Training My Roomate To Walk Quietly


  1. Trent Wilton

    Trent Wilton6 時間 前

    Can you make a 240 volt refrigerator

  2. Lachlan Mackoy

    Lachlan Mackoy7 時間 前

    living room more like dead room............... I'll leave now

  3. Tooterbooter

    Tooterbooter11 時間 前

    I want the trash

  4. sakoriter kloup

    sakoriter kloup11 時間 前

    Oga middlemen boga

  5. Dolphin H

    Dolphin H12 時間 前

    3.4mil views thanks to that red circle

  6. Faze Ninga

    Faze Ninga15 時間 前

    The lisp tho

  7. Jay/Luna the Insane Murderous Sylveon

    Jay/Luna the Insane Murderous Sylveon15 時間 前

    *picture of a Coyote* William: “It can Tase wolves!”

  8. Lydia Bloess

    Lydia Bloess17 時間 前

    I want trash it will match my outfit

  9. Solarstan of YouTube

    Solarstan of YouTube日 前

    Or you could have just put another lower ceiling on the building with foam between the two

  10. Patryk Kowalczyk

    Patryk Kowalczyk日 前

    I want trash.

  11. Caroline Kerr

    Caroline Kerr日 前

    He’s wearing a lightning shirt 👕

  12. Reapingseason

    Reapingseason日 前

    gimme arduink

  13. Dood Bro

    Dood Bro日 前

    Why the fuck would keep using the “for a dog” reason when asking the employees? That sounds super sketchy and alarming the way they were asking about it

  14. Kyle

    Kyle日 前

    yes we all saw it he was playing minecraft

  15. Brendan Mustain

    Brendan Mustain日 前

    Im sorry but the ice cream machine is more important than this video, i need the grid coordinates of that mcdonalds. actually though videos really cool though

  16. Jonathan Schladetzky

    Jonathan Schladetzky日 前

    I want trash

  17. Redmaster

    Redmaster日 前

    So instead of taking up the floor boards and filling it with insulation, you make an electric carpet. Amazing

  18. Hundreth

    Hundreth2 日 前

    I was thinking about getting whatever the sponsor would have been but ...........

  19. Artichokehold

    Artichokehold2 日 前

    Its gonna be a lot quieter with Michael screaming at 3 AM.

  20. Lily Romao

    Lily Romao2 日 前

    i want trash

  21. Foul Philosopher

    Foul Philosopher2 日 前

    Lazy employees, always.

  22. mikeythellama

    mikeythellama2 日 前

    im so glad will has pocket size photos of michael at the ready.

  23. amateur everything

    amateur everything2 日 前

    2:25 damn that shaders are awesome

  24. jazzy jamess

    jazzy jamess2 日 前

    Who's the "caretaker "????

  25. WuzNab

    WuzNab2 日 前

    It’s very sensitive. So am I.

  26. Squirrel With with 2 syllables

    Squirrel With with 2 syllables2 日 前

    5:47 is the moment William Osman became a SuperHero

  27. Unhappy Attendant Ughh

    Unhappy Attendant Ughh2 日 前

    That was not a drop kick

  28. Mr Pickles.

    Mr Pickles.2 日 前

    u know what they say about on man's trash

  29. Brendan Kriel

    Brendan Kriel2 日 前

    I bet they didn't sponsor you because Michael swore in the video haha

  30. magicmatson

    magicmatson3 日 前

    I currently work at McDonalds and when they say it’s not working MOST of the time it’s being cleaned. Sometimes it does break

  31. morgan brooks

    morgan brooks3 日 前


  32. EvilMouse068

    EvilMouse0683 日 前

    I love when Michael Osman and William Reeves collaborate!

  33. Michael Semper

    Michael Semper3 日 前

    Wouldn’t the scream from ur roommate be louder then him stomping around???

  34. Paweq Lel

    Paweq Lel3 日 前

    Deadly twister 3

  35. World Peace

    World Peace3 日 前

    Whoever thought putting an electric fence into the floor is a great way of central heating’s not !

  36. Regan Matthews

    Regan Matthews3 日 前

    Growing up in Australia and touching one just for fun We use to make circuits with friends while doing it 😂

  37. Mauricio Garay

    Mauricio Garay3 日 前


  38. Kactusman

    Kactusman4 日 前

    Yes, hello i like trash.

  39. Ryan Ortiz

    Ryan Ortiz4 日 前

    I literally want trash

  40. ashton Wills

    ashton Wills4 日 前


  41. WindBlaze Anims

    WindBlaze Anims4 日 前

    This man is doing the equivalent of building a wooden house and building a fireplace in it in Minecraft. HES GONNA BURN HIS HOUSE DOWN AGAIN!

  42. koltin YT

    koltin YT4 日 前

    Its take about half or a second to relay through the eletrical tape to be able to reace the area where the foot is

  43. Zachary Childress

    Zachary Childress4 日 前

    I want trash lmao

  44. Kamil Sa

    Kamil Sa4 日 前

    Omg at 2:32 he looks like Aaron Paul

  45. Ocea

    Ocea4 日 前

    I'm dissapointed that there are no comments about Micheal playing minecraft

  46. The Lion

    The Lion4 日 前

    I want trash

  47. Alexita Trejo

    Alexita Trejo4 日 前

    Michael Reeves is your roomate

  48. Tate Blethroade

    Tate Blethroade4 日 前

    I want it he trash

  49. louis liu

    louis liu4 日 前

    Michael and William creates their own content economy

  50. kaiokenh

    kaiokenh5 日 前


  51. BowieThe Player

    BowieThe Player5 日 前


  52. LegoMasterKyle 101

    LegoMasterKyle 1015 日 前

    Finally a product to train my brother who stomps all over the house

  53. Psycho LittleBear

    Psycho LittleBear5 日 前

    Michael : Walking upstairs William : *YOU DENSE MOTHERFUCKER*

  54. Brighton Robertson

    Brighton Robertson5 日 前

    If this was implemented inside the carpet itself and it could be felt outside as a higher voltage it could be used as a house defense system for robbers without shoes

  55. Otávio Werson Yago

    Otávio Werson Yago5 日 前

    That's a little creepy...

  56. no_fun_mila x

    no_fun_mila x5 日 前

    7:56 is this how to basic?

  57. Sky Yang

    Sky Yang5 日 前

    Where is cameramanjohn

  58. Sky Yang

    Sky Yang5 日 前

    Sponsor’s biggest mistake

  59. PrefectMaster017

    PrefectMaster0175 日 前

    I like trash...

  60. PrefectMaster017

    PrefectMaster0175 日 前

    1:01-1:09 *Osman.exe has encountered a fatal error*

  61. Thomas Makowski

    Thomas Makowski5 日 前

    what is the laptop model?

  62. Jonah In da garage

    Jonah In da garage5 日 前

    Gimme the trash boi

  63. Elijah Frazier

    Elijah Frazier5 日 前

    Time to put the fence over Twister!

  64. Pulsar

    Pulsar5 日 前

    i wanna see the one for horses used next lol

  65. A.D. Games

    A.D. Games5 日 前

    I want it

  66. Aneuo

    Aneuo5 日 前

    he looks familiar




  68. Devinbroseph

    Devinbroseph6 日 前

    Ooooooooh buddy id do so many cool things with that little trash buddy at the end there I could finally have a new friend

  69. Oretal

    Oretal6 日 前

    William almost killed Michael with that big one.

  70. Max Byrd

    Max Byrd6 日 前

    Send me your trash

  71. legomanatwork main

    legomanatwork main6 日 前

    Yeah. Ill take the trash. Its free

  72. The Meme Project

    The Meme Project6 日 前

    The original sponsor must feel bad, now that William is sponsored by THE US NAVY

  73. Andrew Hearst

    Andrew Hearst6 日 前

    Michaels hair looks so pleasing in the thumbnail

  74. Rumpelstiltskin boi

    Rumpelstiltskin boi6 日 前

    "Bounding across the floor like a troglodyte."

  75. J Slater

    J Slater6 日 前

    electric fence "inhumane to dogs" but they sell it for every other large animal!!!

  76. hugh jass

    hugh jass6 日 前

    all I could think of when he asked for the fence was "do you do poison"

  77. Joseph Flores

    Joseph Flores6 日 前

    6:30 your wrong bud I work at fastfood night crew does shitty job and when the forget to clean we cant touch it cUse we are morning crew

  78. Everyday Kendall

    Everyday Kendall6 日 前

    “Do you have an electric fence for a big hairless dog?” “No. Inhuman” “Really?” 😂 yep. I would never use one on a dog but a person is a different story.

  79. Rata Peluda

    Rata Peluda6 日 前

    he has so many skeletons

  80. BlankSpace

    BlankSpace6 日 前

    *Burns house down*