Top 10 Strongest One Piece Characters


  1. Maze

    Maze日 前

    One piece main character Monkey D. Luffy and not even in top 10 hha wtf

  2. abul faisal

    abul faisal3 日 前

    Where is gold DE roger

  3. ashutosh nagrale

    ashutosh nagrale3 日 前

    why Garp is not there?

  4. arun ledger

    arun ledger5 日 前

    Brook called yonko a young lady

  5. Hudson Michael

    Hudson Michael6 日 前

    Jeez this list sucks

  6. Moolokswrath Ofc

    Moolokswrath Ofc7 日 前

    sengoku - son goku

  7. Hudson Michael

    Hudson Michael7 日 前

    How the hell is shanks number 2 and Mihawk not even on the list? Mihawk is clearly stronger than Shanks. Also even bigger, how is GARP not even on the list, probably the strongest Marine to ever live? And in no way is Kaido the strongest charaacter in one piece. This list kinda sucks

  8. #Pokemon 777

    #Pokemon 7779 日 前

    hell shanks made Hawkeye surrender, and go away!

  9. TheWizard

    TheWizard9 日 前

    You nailed them man. God it seems like I have been waiting forever to see something interesting from Shanks..

  10. Ack! Hans! Run!

    Ack! Hans! Run!9 日 前

    Number 1 should have been Garp and then the yonko

  11. Fixxezz 3

    Fixxezz 310 日 前

    Wtf Akainu😂I think Luffy,s 4th gear is stronger than Akainu...but luffy 4th gear can't even touch Rayleigh😂😂

  12. sfx

    sfx10 日 前

    XDDDDDDDDD chyba jedyne co oglądałeś z one piece to jakieś best moments of one piece i po prostu zobacyzłeś jak czarnobrody zabił biaobrodego i chyba tym sie sugerowałeś

  13. I Am Nameless

    I Am Nameless11 日 前

    Tf where is garp? He is the best of the marines..he is even powerful than sengoku..damnn

  14. Freaky deaky

    Freaky deaky11 日 前

    1) Monkey D. PeePee The "lurking legend" that will be revealed in chapter 1000. Found by Pedro after narrowly escaping his "death" on wholecake. Ultimate recipient of the will of D and will of P, will survive any attack not limited to city level explosions and beheading. Can duel and beat Kaido because when you fight against Pee, you fight against Oda too.

  15. sanlin

    sanlin12 日 前

    We all know that sogeking is the strongest ಠ_ಠ

  16. مهند الاخضر

    مهند الاخضر12 日 前

    Garp !!!!!!






    Tbis list is wrong here ia de real one Buggy d clow Con D riano God ussop



    Con d riano is the strongest

  20. Tomisin ojo

    Tomisin ojo13 日 前

    I think that black beard what shanks and Hawkeyes swords

  21. Tomisin ojo

    Tomisin ojo13 日 前

    Shanks has the reverse blade griffon that reflects any damage done to it back at the aggressor

  22. Mohan Chaitanya Yenigalla

    Mohan Chaitanya Yenigalla13 日 前

    garp no 1 took down rocks pirates

  23. Ali Kettani

    Ali Kettani14 日 前

    Where's mihawk , marco and garp

  24. Giovanni

    Giovanni14 日 前

    Considering what we knew at the time I think Kaido couldn't be considered the strongest, we know only what others said about him (strongest creature and so on..., but also that he was captured a lot of times), like the case of Moria (people said he fight with Kaido and was one of his past enemies, but was one of the weakest of the shichibukai). Considering what we know now, [SPOILER] Kaido is extremely strong, but can't be the strongest for storyline reasons (without considering past heroes like Garp, Sengoku, Roger, Rayleigh, Oden and so on... because we don't know how much they feel the years after the time skip - think about Sengoku). Anyway, I think that the WB of Marineford was the strongest ever (if we can consider a dead character) for pure strength, resistance, fruit and intelligence. Regarding Shanks, we don't know so much about him, but he's respected especially for his balanced and strong crew, not only for its strength.

  25. Yassine Essid

    Yassine Essid15 日 前

    Where is mihawk ???

  26. Noswewe Pusa

    Noswewe Pusa15 日 前

    Where is God ussop

  27. Farhan Mohammed

    Farhan Mohammed16 日 前

    Where tf is Gold roger and also Why is whitebeard 4th ?? He clashed against gold roger numerous times and could’ve been the pirate king but he didn’t want to also where’s dragon and garP???

  28. Vincent Lepheane

    Vincent Lepheane16 日 前

    Kadio is the strongest? Man that's can you be the strongest when the main character will kill you before all those you are in the list with?

  29. Vincent Lepheane

    Vincent Lepheane16 日 前

    Me:(Clicks on this video) Watchmojo: number 10,Aokiji Me: Fuck this shit

  30. Traangas

    Traangas17 日 前

    The english version sounds so wrong for some reason

  31. The Beast

    The Beast18 日 前

    this is fked up,dont do anime vids watchmojo

  32. aba daba do

    aba daba do18 日 前

    The top 10 For me: The 4 emperors The 3 admirals Fleet admiral(Sengoku) Greatest Swordsman (Mihawk) Navy Hero (Garp)

  33. TÜRKİYE Reiz

    TÜRKİYE Reiz19 日 前

    number 0=gold D roger

  34. Nino

    Nino19 日 前

    Where tf is Garp

  35. Giorno Brando

    Giorno Brando20 日 前

    You can easily tell how strong Shanks is even tho he lost a arm he came to the marineford war and challenged everyone except the white beard pirates not just the marines but also the Blackbeard pirates and all the admirals. And ended the war

  36. Mohammed Taseen

    Mohammed Taseen20 日 前

    You forgot Hawkeye mihawk

  37. Rθηιη

    Rθηιη21 日 前

    Kaido is the strongest creature not the strongest character, white beard is the strongest of them he crushed akainu and black beard while being heavily injured and old

  38. Joey Pieterse

    Joey Pieterse19 日 前

    But that was before blackbeard stole his fruit, after that blackbeard was stronger

  39. tejas Bhatnagar

    tejas Bhatnagar22 日 前

    After all luffy become no. 1

  40. ZJUN ONG

    ZJUN ONG22 日 前

    If laid wants to die then he can jump in the sea

  41. sora roxas

    sora roxas22 日 前

    10 kuzan? 9 kizaru? Make sure the rest of the kist better be good otherwise unsubscribing

  42. pacion pubg

    pacion pubg22 日 前

    Where is mihawk

  43. Timoyski Gaming

    Timoyski Gaming22 日 前

    WTF Kaido? Rocks D Xebec will kick his ass in no time LOL.....

  44. Goldtriangle

    Goldtriangle23 日 前

    The top 10 For me: The 4 emperors The 3 admirals Fleet admiral(Sengoku) Greatest Swordsman (Mihawk) Navy Hero (Garp)

  45. Präfix_ PvP

    Präfix_ PvP23 日 前

    But the strongest character is whitebeard Prime time

  46. Sharp Shades

    Sharp Shades23 日 前


  47. Bashar200 Alkhayyat

    Bashar200 Alkhayyat23 日 前

    is it just me or is enel not in this list? past enel was prolly instanely close to yonko level and now timeskip enel would have been prolly yonko level or stronger. even if he couldnt use his power luffy still struggled soooooo much to beat him. prolly only blackbeard and luffy would be able to kill him since his fruit gives him all his power

  48. Kostadin Hadjidinev

    Kostadin Hadjidinev24 日 前

    I actually agree for the most part. This list is definitely better than the list of 99% of One Piece's youtubers that make lists entierly based on bias. However they seem to have missed Mihawk and Garp and Shanks should be below Bg Mom.

  49. David Felix

    David Felix25 日 前

    Interesting that nobody has mantioned Bullet, whome i think is on pair on most of the top 10 easily.

  50. Studio Sea Lion

    Studio Sea Lion25 日 前

    “She may not be the most powerful of the emperors...” Big mom, one year later: *Stalemates with Kaido*

  51. ML Legend

    ML Legend25 日 前

    1. Whitebeard 2.Garp 3. Shanks

  52. HaPpY

    HaPpY25 日 前

    Garp? Mihawk?

  53. Dynamic Tae

    Dynamic Tae26 日 前

    You are high where is luffy

  54. Chris Marklowitz

    Chris Marklowitz26 日 前

    why doesnt he just jump in the sea if he was trying to kill himself

  55. I Love Anime

    I Love Anime27 日 前

    For me, the strongest One Piece character was the Captain of the Rox Pirate. Where Marines and Roger Pirates work together to defeat these guys. That's why Garp was named as the "Hero of the Navy" because he convinced Roger to team up with Marines. And remember Yonko Big Mom and Yonko Kaido was just a member of that Pirate group. Even Garp said it, that before Roger it was "their" time.

  56. ramit basnet

    ramit basnet27 日 前

    This is mojo prolly the worst listing channel


    SRI HARISH28 日 前

    Dood 😂😂 did you watch one piece kaido isn't powerful than shanks and 1st place should be Gol D. Roger and 2nd place Whitebeard (Young)


    SRI HARISH28 日 前

    Lol this list is not true do you think sengoku is weak😂 je didn't show his full potential boii

  59. Giggity G

    Giggity G28 日 前

    Imagine just starting one piece and you scrolling through JPreporter and see shanks as the thumbnail and seeing the title 😬

  60. Ivo Mesquita

    Ivo Mesquita29 日 前

    you don't include Garp in this list? Garp and Roger together beat’s Rock’s pirates (Big Mom, kaido, shiki...) this list is to bad 😩

  61. Marco Yt

    Marco Yt29 日 前


  62. Lotoviko Finau

    Lotoviko Finau29 日 前

    ummm wheres gold. d Roger

  63. All -Star

    All -Starヶ月 前

    How did you put sengoku and not include garp!?!?

  64. LEGENDn1mo

    LEGENDn1moヶ月 前

    I think shanks is the strongest

  65. LEGENDn1mo

    LEGENDn1moヶ月 前

    Most strongest sea prison stone .... 😂😂😂

  66. Gabz Laraley

    Gabz Laraleyヶ月 前

    On est d’accord one piece est le meilleur manga du monde 😌

  67. LIHUA WU

    LIHUA WUヶ月 前


  68. Eric Heinz

    Eric Heinzヶ月 前

    Luff should’ve made the list

  69. Vishal Giri

    Vishal Giriヶ月 前

    Well we finally know why Kaido is the strongest, so does Luffy..

  70. JIE

    JIEヶ月 前

    Have you ever wonder what would happen if kizaru got beamed by foxy which have slow slow fruit something?

  71. Manuel Cruz Jr.

    Manuel Cruz Jr.ヶ月 前

    Watch Mojo Logic. 2nd Stronger Character hasn't fought in the entire serie🤦‍♂️

  72. Sleepyman Burns

    Sleepyman Burnsヶ月 前

    It’s irritating when you choose Kaido over the strongest man in the world Edward “Pops” Newgate

  73. Adrijan Mullarama

    Adrijan Mullaramaヶ月 前

    Kaido is named strongest thing on earth. Kaidos title sounds more powerful, but yeah, Whitebeard would defeat Kaido.

  74. quentin will

    quentin willヶ月 前

    did he say white beard can create fishes?

  75. vidit saklani

    vidit saklaniヶ月 前

    whitebeard is stronger than black beard and akainu stronger than big mom

  76. CHRISMAN -mars

    CHRISMAN -marsヶ月 前

    1. Monkey. D. Dragon

  77. Nikola Doynov

    Nikola Doynovヶ月 前

    What about Garp he’s known as Garp the hero Garp the fist and he’s for sure stronger then Sengaku

  78. Axel Christopher Hernandez Millan

    Axel Christopher Hernandez Millanヶ月 前

    All i can say is wait for Imu-Sama.

  79. Avilio Lagusa

    Avilio Lagusaヶ月 前

    Shanks and Rayleigh were only who make it to top 10. Wait a minute where is garp.



    Gol D Roger ? Garp ? Mihawk ?

  81. Indian Otaku

    Indian Otakuヶ月 前

    Brooke should be No1 You just can't kill him. One piece will end but brooke.

  82. viewer number#1

    viewer number#1ヶ月 前

    When u say u wanna be #1 but ur already #1