Top 10 Female Vocalists


  1. Larry Jones

    Larry Jones8 時間 前

    The only problem with this "Top 10 Female Vocalists" is it does not include Linda Ronstadt who could out sing all of these bitches even on a bad day!

  2. angela diotti

    angela diotti9 時間 前

    No Nina Simone ? ,No Etta James ? No Annie Lennox? and why Aguilera , Adele and Ami Lee are in? For the number of copies they have sold? Ok,its subjective, but let me disagree this time.

  3. Spooky101 UwU

    Spooky101 UwU18 時間 前

    No one: Feminists watching the male vocalists video: *TRIGGERED* Watching this: *very nice*

  4. Brandon Guerrero

    Brandon Guerrero日 前

    Kristen Chenoweth literally brings the house down

  5. TheOrdinaryBiker

    TheOrdinaryBiker日 前

    No Linda Ronstadt? This list doesn't get my R E S P E C T!

  6. Z S

    Z S日 前

    No Judy garland?!?

  7. A B

    A B日 前

    Tina Turner deserves first place She is rock and roll goddess

  8. Chelsea Lee

    Chelsea Lee日 前

    i'm sorry but how is Janis oNLY 8?!

  9. John Balajediong

    John Balajediong日 前

    There are better singers (2000s and 2010s) than Adele.

  10. Jaco Charzuk

    Jaco Charzuk2 日 前

    What about Amy Winehouse

  11. Lumpjuice Farrow

    Lumpjuice Farrow2 日 前

    How in the heck is Gladys knight no where on this list???

  12. darcy f

    darcy f3 日 前

    this is all garbage

  13. Fado Bicha

    Fado Bicha3 日 前

    Funny how all the best female singers ever are either North American or British 🤔

  14. Lexi MaC

    Lexi MaC3 日 前

    "Silinn Djiawn" ? XD

  15. Pandu Miharja

    Pandu Miharja4 日 前

    I love adele, but i don't think she should be higher than mariah....

  16. Robert Thomas

    Robert Thomas4 日 前

    Roberta Flack..Carly Simon..and no Karen Carpenter??? WTF😳😳

  17. Latile Masisani

    Latile Masisani4 日 前

    This is not right mariah should be top 3, and were is Toni braxton

  18. mohammad alabodi

    mohammad alabodi4 日 前

    Who ever made the vedio doesn't know Jessie j

  19. etch4

    etch45 日 前

    Lara Fabian in Janis Joplin OUT, sounds like nails on a chalkboard, good for old addicts

  20. Robert Smith II

    Robert Smith II6 日 前

    2 up and coming artists. Melody Cristea from Liliac and Jasmine Cain

  21. Tiffany LeToya

    Tiffany LeToya6 日 前

    Ummmm where tf is Patti 😡

  22. Laura Kamdem

    Laura Kamdem7 日 前

    “Her ability to use her voice as an instrument” makes you wonder what other singers have been doing.

  23. Jorge Corcho

    Jorge Corcho7 日 前

    Is this selection really serious?...How are you going to put Withney Houston in a better position than Mariah Carey....But how not to include Barbra Streisand in the top three?.... Mojo specialists know about range and quality vocal what a Dinosaur of bel canto....

  24. Elias Swift

    Elias Swift7 日 前

    This whole list is wrong except for the top 2

  25. Susi Strolch

    Susi Strolch7 日 前

    Aguilera, are you kiddin?? Where’s Jennifer Hudson, where’s Beyoncé??!

  26. Terrell Simmo.s

    Terrell Simmo.s7 日 前

    Why tf is Celine #9 🤦🏾‍♂️ damn this channel

  27. Walling 777

    Walling 7778 日 前

    Hahaaaaa fck this shit list..... Funny Mariah and celine lower than Adele????? Shameless... Do you guys know who they are?

  28. Walling 777

    Walling 7778 日 前

    1. Aretha Franklin 2. Mariah Carey 3. Whitney Houston 4. Celine Dion 5. Etta James 6. Barbra 7. Heart 8. Janis Joblin 9. Tina tuner 10. Christina Aquilera

  29. Firelord Aang

    Firelord Aang9 日 前

    ANN WILSON HM?! Trash list.

  30. Karl-Heinz Noe

    Karl-Heinz Noe9 日 前

    No Linda Ronstadt !! ??? Why ?????????????

  31. Ramon Romeijnsen

    Ramon Romeijnsen9 日 前

    What is this? Top American female vocalists? Floor Jansen beats them all, easy

  32. Mark Jasper

    Mark Jasper9 日 前

    Ann Wilson should be in top 10.

  33. Analytical Vocal coach

    Analytical Vocal coach10 日 前

    As a vocal coach who’s been studying music for 40 years here’s my list., ; (1) Mariah Carey the GOAT, she has a five octave vocal range and has the best singing technique and voice among any singer her supported range is the biggest in pop music history, C3-G#5-D6, she has the best resonance, agility, melisma, runs in history and is the empress of the whistle register. (2) Barbra Streisand, phenomenal resonance, in her mid belts, fantastic technique top 3 in Music history, fantastic projection. (3) Whitney Houston, one of the best midbelts in music history top 2 along with Mariah, best vibrato in music along with Mariah, great tone second to Mariah, best head voice in pop music history. (4) Aretha Franklin, great and powerful belting. good agility and most soulful voice in history. (5) Celine Dion, great midbelting, among the best to sustain notes, admirable agility, weak upper belts yet powerful but strained. (6) pati labelle, fantastic upper belting, powerful voice and fantastic head voice. (7) Beyoncé, good technique, fantastic riffs and runs second after Mariah, beautiful low notes and head voice. (8) pink, great midbelts and good resonance, fantastic low notes and versatile. (9) Kelly Clarkson, great belts with good resonance up to F5, decent agility and great head voice. (10) jojo, fantastic mid belts great resonance, awesome and fanatic agility best of this generation, great head voice and low notes.

  34. ursulo natad jr

    ursulo natad jr10 日 前

    No way mariah carey in no,6 kidding ?whitney& mariah is the best for me

  35. JG18

    JG1811 日 前

    That list does need to be fixed a little..Mariah, Christina, & Celine should be higher. Where is Mary J and Patti?

  36. JaVa StEvE

    JaVa StEvE12 日 前

    Err..... DONNA SUMMER 🤔

  37. David Bellino

    David Bellino12 日 前

    People, People, People. Listen to the following songs from Carly Simon. Thats the way Iv'e always heard it should be. Another Door. The loves still growing. Anticipation. Share the End. Iv'e got to have you. The right thing to do. Your so Vain. Nobody does it better. The last song on the lists title describes the vocals of Carly Simon. Check those songs out and give me your feed back!

  38. Chelsea Green

    Chelsea Green14 日 前

    You forgot the queen Sia.

  39. ncboy64

    ncboy6414 日 前

    Sorry but the list needs to be bigger. So many left out......Linda Ronstadt, Sarah Vaughn, someone mentioned Karen Carpenter, Barbra Streisand is not an honorable mention, Chaka Khan, Nancy Wilson etc. One day Cynthia Erivo will be on the list. Just you wait.

  40. PLeasureLark Holbrook

    PLeasureLark Holbrook14 日 前

    Where TF is Beyonce

  41. Montre' Louise Bohon-Harris

    Montre' Louise Bohon-Harris14 日 前

    Pink & Amy Lee,,Ann Wilson, Adele, Rhianna, Maria Carey in the 1990s, , Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera- & Whitney Houston, & Aretha Franklin

  42. Nick C.A.

    Nick C.A.14 日 前

    So Hyang should be at least top 5!

  43. zombiefung

    zombiefung15 日 前

    Adele? Vocalist? You better check your ears or brain.

  44. Thomas Hurley

    Thomas Hurley15 日 前

    What about Beyoncé? Not only does she have one of the most angelic and powerful voices of all time, but her music is iconic!

  45. Classic Legend1975

    Classic Legend197515 日 前

    WTF is this ?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christina and Adele over Celine Dion😧 Adele over Mariah Carey and legendary Barbra Streisand is just an honorable mention👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  46. Adam B.

    Adam B.16 日 前

    I was hoping that because Freddie Mercury is so good that he would be #1 even on this list...

  47. Kamal Eliyev

    Kamal Eliyev16 日 前

    Mariah Carey 6th???? Somethings went wrong

  48. Laust Cawz

    Laust Cawz16 日 前

    No Bjork, Suzanne Vega, Debbie Harry, Karen Carpenter, or even Cher??? Pathetic.

  49. Hazy StarLight

    Hazy StarLight16 日 前

    I watched the Video on a PC and didnt have my yt acc there so I immediately grabbed my phone and searched this Vid. You've got to be kidding me for putting adele higher than Mariah!!! Oh my God!!!!!! The person behind this list has got to go visit an Audiologist ASAP. It says the list was based on voice quality,range, recognition and popularity yet mariah is number 6 ??? Range alone mariah has 5. Something octave range. 19 number 1 songs and over 200million records sold worldwide and girl during 90s and 2000s there werent mainstreams like what we have today. I Just cant believe this list !!

  50. Sialoverboy 116

    Sialoverboy 11618 日 前


  51. Sialoverboy 116

    Sialoverboy 11615 日 前

    African Logic do you like sia?

  52. African Logic

    African Logic17 日 前


  53. Hidden Sharingan

    Hidden Sharingan18 日 前

    Both Pat Benatar and Deborah Harry have Oct 9 in their vocals.

  54. 02_Gail Almeida

    02_Gail Almeida18 日 前

    Although Adele is good she isn't better than Celine and Mariah ........ Those two should have been in the top 3!!!!

  55. arianaxlamb

    arianaxlamb18 日 前

    Mariah has more popularity than all of them and she's the best vocalist... This top sucks

  56. African Logic

    African Logic17 日 前


  57. Billy Lynch

    Billy Lynch18 日 前

    You seriously want me to believe that Christina, Janis or Adele have a better singing abilities that Tarja Turunen from Nightwish? This list is obviously just US/Canada and UK.

  58. Superhero Nerd

    Superhero Nerd19 日 前

    I absolutely love Diana Ross! She’s so beautiful and sweet. She’s an absolute Diva and Queen.

  59. Aoife O'Connor

    Aoife O'Connor19 日 前

    uhm where is joni mitchell?

  60. Roger Stalder

    Roger Stalder19 日 前

    there where others then Aretha Franklin? :o

  61. Johannes Spanjer

    Johannes Spanjer19 日 前

    nobody remembers one of the most beautiful voice ever, Eva Cassidy.

  62. Beyzanur

    Beyzanur20 日 前

    Where is the Dolores O'Riordan and Dido? Haunting voiced women for the win 👻

  63. Andy Dayana

    Andy Dayana20 日 前

    This list need upgrade

  64. Denzel k Molina

    Denzel k Molina20 日 前

    what about Selina, Faith Evans or Mary j blige

  65. Paolo Guerrera

    Paolo Guerrera21 日 前

    Number One Is Amy Jade Winehouse, point

  66. John Tondo

    John Tondo21 日 前

    I’m just glad y’all got Mama Franklin right!

  67. snap foollaws

    snap foollaws21 日 前

    Best female voice = Karen. Stpd list.

  68. African Logic

    African Logic17 日 前


  69. ashley vaillancourt

    ashley vaillancourt22 日 前

    Really no cher this sucked

  70. Last Ones Standing

    Last Ones Standing22 日 前

    Haley Williams?????

  71. Jiri Masa

    Jiri Masa22 日 前

    no Tarja Turunen? clickbait

  72. G.M Fréchette

    G.M Fréchette23 日 前

    I don't know who made your list, but to compare Janis Joplin to any other singer is an insult to human intelligence. She is not a singer! it's a garish! It breaks our souls as soon as we hear it sing. Really big anything. And that's not to mention the place you give to Céline Dion. Certainly, I can understand that it is not in the place that I would give it. But to position it after the garish, there you really have a speech problem. And frankly as well say it, it's really stupid. Loudly. Je ne sais pas qui fait vos listes, Mais de comparer Janis Joplin à n'importe lequel autre chanteur, est un insulte à l'intelligence humaine. Ce n'est pas une chanteuse ! c'est une criarde ! Elle nous brise l'âme dès qu'on l'entend chanter. Vraiment du grand n'importe quoi. Et ça, c'est sans parler de la place que vous donnez à Céline Dion. certes, je peux comprendre qu'elle ne sois pas à la place que moi je lui donnerais. Mais de la positionner après la criarde, là vous avez vraiment un problème d'élocution. Et puis franchement aussi bien le dire, c'est vraiment débile. À bon entendeur.

  73. Oumeima *

    Oumeima *24 日 前

    I can't believe Beyonce is not on the list

  74. michael larson

    michael larson25 日 前

    any list with Janis Joplin outside the top 5 is hopelessly wrong

  75. boneswithvoice

    boneswithvoice25 日 前

    Why not use Aretha Franklin as your thumbnail?! Using Mariah have her at 6?!?! Click bait..

  76. Choibalsan555

    Choibalsan55525 日 前

    Its impossible! WHy are absent ITALIAN SINGERS? Italian voices are the best in the world!

  77. Nedeljka Babic

    Nedeljka Babic25 日 前

    Also she might not have had an extremely long singing career but Selena Quintanilla not Evan as an honorable mention?!!

  78. Nedeljka Babic

    Nedeljka Babic25 日 前

    Patsy Cline, Billy Holiday, Doris DayCas Elliot, Karon Carpentor, Dolly Parton, some of the women that really shaped soul Jazz and more Country and more! Who the hell came up with this list!

  79. Kiko Yao

    Kiko Yao26 日 前

    Only Aretha, Etta, Christina Aguilera, Mariah, Celine, Whitney, Alanis, Kelly, Amy Lee, Barbara. Bitchney, Beyonshit and gagashit are just tryin hard vocalists, but no special substances in their voice , clowns...

  80. V Ved

    V Ved26 日 前

    Utter Rubbish! Adele .. Top 5? Over Mariah and Celine? Please! Thought we were judging skill here not what kind of music is popular today.

  81. Tony Johnson

    Tony Johnson27 日 前

    Barbra Streisand should have been in top 5 and not an honorable mention sorry.

  82. Rod Bryan Cuaresma

    Rod Bryan Cuaresma27 日 前

    Shirley Bassey, Karen Carpenters, Dionne Warwick, Bonnie Tyler what about these incredible women?

  83. kushal mehta

    kushal mehta27 日 前

    how come toni braxton is not there in list

  84. Linda Marie

    Linda Marie27 日 前

    Good choices, would have like to see Julie Andrews mentioned.