Transforming My Boyfriend’s Clothes! DIY Hacks


  1. Lexi Bowden

    Lexi Bowden7 時間 前

    Ooo I’m from kentucky😂

  2. Unicornlove 321

    Unicornlove 3218 時間 前

    Im i the only one who heard her say oh mylanta?


    RUBY HELMS14 時間 前


  4. aalliyah marie_101

    aalliyah marie_101日 前

    You need to let it dry

  5. AC Pledger

    AC Pledger日 前

    make a part 2 and do your camera man's closet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. summer tran

    summer tran2 日 前

    i’m still sad 😿😿😿😿😿😫😭😖😫😫😫😫😫😫😩😩😩🥺☹️🙁😕😟😔

  7. FuFu Ivy

    FuFu Ivy2 日 前

    when I was leaching, I scrubbed the bleach in and it helped too

  8. My Animoji

    My Animoji3 日 前

    I like how she’s doing almost all of these DIYS in her office instead of her DIY room! Lol 😂

  9. KowaiMangl

    KowaiMangl4 日 前

    Can someone please tell me what song plays when she's modeling that jersey? I need to know.

  10. Hammy Gacha

    Hammy Gacha4 日 前

    On The skirt I wish she kept the bottom I think it would’ve looked nice

  11. Lillian Ross

    Lillian Ross5 日 前


  12. Annamay Veta

    Annamay Veta5 日 前

    Imagine if those buttons accidentally undid themselves in the middle of the street.

  13. S. Jo

    S. Jo5 日 前

    yes you are 100% right there are about a million sorority diys, but we call it “crafting”

  14. Gianna Ericksen

    Gianna Ericksen7 日 前

    Hey Lauren I saw you in the madia Halloween 2

  15. That weird-0 Oui

    That weird-0 Oui7 日 前

    Lauren: OMG I hate sewing soooo much ( but is amazing at it) Me: Sewing is fun. ( literally sucks at sewing )

  16. Jeffrey Lollipop

    Jeffrey Lollipop7 日 前

    I love your shirt 👚

  17. Christina Ramos

    Christina Ramos8 日 前

    For a second I thought it was Alex's clothes.....OMG the memories I am literally crying rn😟😟😫😓 I'm sorry for reminding but I can't handle it.....

  18. Crafts to Love

    Crafts to Love9 日 前

    U r looking awesome

  19. Agnes Alfredsson

    Agnes Alfredsson9 日 前

    a blue shirt wouldn't turn orange? there is no warm colors in it

  20. Bellaarcticrose AJ

    Bellaarcticrose AJ9 日 前

    I need to find that dresser for my room it’s so cute,and the decor

  21. Unicorn 1030

    Unicorn 10309 日 前

    You do what you want no mater what people say

  22. Bella Lassiter

    Bella Lassiter9 日 前

    3:00 she starts singing

  23. Amanda Santiago

    Amanda Santiago10 日 前

    To much screaming.

  24. Dalylah Martinez

    Dalylah Martinez10 日 前

    Isn’t Lauren SOOOOOOO PRETTYYYYYY!!!!!!!

  25. Jaycee Franklin

    Jaycee Franklin11 日 前

    OMG! You did really good Lauren! Please do more!

  26. Avery G

    Avery G11 日 前

    This Kentucky shirt went from smthing I would never wear to like a $30 urban shirt WOW

  27. Yuly Bonilla

    Yuly Bonilla12 日 前

    Is it just me or she kinda look like Ariana Grande

  28. Esther x always

    Esther x always13 日 前

    Omg wait that’s actually rlly cute!

  29. Rick Saxton

    Rick Saxton13 日 前

    Why can you never show jeremy away from behind the camera

  30. Sarah Dowding

    Sarah Dowding14 日 前

    Everything looks so good on you I absolutely love it

  31. kennedy :p

    kennedy :p14 日 前

    do you think i should boil bleach?

  32. Kat Canga

    Kat Canga14 日 前

    School starts in a week and i have been planning to up my game on outfits for this 2020. Now im inspired to get artsy and start diy-ing

  33. Kylie Richardson

    Kylie Richardson14 日 前

    PART 2 PLEASE!! With Jeremy!!

  34. sigh x christina

    sigh x christina14 日 前

    all these are so cute! I am IN LOVE with the first one, gimme your talent plz

  35. Maia Signal

    Maia Signal14 日 前

    how do u get ur hair like that?

  36. Kynne

    Kynne15 日 前

    Tell Danielle Cohn that u can’t cut top college shirts and sell them as ur merch

  37. Randi Andersen

    Randi Andersen15 日 前

    D I Y e t e s e t t r o y

  38. mariya abbas

    mariya abbas15 日 前

    Why does she keep screaming

  39. Sarah And friends

    Sarah And friends15 日 前

    I’m live in Kentucky

  40. Bailey Stewart

    Bailey Stewart15 日 前

    Who else is excited that Lauren’s boyfriend went to Ky!!!!! 😍

  41. Libby Langhi

    Libby Langhi16 日 前

    Lura dont worry if you go to Sam' you can find some Kentucky stuff or even better come to Kentucky maybe paducah because down here we are very proud of our sports❤(I've grown up in a sport college sports and career sports but yeah)

  42. Puggy Pop gmaer

    Puggy Pop gmaer16 日 前

    U should be a model 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  43. Sherryl Fernandez

    Sherryl Fernandez16 日 前

    are you the girl from cookie swirl c?? you really sound like her

  44. Macy Medford

    Macy Medford17 日 前

    your boyfriend shares a birthday with me!! january 22 baby!

  45. Maggie Krynock

    Maggie Krynock17 日 前

    anyone know the song at 8:02

  46. Annaleise Doyle

    Annaleise Doyle18 日 前

    I fell like she can pull of anything

  47. Tropical Pancakes

    Tropical Pancakes18 日 前

    I forget why but blue is a color that you have to put in bleach for 24 hours straight up bleach for 24 hours but I put a cup of water in there

  48. M Taylor

    M Taylor18 日 前

    Lauren- is that to much? *Poor's more bleach in* Me- 😂🤦

  49. lauren williams

    lauren williams18 日 前

    That last one was soooo cute

  50. lauren williams

    lauren williams18 日 前

    That last one was soooo cute

  51. Yvette Chavarin

    Yvette Chavarin19 日 前

    I love it

  52. S. K.

    S. K.19 日 前

    0:00/2:59 the most depressing song ever 🤣

  53. Olivia Merritt

    Olivia Merritt19 日 前

    bro she over here w/ her Louis Vuitton nails

  54. Sylvia Hamilton

    Sylvia Hamilton19 日 前

    Love the skirt ❤️❤️❤️❤️!

  55. Nana Jin

    Nana Jin20 日 前

    I thought she was going to diy alex's clothes but i was annoyed that she was still with Jeremy. He was engaged for goodness sake.

  56. Shaylyn Saulsberry

    Shaylyn Saulsberry20 日 前

    Wow, I’m currently at UK. Cut that shirt girl we do all the time.

  57. A little bit of Everything

    A little bit of Everything20 日 前

    Brb going to go look through my boyfriends closet 😂

  58. Isabelle Leslie

    Isabelle Leslie20 日 前

    Omg u are so pretty!!

  59. Sarah Begley

    Sarah Begley20 日 前

    I go to Kentucky so if you could just mail me that shirt that would be awesome. Thanks in advance!

  60. Erin Gatt

    Erin Gatt20 日 前

    Hi 👋🏻