TOP 10 GOALS | 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia



    FIFATV2 年 前

    FIRST! :)

  2. Thee125guy

    Thee125guy2 ヶ月 前

    Clever dud

  3. Pepito Gamer 28

    Pepito Gamer 283 ヶ月 前


  4. MrTopCookie

    MrTopCookie3 ヶ月 前


  5. Michael Ketchum

    Michael Ketchum3 ヶ月 前

    Coutinho goal should be second

  6. Mbissane Sembene

    Mbissane Sembene3 ヶ月 前


  7. FIFE YT

    FIFE YT5 時間 前

    Wow no sabia q el segundo mejor gol habia sido de mi seleccion colombia ;)

  8. Jorge Tica

    Jorge Tica9 時間 前


  9. Jorge Tica

    Jorge Tica9 時間 前


  10. Trevor Kinuthia

    Trevor Kinuthia9 時間 前

    Nacho vs Portugal

  11. Lucas Silva

    Lucas Silva10 時間 前

    *2020 - I continue to play the FIFA 18 World Cup Russia game mode*

  12. raj singh

    raj singh11 時間 前

    Again here in Sep 2020 I know its not ur frst time here

  13. Abc Def

    Abc Def14 時間 前

    Nacho ??

  14. Israel Gama

    Israel Gama14 時間 前

    ¿Music name?

  15. Israel Gama

    Israel Gama14 時間 前

    ¿What is the name of the music of video?

  16. Freestyler X11

    Freestyler X1115 時間 前

    The volley from nacho fernandez🤨

  17. Dank shows

    Dank shows18 時間 前

    Rip Panama they Bareley even scored a insane goal

  18. Jimena Rodriguez

    Jimena Rodriguez23 時間 前

    Y donde esta di maría

  19. Ferrari Ferrari

    Ferrari Ferrari日 前

    Nacho gol and Kolarov freekich are Better of Ronaldo freekich and pavart gol

  20. Roco123YT

    Roco123YT日 前

    1:28 el otro pásame el balón que no vas a meter but lo metió :V xd

  21. Midza Machado

    Midza Machado日 前


  22. ursoferoz

    ursoferoz日 前

    Pavard the best

  23. Saroj Khadka

    Saroj Khadka日 前

    What about di marias goal??? france vs Argentina

  24. Impanga tv

    Impanga tv日 前


  25. Salh Ahmed

    Salh Ahmed日 前

    Don’t get me wrong but this world cup wasn’t that hyped up and fun for me

  26. Jennifer Martinez

    Jennifer Martinez2 日 前

    Y el gol de nacho contra portugal

  27. Kenny

    Kenny2 日 前

    poor man behind de Bruyne, he sprints all the way to defeat :o

  28. Gabriel Perazzo

    Gabriel Perazzo2 日 前

    the first place deserved a Puskas award

  29. Diana Tolosa

    Diana Tolosa2 日 前

    Clombia vs japan my like

  30. ngocphuong tcag

    ngocphuong tcag2 日 前

    Wheres Arsenal? Lol

  31. Rich

    Rich2 日 前

    And de Bryne idk how to write his name😅

  32. Dossym Stars

    Dossym Stars2 日 前

    Where is gol of Vertonghen and Di maria

  33. Nanae 7

    Nanae 72 日 前

    And goal of Takashi Inui to belgium when japan leading 0-2

  34. yblu10

    yblu102 日 前

    Most goals are mediocre, I don't know how Messi's and Ronaldo's are on the list, I guess only because they're Messi and Ronaldo. Go watch goals from older world cups like 2006 to understand what I mean.

  35. Toppu

    Toppu2 日 前

    this goal by Messi at the 5th place? r u ok?

  36. Francisco Monges

    Francisco Monges2 日 前

    The best football match, in my opinion, in terms of exquisiteness and the art of counter-attacking was definitely Japan vs. Belgium, that game was crazy, and both team played just their absolute best football each one

  37. Michael Windhager

    Michael Windhager3 日 前


  38. annad mehdi

    annad mehdi3 日 前

    Maroco vs spania

  39. DaGames878

    DaGames8783 日 前

    Messi is the greatest player for me but... that goal against nigeria shouldn't be the 5th...

  40. Lorenzo Zucaro

    Lorenzo Zucaro3 日 前

    Kroos the 🐐

  41. Adham Shabana

    Adham Shabana3 日 前

    9th should be 4th

  42. Guester2006 PlayzRoblox

    Guester2006 PlayzRoblox3 日 前

    I see Argentina winning the world cup.

  43. Asita Roy

    Asita Roy3 日 前

    But Argentina were eliminated in the Round Of 16

  44. Asita Roy

    Asita Roy3 日 前

    1.Benjamin Pavard vs Argentina 2.Juan Quintero vs Japan 3.Luka Modric vs Argentina 4.CR7 vs Spain 5.Lionel Messi vs Nigeria 6.Dennis Cheryshev vs Croatia 7.Nacer Chadli vs Japan 8.Ahemad Musa vs Iceland 9.Ricardo Quaresma vs IR Iran 10.Toni Kross vs Sweden

  45. Ben B FN

    Ben B FN3 日 前

    How is Messis goal number 4- 56789 and 10 were all better

  46. M Hoffmann

    M Hoffmann3 日 前

    *La fifa demostrando en este mundial que ya no regula el futbol del mundo si no mas bien intereses meramente empresariales*

  47. KraTOS Wish

    KraTOS Wish3 日 前

    You all see how fifa is biased . They didnot show the best goal in wc of di maria against france.

  48. STG GabyGab17

    STG GabyGab174 日 前

    Music ?

  49. btull

    btull3 日 前

    cardi B wap

  50. Luciano Almonacid

    Luciano Almonacid4 日 前

    A pesar de que nos ganó Francia en Octavos dimos un hermoso partido. Aguante Argentina!

  51. Adan Landin

    Adan Landin4 日 前

    Que hace el de messi ahi el de di maria fue mejor

  52. Ra. ASR:}

    Ra. ASR:}4 日 前

    4:21 whaaaattt the ball looks like it's vibrating how did he do that🤣🤣🤣

  53. Miguel Vargas

    Miguel Vargas5 日 前

    Why chadli's

  54. عبدالرحمن البلوصي

    عبدالرحمن البلوصي5 日 前

    هل انت بخير

  55. Joe Pizo

    Joe Pizo5 日 前

    Where di maria goal agains France?

  56. Akshat Chaubey

    Akshat Chaubey5 日 前

    I think the background music made it even more interesting to watch.

  57. Pratyush Bora

    Pratyush Bora5 日 前

    Pavard's kick seemed like curling in the air.

  58. theSquirrel gamer

    theSquirrel gamer5 日 前

    whos watching in quarantitne?

  59. aYoub BeNamaRa

    aYoub BeNamaRa6 日 前

    Geol dimarai???

  60. Arya Thorat

    Arya Thorat6 日 前

    who else agrees that Belgium VS Japan was an awesome match

  61. Sanjak Pitakrat

    Sanjak Pitakrat6 日 前

    You forgot Cavani's goal against Portugal

  62. Matej Hrčka

    Matej Hrčka6 日 前

    Kroos wil go for IT AND SCOREE🤩



    Real Madrid 🇪🇸: 0:06 Vitória S.C. 🇵🇹: 0:29 Al-Nassr FC 🇸🇦: 0:58 İstanbul Başakşehir F.K. 🇹🇷: 1:33 Valencia CF 🇪🇸: 2:15 Barcelona 🇪🇸: 2:41 Juventus 🇮🇹: 3:14 Real Madrid 🇪🇸: 3:38 Club Atlético River Plate 🇦🇷: 4:02 FC Bayern Munich 🇩🇪: 4:30

  64. Campagnard de Lorraine

    Campagnard de Lorraine3 日 前

    Never France ? 😪

  65. Koffee Kat 183

    Koffee Kat 1834 日 前

    RV CHANNEL SHOW yeah fair enough 😂



    @Koffee Kat 183 but not Ballon d'or 😂

  67. Koffee Kat 183

    Koffee Kat 1834 日 前

    Nice , Pavard the 🐐Won the UCL and the WC with France and Bayern😁



    @John Stones so?

  69. Son Tranvan

    Son Tranvan6 日 前

    guys what is this music call

  70. Flug Rabtor

    Flug Rabtor6 日 前

    wer guck das eute

  71. Sugondo Joyo Puspito

    Sugondo Joyo Puspito6 日 前


  72. luis saldivar

    luis saldivar6 日 前

    Una grosería q no esté el gol de España y si el de Messi o el de Quintero , qui hizo este estupido top ten?

  73. Seema Khatua

    Seema Khatua6 日 前

    Wrong reece gothley.Don't know don't say

  74. Alfonso Colindres

    Alfonso Colindres6 日 前

    Los.dos mejores partidos son España vrs Portugal y Argentina Francia

  75. jhon huthu

    jhon huthu6 日 前

    Di Maria s goal Vs france

  76. Gabriele Libonati

    Gabriele Libonati6 日 前

    What about Di Maria

  77. DarknessWF

    DarknessWF6 日 前

    This has 62 million views!

  78. sagar chaudhary

    sagar chaudhary6 日 前

    Worst world cup

  79. Jayden Aleksandrowicz

    Jayden Aleksandrowicz7 日 前

    My fav was Tony

  80. Martin Damian

    Martin Damian7 日 前

    4:19 golardo

  81. Evan Gelina

    Evan Gelina7 日 前

    Que velocidad de musa

  82. Charles Koushik

    Charles Koushik7 日 前

    Pavards goal was sensational

  83. Charles Koushik

    Charles Koushik7 日 前

    We need worldcups every two years😂.... 2022 is too far away...😅

  84. btull

    btull3 日 前

    its only 1 year left

  85. GoleadOR

    GoleadOR7 日 前

    Résumé des matches des plus grands clubs européens des plus grands championnats/Coupes et tout les autres résultats ! Highlights of matches of the biggest european clubs of the biggest leagues /cups and all other results !

  86. Anish Ravani

    Anish Ravani7 日 前

    4:51 Look at the flight of the ball !!!!

  87. Peruvian PES

    Peruvian PES7 日 前

    todos los chilenos dan dislike

  88. stephon george

    stephon george7 日 前

    I watch this video over and over and never gets old

  89. david gallacher

    david gallacher7 日 前

    Di Maria goal v France? better than half these goals

  90. Vogishterski

    Vogishterski7 日 前

    The fans have chosen? That is why there is Messi, and even higher than Cheryshev in the top.

  91. Abel Perez

    Abel Perez7 日 前

    You missed nachos goal against Portugal

  92. Energy

    Energy7 日 前

    Remove messi n cr7 put nacho and di maria instead



    im braziliam the love

  94. ILYA. BATOV.

    ILYA. BATOV.8 日 前


  95. LosKrachGamers XD

    LosKrachGamers XD8 日 前

    Alguien está viendo esto en 2020

  96. iveji hyuga

    iveji hyuga8 日 前

    The only thing that is sure for the next world championship is that France will be the next victim of the "winner's curse" and they will be eliminated in the group stage. Is the tradition since 2006👌

  97. iveji hyuga

    iveji hyuga8 日 前

    I think that the Nacho's goal against Portugal deserves to be on this list. And the goals of Di María and Coutinho too. This three goals were amazing

  98. Yosaf Amad

    Yosaf Amad8 日 前


  99. Eyad Elshemy

    Eyad Elshemy8 日 前

    نحن عرب

  100. Khánh Vi

    Khánh Vi8 日 前


  101. Nxhd Kddhgd

    Nxhd Kddhgd8 日 前

    0:22 my love video :X

  102. Mateja Bakic

    Mateja Bakic8 日 前


  103. Baking 2.0

    Baking 2.08 日 前

    Di Maria nacho and coutinho there goals were class where are they

  104. Baking 2.0

    Baking 2.08 日 前

    I respect him but the musa goal wasn't top 10

  105. Sehaj Bains 02

    Sehaj Bains 028 日 前

    Top 5 games of the FIFA World Cup 2018 1. France vs Argentina R16 (4-3) 2. Spain vs Portugal Group (3-3) 3. Croatia vs France final (2-4) 4. Japan vs Belgium R16 (2-3) 5. Belgium vs Brasil Quarter (2-1)

  106. blue square productions in halloween

    blue square productions in halloween9 日 前

    Benjamin Pavard Wins (Smash Bros)

  107. Babahah Hwhgsah

    Babahah Hwhgsah9 日 前


  108. Chelo Sky

    Chelo Sky9 日 前

    Los dos de Cavani vs Portugal fueron mucho mejor que varios goles de esta lista

  109. استاذ اليوتيوب

    استاذ اليوتيوب9 日 前


  110. Saleh Mohammad

    Saleh Mohammad9 日 前

    Goal Nacho

  111. Helen Lumsden

    Helen Lumsden9 日 前

    Tony kroos:woohoo Ref: nice goal Tony

  112. Benjamín Zambrana

    Benjamín Zambrana9 日 前

    Di María vs Francia!!!????

  113. Ivan Castro

    Ivan Castro9 日 前

    Y el de di maria??

  114. Álex Regueiro

    Álex Regueiro10 日 前

    Y el gol de nacho que fue casi igual al de pavard?