Traditional Cooper - George Smithwick - History and how to make a wooden bucket


  1. Ed Garcia

    Ed Garcia20 時間 前

    Good to see a master of the trade, thanks for sharing

  2. Joseph

    Joseph日 前

    Thank you George, I hope that you are still going strong.

  3. RockR1

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    A true master Cooper!! Very interesting!!

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    That was the easiest loss of an hour in my life..

  5. Tubman Twenty

    Tubman Twenty3 日 前

    Noice and toight, roight soize

  6. Tubman Twenty

    Tubman Twenty3 日 前

    You can buy a plastic bucket at home Depot for 3 dollars.

  7. Paola E

    Paola E3 日 前

    One of my great great-grandfathers was a cooper. This was an awesome episode to find. Amazing.

  8. Philip Raymond

    Philip Raymond4 日 前

    I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart forgiving me this moment in Time to watch a trade that has all but disappeared I would love to work with you for a week and learn what I can learn but I live in Oklahoma and I'd like to thank you so so much mr. Smith

  9. Jose R Delafuente

    Jose R Delafuente4 日 前

    Thank you Mr. Smithwick for sharing your knowledge with a fellow woodwright.✌❤🙏

  10. And Now FSCD

    And Now FSCD5 日 前

    haha ... those subtitles !

  11. aachucko

    aachucko5 日 前

    Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. The past hour has been ultimately satisfying and I can appreciate the skill involved. Thanks from Charlie in Oklahoma, USA.

  12. Alexander Rosa

    Alexander Rosa6 日 前

    This is way more than just a Master Class from a generational cooper. It's the beautiful and heartfelt story of the lineage and legacy of wonderful, hard-working men that possess the knowledge of doing something so essential, yet that time has forgotten. It's too bad that most of today's youth completely lack the desire and motivation to allow their minds and hearts to be inculcated with true art and crafts necessary for living, and in most cases, survival. We never know when we'll need these skills, but if we're ever in a great tribulation like no man has ever seen before, trust me when I tell you that these skills will save your life!!! Thank you George Smithwick. May God bless you and your hands!

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    woah, he hammers at 120bpm 16:36

  15. Ryuzenski

    Ryuzenski7 日 前

    Wow! I sat and watched this entire video start to finish. It is truly underappreciated. To think this man has been mastering his craft for multiple lifetimes of some of us is just incredible.

  16. Jeff Walters

    Jeff Walters7 日 前

    A trip back in time to meet a master craftsman! The watertight magic of Cooperage!

  17. Камен Събев

    Камен Събев7 日 前

    Listening to Mr. Smithiwck I feel like listening to older Jim Jefferies

  18. R Lionheart

    R Lionheart8 日 前

    You must sell each bucket for at least $500 in order to justify the skill, labor, and craftsmanship that goes into making one of them.

  19. Paul Dewdney

    Paul Dewdney8 日 前

    I was totally absorbed by that entire process. Brilliant!

  20. Kai Campbell

    Kai Campbell9 日 前

    I truly hope this guys makes a good living doing this

  21. Cristian Solervicéns

    Cristian Solervicéns9 日 前

    Thanks for your amazing documentary!!!! Great filming quality, framing and audio. You got the best of Mr. George Smithwick without aditional narrative, I think this is remarkable, one of the most "pure" and "clean" documentary I've ever seen. In my free time I love to work with my hands making things of wood, metal or leather. When my daughters wants I work with them too. It's really nice to do something useful or beautiful with your own hands.

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    Why the hell does this video keep popping up on Auto Play every 5 or 6 videos??!! I watched it and gave a thumbs up. So what the HELL?!

  23. Nun Urbuisness

    Nun Urbuisness10 日 前

    This guy has incredible skill. He cut the bottom of the barrel with no jig he did it just by feel. This is what craftsmanship is

  24. Joel Azzopardi

    Joel Azzopardi11 日 前

    You've heard of Gandalf the Grey, Saruman the White and Radagast the Brown, now let me introduce you to George Smithwick the Gold and Green.

  25. Mark Ford

    Mark Ford11 日 前

    Absolutely beautiful work thank you for sharing, what a incredible forgotten art

  26. J D

    J D12 日 前

    Thank you Mr.Smithwick, I enjoyed your craft. Especially the hand tools you used to make it !

  27. Jed Udall

    Jed Udall12 日 前

    Wow! What an underappreciated trade that you've brought to life. A wonderful documentary on the work of a cooper. Thanks George for sharing and demonstrating your talents and skills. Beautiful, timeless work.

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    great work george. but who wrote your subtitles?

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    Thank you Mister George. Wonderful.

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    First time ive ever liked and subscribed without having watched a second of the video but for pure appreciation of the man on the thumbnail and his work 👍🇵🇭 wish i could buy any of his works

  31. Stephanie Tuck

    Stephanie Tuck13 日 前

    It is mindblowing that there is no type of sealant on the walls of this bucket, just the linseed on the bottom, and it doesn't leak.

  32. Craig Miller

    Craig Miller13 日 前

    You sir are a true craftsman and thank you very kindly for producing this video to watch. Great stuff.

  33. Henry Solly Sangma

    Henry Solly Sangma13 日 前

    What kind of sick people give it a thumbs down? That is one blessed man doing something that he was design for by God Himself. A good person, not driven by the bells and whistles of today certainly deserves my sincere respect...Salute!

  34. Johnny Bee

    Johnny Bee14 日 前

    I'm so proud of this great Australian man.

  35. Johnny Bee

    Johnny Bee14 日 前

    I can just see the ladies from those days. Oh honey I need a bucket can you go and make me one. Their knowledge back then was simply amazing.

  36. AVanilla Gorilla

    AVanilla Gorilla14 日 前

    How do I buy one of these buckets

  37. Trish Leet

    Trish Leet14 日 前

    Mr Smithwick, you made my day! I enjoyed every single moment of this video! Thank you cameraman for being attentive to the audience's enjoyment of the video! My Smithwick, you are an immensely talented, fantastic, amazing craftsman! Thank you for your devotion to these amazing crafts! 4 years later, gratitude still! (For any others out there from the U.S.A.: he makes real life Skyrim buckets!)

  38. Johnny Bee

    Johnny Bee13 日 前

    And you are a wonderful human with a kind heart. Bless you.

  39. Beverly Hansen

    Beverly Hansen14 日 前

    How can I reach Mr. Smithwick to order buckets from him?

  40. Ricky Cooper

    Ricky Cooper14 日 前

    I'm also a Cooper. This is very interesting. 👍

  41. red headed stepchild

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    This man is a true artist. I wish I knew him as I was growing up.

  42. stephendpruitt

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    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  43. Khaffit

    Khaffit15 日 前

    shame that he made the hoops from such crappy rusty iron

  44. Khaffit

    Khaffit14 日 前

    @Johnny Bee if he were to manufacture only the good stuff he would not let his irons rust in the first place

  45. Johnny Bee

    Johnny Bee14 日 前

    lol it's so easy to see that you are pampered with modern cons. The rust can be taken out so easily and he is demonstrating his skills using whatever scraps are lying around. He's not from the "throw away" generation. Get a clue!

  46. Andy Hulette

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    Amazing Video

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    What a great man

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    а мой дед сани гнул и избы ставил...

  49. ratna shakya

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    And this is all after the devastating 2006 fire?

  50. dotcomduke

    dotcomduke16 日 前

    Up until 5 years ago I had no idea what coopering was. Now I work at a factory producing whiskey and wine barrels for companies like Jim Beam all while, personally anyway, producing close to 900 barrels a day before it gets sent off for someone to place heads and check quality. Definitely a worthwhile trade to learn

  51. Marco Gallazzi

    Marco Gallazzi16 日 前

    ok, we sit here and enjoy life, my kind of thinking!! just hope he´s still alive :)

  52. Craig Burwell

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    LOL do build chicken coops just joking it's a really nice video

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    The 818 people who disliked this video mouse's slipped

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    real mans make wooden buckets

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    What's it like working with your hands? Its up there as one of the dumbest questions one could ask. 😠

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    who tf dislikes videos like this?

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    Thank you for sharing your craft!! Absolutely beautiful!!

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    A true craftsman.

  60. Snoep Animation

    Snoep Animation19 日 前

    I loved the movie, but I noticed he said: "If I go exactly 6 times around it will give me the circumference.." As a mathematician, I have to disagree. 2Pi=6.28 so, no.. it won´t. It´s sort of right, but not exactly. It might be he compensates for that by feel and it is still a pretty good rule of thumb, but it was the use of the word exactly that got me.

  61. Kinzokan

    Kinzokan19 日 前

    He's 100% right though... When he's stepping around the circle with his compass, he's not measuring arc lengths - he's measuring spans. In essence, he's looking for the side of a regular hexagon, which is then equal to the radius of the circumscribing circle. The only thing he's compensating for by feel (when he mentions he's over-measuring by a quarter inch) is wood shrinkage.

  62. Dave Nonyabiz

    Dave Nonyabiz19 日 前

    whats the name of that little bench vise he sits at to shave that staves? Wanna find a video on constructing one

  63. steve salles

    steve salles20 日 前

    The 12th great grandfather of mine was the first Cooper in Plymouth Massachusetts by the name of John Mc Cumber he was granted wooded land to start his business his Brother was a Carpenter that built the first church there it was not until I traced my family heritage to find this out I am a retired Journeyman Carpenter that has built large commercial buildings and accomplished everything from beginning to end from and Idea to the day the keys were turned over to the owner watching George was a great experience

  64. Jack W.

    Jack W.20 日 前

    I wish that I could do that looks interesting.