TOP 5 Auditions On Britain's Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global


  1. The Police

    The Police日 前

    Please pause at 3:56

  2. Alfie Myatt

    Alfie Myatt3 日 前

    I got an ad with Simon in it

  3. YUMMY Z

    YUMMY Z7 日 前

    You can really tell all these people were extremely grateful for everything they have

  4. YUMMY Z

    YUMMY Z7 日 前

    4:08 kid on the far left is having a good time

  5. {Ashleyxplayz}

    {Ashleyxplayz}8 日 前

    Awh I cried when Simon pressed the golden buzzer to Kodjo (like every one of them made me cry tho)

  6. Mr.AJWorks

    Mr.AJWorks8 日 前


  7. Fantusaurus

    Fantusaurus8 日 前

    I want to hug Kojo.

  8. thJonOs

    thJonOs9 日 前

    So we gonna ignore the fact the the old mans homies are in the audience ? Bros 4 ever

  9. Amelie

    Amelie10 日 前

    The entire point of this video was to make me cry wasn’t it?

  10. Abbie Webb

    Abbie Webb10 日 前

    Finns story had me ankle deep in tears😭❤️

  11. Shahaan Munsoor

    Shahaan Munsoor10 日 前

    Worst talent ever

  12. Jaime Warhurst

    Jaime Warhurst11 日 前

    Why did the school kids make me cry,

  13. Cloud Man19

    Cloud Man1911 日 前

    When a elementary school thinks:Why not?

  14. Maria leticia Adormeo

    Maria leticia Adormeo12 日 前

    Their all great

  15. Eman Fatima

    Eman Fatima13 日 前

    The kid in the bin was really cute😍😍

  16. Ray Williams

    Ray Williams13 日 前

    David's over there cryin' like an actress haha.

  17. Oliver Saro

    Oliver Saro14 日 前

    Why does Alesha literally have a triangle on her ear? It's not eve on both of them.

  18. Mieke Bakker

    Mieke Bakker14 日 前

    The elderly man singing for his wife made me bawl my eyes out 😭😢😭

  19. Umut

    Umut15 日 前

    16:34 he didn't get. It wasn't taybow 😂

  20. chris bond

    chris bond15 日 前

    Oh dear,, false forced laughter at nothing funny or even mildly amusing, the kids at the beginning were rubbish, the "comedian" unfunny, the dog guy predictable, the old "soldier" painful,The guy at the end, was simply dying to get away, ,, or dying of a heart attack!

  21. chris bond

    chris bond15 日 前

    Can anyone please explain why the "alisha" thing has a an old 45 rpm record hanging from it's already huge lughole?? Ah O.K. no wonder I've never heard of it, apparently it's a crapper,, oh or is it rapper,, either way , talentless nobody?!!

  22. milen mitev

    milen mitev15 日 前

    Grate job

  23. David leon

    David leon17 日 前

    That first act was trash wtf

  24. Anorexic Banana

    Anorexic Banana18 日 前

    When Aleisha wore an instrument on her ear in the second, forth and fifth audition, I felt that (no hate at all). 🙂

  25. Helmuth Weidling

    Helmuth Weidling18 日 前

    amanda laughing her ass off when the kid fell lol

  26. [MxQ] oatcheese69

    [MxQ] oatcheese6918 日 前

    Guy with the kids was just amazing

  27. Kraus Elian

    Kraus Elian19 日 前

    he could have gone further with every serious joke...

  28. Jeffrey Peter

    Jeffrey Peter19 日 前

    poor dogo

  29. The Female thunderbirds nerd

    The Female thunderbirds nerd19 日 前

    Simon: *Pushes golden buzzer* Kojo: dies. (🤣)

  30. Karys Vost

    Karys Vost21 日 前

    Amanda is so cruel that little kid in the inflatable bubble fell over and she got up and pointed! 😂

  31. MDLady1965

    MDLady196521 日 前

    Freddie Mercury smiled this whole time.

  32. Dire Kat

    Dire Kat21 日 前

    If i Was a judge, I would just insult everyone. PERIODT.

  33. Habib Sahin Samu

    Habib Sahin Samu21 日 前

    I always love to see Ant and Decs on BGT

  34. Nolan Dolan

    Nolan Dolan22 日 前

    Honestly the kids choir was cute and all and it was funny and I really liked it but I didn’t really think it was that good. But that teacher deserves the world.

  35. Denise Peoples

    Denise Peoples23 日 前

    I couldn’t stop crying watching this video

  36. Ema Skye

    Ema Skye23 日 前

    Hey simon, got the image of david’s underwear from 2017 out of your head yet?

  37. Brianna N

    Brianna N23 日 前

    Judge: Hits golden buzzer Janitor: Aight ima head out

  38. MontagIstKacke

    MontagIstKacke23 日 前

    10:44 NNNNOICE

  39. ItsA Tiger

    ItsA Tiger24 日 前

    evrything but the first one was good..

  40. Jennifer Pertsch

    Jennifer Pertsch24 日 前

    In was crying the whole time when the man was singing🥺

  41. zhabiz HZ

    zhabiz HZ25 日 前

    these people all had talent, but notice how nearly all of them had an emotional story to go with their act simon brodkin talks about this when he absolutely pranked brittans got talent

  42. Selena 10

    Selena 1026 日 前

    The comedian is real good

  43. deceptively reality

    deceptively reality27 日 前

    Thats a (head) teacher I wish for every school around the world...

  44. Lebanon is the best!! Lebanon

    Lebanon is the best!! Lebanon29 日 前

    Why at the first clip David is crying?

  45. EnesKx

    EnesKx29 日 前

    Man I'm actually crying because of the man that sang about his wife😭

  46. belva cantiek

    belva cantiek29 日 前

    The teacher is really great teacher with a great heart .... blessing him with good fortune for his career . 🙏🙏🙏

  47. Heyy it's Ellie

    Heyy it's Ellieヶ月 前

    For the children’s choir I love the song they played after “I get to love you” Ruelle 😍😍😍😍

  48. Shahzeen Saleem

    Shahzeen Saleemヶ月 前

    Who wishes to have a teacher like him???😊😊😊

  49. 19_843 Gaming!

    19_843 Gaming!ヶ月 前

    That first one though

  50. Eliz Helme

    Eliz Helmeヶ月 前

    I love Amanda holdens laugh so much!

  51. rani weissbort

    rani weissbortヶ月 前

    i love it

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  53. Caleigh Hughes

    Caleigh Hughesヶ月 前

    Oxford uni: why should we accept u..? The second act: I got a golden buzzer Oxford uni: ummm okay.. is that it? The second act : I’m a comedian Oxford uni: okay that’s still not what we’re looking for.... The second act: it was from Simon Cowell .. Oxford uni: your incredible, yes.

  54. kanishk singh

    kanishk singhヶ月 前

    The teacher in the first act reminded me of Robin Williams in Dead poets Society😢😢

  55. N. Bunliang

    N. Bunliangヶ月 前

    have a dog as friend better then have a friend as dog.

  56. Rosanna-Angela Rosanna

    Rosanna-Angela Rosannaヶ月 前

    OMG...that’s comedian was hilarious. I am so glad that he got the golden buzzer. I was crying with laughter. 😂😂😂🤣🤣👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 the kids performance was so enjoyable. Xx ♥️♥️ and I’m sure that dog was cutting onions...he made my eyes leak. Xx ❤️😘

  57. Pleiodes

    Pleiodesヶ月 前

    Why does this stuff always have to be filled to the brim with emotion

  58. Geraldus Flabian

    Geraldus Flabianヶ月 前

    16:57 why the hell did my eyes already started to water 😂

  59. Vasile Iancu

    Vasile Iancuヶ月 前

    Amanda u can't stop laughing 😗😗😗😍😍😆😆😆🤣🤣

  60. Trina

    Trinaヶ月 前

    The first audition completely captivates children perfectly. Just mad chaos and fun!! absolutely loved it!