TRASHED Gibson Les Paul Guitar is Rebuilt! - Complete Time lapse Video


  1. apyramidbuilder

    apyramidbuilder11 時間 前

    You’re a brave soul!!!

  2. peter cobra falahee

    peter cobra falahee23 時間 前

    Beautiful job

  3. Mark Ivor

    Mark Ivor日 前

    Wow!! Man that's some great work you put into that..... I wouldn't have the balls to go as far as you did!! Well done ...beautiful job 👍

  4. Eric Jennings

    Eric Jennings日 前

    That is an incredible amount of skill and attention!

  5. Peter L

    Peter L2 日 前

    Wow, am I the only one who ist wondering how many years of training it takes to not end up running out crying while trying the same thing at home?

  6. Gixxerman 001

    Gixxerman 0012 日 前

    Top job, fantastic skills (& bravery). I imagine the cost of this kind of restoration & repair would be absolutely eye-watering for your average punter. Beautiful result.

  7. teo delfuego

    teo delfuego2 日 前

    Beautiful results!

  8. Vnachi8

    Vnachi83 日 前

    Every bit the artist a painter or a sculptor is.

  9. Ed White

    Ed White3 日 前

    at 2:10 , what does "14K" mean? that the projected 'MSRP' ? on this one?


    KSERGEIBY3 日 前

    Nice job man, turned out its a great color.

  11. ForTheWin

    ForTheWin3 日 前

    Dude, I wish I could learn how to do everything you just did on refurbishing the Les Paul. I kept saying to myself this must have taken forever to complete especially with removing the original coating and wood work. I want to know what part took the longest?

  12. Gesiel Fortunato

    Gesiel Fortunato4 日 前


  13. Philtration

    Philtration4 日 前

    Damn brother. That was a hell of a project and well worth viewing.

  14. Richart Sanabria

    Richart Sanabria4 日 前

    Excelente trabajo eres un maestro...... impresionante... Saludos desde Sudamerica.....

  15. Steven Acord

    Steven Acord5 日 前

    Sweet 👍

  16. Simon Deschamps

    Simon Deschamps5 日 前

    Is it just me... when the 3 way switch is up it sounds like it's the bridge pickup working and when down, it's the neck... Reversed?

  17. BigDGuitars

    BigDGuitars5 日 前

    its reversed. need to change it.

  18. Fran Tech

    Fran Tech5 日 前

    I was thinking the same thing and then I believe he said he needed to reverse the wiring. I was wondering if he could just loosen the nut and twist 180 degrees.

  19. Some LX One

    Some LX One6 日 前

    Respect! What a Beauty! What a Great Job! This Guitar is definitly a piece of Art! Priceless!

  20. BigDGuitars

    BigDGuitars5 日 前


  21. Iron word

    Iron word7 日 前

    Seriously though, in my book you are a fucking God. This was incredible work.

  22. BigDGuitars

    BigDGuitars5 日 前

    thank you.

  23. Iron word

    Iron word7 日 前

    Is this a good beginner project?

  24. BigDGuitars

    BigDGuitars5 日 前

    no this was an unreal amount of work.

  25. Mitch

    Mitch7 日 前

    Is this your full time job or just a hobby? Either way you do phenomenal work!

  26. BigDGuitars

    BigDGuitars5 日 前

    worbby? a little of both.

  27. PJ Dexter

    PJ Dexter8 日 前

    Really great work!

  28. NerdDuJugement

    NerdDuJugement8 日 前

    impressive, that looks so time conusming. But the finish is really nice!

  29. PlaY3r On3

    PlaY3r On38 日 前

    this is one of the better guitar restorations that i have seen. not only did you know what you were doing, it had a god like outcome unlike this guy --->

  30. T Fun

    T Fun8 日 前

    My Gibson neck is cracked off. Can I buy a new neck and make a rebuild to my very old guitar?

  31. rene stofregen

    rene stofregen10 日 前

    Awesome work my dream gutair 👍

  32. Alexey Kozakevich

    Alexey Kozakevich10 日 前

    It was a genuine rocknroll guitar and look what you have done to it! Its castrated! That colour is a catstrophy!

  33. Raymond FERRETTI

    Raymond FERRETTI10 日 前

    This was thrilling ...!!! I've watched hundreds of videos..... Yours is top-shelf. Thanks, man.... extreme excellence !!

  34. freshpootube

    freshpootube11 日 前

    For a really good seamless colour blend when staining, use a touch up spray gun and dust-coat clear lacquer between each coat of stain. It will give you a much deeper and smooth transition. You can also mix stain with clear and build up the colour you want and it'll give a lot more control over the end result. I used to do this for hand-made 21st birthday keys, decorated signs and french polished furniture. Outstanding job you've done. You're a braver man than me to take on a guitar build like this.

  35. Andreas Persson

    Andreas Persson11 日 前

    Wooooow!! 1 of 1! Amazing!!

  36. B D

    B D11 日 前

    Wow. That was fun to watch and end result looks amazing

  37. B D

    B D11 日 前

    I'm cringing at 5:08

  38. a.

    a.11 日 前

    Omg that origional top is absolutely hideous and you turned it into a real gem

  39. Sean Whittaker

    Sean Whittaker12 日 前

    I am absolutely blown away with your work! Can I buy one of your recons?

  40. m. marin Marin

    m. marin Marin12 日 前

    1000 points for this work. You are really awesome. Can I send you my 1978 gibson deluxe. Thanks

  41. ott ott

    ott ott13 日 前

    You leiming the nutt

  42. Fred Nielsen

    Fred Nielsen13 日 前

    Awesome job ,looks great Big D !

  43. Mitch Evans

    Mitch Evans13 日 前

    I just wonder what the original pickups would have sounded like.

  44. Eddie Aguirre

    Eddie Aguirre14 日 前

    Dude that was awesome work ... Thanks for sharing your skill and talent ... watching you steam that neck off was the highlight of the video! ... :-)

  45. Remy Rocks

    Remy Rocks14 日 前

    When the neck cracked... 😣

  46. verve78arief

    verve78arief15 日 前

    nice rebuild... 👍

  47. Runoratsu

    Runoratsu15 日 前

    What an amazingly thorough job!

  48. danny lee

    danny lee15 日 前

    oh ffffff... thats too much work, buy a harley benton instead! hhehe

  49. FamousByFriday

    FamousByFriday16 日 前

    I love that color. A lot more than the original.

  50. Gary Fujioka Sr.

    Gary Fujioka Sr.17 日 前

    not too dark

  51. kenneth s. lumley

    kenneth s. lumley17 日 前

    Damit man!!! that thing looked awful in the beginning, but I gotta say you did one hell of a good job on that thing. When I heard that neck pop off I almost dropped a tater in my pants. You did a really beutiful job on it though... 👍

  52. Russell Herbert

    Russell Herbert18 日 前


  53. Willard Brown

    Willard Brown18 日 前

    stunningly beautiful........perfect pickup choice.

  54. Max Studio

    Max Studio18 日 前

    You should just add your logo to it. It is no longer a Les Paul it is yours. Great work. BD

  55. Adam Francis

    Adam Francis20 日 前

    You basically turned that guitar from what should’ve been a Gibson reject into a Gibson master build. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail was amazing. You’ve given Gibson the credit they don’t deserve. You should do this to an Epiphone LP so it properly rivals a Gibson ...

  56. Tim Foster

    Tim Foster20 日 前


  57. Cliff Makaena

    Cliff Makaena20 日 前

    Wow what would it cost for you to do something like what you did on the video

  58. BigDGuitars

    BigDGuitars20 日 前

    Labor of love. If you have something historic I would take it on.

  59. Kelli Nash

    Kelli Nash20 日 前

    i enjoyed the vlog could you tell me what is the soundtrack ?

  60. BigDGuitars

    BigDGuitars20 日 前 he has a youtube channel too!

  61. Robin Gill

    Robin Gill20 日 前

    Very nice.

  62. Ricardo Davariz

    Ricardo Davariz20 日 前

    PQP, o cara mandou muito bem, meus parabens!!!!

  63. Andy Dishman

    Andy Dishman20 日 前

    Good job you gone restore my guitar

  64. Malcolm Jitam

    Malcolm Jitam20 日 前

    Wow, just fantastic and quality workmanship. The colour is just right. Great video! Yes, time consuming and challenging project is an understatement.

  65. nonliquet

    nonliquet21 日 前

    Great work!

  66. Bobby Murphy

    Bobby Murphy21 日 前

    Since when does Gibson use 2 piece bodies?

  67. bigmikeh

    bigmikeh21 日 前

    Gorgeous work, great job. All nice guitars should get so much care!

  68. Allan Copland

    Allan Copland21 日 前

    Way more work than Gibson ever did on it?