Top 10 Gordon Ramsay Outbursts


  1. Gabaya Family

    Gabaya Family日 前


  2. Amaraa TS

    Amaraa TS日 前

    Arrogant shit. He forgot he is still a cook.

  3. Spencer Lent

    Spencer Lent日 前

    #3 is my fave

  4. Narciza Gomes Da Silva

    Narciza Gomes Da Silva2 日 前

    Gandhi’s flip flops.

  5. DanyuP

    DanyuP2 日 前

    10:17 omg i remember this "clock" I was laughing so hard😂

  6. Gabe The Wolf

    Gabe The Wolf7 日 前

    Amy and sammy are trying too kill people by poisoning them and feeding them to their “cat children”

  7. Fugeta20

    Fugeta208 日 前

    Idc what anyone says, Gordan Ramsey is my fucking hero.

  8. Abdulaziz Xm

    Abdulaziz Xm8 日 前

    Stfu and just run the viedeo bitxh

  9. James Masek

    James Masek9 日 前

    Donkeys kitchen had me fucking rolling 🤣🤣🤣


    ANAK BUMIK10 日 前

    *chef anto join the server* Duar duatrr dyaaarrr hancur semua

  11. rodrigo barrientos

    rodrigo barrientos11 日 前


  12. Cameron Dethlefs

    Cameron Dethlefs11 日 前

    Gordon: where’s the fucking lamb sauce The lamb: time to make “sauce”

  13. Matthew Vlahos

    Matthew Vlahos12 日 前


  14. Assassins Creed

    Assassins Creed12 日 前

    Watch Mojo : Number one, Look! Look!! Look!!! (got confused before watching it) Me (After watching the top 1) : (put my phone infront of my mum's face) Look! Look!! Look!!!

  15. MCMadness23 Minecraft & More

    MCMadness23 Minecraft & More12 日 前

    10:07 was one of the funniest things ive ever seen

  16. Solid Milk

    Solid Milk13 日 前

    Damn it all the gordan ramsey top 10 videos r on this shitty channel all the lady does is talk and cencor literally every word

  17. fishingUSA 1

    fishingUSA 114 日 前

    I straight up love this man lmao

  18. Bluepastel sunnies

    Bluepastel sunnies14 日 前

    hes too mean. i get that these places need improvement but damn, i don’t feel like its right for Gordon to be little people like that..

  19. Dark Shadows Ultimatum

    Dark Shadows Ultimatum7 日 前

    I like his style, because he's brutally honest

  20. The Tall One

    The Tall One15 日 前

    Iwant him to live forever, he is aLegend!!!

  21. nico Sianici

    nico Sianici15 日 前

    Mami masak

  22. Christine Donley

    Christine Donley17 日 前

    I came here for "yankee dankee doodle shite" and "Look, look, LOOK!"

  23. Present Future

    Present Future17 日 前

    Where does he come up with these Savage insults

  24. Alireza Mirzaee

    Alireza Mirzaee18 日 前

    اين شف رمزى رو بايدبفرستن ديوونه خونه نه آشپزخونه مردك پاك روانيه🤣

  25. Bushy_green_man99

    Bushy_green_man9918 日 前

    Chef.Ramsey is actually Scottish not brittish

  26. Brick Alivesea

    Brick Alivesea18 日 前

    Gordon: *voice cracks* Watchmojo: "he might just lost his sanity Me: his voice just got louder, because hes furious and shoutinh wtf watchmojo

  27. Dipti Rajkumari

    Dipti Rajkumari18 日 前

    The person in 5:48 doesn't know whom is he talking to😂

  28. JC Denton

    JC Denton18 日 前

    10:04 1776 American Revolution *in a nutshell*

  29. JC Denton

    JC Denton18 日 前

    09:08 Joseph is a Soviet Chef Ramsay is a Nazi

  30. JC Denton

    JC Denton18 日 前

    *02:30* 😂😂😂😂

  31. ZombY AMVs

    ZombY AMVs19 日 前

    WHAT, IS, *THIS?!?!?!*

  32. John Johnny M Magennis

    John Johnny M Magennis19 日 前

    Ramsey shit himself when he was asked to step outside

  33. Naitō Gottfreed

    Naitō Gottfreed19 日 前

    all talk and can’t back it up.. that guy should’ve beat his ass but the security stepped in.

  34. Glo Troller

    Glo Troller19 日 前

    shut up for once u talker

  35. Zena Stacy

    Zena Stacy20 日 前

    As Fallon would say to you.. Get in your lane girl! 😂🤣😂

  36. hey lo

    hey lo20 日 前

    First video I saw without the comment section at same tym


    STARLEX20 日 前

    Thanos : *makes soup* Gordon : ITS DRY GO F*** YOURSELF UPSTAIRS

  38. cereal killah

    cereal killah20 日 前


  39. YoungRe3hunnid

    YoungRe3hunnid21 日 前

    Leave it to mojo to ruin a perfect comp.

  40. Fry Boy

    Fry Boy22 日 前

    Thats why its called non *STIIIIIICK*


    [{HIGHLY- DISTORTED}]22 日 前

    Who needs parents when you can have Ramsay as a father.

  42. Dox Rapidfire

    Dox Rapidfire20 日 前

    If he was your father, you'd have parents