Tottenham v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 7/12/2020 | NBC Sports


  1. Andrew Ma

    Andrew Ma2 日 前

    If he passed it to son early on it would be 1-1

  2. IJSync

    IJSync3 日 前

    Arteta is out of his mind He keeps on having David Luiz starting, and letting him produce more goals and penalties.

  3. Faze Chino

    Faze Chino11 日 前

    Arsenal fans are a whole different breed talking about “NoRtH lOnDoN iS sTiLl ReD” even though we beat you and you finished below us

  4. G M

    G M13 日 前

    David Luiz never disappoints..

  5. Tom Tom

    Tom Tom17 日 前

    4:41 if Davies made that, it would been his best goal in his premier league career!

  6. D K

    D K19 日 前

    that son's speed

  7. miko foin

    miko foin19 日 前

    Sonny with goal and assist...get in there!!!

  8. Charles Henriquez

    Charles Henriquez20 日 前

    Martinez should be #1 pick for Argentina next international match

  9. Alex 528

    Alex 52821 日 前

    David luiz is trash

  10. Tc Linn

    Tc Linn21 日 前

    Speed is the essence of strategy, Sun Tzu.

  11. VarZ

    VarZ22 日 前


  12. miko foin

    miko foin19 日 前

    every arsenal game is personalized

  13. jeff strong

    jeff strong22 日 前

    Dele should be back in the game. He isn't only person tired of Chinese government not making an apology for spreading this virus and killing 586k people and counting. Other Asians feels same way. It should be Chinese government making an apology to the world.

  14. ReactiveRStar Gaming

    ReactiveRStar Gaming23 日 前

    Martinez is the only reason arsenal didn’t get completely embarrassed, though their defense didn’t help matters

  15. ReactiveRStar Gaming

    ReactiveRStar Gaming23 日 前

    Everyone:Mustafi is so trash Arsenal:Let’s start mustafi

  16. Karina mendia

    Karina mendia23 日 前

    Get rid of David luiz😭

  17. h_mble

    h_mble23 日 前


  18. BigTimeSpider

    BigTimeSpider23 日 前

    Ben the shoulder touch Davies

  19. Dan Hayes

    Dan Hayes23 日 前

    Sorry but poor pass to David Luis AND Luis is just slow on that 60-40 ball he couldn't touch.

  20. Moises Penas

    Moises Penas23 日 前

    Pepe downgraded so much

  21. Francisco Gallardo

    Francisco Gallardo23 日 前

    Jesus Christ that first goal.

  22. Bram Scrogham

    Bram Scrogham23 日 前

    North London is lilywhite 👊⚪

  23. Gian Garcia

    Gian Garcia23 日 前

    What's the name of the song they played after Spurs' goals?

  24. Hami yestai Ta honi bro

    Hami yestai Ta honi bro23 日 前


  25. Gian Garcia

    Gian Garcia23 日 前

    3:35 lol mustafi clapping for his teammates errors

  26. Gian Garcia

    Gian Garcia23 日 前

    every arsenal game is personalized

  27. justMEduardo

    justMEduardo23 日 前

    Anybody else thought Stone Cold Steve Austin's song was about to start playing at 3:36 ? lol

  28. Gabriel Pazmino

    Gabriel Pazmino23 日 前

    The way arsenal defend is embarrassing

  29. jahadiel gonzalez

    jahadiel gonzalez23 日 前

    Why the Spurs wasting my guy sons talent like that yo, he low key carrying ya'll right now

  30. Hey Kim

    Hey Kim23 日 前

    My best player on my Football Manager is Lacazette. Love it

  31. Taylor Rhodes

    Taylor Rhodes23 日 前

    David Luiz is lookin slow and not great man....two critical dispossessions were his fault..and Son’s goal I feel like he easily could’ve made the tackle had he put in a lil more effort and slid, I mean he was right there but let Son beat him....Arsenal need to sell David Luiz and pickup a better defender and I’m not even an Arsenal fan

  32. Wens Tida

    Wens Tida24 日 前

    Started playing rugby lol

  33. Bmama C

    Bmama C24 日 前

    Arteta forgot to schedule defending drills during practice that week

  34. Solomon M.

    Solomon M.24 日 前

    To be fair, arsenal were paying with 10 and half men. David Luiz barley counts as a full player!

  35. Randy Angel

    Randy Angel24 日 前

    Man of the Match:Pixel Terror-Sandstorm

  36. Randy Angel

    Randy Angel24 日 前


  37. sixstringalchemist

    sixstringalchemist24 日 前

    David Luiz is trash

  38. kaneki k

    kaneki k24 日 前

    did you guys get rid of Mesut Ozil yet???

  39. Waffle Genius

    Waffle Genius24 日 前

    Such an aresnal game

  40. Waffle Genius

    Waffle Genius24 日 前

    2:50 to 4:50 Is definately arsenal

  41. Rocky SP

    Rocky SP24 日 前

    3:45 keep calm and believe in David Luiz...

  42. EJ 622

    EJ 62224 日 前

    In the 2000s it was Park who killed Arsenal but in 2010s and 2020s, it is about to be Son lmao COYS!!😍😍

  43. Kun Soo Shin

    Kun Soo Shin24 日 前

    관중이 많았다면 경기장이 들썩들썩 했을거야

  44. GT: ArealchillPOS

    GT: ArealchillPOS24 日 前

    Every time I watch an Arsenal game I get so relieved that we got rid of Luiz.

  45. Ian Hoffman-Jin

    Ian Hoffman-Jin24 日 前

    Dier out. Alderweireld scores. 🤔

  46. izzojunior

    izzojunior24 日 前

    Lose the lead ✅ Defensive Mishaps ✅ Lose To Jose Mourinho ✅ Moral of the story:- You can take Wenger out of the team, but you can take the Wenger out of the team 🤨🤔

  47. Alexander Khlapov

    Alexander Khlapov24 日 前

    Luiz should be the covering a player on a corner.

  48. Silver Dolphin

    Silver Dolphin24 日 前

    Arsenal’s defense line was just terrible. Tott could have more than 2 goals

  49. Irfan Sehic

    Irfan Sehic24 日 前

    Something is wrong with Mustafi,wtf was that slide at the end?

  50. Andre Orozco

    Andre Orozco25 日 前

    i couldnt believe that arsenal scored the first goal i am kid

  51. Pat Pande

    Pat Pande25 日 前

    why is the darude sandstorm music playing in the background??

  52. Steve Prasad

    Steve Prasad25 日 前


  53. Charlie Mo

    Charlie Mo25 日 前

    What's the name of the song that plays when Tottenham scores? ;-)

  54. George McCrary, II

    George McCrary, II25 日 前

    how is luiz still in the epl lol

  55. Matiga

    Matiga25 日 前

    10:58 lol Mustafi (Arsenal #20) look at him... wtf is he doing?

  56. Cesar Gonzalez

    Cesar Gonzalez25 日 前

    David Luis needs to go, as well as the other 4 defenders!


    H4VOCJDYT25 日 前

    Want to hear a joke? David Luiz Defending😂

  58. Paul Hetherington

    Paul Hetherington25 日 前

    GOAL--Governed over, not! Egyptian! It be, illegal aim then-- Dumbass Satanists -- > googs! GDZOAL-- get this, over not! They want, no stoppage, of insanity! Or it's a military OPS-- and gets, hijacked. It's a common-- occurence in, The US! OCCU= vision!

  59. Issachar

    Issachar25 日 前

    When’s the last time Arsenal did anything of significance in Europe?

  60. James Chkolasse

    James Chkolasse25 日 前


  61. Dennis Sprole

    Dennis Sprole25 日 前

    David Luiz just sucks. Chelsea really helped themselves when they got rid of him.