Top 10 Gordon Ramsay’s BEST Insults! (Customer)


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  2. Leo Seki

    Leo Sekiヶ月 前


  3. 349 Scotty

    349 Scottyヶ月 前

    @BabbleTop ^

  4. NonFarmer

    NonFarmer2 ヶ月 前

    Why censor the Cartoon Network logo 3:26

  5. Elias Rivera

    Elias Rivera2 ヶ月 前

    @Thomas Mason and

  6. LotusFN

    LotusFN2 ヶ月 前

    Bilal Khalid bismillah repent man

  7. Joeys Father

    Joeys Father17 時間 前

    Certain people should not leave their houses to dine in a restaurant

  8. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson日 前

    10:25 some audio would be nice

  9. BabbleTop

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  10. Ali Abdul Rehman

    Ali Abdul Rehman2 日 前

    Lol people may think that this is a Gimmick and he does it only on TV. Not a gimmick I witnessed him getting made at one of his chefs at his restaurant in Chelsea before he was a celebrity chef

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  12. The_Red

    The_Red2 日 前

    Gordon and his insults are so unique

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    Yes Indeed The_Red 😁😁 Did you like the video?

  14. Sharks_Gaming

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  15. Sharks_Gaming

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    @BabbleTop Yeah it was ace. XD

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    LOL Sharks_Gaming 😂😜 Did you like the video?

  17. Courtney Denise Benavidez

    Courtney Denise Benavidez2 日 前

    *Y O U D O N K E Y*

  18. BabbleTop

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  19. Lyzette Zeelie

    Lyzette Zeelie2 日 前

    I love how thick skinned Mr Ramsey is, wish I had this much balls.... well done to you Sir

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  21. Michael Hightower

    Michael Hightower2 日 前

    Will you take your breasts off my hot plate

  22. Michael Hightower

    Michael Hightower2 日 前

    Thanks you fuck off

  23. Comical Kid

    Comical Kid2 日 前

    This lobster is so Undercooked I can still hear it sing Under the sea

  24. Jack Parker

    Jack Parker2 日 前

    Gordon Ramsey is my spirit animal

  25. Jamie Smithlington

    Jamie Smithlington2 日 前

    I hope Gordon never goes to Anger Management classes, we will miss out on stuff like this.

  26. N1K

    N1K3 日 前

    Bimbo: “You insulted my friend” Gordon: “yeah? Well you tell her I meant it” Other girl laughing 😂

  27. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop3 日 前

    Did you like the video N1K? 😄

  28. Ukulele Von Battenberg

    Ukulele Von Battenberg3 日 前

    "So sorry about the old bag" 😂

  29. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop2 日 前

    LOL Ukulele Von Battenberg 😂😜

  30. Harry

    Harry3 日 前

    If the long wait occurred and customers were complaining (politely) then the way Gordon acted would be completely inappropriate but it was a free fcking meal during a competition where the cooks were contestants who were stressed about possibly being sent home and had zero time to adjust and work together. Sit your pompous @sses down and chow down your free fcking foods

  31. BabbleTop

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    Thanks for your feedback Harry! 😄 Did you like the video?

  32. EXO RAPS

    EXO RAPS3 日 前

    7:14 When you ressurect in the hell and died again

  33. BabbleTop

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  34. RSH21

    RSH213 日 前

    Stupid idiot “apprentenses” ??? Its apprentices you DONKEY!!!

  35. Clockman uwu

    Clockman uwu4 日 前

    *w h e r e s t h e l a m b s a u c e*

  36. SilverGames

    SilverGames4 日 前

    Can someone tell me what video that gordon tell the waiter "what are you trying to do lose your virginity?"

  37. SilverGames

    SilverGames3 日 前

    So theres a funny scene that i saw long ago while the waiter was talking to some girls having a bachelor party he took a long time when he cam back gordon said what are you doing losing your virginity?

  38. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop4 日 前

    ????? 🤔🤔

  39. Umer The Clumsy Tube

    Umer The Clumsy Tube4 日 前

    I'm not joking every food I've ever made was legit a disaster, I broke the oven

  40. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop4 日 前


  41. northern lights

    northern lights4 日 前

    This is why I absolutely love Gordon's personality he's honest to the point where he doesn't care about who you are or your feelings like Dave on Fluffy

  42. Kallie Biesecker

    Kallie Biesecker4 日 前

    *katsuki bakugou, there you are*

  43. Sofia Gaspar

    Sofia Gaspar5 日 前

    Keanu Reeves would be a completely different story

  44. Aeron Gray

    Aeron Gray5 日 前

    i mean, good. you cant stomp around a restaurant complaining about nothing, whistle at the chef like a dog, or barge in the way of the kitchen, and then act surprised by being told to piss off. i wouldnt DARE to be so rude in a regular restaurant, let alone a celebrity restaurant with cameras around.

  45. jake Bowden

    jake Bowden5 日 前

    Dude, if she flip my tables food I would have been so fuckin piss and sad at the same time

  46. andrewjohnallen1986

    andrewjohnallen19865 日 前


  47. Music Takes Over

    Music Takes Over5 日 前


  48. Chris Ramirez

    Chris Ramirez6 日 前

    this audio is shit holy fuck

  49. Ivan M.

    Ivan M.6 日 前

    This chick commenting makes me sick

  50. Leonardo Cakeri

    Leonardo Cakeri6 日 前


  51. Waisong Terang

    Waisong Terang6 日 前

    Would love to see Liam Gallagher as a customer in there.. Gordon might get a taste of his own vomit!!!

  52. Nithin Kumar

    Nithin Kumar6 日 前

    The commentary was absolutely necessary. I couldnt have understood it otherwise. Thank you

  53. Wesam Alnasser

    Wesam Alnasser7 日 前

    Why does every thumbnail has glowing teeth

  54. Wesam Alnasser

    Wesam Alnasser7 日 前

    BabbleTop it’s kinda weird to only glow the teeth ☹️

  55. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop7 日 前

    😬 Why not?

  56. colonel carrillo

    colonel carrillo7 日 前

    I hate that bitch who threw off his platess and food

  57. BabbleTop

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  58. colonel carrillo

    colonel carrillo7 日 前

    @BabbleTop obviously mr babble top. Thankyou for this wonderful video!!!

  59. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop7 日 前

    Ok. Did you like the video colonel carrillo? 😄

  60. Antonia Moe

    Antonia Moe7 日 前

    Buy you know he would be appalled if any of the resteraunts he was trying to help talked to customers like that. Perfect case of do ehat I say not what I do. Lol

  61. Esin Alioğlu

    Esin Alioğlu7 日 前

    His voicecracks is killing me 😂😂😂

  62. Darren Wong

    Darren Wong7 日 前

    The ginger may be old, but he as spicy as hell himself. Go, Gordon, never let your age let you down!

  63. Max

    Max7 日 前

    So everyone knows displeasing a god brings forth all sorts of terrible wrath haha except these people

  64. Nano Rivera

    Nano Rivera7 日 前

    Somebody who knows how to run a good restaurant wouldn't insult customers for complaining. Somebody who wants good ratings for a show will do whatever it takes to stir up controversy and drama.

  65. Jimmy Neutron

    Jimmy Neutron7 日 前

    Gordon is Swedish! Not English!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Charlie T

    Charlie T8 日 前

    Pure gold. 98% of the time the customer is wrong and has no idea what they are going on about.

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  68. Charlie T

    Charlie T8 日 前

    @BabbleTop yes i did. Thank you for posting this video.

  69. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop8 日 前

    Yes Indeed Charlie T 😁😁 Did you like the video?

  70. djbenacio

    djbenacio8 日 前

    Meanwhile these entitled fucks suck down McDonald's 4 times a week but have the nerve to complain about the REAL food?

  71. Dr Bindu Sahadevan

    Dr Bindu Sahadevan8 日 前

    People in this video: goes to gordon, instead of Jean to complain Jean:am I a joke to you

  72. Murder Sans

    Murder Sans9 日 前

    “Give that to the dog, put a leash on it in case she tries to run off with the fucking plate”

  73. BabbleTop

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  74. maya ben ammar

    maya ben ammar9 日 前


  75. BabbleTop

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    Did you like the video maya ben ammar? 😄

  76. Simply_Pablo

    Simply_Pablo9 日 前

    *customer approaches head chef* Ramsey: i'm boutta end this mans career

  77. Simply_Pablo

    Simply_Pablo8 日 前

    @BabbleTop enjoyed every cursed out moment. brilliant

  78. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop9 日 前

    LOL Simply_Pablo 😂😜 Did you like the video?

  79. joe coquerre

    joe coquerre9 日 前

    Gordon does not give a fuck,after getting the"LA FERRARI",he bought the"APERTA".......The word"FUCK"made him rich...More than his food........!!!!!

  80. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop9 日 前

    Yes Indeed joe coquerre 😁😁 Did you like the video?

  81. TheCrazyDucks

    TheCrazyDucks9 日 前

    3:45 I thought there was hair on my screen

  82. BabbleTop

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  83. TheCrazyDucks

    TheCrazyDucks9 日 前

    BabbleTop yes! :)

  84. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop9 日 前

    LOL TheCrazyDucks 😂😜 Yes Indeed 😁😁 Did you like the video?

  85. Aldaroth

    Aldaroth9 日 前

    I'd like to believe these insults are staged, and I'd like to say no one is that stupid when they sign up to be served on the show, but welp, humanity knows no limits for stupidity and entitlement

  86. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop9 日 前

    Did you like the video Aldaroth? 😄

  87. Chase

    Chase9 日 前

    Bet he wouldn't talk to Marco Pierre White like 🥴🥴🥴



    Gordon is a Fuck Me



    Look at you Golden you served up a dick for your children as you betrayed there mother ,, why would she want you ? Have you seen yourself in bathing suit ? No. Junk. You have no balls no dick plus man boobs and your really bald you will soon have heart attach !!!! You look like a Scottish. Pig 🐷

  90. Entheo Generator

    Entheo Generator10 日 前

    glad there was no sound for the "most memorable clip" near the end , lol

  91. drizer4real

    drizer4real10 日 前

    I just find it amazing that nobody ever tried to bash his face in after one of his insults.

  92. Sandy Sandy

    Sandy Sandy10 日 前

    Guys I don't understand. Some of the people are waiting for hours or don't like the food but the chef is cussing back at them in stead. I don't know about this Hell's kitchen. So can anyone please explain it to me ?

  93. usher luck

    usher luck6 日 前

    Foods free plus they know they r gonna get served by dumb chefs so they have to wait so why complain for free food made by dumb chefs when u signed up for it?

  94. Melody Jacquet

    Melody Jacquet10 日 前


  95. Mrs Baggins

    Mrs Baggins11 日 前

    We'd rather hear the arguments instead of silencing it

  96. Mrs Baggins

    Mrs Baggins11 日 前

    Is it my eyes. The video quality ,???

  97. Mrs Baggins

    Mrs Baggins11 日 前

    You gotta love him