top 100 songs of the 1990s


  1. TV Bol de Rire - Ming Luc

    TV Bol de Rire - Ming Luc14 時間 前

    Where did I put my discman from Sony? Buying a CD just for a few songs

  2. unguidedone

    unguidedone16 時間 前

    clearly venga boys is the best artist just take my money

  3. Farah bbb

    Farah bbb16 時間 前

    I was getting worried when Nirvana wasn't coming up lol

  4. Sappy Doll

    Sappy Doll20 時間 前

    Damn Michael Jackson songs were political during the 90s .. no wonder the hit him with pedophilia Charges

  5. Khalil Issa

    Khalil Issa日 前

    Nice that you put whitney Houston No 1 I think no 2 the look by roxette No 3 losing my religion by ERM And No 4 will be I've been thinking about you by london beat

  6. Retro Charts

    Retro Charts日 前 Top 200 songs of the 1990's give it a look and comment your top song

  7. Difer 1987

    Difer 1987日 前

    Super lista. Pero no concuerdo que Genie in the bottle no haya sido de los 10 primeros 😢

  8. iDonnaWatusi

    iDonnaWatusi日 前

    2020: My heart will go on will forever stuck in my head and my heart. For me titanic is the best movie of all time ❤️

  9. dj SQAMI

    dj SQAMI日 前

    Wish I could bk to this time in music....this is when music was music

  10. Stan Marsh

    Stan Marsh日 前

    How dare you put under the bridge at 99

  11. PetrolHead88 UK

    PetrolHead88 UK2 日 前

    I thought growing up would be the best thing ever and couldnt wait. Then 9/11 happened and the world has slowly been going downhill from then! Cheers to all us grown buggers, heres to the old days!

  12. BS Jason Voorhees

    BS Jason Voorhees2 日 前

    Baby one more time 😍

  13. Nikita Heredia

    Nikita Heredia2 日 前

    Love these songs, I was born in 90

  14. Devra Denny

    Devra Denny2 日 前

    All this BSB and no NSYNC. You got me twisted.

  15. Christina B

    Christina B2 日 前

    I really wish they would have acknowledged rock/grunge music like soundgarden, nirvana, depeche mode, pearl jam, and etc....more than 1 or 2 songs out of the groups.

  16. beatjunkybg

    beatjunkybg2 日 前

    It's not that music now is bad... POP MUSIC became more shallow and party oriented, while the more deep and meaningful songs can be found online now.

  17. Daniel Hightower

    Daniel Hightower2 日 前

    the 90's, what a great time to grow up in

  18. Shania Lauren

    Shania Lauren2 日 前

    The time when female artist can actually sing no wonder why this top 100 are almost female singers.

  19. Dj Stratus

    Dj Stratus3 日 前

    This is fucking joke! Huston 1, aqua in the top 10? Fack you idiots

  20. iDk

    iDk3 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="533">8:53</a> why is there a parody of "Losing my corn" by legendary music maker Sam O'Nella Vlog?

  21. kruklown20

    kruklown203 日 前

    more than words? ahead of their time? lol

  22. DeMarion

    DeMarion3 日 前

    I hated the '90s!

  23. Steve Yews

    Steve Yews3 日 前

    Oasis have the highest selling album of the 90s and only one of their songs is on there 🤔🤔(and the one there should be higher)

  24. mehmet kizilaslan

    mehmet kizilaslan4 日 前

    There should be Coco Jamboo in this list

  25. Harry Vu

    Harry Vu4 日 前

    Is there everyone here who's like me, trying to jot down song's title to look for the full version later?

  26. mdd1963

    mdd19634 日 前

    Mariah Carey is fine as hell when she is 120-130 lbs, vice her long term 250 lbs pre-surgical stomach staple she very clearly required , as her ever growing ass-width proved!

  27. Connor West

    Connor West4 日 前

    Ok so your telling me there was only 1 grunge song disappointed

  28. Stoica Andrei

    Stoica Andrei4 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="261">4:21</a> the best /queen of 90’s

  29. Lucas Góes

    Lucas Góes4 日 前

    If anyone is interested, i made a playlist with all musics in order top 100 to top 1

  30. ach nix

    ach nix4 日 前

    I remember wanting to be a Macarena! Girl really bad

  31. ach nix

    ach nix4 日 前

    Back when grown ups were allowed to be pop stars

  32. wieslaw broniewski

    wieslaw broniewski5 日 前

    sama hujnia!

  33. Christian jay Rosales

    Christian jay Rosales5 日 前

    Looking for my mom's favorite songs before she passed away, it's already 13 years

  34. David

    David5 日 前

    here's list. several songs were not included because i don't know or not my style. 100. be my lover - la bouche 98. mans i feel like a woman - shania twain 97. the power - snap! 95. say you'll be there - spice firls 94. pretty fly (for a white guy) - the offspring 93. quit playing games (with my heart) -backstreet boys 92. boom, boom, boom, boom - vengaboys 91. my name is - eminem 90. all star - smash mouth 89. kiss from a rose - seal 88. i'll make love to you - boyz 2 men 87. if you had my love - jennifer lopez 86. ready or not - fugees 85. ironic - alanis morissette 84. smooth - santana & rob thomas 83. iris - goo goo dolls 81. scatman (ska-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop) - scatman john 79. waterfalls - tlc 77. scar tissue - red hot chili peppers 75. crazy - aerosmith 74. the boy is mine brandy & monica 73. jump - kriss kross 72. genie in a bottle - christina aguilera 70. i have nothing - whitney houston 69. you are not alone - michael jakson 68. truly madly deeply - savage garden 67. thuderstruck - ac/dc 66. i believe i can fly - r. kelly 65. when you believe - mariah carey & whitney houston 64. as long as you love me - backstreet boys 63. i swear - all 4 one 62. the rhythm of the night - corona 61. the sign - ace of base 59. children - robert miles 58. end of the road - boys 2 men 57. circle of life - elton john 55. hero - mariah carey 54. earth song - michael jakson 53. (i can't help) falling in love with you - ub40 52. mmmbop - hanson 50. everybody - backstreet boys 49. pump up the jam - technotronic 48. all that she wants - ace of base 47. no scrubs - tlc 46. wonderwall - oasis 45. livin' la vida loca - ricky martin 43. bitter sweet symphony - the verve 41. more than words - extreme 40. candle in the wind - elton john 37. killing me softly - fugees 36. i don't want to miss a thing - aerosmith 35. one sweet day - mariah carey & boyz 2 men 34. torn - natalie imbruglia 31. tears in heaven - eric claton 30. california love - 2pac, dr/dre, roger troutman 29. believe - cher 28. i'll be missing you - puff daddy, faith evans, 112 27. always - bon jovi 26. mambo no.5 - lou bega 25. somewhere over the rainbow - israel kamakawiwo'ole 24. ice ice baby - vanilla ice 23. black or white - michael jackson 22. november rain guns n' roses 21. u can't touch this - mc hammer 20. what's up - 4 non blondes 19. without you - mariah carey 18. blue (da ba dee) - aiffel 65 17. it must have been love - roxette 16. un-break my heart - toni braxton 15. wind of change - scorpions 14. don't speak - no doubt 13. all i want for christmas is you - mariah carey 12. gangsta's paradise - coolo & l.v 11. (everything i can do) i do it for you - bryan adams 10. nothing compares 2 you - sinead o'connor 9. macarena - los del rio 8. i want it that way - backstreet boys 7. zombie - the cranberries 6. barbie girl - aqua 5. ... baby one more time - britney spears 4. smells like teen spirit - nirvana 3.wannabe - spice girls 2. my heart will go on - celine dion 1. i will always love you - whitney houston P.S.: visit Korea after this quarantine :)

  35. Belkis Vatansever

    Belkis Vatansever5 日 前

    Hayatımda pişman olduğum ama benim değiştiremiyeceğim şeylerden biri 90 larda doğmamak 90'larda doğanlar gerçekten çok kaliteli zamanlar yaşamış şimdi güzel şarkı yapan çok az kişi var sadece şarkı da değil zamanın her şeyi güzel 2004 de doğmak istemezdim benim ruhum 90 lara ait :')

  36. Sara Hollenbeck

    Sara Hollenbeck5 日 前

    I miss these days!!!! 33 years old and still listen to some of these songs.

  37. Quinn Mallory

    Quinn Mallory5 日 前

    Where is Modern Talking???

  38. Ront Bow

    Ront Bow6 日 前

    The 2020s are terrible now

  39. Jorge Villanueva Arellanes

    Jorge Villanueva Arellanes6 日 前

    Where la Alizée

  40. Kestrel raptorial

    Kestrel raptorial7 日 前

    Hey! I was a kid in the 90's and I've never heard most of these songs.

  41. Tommy Vercetti

    Tommy Vercetti7 日 前

    Mariah ❤️

  42. Ashlee VonMoos

    Ashlee VonMoos7 日 前

    You missed new kids on the block songs

  43. Adrilak

    Adrilak7 日 前

    torn number 1 bitch please.

  44. bouje kidd

    bouje kidd8 日 前


  45. jan-erik Tørres

    jan-erik Tørres8 日 前

    THe top ten songs ...was that joke ??

  46. The FØX

    The FØX8 日 前

    Who knows a mix of several house songs like "Machito Ponce - Ponte A Brincar" and "Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On"? Help find plz, looking for more than 10 years...

  47. Lygre

    Lygre8 日 前

    The 90s was so silly, lol. Born in 84.

  48. Lions Michael Jackson

    Lions Michael Jackson8 日 前

    Michael And Janet the best legendary anything they make is

  49. Jonnhy Mora

    Jonnhy Mora8 日 前


  50. Ein Mensch

    Ein Mensch9 日 前

    I am 12 years old and I love all these songs. They're the best songs ever in the earth. I want to go in a time travelling machine and go to these wonderful times. ): (Sorry for my english, I am from germany)

  51. Ein Mensch

    Ein Mensch6 日 前

    @Paul Dotten Yayyy hahah😂❤

  52. Paul Dotten

    Paul Dotten6 日 前

    Omg hi ich bin auch aus Deutschland und bin 16 haha

  53. Matthew C.

    Matthew C.9 日 前

    #62 No No No No Noooo

  54. Rebecca Watson

    Rebecca Watson9 日 前

    A little surprised only one Britney song was here, but it was the most iconic one. Also this is my option but Queen deserves to be on here BIG TIME! But basically all my other songs were here. Also I’m a BSB fan so I felt there should be more but again I’m bias lol.

  55. Rebecca Watson

    Rebecca Watson9 日 前

    Some of these aren’t even from the 90s. Like Can’t Help Falling In Love With You is from 1961 (and apparently the melody was. Asked if a French song from 1784), and Candle In The Wind was the 70s. Not to mention Ice Ice Baby was a complete rip of of Queen/David Bowie’s Under Pressure from almost a decade earlier. Sure the *talking* is him, but he stole that from one of the biggest bands ever filled with legends and another legend, David Bowie. So even though it is a 90s song, it wasn’t original and it was also illegal.

  56. darkdave1985

    darkdave19859 日 前


  57. Nelson Escalante

    Nelson Escalante9 日 前

    Musica de verdad... no como el montón de basura actual...

  58. Martin GGPP

    Martin GGPP9 日 前

    Creep, Erotica, Hand in my Pocket, You still the one, Confide in me..

  59. J J

    J J9 日 前

    What a shower of shit 😂 I'm just glad our family got Sky with one of those huge fuckoff sat dishes so I could have MTV... Can't believe I had to live through this AND the 00's.

  60. Alex Srvbrd

    Alex Srvbrd9 日 前

    Not a single Prodigy song? You've gotta be kidding me

  61. Astrid Marcus

    Astrid Marcus9 日 前

    5- BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!!

  62. Abdullah Almontashri

    Abdullah Almontashri9 日 前

    Hitting no. 1 😢😭 I love you 3000

  63. abraham gere

    abraham gere10 日 前

    The 90's were the bomb. 2020 is shit !!!

  64. RM K

    RM K10 日 前

    The year the songs came out and the name of the artist/band is written too small.

  65. Mélissa A.

    Mélissa A.10 日 前

    There's no one sweet day by MC & boys || men !? 😮😮😮

  66. Lou Yolo

    Lou Yolo10 日 前

    There’s this song I’ve always listened too when I was younger, but I completely forgot about it and now I’m searching for it. It’s this dude singing, some chick he’s with ( I don’t remember the details that happened next ) and then they get shot at or something, and towards the end, the dude gets beat up by people and the girl stands aside watching while crying, and then the cops come at the end and the girl is holding onto him while he’s dying(?). Anyways, if you know what I’m talking about, could y’all help me? Lol

  67. Chris Sonnenberg

    Chris Sonnenberg10 日 前

    Everyone was so worried about Y2K that they pumped out so many jams in 99

  68. Claudette W

    Claudette W10 日 前

    I can't believe If, That's the Way Love Goes, Any Time, Any Place didn't make this list. It's not the 90's without Janet.

  69. Author7

    Author711 日 前

    I grow up with this music. 🙂❤️

  70. comerowasabi

    comerowasabi11 日 前

    Of course Whitney would be first! Incomparable singer, there will never be anyone like her.

  71. pu

    pu11 日 前

    Somebody make this a playlist pls

  72. Brian Doran

    Brian Doran11 日 前

    Wow 70's 80's 90's and no bowie

  73. Jefferson Jurado Torre

    Jefferson Jurado Torre12 日 前

    Robbie Williams - Angels? 🤔

  74. Fatih Eraslan

    Fatih Eraslan12 日 前


  75. Khlifa Grissa

    Khlifa Grissa12 日 前

    1990 très belles soirées de fou je t’aime plus fort

  76. Juan Carlos Sánchez

    Juan Carlos Sánchez12 日 前

    Excelente lista de temas.

  77. Justin DiMarzo

    Justin DiMarzo12 日 前

    Well title doesnt match with playlist. All of thise songs are pretty well known.

  78. Its Me

    Its Me12 日 前

    la copa de la vida maria when i drram at night bilamos ??

  79. Fazi Bran99

    Fazi Bran9912 日 前

    Best of the best years song..!!!!

  80. Coldmaster

    Coldmaster12 日 前

    I was borned in 99, and I gotta say 90s and early 00s are my favourites. Reminds me of my childhood.

  81. Witchy Witch

    Witchy Witch12 日 前

    It brings tears to my eyes

  82. pinche pepe

    pinche pepe12 日 前

    november rain is like the one for me