1. needleswolf

    needleswolf日 前

    So Courtney is a spitter? Good to know

  2. Ocean Brezze

    Ocean Brezze日 前

    I didn’t notice how tall they were Shayne looks like an ant 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. phasetransfercatalyst

    phasetransfercatalyst2 日 前

    So, was this taped after the Chrish and Sydelko episode, or is this just an early version of Dumpster Wizard?

  4. J GAM3R YT

    J GAM3R YT2 日 前

    0:34 Courtney realising she said a crappy pun

  5. i miss peep

    i miss peep3 日 前

    Get ldubbz on the try not to laugh series Like if you want that 👇👇👇

  6. silverjetplane

    silverjetplane4 日 前

    SMELL OF THAT looooove that reference

  7. Joshuah Couch

    Joshuah Couch4 日 前

    everytime i watch one of these for some reason when im done i have abs

  8. Cramberryleemon 2897

    Cramberryleemon 28975 日 前

    Do theodd1sout

  9. Jason Ivey

    Jason Ivey6 日 前

    *apple juice*

  10. Diyah Rhea

    Diyah Rhea6 日 前

    17:52 is that the soundtrack of sly?

  11. Jon arne Døving

    Jon arne Døving7 日 前

    Oof i love the one when the roster came in and i was so readdy for thay to say yore gonna be roosted (roasted) XD

  12. Adam Mac Aogáin

    Adam Mac Aogáin7 日 前

    Why does Courtney always seem like she's in crack like no joke

  13. GoldenJam_ 01

    GoldenJam_ 017 日 前

    Shane always does the same jokes

  14. shego1142

    shego11428 日 前

    Since the Mythical crew is likely going to be working more with Smosh and all I’d love to see Jordan (Cotton Candy Randy) on here! Also would love to see Markiplier and friends (Bob, Wade, Ethan, Tyler, Amy etc) as well!

  15. Deepak Matlani

    Deepak Matlani8 日 前

    we wabt sarah in try not to laugh

  16. Jace Little

    Jace Little9 日 前

    The no touch rule, it was all bull

  17. Katelyn Moir

    Katelyn Moir9 日 前

    They should have put savior #1 and savior #2 for Rhett and Link when they were in the hot seat

  18. Iceius

    Iceius9 日 前

    Another one of Rhett and Link please.

  19. Akilae

    Akilae9 日 前


  20. Catrina Tulowiecki

    Catrina Tulowiecki10 日 前


  21. Fortnite Gaming

    Fortnite Gaming9 日 前

    Catrina Tulowiecki omg he does🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀😱😱😱😱😱

  22. ThisWasAMistake !

    ThisWasAMistake !12 日 前

    0:43 STINKY

  23. TheCraft Cast

    TheCraft Cast12 日 前

    I’m so happy that gmm provided a home for smosh. Truly Kings of JPreporter

  24. A.K attack 1411

    A.K attack 141112 日 前

    Mariah Elesabith ME

  25. lilmisskitten83

    lilmisskitten8312 日 前

    the pichfork hitting the guitar was my favorite

  26. Kalie L

    Kalie L13 日 前

    Courtney with her academy of weird sounds is in almost every episode of try not to laugh lol she must be bad with improve but it’s still funny to watch her try.

  27. tyler :/

    tyler :/13 日 前

    me in my grave: *wakes up in a cold sweat, crying hysterically* apple juice

  28. Ron Padia

    Ron Padia14 日 前


  29. Monkey Farts

    Monkey Farts14 日 前

    I will for now and forevermore see Rhett with that fish in his pants

  30. BaconDragon

    BaconDragon15 日 前

    I like how the Pizza Place shirt is designed like one of those Thank You bags.

  31. BaconDragon

    BaconDragon15 日 前

    Also, I just wanna say how much Link looks like Dana Carvey during his whoopie cushion bit. He even shaped his mouth like Garth does when he mentioned an "instruction manual".

  32. TaylorVerse

    TaylorVerse15 日 前

    Damien's my favorite boy

  33. The Desk

    The Desk15 日 前

    Why'd they use Sly Cooper music?

  34. Shayna O'Neil

    Shayna O'Neil15 日 前

    4:23 Damien: I'll give you a fair shake though. Rhett: *mouth farts*

  35. msgidiio

    msgidiio15 日 前

    Imagine if Rhett and Link's kids are watching this 😨

  36. Rodez2001

    Rodez200116 日 前

    Was Rhett the Morocco Mole from Secret Squirrel?

  37. Madessa Phelps

    Madessa Phelps16 日 前

    Okay but did anyone else notice that Damien kinda looks like dan from gossip girl???

  38. Isabelle Warren

    Isabelle Warren16 日 前


  39. mark skittles

    mark skittles17 日 前

    Can you imagine Shane having to prep for his scene @19:50 *you are a banana mistress and you found evidence of your husband's adultery* AND GO.~

  40. dale chen

    dale chen17 日 前

    Haven’t watched smosh since 2017... I like it :))

  41. Clostyu Gaming

    Clostyu Gaming17 日 前

    This was Damien's best TNTL

  42. Clostyu Gaming

    Clostyu Gaming17 日 前

    Someone should have said "Tokyo" while Rhett was in the hot seat because he would have to spit the water out to say "whattttt"

  43. Hayley Breitbach

    Hayley Breitbach17 日 前

    The amount of times I’ve rewatched this video is ridiculous

  44. The sweaty Flamingo gamer

    The sweaty Flamingo gamer17 日 前

    I like how they do there own stuff than watch funny videos

  45. Carl Carr

    Carl Carr17 日 前

    I think I know what went wrong on link's joke on rhett. He hid the fwrt tube of the whoopee cushion in the hat to where the hat was blocking the fart from coming out almost like the whoopee cushion needed an enema.

  46. Alex Mua

    Alex Mua19 日 前

    I just watched a compilation of Daimen and Shane from So Random... This show was like televised Smosh...

  47. spasman z

    spasman z19 日 前


  48. Ciano

    Ciano19 日 前

    2:05 Elisa diving across the wii sports tennis court like-

  49. Tatum Wallace

    Tatum Wallace20 日 前

    Oh that’s nice

  50. Doge Dude

    Doge Dude20 日 前

    omg Rhett and LINK are u kidding me im so happy!

  51. TheCrazyCastle

    TheCrazyCastle21 日 前

    17:37 Loved the Sly Cooper music there! Nice!

  52. maksthe official

    maksthe official21 日 前

    8:45 I was like how did he not luagh

  53. E-Motion Less

    E-Motion Less21 日 前

    Why is the Damien chicken speaking like Jon Snow

  54. Dragonfly Triple7

    Dragonfly Triple722 日 前

    Next time invite cotton candy randy

  55. Joanie Garrison

    Joanie Garrison22 日 前

    18:05 mind blown

  56. Hunter Rouleau

    Hunter Rouleau22 日 前

    10:17 OMG GRANDPA IS THAT YOU?!?!?

  57. Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar Eclipse22 日 前

    Part of Rhett believed, that it was not apple juice...

  58. Trey Atkins

    Trey Atkins23 日 前

    Wait weren't Shayne and Damien actually on So Random?

  59. Amelia Rypniowska

    Amelia Rypniowska23 日 前

    Omg when Shayne did that hung from the therapy video I lost it

  60. Amandamakeupandwine

    Amandamakeupandwine23 日 前

    Please have MatPat and Steph on the show!

  61. Jackson Jay

    Jackson Jay23 日 前

    THis video has been approved by me walking in on my cat with his tongue sticking out

  62. Yuckie Dab

    Yuckie Dab24 日 前