 日 前

    3:46 I swear Grayson looks the same lol

  21. Tala Saed

    Tala Saed23 日 前

    I still don't understand how they were ugly and bullied in their school like tf

  22. Tatum Johnson

    Tatum Johnson24 日 前

    Aww who's watching in 2019🤣🤣💕

  23. Zach Scott

    Zach Scott22 日 前

    Tatum Johnson what’s the song 3:47

  24. Alanna Dickerson

    Alanna Dickerson26 日 前

    7:37 this is soooo relatable to me when a little kid comes to my house, this one made me lol😂😂

  25. Cat Keech

    Cat Keech27 日 前

    Wow...JPreporter made these two so much less funny...

  26. Brooklyn Hekman

    Brooklyn Hekman28 日 前


  27. Zarah Imtiaz

    Zarah Imtiaz29 日 前

    4:26 I love this and keep watching it over dunno y 😂😂 I actually love them 😂

  28. Mia Phillips

    Mia Phillips29 日 前

    7:21 how!?

  29. Zeba Khatun

    Zeba Khatunヶ月 前

    5:51 tHe dYiNg LLaMa 🦙💀

  30. Lilly Lamprey

    Lilly Lampreyヶ月 前

    They’re so adorable 😍 Love em so much 💙💙

  31. I’m a Legend

    I’m a Legendヶ月 前

    Scaring people by saying *BoO* 😃 BOO .. *OH SHIT*

  32. Cari Edmunds

    Cari Edmundsヶ月 前

    My favourite part I’m weak after six hundred times of watching it lol 2:56

  33. Bisma Gill

    Bisma Gillヶ月 前

    Who is here after their emotional video (with shane)?

  34. Ojasvi Mavinkurve

    Ojasvi Mavinkurveヶ月 前

    the twins just uploaded a video with shane. looking at their old vines just to know how happy they were earlier....these gems deserve the whole world

  35. Brooklyn Hekman

    Brooklyn Hekmanヶ月 前

    literally tho

  36. Arumaisah Awan

    Arumaisah Awanヶ月 前

    who even poses like that 7:10

  37. Maya Sofia

    Maya Sofiaヶ月 前

    Ethan: i think i lost my phone can you call it? Grayson: ETHAN'S PHONE??? Ethan: 😑 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. A S

    A Sヶ月 前

    "oh my god his accent..."

  39. Gay Edits

    Gay Editsヶ月 前

    3:46 Im E And My Girlfriends Gray

  40. ellie Hutto

    ellie Huttoヶ月 前


  41. Margaux Labrune

    Margaux Labruneヶ月 前

    6:13 Ethan be lookin finnne

  42. Alyssa Reyes

    Alyssa Reyesヶ月 前

    6:24 I just remembered the song chicken noodle soup by jhope hahahha

  43. Erica Barr  (STUDENT)

    Erica Barr (STUDENT)ヶ月 前

    3:53 what song is that

  44. Erica Barr  (STUDENT)

    Erica Barr (STUDENT)ヶ月 前

    I mean 3:48

  45. Brianna Wilkinson

    Brianna Wilkinsonヶ月 前

    omg the video with their dad almost had me in tears🥺

  46. Harshita

    Harshitaヶ月 前

    Like wtf even happened to Jake Paul? He is unrecognisable.

  47. Harshita

    Harshitaヶ月 前

    Ethan and Grayson danced so much back then and now they’ve become so shy... they literally did floss before it was even cool

  48. Brooke Armstrong

    Brooke Armstrongヶ月 前

    Back when I couldn’t tell the twins apart 😭

  49. Julian Lopez

    Julian Lopezヶ月 前

    I contained myself until the shampoo one on grayson

  50. BrownGurlsRead

    BrownGurlsReadヶ月 前


  51. Budhivali Rakieten

    Budhivali Rakietenヶ月 前

    I’m miss this

  52. Mhm It’s Jasen

    Mhm It’s Jasenヶ月 前

    my face during this whole vid: 😐

  53. Drop the Cheese cake

    Drop the Cheese cakeヶ月 前

    Any ARMYs here??? IF yes.... DID YOU NOTICE IT SAID ARMY ON HIS SHIRT??? ( I know、probably not "the" ARMY but the army ) 💜

  54. Stranger 425

    Stranger 425ヶ月 前

    When a Dolan vine is over 2:32

  55. Lexi Taylor

    Lexi Taylorヶ月 前

    I forgot they had a past like this

  56. Melissa Alvarez

    Melissa Alvarezヶ月 前

    1:35 I’m dead like omg

  57. Willow Rogerson

    Willow Rogersonヶ月 前

    Awh 4:26 was so cute🤣

  58. cchabc123

    cchabc123ヶ月 前

    4:19 🤣🤣

  59. elln zev

    elln zevヶ月 前

    i miss the old them

  60. Denise Borja

    Denise Borjaヶ月 前

    I miss their old hair... 😂 Especially Grayson's slick back. 😭

  61. Never-ending Neverland

    Never-ending Neverlandヶ月 前


  62. i love the dolan twins

    i love the dolan twinsヶ月 前


  63. GalaxyCat 123

    GalaxyCat 123ヶ月 前

    1:08 Why is that me though?

  64. sara zarle

    sara zarleヶ月 前

    They were really good at vine omg

  65. Nika Chica

    Nika Chicaヶ月 前

    I keep losing at the part where Gray is tryna tell this bitch that he's unique n then Ethan just shows up in the back bein all supportive but fuckin up his diss at the same time lmao XD

  66. Cristina Fenderson

    Cristina Fendersonヶ月 前

    Who’s watching on a iPhone XR that’s red

  67. Dayana Vega

    Dayana Vegaヶ月 前

    I'm back after 3 years and yes I still remember all of the vines by memory😂 😁