Trump Blasts “Impeachment Light” at Deranged Rally: A Closer Look


  1. Sye Williams

    Sye Williams22 時間 前

    What a god dam idiot

  2. Sven R.C.L

    Sven R.C.L3 日 前

    getting blown and cheating on your wife at work is unethical...but not a crime in the US. But still, Clinton got impeached. Trump and his flock of fools don't understand what impeachment is.

  3. Helena Vasara

    Helena Vasara3 日 前

    trump is nothing

  4. Bfoots1952

    Bfoots19524 日 前

    Why does Trump put Obama and Hillary Clinton in his mouth all the time? They are not running against him in 2020? Do they make him feel inadequate? Is he that insecure? Food for thought.🤔

  5. Cory Walsh

    Cory Walsh4 日 前

    The Entire Republican party is guilty of obstructing justice and traitors to the spirit of America.

  6. Robert Bosshardt

    Robert Bosshardt4 日 前

    Anyone else notice that girl towards the top left who looks likr she got dragged there and really, really doesnt want to be.

  7. David Brandenburg

    David Brandenburg4 日 前

    Lindsey has forgot about what he used to say about trump!, and it wasn't very nice either!.

  8. David Brandenburg

    David Brandenburg4 日 前

    the people who claim this isn't a crime are all people who work for trump!

  9. Ricardo Silva

    Ricardo Silva5 日 前

    The truth doesn't matter, “In an ever-changing, incomprehensible world the masses had reached the point where they would, at the same time, believe everything and nothing, think that everything was possible and that nothing was true..." Hannah Arendt in the The Origins of Totalitarianism published in 1951.

  10. quantumpotter

    quantumpotter5 日 前

    Donald trump is the jim jones of american politics

  11. yinkoos

    yinkoos5 日 前

    president sleeping with prostitutes, is that not an impeachable offence?

  12. Zuza U.

    Zuza U.6 日 前

    Wow, how white are Trump supporters

  13. Sean McKinney

    Sean McKinney6 日 前

    A lot of inbreeding in the front rows at his rally.

  14. Rolf Leseratz

    Rolf Leseratz7 日 前

    Well, I am still surprised Donny Trumpy actually became POTUS. This guy is so ridiculous. .

  15. Linda Jayne Clark

    Linda Jayne Clark7 日 前


  16. Inez Kenley

    Inez Kenley7 日 前

    The President is telling us what the Republican's are doing to win in 20 20. Removing people from the voter registration rolls so they can't vote and gerrymandering just for starters.

  17. Robert. Vannatten

    Robert. Vannatten5 日 前

    This is what a dictator would be like, he’s getting closer day by day. Looking forward to the 2020 elections.

  18. wayne johnson

    wayne johnson7 日 前

    the sooner he is impeached the better off we will all be

  19. Peter Crowne

    Peter Crowne8 日 前

    Trump attacks wind generators and increase pollution with his oil drilling ,what a joke

  20. Mista Ness

    Mista Ness8 日 前

    The idiot of the country which is Donald J Trump the comedian president the incompetent a dumb stupid dope that put America in hell

  21. Eleni 1979

    Eleni 19798 日 前

    And I love how Trump equates money and love. That is so sad

  22. Eleni 1979

    Eleni 19798 日 前

    I love how to Trump, openly admitting to pressuring Ukraine is somehow less bad than lying about a consensual sex act between two consenting adults.

  23. paulgary allbritton

    paulgary allbritton8 日 前

    DONALD J. TRUMP 45th president of the United States*IMPEACHED

  24. Josefina Magallanes

    Josefina Magallanes10 日 前

    Vote Warren 2020!

  25. Josefina Magallanes

    Josefina Magallanes10 日 前

    Vote Warren 2020!

  26. Josefina Magallanes

    Josefina Magallanes10 日 前

    Vote Warren 2020!

  27. Josefina Magallanes

    Josefina Magallanes10 日 前

    Vote Warren 2020!

  28. Stevenimich Archangel

    Stevenimich Archangel11 日 前


  29. Alta Montgomery

    Alta Montgomery13 日 前

    No Trump sound like he's imagining them the 11 and 12 year old pageant girls that he said he likes to look at naked that was in his kids pageants and everytime I look at him it just seem like he's remembering that over and over because that is how he was getting his kitchs off said he wait until they get naked and everybody leaves then he waits until the11and 12 year old pageant girls get naked and go in there his old ass and watched those little naked 11 and 12 year old pageant girl's naked but if that's how you get your kicks off at 70 years old I don't want you around none of my kids because that's what you call a sho-nuff f******predator and to think this is what's in the White House

  30. Jan Schlossar

    Jan Schlossar16 日 前

    Tramp is so unfunny that I almost feel sorry for him. I actually liked him when he was running, claiming that he will stop political meddling and wars.. Now he turned out to be another schoolyard bully in adult body..

  31. A W

    A W17 日 前

    Origin of Impeachment Light: His staff rewrote the impeachment info and gave it the title "Impeachment Light Version"...

  32. NorthsideRasta Rogers

    NorthsideRasta Rogers17 日 前

    Trump= extra damn ignorant idiot with a horde of moronic buffoons.Some of them are urban hillbillies not just rural moonshine/opiate pushers/users.

  33. Kenny Martin

    Kenny Martin21 日 前

    The severe tribalism in the state is insane, my Dad is super conservative here, and yet hes smart enough to know that Trump is a corrupt idiot and that Hillary was clearly the better choice.

  34. Steve Casucci

    Steve Casucci21 日 前

    Trump's having , knowing that you could Never knock him Down & Nullity Him! Other than the I Hate America, Do Nothing Demonrats,

  35. Tim Alford

    Tim Alford22 日 前

    That's what Melania thought about him 🤣🤣DUMB STUPID DOPE!!!

  36. catrina malloy

    catrina malloy23 日 前

    IRAN!!!See this sick SOB! Americans HATE him

  37. citizen x

    citizen x24 日 前

    All the idiots in this chat think bidens are clean but Trump is a gangster, how stupids are you people

  38. Dak Lamerbusch

    Dak Lamerbusch24 日 前

    5:50 - So . . . the guy was a billionaire? 🤔

  39. Dak Lamerbusch

    Dak Lamerbusch24 日 前

    I like how TEN YEAR OLDS understand windmills, but donny and his MAGAts? *"WAH WAH WAH!"*

  40. Joshua Woodward

    Joshua Woodward24 日 前

    This moron gives me hope. I can run for President???? Be right back I'm going to start a Go Fund Me. I'll run on the platform of "I'm a normal working class American!"

  41. ricaard

    ricaard24 日 前

    Stephen Miller is a Cepholapoid, he wasn't blinking, he was breathing.

  42. Sushi Wolf

    Sushi Wolf25 日 前

    Fucking dudes lost his mind.

  43. Quentin Nails

    Quentin Nails25 日 前

    Tale trump the really is not court ok please and thank you

  44. Bill Wells

    Bill Wells26 日 前

    No Clue-lusion Donny dumass.

  45. Mark Rayes

    Mark Rayes26 日 前

    so this idiot is complaining that Democrats didn't slam him with the full impeachment train?... please Democrats Grant his request....

  46. Sharon

    Sharon26 日 前

    The mosquito is ruining his show again... such a shame. Stop following the program, and get a education. You're a controlled entity, not a comedian. Make Comedy Great Again

  47. Lux Fer

    Lux Fer26 日 前

    I doubt he will be the biggest moron to hold high office in your country. You a circling the drain america

  48. Chris Lupe

    Chris Lupe27 日 前

    Now we know what what Melania calls him when they get into an argument!!

  49. Tony Todd

    Tony Todd28 日 前

    Lol you have been served you have been impeached

  50. Alexis Winter

    Alexis Winter28 日 前

    He charges his idiots an admission fee to listen to him babbling about himself for 2+ hours. His idiots don't even realise they're being used as sounding boards.

  51. Dre House

    Dre House28 日 前

    Group therapy at its finest.

  52. Alan Bailey

    Alan Bailey28 日 前

    Don't compare Johnson with Trump. Johnson is an intellectual and can see right through Trump. He can appear to be a clown, but he is exceptionally bright.

  53. cocosongo1

    cocosongo128 日 前

    Dump Trump / sack the Fattie or Take the Trash out : just do it

  54. Malcolm Dyer

    Malcolm Dyer26 日 前

    His actual original family name is Drumpf....go Google it.

  55. rickenbacker40011

    rickenbacker4001128 日 前

    What do you mean the “radical left are trying to erase your vote, and overthrow democracy” You did that, you literally did that. You literally did that. You literally did that

  56. rickenbacker40011

    rickenbacker4001128 日 前

    I fucking hate Donald trump; shitting on windmillls for killing a negligible amount of birds, acting like he fucking cared about anything. Why is this fucking octogenarian ever allowed in a White House, he has literally only shown that his brain doesn’t work, and what does is evil and negative. He’s literally only done negative things to everyone LITERALLY he has only been negative about everything

  57. Carlos Lopez

    Carlos Lopez29 日 前

    Let them go the way of jonestown

  58. Luke, Jen Majewski

    Luke, Jen Majewski29 日 前

    Wtf JPreporter I like Seth Myers and hate Trump but how many times is auto play gonna repeat this after everything I watch!

  59. Jamie Houk

    Jamie Houkヶ月 前

    What are those people doing there?

  60. Jamie Houk

    Jamie Houkヶ月 前

    On and on about others. Too ridiculous!

  61. Jenny Maher

    Jenny Maherヶ月 前

    No country respects America any more. It will take decades to get the respect back; longer if he serves two terms.

  62. Bill Abbott

    Bill Abbottヶ月 前

    L Graham is a "duche"