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  1. _.marriissaa

    _.marriissaa12 時間 前

    that teacher is amazing. it’s never about being good, it’s about having fun (even though they were very good for children that small)

  2. Pookie0504kb

    Pookie0504kb19 時間 前

    sometimes bringing joy to other people is the most underrated talent! ... the reactions say it all

  3. Qizr Syed Talal

    Qizr Syed Talal2 日 前

    I am allergic to golden confetti, every time they come out tears come from my eyes

  4. iemz ralph

    iemz ralph2 日 前

    how spell whats kojo's dad said to him peerrddd perrddd. he got me lol

  5. Ivan Penev

    Ivan Penev3 日 前

    My favorite on these shows is when someone mixes two performances in one. Magic and comedy, that was great.

  6. syrup and jax!

    syrup and jax!3 日 前

    I cant even my head teacher doing that lol.

  7. Alexander Wick

    Alexander Wick4 日 前

    Can anyone tell me what the song was when they hit kojo's golden buzzer!

  8. Mark G

    Mark G5 日 前

    3 judges and Howard the duck

  9. Karmas A Butch

    Karmas A Butch5 日 前

    Cried like a bish before the old guy even started singing... still miss my Grandparents so bad everyday. 💝Seniors

  10. Asher Squire

    Asher Squire6 日 前

    Sub to pewdiepie

  11. Ash HB

    Ash HB7 日 前

    Gotta say seeing a papa sing for his wife made me lose it, what a sweet man I bet she was a sweet nana too.

  12. Danny Keeley

    Danny Keeley8 日 前

    the choir sucked tbh

  13. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight9 日 前

    Where's bars and melody audition

  14. David Benjamin

    David Benjamin10 日 前

    John Archer.....wonderful

  15. Raine beesley

    Raine beesley10 日 前

    i wish i had a teacher like that growing up

  16. Linda Lee

    Linda Lee10 日 前

    Wow! What a blessing! How precious the elder gentleman is at 20:20. This is the first time I've heard him sing. He certainly gave new and fresh meaning to this old song by Bett Midler.

  17. Christina Perruzza

    Christina Perruzza10 日 前

    Did anyone else cry their eyes out for this whole video or was that just me😭

  18. ふけそんゆきち

    ふけそんゆきち11 日 前


  19. Charlene Mumy

    Charlene Mumy12 日 前


  20. Charlene Mumy

    Charlene Mumy12 日 前

    Very very good

  21. Dilz M

    Dilz M12 日 前

    Simon?????? Hit the golden buzzer????

  22. Vivek Wagh

    Vivek Wagh12 日 前

    This is the first time I ever saw Simon Cowell give a golden buzzer That man ,,,, you know u dayum good

  23. XZ Clan

    XZ Clan12 日 前


  24. Itz Izzy

    Itz Izzy12 日 前

    the first one omg... one second I was laughing and the next I was crying 😭

  25. Itz Izzy

    Itz Izzy12 日 前

    the first one omg... one second I was laughing and the next I was crying

  26. Adelbert Meek

    Adelbert Meek13 日 前

    That 🐷 should have NEVER EVER put that beautiful animal in danger.He should be ashamed to have been responsible for that beautiful dog having almost lost its life. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  27. Joshawna Cunningham

    Joshawna Cunningham13 日 前

    Was so proud of kojo amazing act

  28. Molli Kennick

    Molli Kennick13 日 前

    I think this is one of the only times we'll see David cry.

  29. Smiles4Milez

    Smiles4Milez14 日 前

    That teacher was amazing, if they were all that amazing the world would be a better place

  30. Caro Carola

    Caro Carola14 日 前

    Ow! The reaction of David in the first 🖤

  31. Izzy WOLF

    Izzy WOLF14 日 前

    U know u did good when u got Simon to cry

  32. Justin Chin

    Justin Chin14 日 前

    Does anybody else realize that the man and the dog act was identical to the one with another act about the magicians wife, a Rubix cube, and his daughter? Just me?

  33. Farah Ali

    Farah Ali14 日 前

    Amazing wow. 💖💖💖🏆🏆🏆🏆

  34. XxAkiya ChanxX

    XxAkiya ChanxX15 日 前

    Omg i litterly cried in the First golden buzzer why there are so cute and very emotion so if im a judge and i saw them my points of them is a GOLDEN BUZZER!!!

  35. Stefan Birnbaum

    Stefan Birnbaum15 日 前

    The teacher looks like Peter Svidler

  36. Dávid Izsó

    Dávid Izsó15 日 前

    This show is not about talent anymore, but about cheese and fake stories!

  37. Steve Louis

    Steve Louis16 日 前

    Simon you need Gym

  38. Mikala Baker

    Mikala Baker16 日 前

    What a BRILLIANT Teacher!! This is the kind of Teacher that impacts childrens lives positively!!!

  39. Port Of Menteith Hall

    Port Of Menteith Hall16 日 前

    omg so sad I cried Lauren sheared

  40. André Pranger

    André Pranger16 日 前

    …………so great! Thank you! The first choir!👍👍😜 Love it!👍👍😊👍👍

  41. Lena Healy

    Lena Healy16 日 前

    I'm a huge Malec fan so God knows I started crying cuz of the song they used (I get to love you) when they pressed the buzzer for the first one The song was used for the Malec wedding

  42. Lizzie

    Lizzie17 日 前

    A three ring circus! Too fun! I was surprised that Simon liked it and I’m glad he did!

  43. Katie W.

    Katie W.17 日 前

    I no joke almost cried when I read Finn’s story



    Lol look at the kids face at 4:44

  45. Pauline YouDon'tKnow

    Pauline YouDon'tKnow18 日 前

    I wasn't ready for the dog and I cried like I never EVER had on this show

  46. Pauline YouDon'tKnow

    Pauline YouDon'tKnow18 日 前

    I don't know why everyone cried at the first one... But I did too.

  47. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf19 日 前

    A was crying

  48. Skidly Scamp

    Skidly Scamp19 日 前

    Blonde hair sitting behind Amanda Holden at 40 seconds in looks enthusiastic 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I would press her golden buzzer

  49. David Ghatas

    David Ghatas19 日 前

    This thing with the dog is so fake I think

  50. A W

    A W20 日 前

    Colin's song is so so moving. I'm so happy he won, moved me so much!

  51. Asaja Nielsen

    Asaja Nielsen20 日 前

    Simon is like that uncle you forget about or you just want to pick on him and his teeth are so white

  52. Anton Rahmanto

    Anton Rahmanto20 日 前

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  53. Kamille C

    Kamille C20 日 前

    most of them made me cry my eyes out😢

  54. Eli Hassel

    Eli Hassel20 日 前

    the first audition made everyones day, all the judges spoke from their heart

  55. littlenightmares fan

    littlenightmares fan20 日 前

    the one with the kdis were just cute

  56. روعه روعه

    روعه روعه21 日 前

    Them sobing over cute group then me crying because something got in my eyes

  57. Courtney Gordon

    Courtney Gordon21 日 前

    hi guys its me killer clown

  58. Riley Lee

    Riley Lee21 日 前

    Bro that last one his face I felt so bad he got it wrong and then he pulled up that acting and he was like sike it’s cola

  59. Jimi Kenttälä

    Jimi Kenttälä21 日 前

    Wheres X

  60. helen sims

    helen sims22 日 前

    Dave and Finn was one of my favourite people