TOP 5 GOLDEN BUZZERS on Britain's Got Talent 2018 | Got Talent Global


  1. Sub to pewdiepie

    Sub to pewdiepie日 前

    Top 5 Janiter nightmares recorded

  2. Sub to pewdiepie

    Sub to pewdiepie日 前

    Everybody gangsta till Ant and Dec presses the golden buzzer

  3. gopi yadav G S

    gopi yadav G S日 前

    Should have friends like em

  4. Sadie Jayne

    Sadie Jayne日 前

    Tissue please.......

  5. Gurdeep Singh

    Gurdeep Singh2 日 前


  6. Octo Libra

    Octo Libra2 日 前

    Le papa magicien... C'est trop beau 😢💓

  7. TheWeirdos44

    TheWeirdos442 日 前

    That last dude has a golden voice, golden friends and the golden buzzer, amazing.


    LUAR BIASA YT3 日 前

    You must see channel alip ba ta. Thats amazing . you must see it

  9. javier García

    javier García3 日 前

    21:41 lucky man😁😁😁

  10. Leakery

    Leakery3 日 前


  11. Marten Lynch

    Marten Lynch3 日 前

    Naah.. That magicact hit me real hard😪😪😪😪

  12. Raity Kool

    Raity Kool3 日 前

    The last one is a chubbt Toni Kroos who know how to sing, lol

  13. Funhubble

    Funhubble3 日 前

    Alesha is such a beauty...awesome !!!!

  14. Chelsea Bradshaw

    Chelsea Bradshaw3 日 前

    I'm over here crying. Whew! The magician was beyond amazing!

  15. Nancy flower girl

    Nancy flower girl4 日 前

    First ones; captions are a mess. Love their singing.

  16. Adam Elsheikh

    Adam Elsheikh5 日 前

    Wow 🙄💜

  17. Chris Corm

    Chris Corm5 日 前


  18. Brett White

    Brett White5 日 前

    You can tell the last guy was really tryna get them water works going

  19. brusebas 7

    brusebas 76 日 前

    29:22 When you hear that the teacher who disapproved you died

  20. Elia Cionini

    Elia Cionini6 日 前

    Sono italianoooo I’m italiaaaaan

  21. Hoticewater

    Hoticewater7 日 前

    Wigle Wine 😍😍😍

  22. BecomingMike

    BecomingMike7 日 前

    Televised puke

  23. 明太チワワ

    明太チワワ7 日 前


  24. bea q

    bea q7 日 前

    "At dawn, I will win" You did, Griffin. You did.

  25. Moon Dragon 111

    Moon Dragon 1118 日 前

    Just a warning to any people watching this at school: don’t watch this unless your in a bathroom so nobody can notice you crying your face off

  26. Joshua Stephens

    Joshua Stephens8 日 前

    I like watching his best insults. "UHH Mkay"

  27. Peterson Brads

    Peterson Brads8 日 前

  28. FlashGirl06 MSP

    FlashGirl06 MSP8 日 前

    And a year later, Marc is revealed to be X

  29. Im not Clean, Sorry mum.

    Im not Clean, Sorry mum.9 日 前


  30. Tina Heilskov Broholm

    Tina Heilskov Broholm10 日 前

  31. Xheni Shtemari

    Xheni Shtemari10 日 前


  32. Jamesdon

    Jamesdon10 日 前

    I am crying😭 that's amazing daughter magic😭🔥

  33. F C

    F C10 日 前

    Last guy was 10/10

  34. Vitekatura

    Vitekatura11 日 前

    O que acontece quando apertam o botão dourado? A pessoa ganha o que?

  35. Eve Ruf

    Eve Ruf11 日 前

    Donchez is the BEST!!!

  36. - Otto -

    - Otto -11 日 前

    Как-же глупы люди....

  37. ตี๋ ชาวไร่

    ตี๋ ชาวไร่12 日 前

    Very good

  38. Xoltox 93

    Xoltox 9313 日 前

    Wtf is going on with french captions at the start...

  39. Competente Arvey

    Competente Arvey13 日 前


  40. Leo González

    Leo González14 日 前

    Wiggle wine 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  41. Каршига Кушкинофф

    Каршига Кушкинофф14 日 前

    вот друзья у последнего от души

  42. Iván Rivero

    Iván Rivero14 日 前

    I have watched that father kiss his son in the lips like 20000 times already.

  43. Antony Jack

    Antony Jack14 日 前

    Where is Calum Scott?

  44. Dr.Dinosaur64329

    Dr.Dinosaur6432914 日 前

    The fourth one was a straight up *bop*

  45. MarcoBlox YT

    MarcoBlox YT14 日 前

    It feels me heart touching😭😭😥 when #2 baby

  46. Smoky Burger

    Smoky Burger14 日 前

    Lol just be uaee try got the golden buzzer doesn't mean they won like Lmao

  47. brandon gibson

    brandon gibson14 日 前

    10;30 one strong women she is my father past away from cancer and me being his only son i had to be the man of the house but yet my mother stood up and became an even bigger man than me love you dad miss you and love you mam just think about everything you say to your parents

  48. Elia Rausa

    Elia Rausa14 日 前

    Im italian and the "Nessun Dorma guy" wrong the pronunciation sometimes, but his voice is amazing and i love it Sorry for the English but i have done my best ahah

  49. BushDid9/11

    BushDid9/1115 日 前

    I’m just going to say it we all wish we were dec at 21:40

  50. Daniel Viguz

    Daniel Viguz16 日 前

    No se dice zumbadores, zumbadas.

  51. ClankyRochet

    ClankyRochet16 日 前

    1.Wow amazing 2.Heart warming 3.Posh 4.HAHA wiggle wiggle wiggle 5.what language is that it’s Very good

  52. jack 33

    jack 3311 日 前

    Italian bro

  53. Ya Dolbaeb

    Ya Dolbaeb16 日 前

    London is the capital of great britian

  54. Bubby Ball TV

    Bubby Ball TV17 日 前

  55. Darktist

    Darktist17 日 前

    No, you're crying

  56. Gnanasekar Elumalai

    Gnanasekar Elumalai17 日 前

    Over all last one is the best...Fully satisfied 😍

  57. cylin1892

    cylin189218 日 前

    who else got goosebumps?

  58. James LeLeux

    James LeLeux18 日 前

    just want people to know that strange things do happen we can't explain and don't know if the pic I tried to post did but yes magic or not we see the magic every day

  59. TreyD.H.D Vision

    TreyD.H.D Vision18 日 前


  60. Brody Campbell

    Brody Campbell18 日 前

    How many people also did the wiggle wind?

  61. Gisele Puime Pires

    Gisele Puime Pires18 日 前

    Bro I get nervous only watching the video. I can't imagine myself in the stage.