TRASH or PASS! Juice WRLD ft Marshmello ( Come and Go ) [REACTION!!!]


  1. Marshmello

    Marshmello23 日 前

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #LLJW 🕊

  2. Sandis Kļaviņš

    Sandis Kļaviņš7 時間 前

    Marsh ayyy

  3. xDeo

    xDeo日 前


  4. THE__ CHOO

    THE__ CHOO3 日 前

    I would say hi to marshmello but he wont reply. He dont care about people like me. But I dont mind.

  5. tc52 games

    tc52 games5 日 前


  6. Firwok

    Firwok5 日 前


  7. vDark

    vDark4 時間 前

    All juices songs ain’t good

  8. CXT_VoLT

    CXT_VoLT11 時間 前

    This is one of the best songs this year

  9. Dylan Hisaw

    Dylan Hisaw日 前

    Damn you should have done the anime one good react tho!

  10. Abdiel Cruz

    Abdiel Cruz日 前


  11. Papa Bob

    Papa Bob2 日 前

    Do can’t die

  12. Ollie King

    Ollie King2 日 前

    Your positive vibes are always so refreshing, keep it up from the UK man.

  13. Blxxm

    Blxxm2 日 前

    3:10 when he says don’t take the drugs but he is the drugs

  14. Not Ray

    Not Ray2 日 前

    My man got the best vibez in this room

  15. Anime Lad21

    Anime Lad213 日 前

    Hey layedback do you watch anime? like if you do

  16. Oliver Jimenez

    Oliver Jimenez3 日 前

    I love the way he vibe

  17. Silver Is Cool

    Silver Is Cool3 日 前


  18. Addison Hooker

    Addison Hooker3 日 前

    His head really said ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️⬆️⬅️➡️⬅️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬅️

  19. jonny Boyy

    jonny Boyy3 日 前

    This song hit me

  20. PantherIsBoss

    PantherIsBoss3 日 前

    this man speaks like the Gordon Ramsay of music reactions. subscribed

  21. Matz Bird

    Matz Bird4 日 前

    I wish i could like it but its too hard to get. The first Minute is real af but then things get changed :/

  22. Oscar Antonio

    Oscar Antonio4 日 前

    Question how do they make music and movies if the singers and actors have passed? I may be dumb but please I need to know.

  23. Rekt -

    Rekt -4 日 前

    React to campfire freestyle it’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Ashfak Arabi

    Ashfak Arabi4 日 前

    Why people hate on Marshmello I feel like that part comin from no were made the song come alive it added I whole different feeling to the song and it actually made it sound better

  25. ARJAXO

    ARJAXO4 日 前

    Definitely PASS. I love the diversity in his music.

  26. AllstarskillHD _YT

    AllstarskillHD _YT4 日 前

    It’s legendary 🖤🖤🖤 #LLWJ 🕊

  27. Always Blase

    Always Blase5 日 前

    I think it was fire and I aint one of those juice fans that love all his songs

  28. Wyatt Kechego

    Wyatt Kechego5 日 前

    Fucl yeah vibe

  29. Ethan Bushey

    Ethan Bushey5 日 前

    If you keep saying marshmallow got some heat he might because a smore

  30. guck mal ich bin schlau

    guck mal ich bin schlau5 日 前

    Watch this man vibin and Ratin music is just pervect content

  31. king.k.kapalot

    king.k.kapalot5 日 前

    Mello wrld go hard

  32. Andrew Ruffin

    Andrew Ruffin5 日 前

    i used to not like this song at all but it’s grown on me

  33. Kandi hustty

    Kandi hustty5 日 前

    Pendulum - Self vs Self

  34. yeet999

    yeet9996 日 前

    marshmello with juice wrld = fire ass song no cap especially with marshmellos beats damn

  35. Javanie Cox

    Javanie Cox6 日 前




    For my was 9 9 9 the Best Freestyler of this fucking world

  37. The Gav

    The Gav6 日 前

    I’m not too sure why, watching his reactions to different songs, especially the ones I like, just makes me happy! His reaction and break downs are genuine. Glad I found you @LayedBakDFR

  38. nicojx

    nicojx6 日 前

    juicemello on fire🔥

  39. Bob Drisk

    Bob Drisk7 日 前

    Bruh r those status audio cb-1's?

  40. Rp Solar

    Rp Solar7 日 前

    Bro can you do moana by jack harlow

  41. RS - 07DK - Dolphin Sr PS (1553)

    RS - 07DK - Dolphin Sr PS (1553)7 日 前

    Me and the boys when our parents let us have a sleep over 3:12

  42. Austin Conjura

    Austin Conjura7 日 前

    It’s called TRASH OR PASS

  43. Botond Gubcsi

    Botond Gubcsi7 日 前

    This man is vibin' bro...

  44. GAMERGOAT 456

    GAMERGOAT 4567 日 前

    I don’t get how the first time he’s listening to the song he pauses it right on the beat drop

  45. Gotowarlion 12

    Gotowarlion 127 日 前

    it a pass

  46. jules clan

    jules clan8 日 前

    why is this a questien he is a god

  47. zemteks

    zemteks8 日 前

    I like how this guy actually pays attention to the songs he listens to like a good reaction youtuber

  48. ethan cummings34

    ethan cummings348 日 前

    Everyone start a #LLJW chain dont right anything else LLJW

  49. ethan cummings34

    ethan cummings348 日 前


  50. Revorix

    Revorix9 日 前

    I think the bottle was empty before he started the video

  51. Baby León suarez

    Baby León suarez9 日 前

    No entendi ni madres pero me gusto tu reacción XD

  52. M1cr0 Star

    M1cr0 Star9 日 前

    Man this was a great collab I’d love to Eminem and Marshmello

  53. M1cr0 Star

    M1cr0 Star8 日 前

    Hayden Palmer yeah

  54. Hayden Palmer

    Hayden Palmer9 日 前

    I never thought of that. Someone should make that

  55. Daniel IOS

    Daniel IOS9 日 前

    No fucking cap he makes the song even hard reacting to it 💯

  56. Sky Fall

    Sky Fall9 日 前

    I honestly don't like your review videos on music man... Like you do talk facts about some things but you do not seem to know everything, but you do got good taste in the pass or trash part. You do know whatvgpod music is. Congrats on the subs you got by the way. Nothing but love dude.

  57. Houston Rye

    Houston Rye9 日 前

    If this song is not in the next GTA then GTFO!!!

  58. ClashWithStan YT

    ClashWithStan YT9 日 前

    Bro your smile made me smile seeing you enjoy music is a bliss 🎶😊👌

  59. Xlerians Zz

    Xlerians Zz9 日 前

    Him nodding his head made me laugh super hard for some reason 😂

  60. Greaver US

    Greaver US9 日 前

    You think Marshmello is good look up people like Illenium, Seven lions, excision, NGHTMRE, Rezz, axwell, Alan walker, Zedd, Svdden Death

  61. Kenneth Mitchell

    Kenneth Mitchell9 日 前

    pass no cap

  62. Ziko Pugh

    Ziko Pugh9 日 前

    The only reactor who doesn’t bore me

  63. luvDinero

    luvDinero2 時間 前

    And DJ Ghost

  64. CosmicCheek

    CosmicCheek7 日 前

    Benjamin Campbell nlg

  65. Tran xics

    Tran xics8 日 前

    He always bores me

  66. Benjamin Campbell

    Benjamin Campbell8 日 前

    him and shaq 💯

  67. Mirage Main

    Mirage Main10 日 前

    I love how he start vibing in the first 10 secs lmao

  68. Anthony Anderson

    Anthony Anderson10 日 前

    Health is Wealth 🙌🏾 @reese

  69. Alec

    Alec10 日 前

    Bruh u from the carolinas knowm sayin

  70. CR4ZED

    CR4ZED10 日 前

    What's the intro song called?

  71. Orangeknight64

    Orangeknight6410 日 前

    I can imagine a whole crowd chanting this shit bro!

  72. gail clark-campbell

    gail clark-campbell10 日 前

    That look like GTA you look like a GTA character