Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2


  1. The_Damienator

    The_Damienator21 分 前

    Viewers:”so is forky a spoon or a fork?” Pixar:”Yes.”

  2. Mister Krogan

    Mister Krogan5 時間 前

    Woody stays with bo peep at the end 😭🙏

  3. Sajjadul Islam

    Sajjadul Islam5 時間 前

    Toy story 4 has more sad ending then Toy story 3😭

  4. The Boogeyman

    The Boogeyman9 時間 前

    Went and watched it today. Not sure which I enjoyed more, the movie or the screaming new born baby directly behind me.

  5. Hola soy matthew si

    Hola soy matthew si10 時間 前


  6. T G

    T G11 時間 前

    Why isn't the CGI better in 2019 than 1995?

  7. Ashleyちゃん

    Ashleyちゃん11 時間 前

    Pixar, why is Woody's face made out of soft plastic at 0:21? That doesn't make sense. If Woody is a highly sought-after toy that was produced in the 1950s-60s, he would be made from hard plastic, wood, or porcelain. It negates the restoration scene from Toy Story 2. Where is the continuity?

  8. Sergio Rebollini

    Sergio Rebollini12 時間 前

    Soooo....the main plot of one of the most waited movies of 21st century (not in my case) is basically about a 'stupid' spoon who looks like a 2 year-old drawing. I know the fourth installment was going to suck, but I never expected that hard... I lost my faith in modern toyhood

  9. Simon Vriesema

    Simon Vriesema13 時間 前

    I am turning 18 next month. This movie comes out tommorow. This is the best way to end my childhood and i really cant wait!!!! I need to bring tissues...

  10. ellie

    ellie13 時間 前

    Can someone please tell me where the A113 easter egg is?

  11. Anthonysims

    Anthonysims14 時間 前

    My opinion on how I like the movies 1. Toy Story 2 2. Toy Story 1 3. Toy Story 3 4. Toy Story 4

  12. Anthonysims

    Anthonysims13 時間 前

    Also what if Andy comes back to visit Bonnie 🌚

  13. Anthonysims

    Anthonysims13 時間 前

    I just wish they gave the last movie a better ending Bo could of gave Bonnie a chance woody gets left in a toy chest for about 7 years by Andy he stays well ofc because they been through a lot. Bonnie leaves woody for 3 days and it’s a good bye

  14. Micky Antiforms

    Micky Antiforms14 時間 前

    It looks awful

  15. QE oo

    QE oo14 時間 前


  16. Alam Hari Budiman

    Alam Hari Budiman15 時間 前

    The best Disney movie ever, don't @ me

  17. Adam Mcneil

    Adam Mcneil17 時間 前

    2020 - Disney Woody Movies!!! (Coming Soon)

  18. QE oo

    QE oo19 時間 前

    Should have left it at Toy Story 3. This movie was very bad.

  19. QE oo

    QE oo14 時間 前

    @1r1 Shop Operator maybe. Im judging in on the previous 3 too. The fork character was so bad. Bad character development. All of a sudden he understands things & doesn't want to be trash.

  20. 1r1 Shop Operator

    1r1 Shop Operator14 時間 前

    @QE oo if you don't like it you don't like it but i gotta say your like 1 in a thousand who doesn't

  21. Jamesuber

    Jamesuber14 時間 前

    QE oo While I agree ts3 had a better ending I believe this movie was great for the characters and humour, the fork was a good character for the point of him being funny and to develop Bonnies imagination, Woody went through a lot of character development considering he wants somebody to take his place instead of in ts1 where he didn’t want anyone to. Yeah the villain wasn’t great at all but I really liked the weird benson dolls.

  22. QE oo

    QE oo14 時間 前

    @Jamesuber ts3 was the perfect ending. What kind of character is a fork? Character development was pretty weak. The villains weren't great. Why did u like it?

  23. Jamesuber

    Jamesuber15 時間 前

    QE oo Give me your reasoning as to why it was bad.

  24. Naufal Hanif

    Naufal Hanif20 時間 前 it the last toy story ? I hope it is not. i have already watched this movie and my heart is broken 💔💔💔.

  25. LunaPlayz

    LunaPlayz日 前

    Darn the animation so different than toys story 1

  26. Mutsor Tima

    Mutsor Tima日 前

    Toy Story 4's opening weekend was much lower than what Disney expected, so its pretty much really the end of the Toy Story franchise as we know it.

  27. Jack Manning

    Jack Manning日 前


  28. Georgina Cox

    Georgina Cox日 前

    Google. Toy Story hit the top in cinema ratings in US

  29. golmaal time

    golmaal time日 前

    Toy story 4 in hindi language pls

  30. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones日 前

    Film is powerful, The real artist doesn’t know what their doing. Unpredictable, fresh. A true Artist explores and try’s things and experiments to understand the people and story at play. The process is embedded in the film, I was watching Toy Story 4 with my girlfriend the other week, and I became aware to how big budget films like to imprint political ideology in to the film. Because in 150 years times their won’t be shred of what that ideology means and all that will be left will be the art.

  31. Maeve McCurdy

    Maeve McCurdy日 前

    I know for a fact I’m going to cry

  32. PentaGunCD

    PentaGunCD日 前

    *Keanu Reeves is a canadian stunt man*

  33. Brandon Cazares

    Brandon Cazares日 前

    From toy story 1 to toy story 4 woody learns a lesson

  34. Kimber Primor

    Kimber Primor日 前

    ???? No entiendo en Ingles Wat gapen

  35. Chaos Primordial

    Chaos Primordial日 前

    When I got out of the theatre yesterday I saw an employee dressed up like Woody.

  36. A Diseny Fan

    A Diseny Fan日 前

    You are the world's greatest animation studio.

  37. Marianne Johnson

    Marianne Johnson日 前

    i’m soooo excited to see it!!!!😁😁🥳

  38. Marianne Johnson

    Marianne Johnson日 前

    i’m soooo excited to see it!!!!😁😁🥳

  39. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark日 前

    Forky was tooooooo funny trash

  40. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark日 前

    Am i the only one who wanted the kiss scene between woody and boo in the end💏

  41. Fatima Flores

    Fatima Flores日 前

    Like quien habla español😆 Se ve q esta chida

  42. Alex Boo

    Alex Boo日 前

    Is That How We Look On Inside Is A GOOD Question!



    I cried my EYES out when i saw the ending.. its so emotional, i was a wreck.

  44. Collin Cusick

    Collin Cusick日 前

    Same, saw it yesterday and it’s My favorite film this year. I doubt anything will top this in the next decade

  45. Kratos_placha 10

    Kratos_placha 10日 前


  46. Shay thinks shrek should be in call of duty

    Shay thinks shrek should be in call of duty日 前

    Spoils to much

  47. Josh Arellano

    Josh Arellano日 前

    Hermoso epilogo y hermoso mensaje de una de las franquicias que mas ha marcado a generaciones. Toy Story 4 is Marvelous!

  48. Briihana ramos

    Briihana ramos日 前

    0:10-0:15 does she sound like Mabel? (Gravityfalls)

  49. Briihana ramos

    Briihana ramos日 前

    FanaticRhyme Ohh ok

  50. FanaticRhyme

    FanaticRhyme日 前

    Trixie is voiced by Kristen Schaal, who also voiced Mabel

  51. 종원이

    종원이日 前

    And someone stole john wicks bike....

  52. Darius Sale

    Darius Sale日 前

    yes is win for oscars

  53. Nat Olivee

    Nat Olivee日 前

    Lloreeeee 😢

  54. Sammy Waters

    Sammy Waters日 前

    1 2 3:Andy 4 bonnie

  55. amir aznor

    amir aznor日 前

    Anybody here realised that the key the old lady was holding looks very similar to the Kingdom Key from the Kingdom Hearts games

  56. HassnMo17

    HassnMo17日 前

    Am I the only one who watched the whole movie just because of Keanu Reeves?

  57. Casey Pace

    Casey Pace日 前

    What if toy story 4 was a musical? Would is succeed or fail?

  58. ZElloth JU

    ZElloth JU日 前


  59. Annisa Soleha

    Annisa Soleha日 前


  60. Hack dog

    Hack dog日 前

    SPOILER ALERT! Thanos will Die.

  61. Feki D. Lengkong

    Feki D. Lengkong日 前

    TOY STORY 4 : end of Toy Story.

  62. Leon Scott Kennedy

    Leon Scott Kennedy日 前

    Living thing song was not in movie

  63. Tabain Hossain Tonoy

    Tabain Hossain Tonoy日 前

    Buzz=To infinity Woddy=and beyond

  64. Sophia Mocatta

    Sophia Mocatta日 前

    Toy Story 4 film A great film filled with a joyful plot, a strong cast, and The script and the voice acting was exceptional. On top of that it made me laugh throughout the movie. I highly recommend

  65. dashthehusky the talking dog

    dashthehusky the talking dog2 日 前

    So are they going to make a toy story 5 ???????

  66. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

    Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.日 前

    >>Woody Price: No.

  67. Brian Tyler

    Brian Tyler2 日 前

    2:09 Are other plush toys in this universe this psychotic?

  68. Al Sol

    Al Sol2 日 前

    Exelent movie!

  69. Jaycen A'mour

    Jaycen A'mour2 日 前

    Pixar always at the forefront of animation

  70. MetreX

    MetreX2 日 前

    I have watched it last night with kids. We all loved it. I think the best toy story so far.

  71. Tomma Gaming

    Tomma Gaming2 日 前

    2:08 lol hahahaah

  72. Ronnie Medina

    Ronnie Medina2 日 前

    I just watched the movie umm woody gets jealous then Bonnie doesn’t like him then woody becomes a lost toy with boo and the rest are toys that hav a kid thx


    FLOR PALMAS2 日 前

    Ya la quiero veeee

  74. Cooking With Keisha!

    Cooking With Keisha!2 日 前

    Plot twist Toy Story 5 Andy comes home from college go visit bonnie and realized woody isn't there. Toy story 5 Andy's revenge he goes in a rage when he cant find woody

  75. Gabriel Arano

    Gabriel Arano2 日 前


  76. tristan tabaracci

    tristan tabaracci2 日 前

    1:26 and 1:28 dealing with a cat was really bad news than Sid Philips’s dog named Scud but to me this feels worse

  77. sofia aylen

    sofia aylen2 日 前

    ya la vi en el cine

  78. Erick Nava

    Erick Nava2 日 前

    You love is tharen

  79. ROAS

    ROAS2 日 前

    I grew up owning all the toy stores and now there is a new one and it brings back some good memories

  80. Jeff Hocker

    Jeff Hocker2 日 前

    So how long now before the powers that be start selling plastic sporks at action figure prices?

  81. Swison Padiyalingam

    Swison Padiyalingam2 日 前

    I'm gonna guess but Bo Beep's the villain, right?

  82. Jenny Rahma

    Jenny Rahma2 日 前

    Love toy story

  83. Leti Borjana

    Leti Borjana2 日 前

    Muy chulo♥️♥️♥️👏

  84. Pastel Starz

    Pastel Starz2 日 前

    Ther's so much f-f-f-f-fluff-

  85. fuck it

    fuck it2 日 前


  86. Jeaustin Campos

    Jeaustin Campos2 日 前

    Just watched the movie and man that was such a sad ending

  87. palmtrees101

    palmtrees1012 日 前

    me too, so poignant! but was the right way to end it.

  88. Manhwa Fan

    Manhwa Fan2 日 前

    Saw it yesterday. We went a long way from TS1. Every time there was a shot of outdoors it all looked like photos.

  89. Poliméde. com

    Poliméde. com2 日 前


  90. Poliméde. com

    Poliméde. com2 日 前

    Where's toy story 4 now is June 21

  91. AlexEditions / Films

    AlexEditions / Films2 日 前

    Ayer la mire Y poes estuvo muy triste al final algo simple no me lo esperaba😭😭

  92. Trenton Plush Animation

    Trenton Plush Animation2 日 前

    toy story 4 release date usa is june 21, we in June 22, and its still not available.... sad.

  93. Luis Eduardo Mujica

    Luis Eduardo Mujica2 日 前

    To the infinity and be on

  94. Amber The Fangirl

    Amber The Fangirl2 日 前


  95. uwuranus

    uwuranus日 前

    Amber The Fangirl i cried so hard

  96. rockkiller124

    rockkiller1242 日 前

    R.I.P. Don Rickles a.k.a. Mr. Potato Head, you'll be missed

  97. Adarsh Sridhar

    Adarsh Sridhar17 時間 前

    rockkiller124 ok

  98. rockkiller124

    rockkiller12417 時間 前

    @Adarsh Sridhar Go and watch it, its my 2nd favorite Toy Story movie

  99. Adarsh Sridhar

    Adarsh Sridhar17 時間 前

    rockkiller124 I haven’t watched it yet but RIP

  100. rockkiller124

    rockkiller12417 時間 前

    @Adarsh Sridhar Yeah, this appeared way at the end of the credits

  101. Adarsh Sridhar

    Adarsh Sridhar17 時間 前

    rockkiller124 wait what?

  102. valentinanana

    valentinanana2 日 前

    Forty dice basura y bost le dice tu no eres y forty le dice que es basura

  103. Pandu Budi

    Pandu Budi2 日 前

    Toy story 1: woody saved buzz n get home together Toy story 2: buzz and others saved woody n get home together Toy story 3: woody n others helped each other's n get new home.. Toy story 3: woody saved "a spork" to get home but.... :')

  104. Gaming Alpha 101

    Gaming Alpha 1012 日 前

    “Woody, I have a question, well not just one, I have all the questions.”

  105. Rosa Martínez

    Rosa Martínez2 日 前

    We Went To The Cine Yesterday And Watch It

  106. Sonia Epulef

    Sonia Epulef2 日 前


  107. Deone Grizzle

    Deone Grizzle2 日 前

    First toy story came out in the UK on: 22nd March 1996 THAT IS 23 YEARS AGO... WOW THOSE 23 YEARS HAVE FLOWN By !!!!!!!!

  108. Randy Menbreno

    Randy Menbreno2 日 前

    Anybody knows what happen to the aliens on toy story 4 ????

  109. Randy Menbreno

    Randy Menbreno日 前

    @theJavier7756 they should had went miss em

  110. theJavier7756

    theJavier77562 日 前

    They were there but not on the road trip

  111. Randy Menbreno

    Randy Menbreno2 日 前

    I cried at the end. I will always remember that part all my life 💔

  112. Seamus Direen

    Seamus Direen2 日 前

    Today is the day, that my guatar gets a face

  113. Dark Woods

    Dark Woods2 日 前

    So disappointed in this film.

  114. Dark Woods

    Dark Woods2 日 前

    The original cast being sidelined and barely used, the annoying plush toys who don't serve the plot at all yet are for some reason inserted, Bo being very one dimensional as a character. The villain being forgiven and getting what she wants despite never doing anything to redeem herself or even say she's sorry. Then of course the ending that contradicts the attitude of the characters in the previous 4 films. Also the lack of Woody and the original cast interacting in the film makes the ending less emotional. For the most part the film feels like one of the side adventures that are usually confined to shorts such as the Toy Story That Time Forgot. Not as epic as the first three and a major come down from part 3.

  115. Γιώργος Καρυδόπουλος

    Γιώργος Καρυδόπουλος2 日 前


  116. Complexity

    Complexity2 日 前

    Good to see woody and buzz after a long time

  117. SpaceDandy

    SpaceDandy2 日 前

    PLUSH RUSH 2:03


    ADRIANLOKS163 日 前

    Saddest ending ever ❤️

  119. Top Shelf

    Top Shelf3 日 前

    I am like 30 lol.

  120. gentry corral

    gentry corral3 日 前

    Till this day woody is still looking for his voice box ...

  121. JRH

    JRH3 日 前

    Im honestly not sure if im excited or worried. Toy story 3 had such a perfect ending for Toy Story that they should've just left it there

  122. JRH

    JRH日 前

    @palmtrees101 Ok thanks for the info. I might just believe you

  123. palmtrees101

    palmtrees1012 日 前

    i felt the exact same way, initially decided to boycott but caved lol. It's actually good and feels more final than 3, def recommend

  124. Destiny Blade Angel Blackstone

    Destiny Blade Angel Blackstone3 日 前

    Oh wow didn't "PEEP" that Bo Peep was missing in toy story 2 and then "HERD" her way back into the new one lol

  125. Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz Lightyear3 日 前

    Listen to your inner voice guys