Top 10 Gordon Ramsay’s BEST Insults! (Customer)


  1. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop年 前

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  2. leon leverkusun

    leon leverkusun日 前

    You do know gordon is from Scotland?Not England.Why are Americans so bad at Geography.

  3. Bilal Khalid

    Bilal Khalid6 日 前

    @Rebekka Bebee Tbh babe I was meant to get married a few years ago but it didn't work out. We spent time together and I had no complaints of my experience with her breasts. If you want I could show you my experience with your breasts...I can assure you I'd be very good with them. Just drop me a private message anytime.🥰😍😍

  4. eemil vilkman

    eemil vilkman6 日 前

    Get rid of the cut scenes they make no sense

  5. Rebekka Bebee

    Rebekka Bebee7 日 前

    @Bilal Khalid Just coming from a lady. Out of respect for ladies it should be put as 'breasts'. You must be very inexperienced with them obviously.

  6. Bilal Khalid

    Bilal Khalid7 日 前

    @Rebekka Bebee Lol... Thanks 😁

  7. captain Yoloo!

    captain Yoloo!23 分 前

    im not here for the best insult im here for the best voice crack of gordon🤣😂😅🤣😂🤣😂😅🤣😂🤣😅😂🤣😅🤣😂🤣😅🤣😂🤣👌🤣😂🤣👌🤣👌😂🤣👌🤣😶🤣😂🤣👌🤣👌😂🤣😅🤣👌🤣😂🤣😂🤣👌🤣😂😅🤣🤣😂👌🤣😂🤣🤣👌👌🤣👌🤣😂🤣👌🤣😀🤣😂🤣👌👌🤣😂🤣👌🤣😂🤣

  8. Parker

    Parker25 分 前

    When you whistle at a guy worth $160 million

  9. Jacob Griego

    Jacob Griego52 分 前

    The easiest way to tell Gordon is really pissed voice cracks like seriously he doesn’t get voice cracks tell he’s so pissed he’s screaming like a Patient at a mental hospital

  10. zEthereal _

    zEthereal _時間 前

    Gordon: can you escort these two ladies please... back to plastic surgery Omfg

  11. Taryn Donelson

    Taryn Donelson3 時間 前

    The old lady says it’s terrible but keeps eating wha- At least pretend it’s bad better😂

  12. Feedsomefood

    Feedsomefood4 時間 前


  13. Foxet-Chan

    Foxet-Chan6 時間 前

    Loved the vid!

  14. Iban Garcia

    Iban Garcia7 時間 前

    Gordon youre shit

  15. VenomKnife

    VenomKnife9 時間 前

    10:00 wtf is that xD I cant Hear shit

  16. SkyXWolf319 2

    SkyXWolf319 27 時間 前

    VenomKnife JPreporter might’ve removed the audio due to copyright

  17. Zathonna Lifoiria

    Zathonna Lifoiria9 時間 前

    “Where the LAMB SAUCE?” 😂

  18. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop9 時間 前

    LOL Zathonna Lifoiria 😂😜 Did you like the video?

  19. Elijah Castello

    Elijah Castello9 時間 前

    I came for the tiddies in the thumbnail

  20. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop9 時間 前

    LOL Elijah Castello 😂😜

  21. linn h

    linn h10 時間 前

    I love how gordon is so direct and straight to the point.

  22. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop9 時間 前

    Yes Indeed linn h 😁😁 Did you like the video?

  23. linn h

    linn h10 時間 前

    Lol. I love gordon.

  24. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop9 時間 前

    Did you like the video linn h? 😄

  25. God Bloop

    God Bloop10 時間 前

    The commentator sounds like me when i am writing an essay and need a certain number of sentences in a paragraph so i just restate what the paragraph is about

  26. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop10 時間 前

    Did you like the video God Bloop? 😄

  27. Big chingbutt Louis fast fax oftgffcf

    Big chingbutt Louis fast fax oftgffcf10 時間 前

    He’s triggered

  28. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop10 時間 前

    Yes Indeed Big chingbutt Louis fast fax oftgffcf 😁😁 Did you like the video?

  29. Ibrahim baig

    Ibrahim baig12 時間 前

    Funny guy

  30. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop10 時間 前

    In what sense do you mean it?

  31. Gustavo.U

    Gustavo.U16 時間 前

    This is why Gordon has so much wrinkles


    QWERTY QWERTZ16 時間 前

    2:11 "Absoloutly terrible" *Continuosly eats*

  33. Mauri Acuña

    Mauri Acuña17 時間 前

    Great actor.... Overrated chef...

  34. Chicago Blackhawk

    Chicago Blackhawk17 時間 前

    Damn Gordon is savage af😂

  35. hiphophead555

    hiphophead55519 時間 前

    Glad he demolished that unfunny cunt Vic Reeves. The most talentless twat to ever grace our tele's. Along with his cock of a mate.

  36. Malvin EP

    Malvin EP20 時間 前

    Are these people just jealous of his cooking skills

  37. Mary Anne

    Mary Anne21 時間 前

    It would be better if you got rid of the female commentator and just made a compilation of things he said.

  38. Mary Anne

    Mary Anne21 時間 前

    Thank God he's not my father. He seems like such an asshole.

  39. PETA

    PETA11 時間 前

    Mary Anne He seems like the strict father that a lot of kids need today.

  40. Matthew Boeding

    Matthew Boeding日 前

    In Gordon’s restaurants, the customers aren’t right, and if you complain, he won’t give two shits and cuss you out

  41. ODer Hunter

    ODer Hunter日 前

    The best Gordon Ramsay insult is.. *It's Bland*

  42. Gavin Dion/ Oh iTz Rattly 2

    Gavin Dion/ Oh iTz Rattly 2日 前

    Clever English insults?! Wtf, tbh he’s just being a real asshole with a low temper

  43. jisthaloveofmylife

    jisthaloveofmylife日 前

    Why haven't people learned not to f*ck with Gordon!?!? 🤦🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣

  44. Alexi Sueoka

    Alexi Sueoka日 前

    I dare you to pause at 2:15 You’re welcome

  45. Black_White_Vibrant :;D

    Black_White_Vibrant :;D日 前

    dont sub if u want the phone

  46. nikkow venne

    nikkow venne日 前

    Gordon is on cocain again..

  47. Sylvia The dragon lord

    Sylvia The dragon lord日 前

    The thumbnail Gordon’s eyes look creepy

  48. Achilleas Charalampides

    Achilleas Charalampides日 前

    What's wrong with the thumbnail

  49. begone

    begone日 前

    11:30 my jaw is on the floor

  50. Omarious S.

    Omarious S.日 前

    Xbox should make a Hell’s Kitchen game or something. C’mon Microsoft

  51. Kai Kei

    Kai Kei日 前

    what if the customers go complain to Gordon in person to get themselves roasted by him ... oof

  52. Midnight Mint

    Midnight Mint日 前

    Could you please just roll the clip or add your own original commentery after the clip without interrupting the clip all the time by explaining what's happening? We see it ourselves. It's annoying.

  53. MerliShu

    MerliShu日 前

    Its cus hes a brit mate

  54. kaustubh Deshpande

    kaustubh Deshpande日 前

    Gordon himself is a old pathetic arrogant british trash

  55. Curry IceCream

    Curry IceCream日 前

    i'm I the only one having this? cause there is no sound on the last vid

  56. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop日 前

    I guess you are the only one. Did you like the video Curry IceCream? 😄

  57. arif qadeer

    arif qadeer日 前

    I would be honoured if gordon insulted me

  58. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop日 前

    LOL arif qadeer 😂😜 Did you like the video?

  59. LaakeaM21

    LaakeaM21日 前

    To anyone who's seen the show, do these comments seem more justified in context? Because right now they come off as vaguely hypocritical. Gordon gets frustrated with the chefs in kitchen nightmares for not taking criticism or making people wait a long time but then cant seem to handle it when customers complain about him or his service?

  60. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop日 前

    You have made a good point.

  61. Miguel Topete

    Miguel Topete日 前

    Rude for a costumer to complain out of no where but Ramsey has always been a son of bitch to me

  62. Zala Brenk

    Zala Brenk日 前

    Hes a fucking savage i love it 🤣🤣🤣hes avsome

  63. Mystie Skyline

    Mystie Skyline日 前

    I wonder why he still isn’t a President of at least 1 country

  64. Grand Master

    Grand Master日 前

    Gordon is savage 😂😂

  65. TheGCDanny

    TheGCDanny日 前

    2.22 probably a jew

  66. Katherine carreon

    Katherine carreon日 前

    I heard all the costumers are fake

  67. PotatoHead

    PotatoHead2 日 前

    Gordon is a legend,... he always has the perfect reply

  68. mega man

    mega man2 日 前

    I love to do that shit as a nurse lol! I cant stand a human shit stain

  69. A H

    A H2 日 前

    Gordon: *Insults every chef on Hell's Kitchen* Customers: *Insults Gordon* Gordon: *:O*

  70. Jeremy Stillwell

    Jeremy Stillwell2 日 前

    Giraffe and saggy boobs lol

  71. mccreamy

    mccreamy2 日 前

    chef Ramsay is gonna be the reason I get beaten up for my quips

  72. frank white

    frank white2 日 前

    100 years from now, people will look back and say “ fucking legend son, that’s how you do your job”. And men will become men again

  73. Raja Jahanzaib

    Raja Jahanzaib2 日 前

    Seems scripted

  74. Alien Heston

    Alien Heston2 日 前

    What I can’t understand is how customers go to Hell’s Kitchen knowing that the chefs are in training and may be served their food at a snails pace.

  75. Sliding Gamer

    Sliding Gamer2 日 前


  76. mr potato

    mr potato2 日 前

    Gordon's baking company

  77. Mr Madrid Guy

    Mr Madrid Guy2 日 前

    4:02 voice crack

  78. Nihal Chowdhury

    Nihal Chowdhury2 日 前

    It's always the fuckin boomers who try to cause such shit fuck them lol good on Gordon

  79. Ayoub Alayoubi

    Ayoub Alayoubi2 日 前

    *yOu DonKeY!*

  80. Jill Alexander

    Jill Alexander2 日 前

    You better tell chef Ramsay 😁😁😁

  81. Jon Lawson

    Jon Lawson2 日 前

    "apprententses" lol

  82. Liz

    Liz2 日 前

    Do you really have to make a 12 minute video of talking about Gordon insulting people when you can just show the fucking video?

  83. Sathyanath Punathil

    Sathyanath Punathil2 日 前

    He's funny in a rude way 😂 I'd be crying if someone insults me like Gordon Ramsay... Telling that woman to take her breasts of the table was real RUDE

  84. Manthan shirodkar

    Manthan shirodkar2 日 前

    That fucking bastard gorden has no manners..and why the hell..u bullshit ppl making him famous..? Ur brains are filled with shit or what

  85. DeathsHood

    DeathsHood日 前

    @Manthan shirodkar A) The fact that you think it's real, or presented as reality, is irrelevant. B) My manners have been fine thus far, whereas you entered with 'that fucking bastard' and 'Ur brains are filled with shit or what' Try to not be a massive hypocrite, please.

  86. Manthan shirodkar

    Manthan shirodkar日 前

    @DeathsHood if it isn't real..then y they have shown it gain attention from people ...ND who are you to talk about my manners...look at yourself first

  87. DeathsHood

    DeathsHood2 日 前

    A) He plays a character for his shows; it isn't real. B) I 100% guarantee his manners are superior to yours.

  88. Jazmin Lopez

    Jazmin Lopez2 日 前

    I would choke on my food if I ever ate there cuz I’d just be laughing my ass off at his comments😂

  89. FireWing Phoenix

    FireWing Phoenix2 日 前

    No joke that woman looks like an actual dog

  90. James Flynn

    James Flynn2 日 前

    The pumpkin one keeps losing audio

  91. Nast Lupi

    Nast Lupi2 日 前

    I still think he’s very rude and I honestly hate this. It’s not savage it’s just rude af

  92. DeathsHood

    DeathsHood2 日 前

    That's the point: It's a TV show.

  93. HSCI312 SFU

    HSCI312 SFU3 日 前

    It’s all scripted

  94. Oz Careaga

    Oz Careaga3 日 前

    Bro the thumbnail tho his eyes are super white and the teeth holy crap!

  95. Reatard?

    Reatard?3 日 前

    I can’t even fucking watch these types of videos anymore, just play the clips I don’t need someone explaining what I could just watch

  96. YulihanGaming

    YulihanGaming3 日 前

    Oh she felt insulted? Tell her i meant that Savage to hell

  97. Aadi Samaroo

    Aadi Samaroo3 日 前


  98. Aadi Samaroo

    Aadi Samaroo3 日 前

    Gordon maybe a little short tempered but hes pretty right in most of the scenarios

  99. Diana Cubillos

    Diana Cubillos3 日 前


  100. Bruceja

    Bruceja3 日 前

    He just doesnt give a frozen raw fuck lmao

  101. Islander 95

    Islander 953 日 前

    Do not skip Jean-Philipe!

  102. •Møchí Vín•

    •Møchí Vín•3 日 前

    Well that’s their fault, lmao. If they watch Gordon’s shows they would know not to mess with him.

  103. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop3 日 前


  104. Rockafire

    Rockafire3 日 前

    Man If you don’t like your food kept it to yourself and don’t go to the place again, instead of annoying the chef, and delaying him from helping his team.....

  105. Show William

    Show William3 日 前

    U can say to other lady I gotta no problem 👍

  106. Show William

    Show William3 日 前

    A friend indeed is not friend indeed😂😂😂

  107. Mohamed Sulaiman

    Mohamed Sulaiman3 日 前

    Just show the clips🤦🏻‍♂️, we can understand the language

  108. Dylan Rodden

    Dylan Rodden3 日 前

    Arse is a scottish insult not english

  109. Electro Noob

    Electro Noob3 日 前

    WeReS ThE LaMb SaUcE

  110. Dreeei

    Dreeei3 日 前

    Just stick to fastfood restaurants

  111. Loren Hortonl

    Loren Hortonl3 日 前


  112. The Brink of Destruction

    The Brink of Destruction3 日 前

    when a video has a count and lasts longer that that count in minutes you know its total shit

  113. Galette _

    Galette _4 日 前

    He's like Sanji. Disrespect his food, you're dead. Though Sanji do it physically

  114. c⃠u⃠t⃠e⃠ a⃠s⃠ h⃠e⃠c⃠c⃠

    c⃠u⃠t⃠e⃠ a⃠s⃠ h⃠e⃠c⃠c⃠20 時間 前


  115. Jamie Johnsons

    Jamie Johnsons4 日 前

    Word of advice..... never bother Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen..... NEVER!!!

  116. Muddasir Shah

    Muddasir Shah4 日 前

    Gordon is just an asshole , a psycho, proud and knows nothing about cooking. Who the fuck even calls him a chef. Give your best and you don’t have to pass comments on the people if they call you or your food terrible.

  117. Jef f

    Jef f4 日 前

    I like chef Ramsay's insults

  118. GUBThendrick

    GUBThendrick4 日 前

    Why Does Gordon Ramsey in the thumbnail look like *s a n s*

  119. GUBThendrick

    GUBThendrick2 日 前

    @Um No u *s a n s*

  120. Um No u

    Um No u3 日 前

    GUBThendrick why

  121. Aveena

    Aveena4 日 前

    I hate how they act like he has no experience and they know it all it’s absolutely disgusting

  122. boggie M

    boggie M4 日 前

    If gordan Ramsey slaps two burger buns at me and calls me a idiot burger I'll die without regret. #gordanramsey

  123. Bullit Cake

    Bullit Cake4 日 前

    Wow these ugly people really have some confidence

  124. Amberlance

    Amberlance4 日 前

    2:11 "absolutely terrible" - then takes another bite ?????

  125. Jonathan Nguyen

    Jonathan Nguyen4 日 前

    Where’s the fuckin audio for like a while minute at 10:00