Top 5 MOST DELUSIONAL Owners on Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell


  1. Zero Tolerance

    Zero Tolerance3 時間 前

    the second owner looks like he lost Alvin and the chipmunks and is having a hard time

  2. Bladewing Ten

    Bladewing Ten5 時間 前

    I'm so glad Gordon went off on the guys who said "they don't have to work here". What a fucking prick.

  3. Keanan Dannan

    Keanan Dannan6 時間 前

    Owners: gordon help us. Gordon: *arrives to help out* owners: our hotel is perfect it's amazing your stupid gordon you cant help

  4. Stump

    Stump10 時間 前

    9:16 "go on then you pompous fuck" XD

  5. Solar System

    Solar System20 時間 前

    So why dont you do something about it....that shit is priceless...only thing missing you lil piss at the end..

  6. Ryan Miller

    Ryan Miller日 前

    Some people are beyond help. I think Gordon knows that but has to go through the motions for the sake of the show.

  7. Emma Blaustein

    Emma Blaustein日 前

    Was the, "The problems at the Roosevelt are elementary!" bit an intended pun?

  8. SJ

    SJ日 前

    9:18 exc-yoooos-me😭😭😭😭😭

  9. StickySauce101

    StickySauce101日 前

    *ExCuSe* me!

  10. Rico Lolo

    Rico Lolo2 日 前

    Excuuuuuuuseeee mee

  11. Thaanu Sris

    Thaanu Sris2 日 前


  12. Leone Abbacchio

    Leone Abbacchio2 日 前

    Robert saying "I am not pathetic" is the most unconvincing thing I have heard anyone say

  13. KitKatie Kat

    KitKatie Kat2 日 前

    Robert reminds me of a male version of my elementary school counselor.

  14. KLF Fourie

    KLF Fourie3 日 前

    Who else thinks that Gordon should be a public speaker

  15. Greenspy008

    Greenspy0083 日 前

    0:25 why is the tattoo blurred

  16. the running man

    the running man4 日 前

    I'm currently bored and I'm binge watching all of Gordon's videos because that's what Quarantine has put me through

  17. Deanna Doyle

    Deanna Doyle4 日 前

    ExCUsE mEee! dON’t tAlK tO mE likE THat!

  18. Fight TheMan

    Fight TheMan4 日 前

    If Gordon could do an audio recording of telling us to get real for each individual antifa and sjw's wouldnt exist

  19. Fight TheMan

    Fight TheMan4 日 前

    @7:40 look at those rich poc shits

  20. Nik Nak

    Nik Nak4 日 前

    I’m curious, what was the tattoo off

  21. Charlotte Serpell

    Charlotte Serpell4 日 前

    “They don’t have to work here” And yet they do. They put up with you and work there. And you say that and show how little you value your staff? Glad this plce went down

  22. Mojo’s Pad

    Mojo’s Pad4 日 前

    Robert looks like Edna form the incredibles but as a man

  23. L BrK24

    L BrK244 日 前

    “Excuuuse me” 🤷🏼‍♂️😂😂😂

  24. Ishita Nagineni

    Ishita Nagineni5 日 前


  25. Anton Hemmingberg

    Anton Hemmingberg5 日 前


  26. Cloud420

    Cloud4206 日 前

    I wanna know what the hell that tattoo was that the first guy was showing 🤔

  27. Ant Willmore

    Ant Willmore7 日 前

    These yanks are nuts!!!!!

  28. DamienDrake2389

    DamienDrake23897 日 前

    "Go on then you poMPOUS FUCK" "EXXCCUUUUIIISEEEE MEE" That's my favourite part, ever!

  29. Doot

    Doot7 日 前

    "It's not about you!" "yeah I can't even smile any more"

  30. Ronnie Flowers

    Ronnie Flowers7 日 前

    Owner: “I think my British accent is better than yours!” Gordon actually being from Britain: am I a joke to you?

  31. Blacky Chan

    Blacky Chan7 日 前

    Roberts boyfriend looks and talks like the bad guys in Die Hard.

  32. EverythingsPurple

    EverythingsPurple8 日 前

    "Go on then you pompous fuck" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. VPagon

    VPagon8 日 前

    Ramsay is so supportive of the workers and employees you'd think he votes Socialist.

  34. Deodar

    Deodar8 日 前

    How cute is 4:34 that girl OMG! She could hop onto me at any time! Also Robert had to be Nr.1

  35. mighty midget

    mighty midget8 日 前

    The comment section made me laugh so hard omfg

  36. Lester ballard

    Lester ballard9 日 前

    They shouldve made this a top 6, just to include the cher impersonator lady

  37. Philip Tian

    Philip Tian9 日 前

    Stephen Colbert?

  38. じん

    じん9 日 前

    the sherlock holmes guy really creeped me out cause i feel like he convinced himself lol and he is also stuck in a loop of time or some shit damn...

  39. MaxIcarus 24

    MaxIcarus 249 日 前

    Dude Robert is such a pussy

  40. John

    John10 日 前

    You pompus fuck 😂😂😂😂

  41. Sam Hathaway

    Sam Hathaway10 日 前

    Leave it to Ramsey to be what the owners need to hear! I really want to see Ramsey and Taffer work together on an episode.

  42. Leon Timberlake

    Leon Timberlake10 日 前

    "I can't even smile anymore" well yeah, your face is made of ABC gum.

  43. chuck lacey

    chuck lacey10 日 前

    My hair is not PATHETIC

  44. vonnie love

    vonnie love11 日 前

    Am I the only person who heard him say white nation when they were showing his tattoo 0:28

  45. Ace Rune

    Ace Rune9 日 前

    He said “ONE nation” not “WHITE nation” it’s a little hard to hear cause of the yelling

  46. nekonimi

    nekonimi11 日 前

    “eXCuSEeeE mE.” - Robert

  47. madara uchiha

    madara uchiha11 日 前

    the last guy looks like he doesn't care you broke your elbow

  48. Chuchu Beans

    Chuchu Beans11 日 前

    Does anyone have any idea what the tattoo was?

  49. Tediuki Suzuki

    Tediuki Suzuki12 日 前

    Good owners/bosses/managers, earn respect, they can't demand respect, many do. The majority of successful businesses owners work 10, 12, 14, hours a day, 7 days a week, until the business runs itself, by then, it's become a habit.

  50. Gogeta Gohan

    Gogeta Gohan12 日 前

    Number 5 owner is stupid, he was just excited to show his tattoo and now he says he mad because of a fucking walk in

  51. user name

    user name12 日 前

    7:34 she looks like an effing Kardashian like tf is on her eyes

  52. anonymous anonymous

    anonymous anonymous12 日 前

    Congratulations Gordon on 15 million subscribers

  53. Reece Norwood

    Reece Norwood12 日 前

    “You pompous fuck” will always get me

  54. Leorio Paladiknight

    Leorio Paladiknight13 日 前

    DoNt sPEak tO me LiKe tHAt

  55. metal_musician

    metal_musician14 日 前




    Excuuuuuuuuuuuse Me!!!


    J GUNN VIDEOS14 日 前

    “Go on then you pompous fuck” that’s so nice to hear him say to that dickhead

  58. Paige Tyson

    Paige Tyson14 日 前

    9:19 ExCuSe mE

  59. Friskyiguess

    Friskyiguess14 日 前

    In the first pne gordon was just like a teacher entering the loud class, i swear

  60. Paul Thoresen

    Paul Thoresen14 日 前

    "I love rich girls" - nobody

  61. RoyaltyFreeAbuser

    RoyaltyFreeAbuser14 日 前

    Waiters who wanna score some brownie points in Gordon's show: "We care about this place we care about you" Oh I'm sure you love your "minimum wage work 12 hours a day" place.

  62. Dominick Coze

    Dominick Coze5 日 前

    RoyaltyFreeAbuser it pays their bills so they kinda have to care about it

  63. Midnight Comicle

    Midnight Comicle14 日 前

    4:04 “in fact, my accent is better than your British accent”. Ramsay being the actual British person in the room

  64. 108-701-07唐凱恩

    108-701-07唐凱恩14 日 前

    Weirdo guy. In fact my British accent is better than yours!! Me: 👁👄👁

  65. EntG1

    EntG115 日 前

    "I am NOT pathetic", he said in the most pathetic way imaginable.

  66. Lune

    Lune13 日 前


  67. Mae Robinson

    Mae Robinson15 日 前

    i am not pathetic 👁👄👁

  68. Cryonical

    Cryonical15 日 前


  69. tranquilizer.tequila

    tranquilizer.tequila15 日 前

    "Go on then, you pompous fuck!" *with prissy hand gestures;* "Excuuuuse me, don't talk to me like that." But Gordon wasn't wrong, lmao 9:17

  70. Elijah Green

    Elijah Green15 日 前


  71. Baseball Cards And Diecast

    Baseball Cards And Diecast15 日 前

    6:41 the face of pure nightmares

  72. Forest Zeng

    Forest Zeng16 日 前

    when u want ur grades as high as gordons blood pressure could be me could be me

  73. Mcrufflestuffles

    Mcrufflestuffles16 日 前

    The murder mystery hotel was more sad than fustrating

  74. DarkSky

    DarkSky16 日 前

    Excuse me... Execuyooose me... Dun tak tu mi liek det

  75. Adam Jones

    Adam Jones16 日 前

    What was the tattoo of on the first guy?

  76. Hot Wheels

    Hot Wheels16 日 前

    U hav to praise Gordon’s tolerance to stupidity

  77. don't care

    don't care16 日 前

    I'm upset so I got wasted. Also may have ripped my sleeve off 😂

  78. Ryan Cosgrove Music Belfast based cover artist

    Ryan Cosgrove Music Belfast based cover artist16 日 前

    That I'm upset guy is coked out of his tits

  79. EpicGreenYoda

    EpicGreenYoda16 日 前

    excuuuussseee me

  80. EpicGreenYoda

    EpicGreenYoda16 日 前

    #2 has the most retarded people

  81. Vin

    Vin16 日 前

    Fuck me this is no longer cognitive dissonance or blissful ignorance, its the next step in the evolution chain holy smokes top level 👌 professional autists or professional actors or something i cant even. how do you even explain or analyse that holy. so out of their element, honestly my only guess is some serious drugs, bruz

  82. The Lamb Sauce

    The Lamb Sauce16 日 前

    “Go on then you pompous fuck!” I love this man 😂

  83. LordMarshal

    LordMarshal16 日 前

    My accent is better than Gordon's -Not a Brit

  84. J C

    J C16 日 前

    8:20 the way he said it 😂

  85. jimmy321go

    jimmy321go16 日 前


  86. TheAbele992

    TheAbele99216 日 前

    0:14 *wwwwhhOOOAAA It's the CUPodcaaaaaasssst*

  87. Saint

    Saint17 日 前

    Robert acted like a 6th grade teacher

  88. Xharia

    Xharia17 日 前

    Honestly the two sisters always gets me soooooo mad they’re just those type of people i just wanna headbutt both of em

  89. Maxwell Weaver

    Maxwell Weaver17 日 前

    My favorite was the last one.

  90. SevPool

    SevPool17 日 前

    I just knew who was first 🤣

  91. Darkness Shall rise

    Darkness Shall rise17 日 前

    Manz looks like pitbull

  92. Leo Asmaklis

    Leo Asmaklis18 日 前

    Robert is the type to go to a restaurant and keeps the tip because he had to do all the work eating the dish.

  93. Brady Lee

    Brady Lee18 日 前

    That first guy was soooo freakin drunk

  94. Castiel Alkuna Petrová Sovian Bezuidenhout

    Castiel Alkuna Petrová Sovian Bezuidenhout18 日 前


  95. M1EZELkid09

    M1EZELkid0918 日 前

    I’ve already watched this video over 10 times already

  96. Its Ok

    Its Ok18 日 前

    " thats bullshit " Also " i may have said that twice "

  97. Callum

    Callum18 日 前

    This stuff is like an inspector calls 😂😂

  98. Flonas Gaming

    Flonas Gaming18 日 前

    When i saw delusional on the video i though here we go again

  99. Jeremy Dziewurski

    Jeremy Dziewurski18 日 前

    Every time Robert opens his mouth to let out his pathetic excuses there should be a violinist beside him .. lol

  100. Dawishes DaSandwich

    Dawishes DaSandwich18 日 前

    The owner at the end looked like the office boss of Bob from the Incredibles

  101. AyoBrandoh

    AyoBrandoh18 日 前

    Idk man Gordon is right 99% of the time but I feel like he was busting balls way too hard on first dude

  102. Chris Whittaker

    Chris Whittaker19 日 前

    Ginger is a horrible person, she needs to stop feeding her husbands habit by defending him. As if her reaction to his drinking was that the staff should take the drink off him. Disgusting person.

  103. Austin Davis

    Austin Davis19 日 前

    I would pay Gordon to be my life coach.