TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE #25 w/ VINE LEGENDS Christine Sydelko and Chrish


  1. Brookie Cookie

    Brookie Cookie時間 前


  2. Spencer

    Spencer6 時間 前

    Shayne makes this show . Such a good bit actor

  3. Eilene Jordan

    Eilene Jordan8 時間 前

    My dad works at emotion

  4. cubicx_Static Gaming

    cubicx_Static Gaming日 前

    4:44 spectacular spiderman theme plays

  5. Logan Smith

    Logan Smith日 前

    Yay new room

  6. Joey Robert Lawrence

    Joey Robert Lawrence2 日 前

    Yo Smosh should hire Chrish!

  7. MewMewKissyCutie area51

    MewMewKissyCutie area512 日 前


  8. MewMewKissyCutie area51

    MewMewKissyCutie area512 日 前

    If i was in your try not to laugh vids, i would totally do a hamilton joke

  9. giannaislame

    giannaislame2 日 前

    why do they have sims 2 music playing through some of this-

  10. Coollilyiscool12 Comfy

    Coollilyiscool12 Comfy2 日 前

    Chrish is gay???

  11. Aiden Lingelbach

    Aiden Lingelbach2 日 前

    You should bring in all your past guests for a try not to laugh extravaganza

  12. Liana Grace

    Liana Grace3 日 前

    can we have e a smosh and sam and colby collab

  13. whats good

    whats good3 日 前

    O:10 right back at ya, hot stuff ;)

  14. Audrey Hays

    Audrey Hays3 日 前

    If Ian had said the bowling pin is what replaced his wiener I think he would've had him sooner. Also, Olivia's depiction of the character Shane kept doing was actually pretty funny (I would've laughed girl). And the guest chicks Hogwarts expression was AMAZING!!

  15. Jasmine Del Rosario

    Jasmine Del Rosario4 日 前

    I know my comment won’t probably stand out nor would he consider it but if someone could be on their show could we consider Shane Dawson just to see if he’d be like now and be joking about sipping tea or would the old shanaynay and others be brought back from the past?

  16. Holly Holt

    Holly Holt4 日 前

    This is my favourite try not to laugh!

  17. Game Conn

    Game Conn5 日 前

    And traps that look like boobies I died

  18. Elizabeth Allen

    Elizabeth Allen6 日 前

    At 17:13, fricking KILLED me, I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂

  19. Deathlord Icelord

    Deathlord Icelord6 日 前

    18:01 did you put your name in the goblet of fire?

  20. Emily Marie Daniel

    Emily Marie Daniel6 日 前

    11:02 is the frikkin sims theme i swear (sims racing)

  21. walking_burritos430

    walking_burritos4306 日 前

    This is my favourite episode of try not to laugh 😂❤️

  22. kimanigirl slayzz

    kimanigirl slayzz7 日 前

    17:21 lol 42 42 42 42!!!! Shakes butt

  23. Chelsea Stephens

    Chelsea Stephens8 日 前

    Could you guys do a "Battle of the Experts" which is like an hour+ long version of this, but it has Chrish and Christine and the Valley Folk, and Jacksfilms and Comment Etiquette, and those other funny boys whose names I don't know, Maybe Rhett and Link join in - and you guys are in it obviously too - but just make it an extremely long extravaganza of funny? Because I like this too much, and I want more of it, but instead I keep re-watching episodes, which is still funny - I just want more and longer-form content please! :)

  24. Jacque

    Jacque8 日 前

    Why do ppl think any of this is funny? 🤦🏼‍♀️

  25. CreeperSquad

    CreeperSquad8 日 前

    *F O U R T Y T W O*

  26. Ebony Blakely

    Ebony Blakely9 日 前

    I’m sorry but in my OPINION.. I don’t think Olivia should be in these. She isn’t funny to me. (My opinion)

  27. Shayne Topp

    Shayne Topp9 日 前

    Oh my according to shayne were sexy...

  28. 0RANG3 JUIZ3

    0RANG3 JUIZ39 日 前

    Brandon Rogers MUST BE HERE

  29. Tatiana Ernecoff

    Tatiana Ernecoff10 日 前

    My top favorite:) !!!

  30. Mia Arias

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  31. Kylee Crosby

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  32. Symbionic Musician

    Symbionic Musician11 日 前

    Shane’s wanderer skit is really funny🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. Nikkaela Loves Frenchfries

    Nikkaela Loves Frenchfries11 日 前

    03:15 Its called "kink"

  34. KG Life

    KG Life11 日 前

    Shane : I see your walking into Dave & Busters. Me : This is why I love Shane the most in Smosh

  35. Matilda Millett

    Matilda Millett12 日 前

    Wait what r they looking at when their in the dressing room?

  36. Dusty

    Dusty7 日 前

    Matilda Millett there’s a camera so they can watch who’s in the hot seat

  37. Refresh Your Memory

    Refresh Your Memory12 日 前

    0:11 , nonce

  38. Olivia V

    Olivia V12 日 前


  39. cris rivera

    cris rivera13 日 前

    Chrish is gay and his wife

  40. :-: Cloudy Miku :-:

    :-: Cloudy Miku :-:13 日 前

    14:18 ιlυvмyѕelғ

  41. Caden Gates

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  42. Valerie X Winchester

    Valerie X Winchester13 日 前

    12:13-12:16 Courtney looks like a scared/sad puppy.

  43. HETZERCOM 2000

    HETZERCOM 200013 日 前

    Can I use your video on my channel to make a try not to laugh I will pute yo channel in link form

  44. G Aellis

    G Aellis14 日 前

    Live the harry potter

  45. Slartybartfarst t

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  46. Mr Gaming Daniel

    Mr Gaming Daniel14 日 前

    Yo Shane s laugh was Like the laughing guy meme 15:07

  47. Educationist

    Educationist14 日 前

    hello it's me thomas jefferson edit: i live in a trolley

  48. Luis Maldonado

    Luis Maldonado14 日 前

    No one should ever feel any way if they don't make them laugh the point is to not laugh lol

  49. Arya

    Arya15 日 前

    We need chrish and Gus Johnson in the same video

  50. Jaedynn Sucks

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  51. Daniel Arsenault

    Daniel Arsenault16 日 前

    Oliva go home.

  52. Soe Ta eh

    Soe Ta eh16 日 前

    Anyone? Anyone?! Anyone! Chrish: 42!!🏈

  53. HalVes Oligy

    HalVes Oligy18 日 前

    My name is Angel

  54. ugly kid melia

    ugly kid melia18 日 前

    Bring Brandon Rogers on the show he’s hilarious

  55. Autumn/Neko/Cute/Soft Fur/Gets Moody When Hungry

    Autumn/Neko/Cute/Soft Fur/Gets Moody When Hungry18 日 前

    Why does Crish sound like the bigfoot mom in the Purple Matress commercial? XD

  56. ChocoCondos

    ChocoCondos18 日 前

    Chrish makes me laugh so damn hard

  57. Monica COYSH

    Monica COYSH18 日 前

    I live in the trolly

  58. Epic Memes

    Epic Memes19 日 前

    Isn't Crish the one that did the KAREN can you be quit sweetie vine? or something like that ;--;

  59. Jorja S

    Jorja S15 日 前


  60. Grimnak26

    Grimnak2619 日 前

    That Christine chick was cheating, she was swallowing the water I know it

  61. Tiger Olson

    Tiger Olson19 日 前

    14:46 hahahhahahhahahaa 17:21 WTF HAHHAHAHAHAHHA

  62. IkingofqueensI

    IkingofqueensI19 日 前

    For the love of God, someone please fix the right shoulder on that jacket :')