Top 10 Strongest One Piece Characters


  1. Smile :D Is nice

    Smile :D Is nice日 前

    Why shank strong than whitebeard

  2. Muhammad Maaz Siddiqui

    Muhammad Maaz Siddiqui日 前

    Monkey d. Dragon?

  3. Raime TFK

    Raime TFK日 前

    *sees watch mojo top ten list on one piece* welp let's see how wrong they are

  4. Gerwin Morales

    Gerwin Morales2 日 前

    Roger shanks/dragon garp whitebeard kaido blackbeard big mom akainu sengoku mihawk fujitora kizaru kuzan

  5. That Boi

    That Boi2 日 前

    Help kaido rest in peace you gotta feel bad for him he just wants for someone to kill him and he thinks jumping into the water is the easy way out and plus we dont know if he can have his head out of the water like hes taller than big mom

  6. Pirate Hunter XO

    Pirate Hunter XO3 日 前

    Not a incredibly bad list but tbh 1- Shanks 2- Kaido 3- Big Mom 4- Akainu 5- Dragon 6- Blackbeard 7- Mihawk 8- Kuzan 9- Kizaru 10- Greenbull

  7. Darren PH

    Darren PH3 日 前

    Shanks looks like gildarts lol

  8. dionisis x

    dionisis x12 時間 前

    He came out before gildarts .


    SEE THAT6 日 前

    Where is king of pierates Mr.Gold

  10. Shon Shon

    Shon Shon6 日 前

    Where's Garp, Mihawk, Monkey D. Dragon and Luffy?

  11. Giggity G

    Giggity G7 日 前

    How in the fuck is Garp not on this list

  12. Cosmic Gaming

    Cosmic Gaming7 日 前

    10:17 *Red Head Shanks* 🤣

  13. Emad 007

    Emad 0077 日 前

    Lol what??? How could you put White Beard fourth? When they stated very clearly that he was the strongest man alive in the anime. And where is Garp? Mehawk?

  14. Rushikesh

    Rushikesh7 日 前

    Luffys father is Dragon , but Kaido's devilfruit power is Dragon. Which means Kaido is Luffys step father

  15. Parikshit Singh Phagura

    Parikshit Singh Phagura9 日 前

    Here is my top 10 list of individual strongest characters in their prime (depending on the facts stated in manga/anime so far) (1) Gol D Roger (2) Monkey D Garp (3) Rox (4) Kaido (5) Black Beard (6) Whitebeard (7) Big Mom (8) Sengoku (9) Akainu (10) Gold Lion Shiki (The 5 elders are obviously way stronger than the top 10, and Imu Sama is even stronger than 5 elders)

  16. Empathy Trail

    Empathy Trail11 日 前

    kaido is a punk if he really was bout that suicide life he'd go swimming

  17. Lazy

    Lazy11 日 前

    Garp not eveb in it lmao oda him slef saod he was the strongest in the marine ford from all marines

  18. Vanlalhriatnunga Vanhawi

    Vanlalhriatnunga Vanhawi12 日 前

    Where's garp

  19. Corrupted Noob

    Corrupted Noob12 日 前

    Money defeated kaido why is he not at 1

  20. anime world

    anime world13 日 前

    Wheres Garp?

  21. Red Green Beam

    Red Green Beam13 日 前

    xebec garp and Roger are the strongest

  22. Emman Garcia

    Emman Garcia13 日 前

    No Garp No Mihawk (as powerful as shanks) No Marco Whitebeard at 4 Kaido at 1?? (Top 5 but not 1) Rayleigh at 7??? There should be special mentions: Fujitora and Katakuri

  23. VinS

    VinS14 日 前

    Luffy won't be on this list obviously because there's no thrill if no one's gonna step in his way. The series would be boring too. But Luffy will be the Pirate King someday so basically he's gonna become the strongest.

  24. Suraj Rout

    Suraj Rout14 日 前

    shanks should be no 1 in this list

  25. Yenny Luciana

    Yenny Luciana14 日 前

    1.Devil Fruit and swords Makes the characters strongest Plus 10.18:Red head shanks???

  26. The last Prophet

    The last Prophet14 日 前

    Ever realise Akainu's hat never freaking came off ???😂🤣

  27. must thopa nova

    must thopa nova15 日 前

    Gildo tesoro

  28. Comic Nine

    Comic Nine15 日 前

    People who are missing 1garp 2mihawk 3gold d roger

  29. Ryan C

    Ryan C16 日 前


  30. Iskandar Aslar

    Iskandar Aslar16 日 前

    This doesn't seems right where's garp?mihawk?

  31. Calais Mcnabb-Honana

    Calais Mcnabb-Honana16 日 前

    Lol black beard stronger then white beard

  32. ilias noice

    ilias noice17 日 前

    Aikanu stronger than raiyleigh 🤡

  33. Timo Meloh

    Timo Meloh17 日 前

    Garp would wipe the floor with Akainu & Mihawk was on Par with Shanks when he had TWO arms so hmmm this kid clearly has no idea...

  34. The Power of Kings

    The Power of Kings15 日 前

    damn. really might be the case since his voice is on all the popular anime top 10's. rather hear a top 10 from someone who focuses in on one piece

  35. Timo Meloh

    Timo Meloh17 日 前

    No Garp & No Mihawk = No idea 🤦🏽‍♂️

  36. renz jaykel demavivas

    renz jaykel demavivas18 日 前

    Stupidity list !!! Shyt

  37. Prince Carlos

    Prince Carlos18 日 前

    Whitebeard's First commander Marco the Phoenix is on par with Kizaru Big Mom's commander Katakuri was defeated by Luffy Commanders of Yonko are stronger than warlords but probably on par with Admirals Gah. This means Luffy can actually defeat an admiral in full strength I bet he's in between top 10-15 as the strongest now

  38. Alex Ni

    Alex Ni18 日 前

    no, strongest is mountain king fk bear from east sea. he step on the fifth king's head, humiliate the red hair and claimed he killed 50 people red hair level. KING OF THE KING

  39. deMAXgamer

    deMAXgamer18 日 前

    You Forgot garp mihawk marco probably and whitebeard was the strongest man in the world

  40. waleed ismail

    waleed ismail19 日 前

    really a bad job, oda is upset

  41. harsh Verma

    harsh Verma19 日 前

    She may not be strongest of the yonko.... Yes soul manipulation, sun and thundercloud plus nearly immortal body. Could kill a giant at age 5.....cmon man really!

  42. Shamsu Mia

    Shamsu Mia19 日 前

    Watchmojo:makes top 10 strongest one piece character without garp Chapter 957: somebody hold garp's fist

  43. reilly mckenzie

    reilly mckenzie11 日 前

    k9beast_12 it was known that he was on par with gol d roger

  44. k9beast_12

    k9beast_1214 日 前

    This is almost a year ago so we didnt know how strong garp was

  45. OneXDragon

    OneXDragon15 日 前

    hahahahahahaha made my day xDd

  46. Bintang aurura

    Bintang aurura20 日 前

    Prime Garp.

  47. One Above All

    One Above All21 日 前

    1. Monkey D. Dragon 2. Monkey D. Garp 3. Shanks 4. Kaido 5. Charlotte Linlin 6. Marshall D. Teach 7. Dracule Mihawk 8. Sakazuki 9. Kuzan 10. Borsalino

  48. GG EZ

    GG EZ21 日 前


  49. Fast Networks

    Fast Networks21 日 前

    1. Kaido 2. Big mom 3. Dragon 4. Shanks 5. Akainu 6. Mihawk 7. Blackbeard 8. Kizaru 9. Kuzan 10. Luffy

  50. Czairen Salsh

    Czairen Salsh21 日 前

    The strongest one piece character and the strongest of d family is Dora D Explorer

  51. Scooter

    Scooter12 日 前

    Good one


    WINDOUGH YT15 日 前


  53. Peter Ni

    Peter Ni21 日 前

    I think this dude is picking his favorite characrer

  54. Glazed Donuts

    Glazed Donuts22 日 前

    2. Rocks d xebec

  55. shadow6097

    shadow609722 日 前

    List didn’t need white beard since he died after the marine ford war... Just saying.... 🙃

  56. Hawk Dawg

    Hawk Dawg19 日 前

    Strongest Heroes. Bro doesnt mean dead ones dont count

  57. siphe H

    siphe H22 日 前

    No hounarable mentions for people like Garp, Fujitora,Mihawk, Dragon and other strong One piece characters. They at least deserve that

  58. Juan Masday

    Juan Masday22 日 前

    Lol top1 it should be Whitebeard why? Coz thats according to the story! He's the strongest man in the world

  59. Rhhfhf Sajajaa

    Rhhfhf Sajajaa16 日 前

    @Juan Masday hahaha okay

  60. Juan Masday

    Juan Masday16 日 前

    Rhhfhf Sajajaa use commonsense pls..

  61. Rhhfhf Sajajaa

    Rhhfhf Sajajaa16 日 前

    @Juan Masday yeah thats why akainu put 2 holes in his chest. Also, they even said squardo wouldnt be able to sneak up on WB, but hes old anf his Observation Haki isnt as good as it once was. You're just a delusional fanboy

  62. Juan Masday

    Juan Masday16 日 前

    Rhhfhf Sajajaa use your commonsense kid! Even if he's ill or defeated by anyone coz of his age! The story is he's the strongestman in the world. Facts

  63. Rhhfhf Sajajaa

    Rhhfhf Sajajaa16 日 前

    He was old and ill, nowhere near the strongest at marineford

  64. Suici duX

    Suici duX23 日 前

    it think shanks is more like silver rayleigh



    whrere is MONKEY D GARO AND DRAGON..

  66. Katakuri Nee sama

    Katakuri Nee sama20 日 前

    Did you even watch the introduction?

  67. Saeed Thafeer

    Saeed Thafeer23 日 前

    akoiji is stronger than kizaru

  68. InVaDeR

    InVaDeR23 日 前

    Finally someone that doesn't put the weak Mihawk in the list , thank you man, like Mihawk couldn't even take on Buggy lol

  69. Last First

    Last First24 日 前

    Actual top ten: 1: Water, can kill any devil fruit peep 2: Buggy, he’s fucking invincible 3: Cobby, He’ll just outsmart everyone cause he got glasses 4: Luffy cause he the mc 5: Chuck Norris 6: Shanks 7: Pewdiepie pie 8: Garp 9: That Fish from Episode 1 10: Hello kitty

  70. Pit Bull X

    Pit Bull X24 日 前

    I believe have more stronger than this list, for exemple imu!! Is still misterious yet, Kaido most strong "creature" but say in 1 vs 1 Kaido win so he is top 1!! Now all of time, I don't know about Roger, maybe was weak just want be pirate, and Rayleigh defend him, fight for him, that it's why called him "shadow" dark king hmmm Only 2 don't know how power are shank and Roger!!

  71. asagod 876

    asagod 87624 日 前

    viva one piece loko !!!

  72. Shishir Kunwar

    Shishir Kunwar24 日 前

    Where is garp

  73. Shishir Kunwar

    Shishir Kunwar24 日 前

    What akainu is powerful than raylei

  74. Killer Pradhan

    Killer Pradhan25 日 前

    What about mihawk aka hawkeye