Top 5 Absurd War on Terror Tactics | Think Tank


  1. Lanskee Shuru

    Lanskee Shuru7 年 前

    There was a time when most people had read "1984." Not counting the parts of the book wherein literary license was taken and the few predictions about which Orwell was wrong, "1984" is a blueprint for what we are witnessing in Y2K+. No one had to censor "1984"----no one ever talks about it but it is "real." Biggie, hugely and majorly real.

  2. osensei75

    osensei757 年 前

    I've always had the feeling that guys with a beard & no stash are suffering some sort of identity crisis. This guy's a good example: full beard, almost a stash? maybe? no....wait, ther might be. Obviously an expression of inner turmoil.

  3. osensei75

    osensei757 年 前

    Ha ha ha! clearly they do...good eye.

  4. 4 Eyed Animation

    4 Eyed Animation7 年 前

    trolling her womb...hmmmm

  5. sapiencentric

    sapiencentric7 年 前

    These two have the hots for each other

  6. superbuickm3xiii

    superbuickm3xiii7 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="111">1:51</a> mmmmmmmm Abby Ear!!!!!

  7. Maluminse

    Maluminse7 年 前

    These ideas are not far fetched. Contingencies? yes creative people should plan for contingencies. ie stuff we didnt think of. Plaints that detect bombs? Why wouldnt we use them? Different? And? If it works use it.

  8. Henk van der Laak

    Henk van der Laak7 年 前

    *Beavis voice* RRRRRapalo, RRRRRapalo!!!

  9. D.A. Taylor

    D.A. Taylor7 年 前

    What I don't understand is how the Citizens of America aren't doing anything about this. The Bush administration lied to everyone about Iraq and were still there! When will The population wake up and take its country back!

  10. Jef Harvey

    Jef Harvey7 年 前

    Thank you for interjecting some good humor into what is otherwise a truly sad state of affairs. Staying positive in these time requires humor as regards the absurd.

  11. Charmain LaReau

    Charmain LaReau7 年 前

    Well why not they are giving battle metals out for the nintendo drone warriars

  12. yarkozel

    yarkozel7 年 前

    R-r-r-r-apalo :) Nice, Abby!

  13. Dango Unchained

    Dango Unchained7 年 前

    I imagine The Hurt Locker would have been a very different movie if they used the bomb-sniffing plant XD