Top 10 Female Singers Who Can Dance


  1. Buwa

    Buwa7 時間 前

    The only thing correct about this list is Janet Jackson as number one and Bey as number 2, everything else is wrong

  2. Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson7 時間 前

    Where is brandy im pissed

  3. Sandra Dunkley

    Sandra Dunkley7 時間 前

    Aaliyah and Ciara SHOULD HAVE BEEN LISTED

  4. Sandra Dunkley

    Sandra Dunkley7 時間 前

    Aaliyah should be on this list not Rihanna

  5. JohnSpiritWolf

    JohnSpiritWolf13 時間 前

    You forgot one of the Greatist... CHER

  6. Juliana Amado

    Juliana Amado18 時間 前

    Madonna, J-lo, Shakira, Paula and Lady Gaga way up! Janet and Britney great. Beyoncé sure can move but no way #2 and I do not see why Rihanna is here!

  7. K Domini

    K Domini21 時間 前

    Ciara SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN an HONORABLE MENTION! If anything, she should have been number 1! This whole list is f'd up!

  8. Rakista Channel

    Rakista Channel日 前

    Madonna should be no 1

  9. Martin Muthama

    Martin Muthama日 前

    janet may dance better than beyonce ...but overall perfomance? beyonce wins she is flawless

  10. Gem Warmerdam

    Gem Warmerdam日 前

    Interesting. Wasn't #1's Janet Jackson's moves choreographed by #7, Paula Abdul?

  11. MawrMawrMARSHA!

    MawrMawrMARSHA!日 前

    How is Ciara an Honorable Mention????? WTF??? She’s the best literally!!! And how is Rihanna on this list?? Tom holland was better than her!

  12. Dionne De Mille

    Dionne De Mille2 日 前

    Ciara honourable mentioned ? Ok

  13. Natoya Doulatt

    Natoya Doulatt2 日 前

    This list is bogus! How is Rihanna and Britney Spears on the list and Ciara is only a honorable mention? That’s total bullshit!

  14. Baby Mario

    Baby Mario日 前

    Britney can dance

  15. ramzi willson

    ramzi willson2 日 前

    Britney in third place no stop your bullshit please

  16. Sincerely Reecie

    Sincerely Reecie2 日 前

    Aaliyah and Mya are missing from the list. Ciara should be at least top 5. Yall know Rihanna cant dance stop playing.

  17. Mahera Asmr

    Mahera Asmr2 日 前

    No one can beat beyonce...... She is the Queen.... For me she is number one

  18. Omar Gonzalez

    Omar Gonzalez2 日 前

    Paula Abdul should be number 2

  19. Clarisse Ann

    Clarisse Ann2 日 前

    For me, NO ONE can beat SHAKIRA!! I love how she moves!

  20. Omar Gonzalez

    Omar Gonzalez2 日 前

    I agree with J J but disagree with how BS is, She should be in the bottom 10

  21. Roger More

    Roger More2 日 前

    Shakira and JLo should be on top

  22. J.D. Walker

    J.D. Walker2 日 前

    How TF can Christina Aguilera and TINA TURNER be only honorable mentions and not even ON the list???? This is b.s.

  23. Musa Sarile

    Musa Sarile2 日 前

    i disagree, how is it that RiRi #8, Where is Ciara

  24. Juvencio Estrada

    Juvencio Estrada3 日 前

    Missy really???

  25. Daniel AIK

    Daniel AIK3 日 前

    Shakira just in 6th place Madonna in 5th... 😂😂😂

  26. Opeyemi adegoke

    Opeyemi adegoke3 日 前

    This compilation is straight up trash no cap

  27. Darlene Sanon

    Darlene Sanon3 日 前

    Snifffff where is CIARA

  28. percy jonz

    percy jonz4 日 前

    I was waiting for ciara to be mentioned as number 1,then 😭😭,i regretted why i took my time to watch this video

  29. Johnny Aldana

    Johnny Aldana4 日 前

    Janet Jackson !!! Incredible choreographies, she is they Queen of dance music videos, inspiration for dancers and choreographers nowadays...she deserved to be on top! However this is My top ten because Beyoncé has a higher position that Shakira must be placed. Top ten Mr. mojo: 1.Janet Jackson 🏆🥇 2.Britney Spears 3.Shakira 4.Madonna 5.Jenifer López (JLo) 6.Lady Gaga 7.Ciara 8.Beyonce 9.Aallyah 10.Paula Abdul Has said and done! 🤸

  30. Die Klimaaktivistin

    Die Klimaaktivistin4 日 前


  31. Sashie Simpson

    Sashie Simpson4 日 前

    Bey at two and shakera six kmt

  32. Faith Onu

    Faith Onu4 日 前

    So funny everyone comment below is saying Shakira and insulting the person who released this list. Don't blame the person I think he or she is drunk for putting Shakira on the 6th position. Shakira is the best female dancer have seen

  33. Faith Onu

    Faith Onu4 日 前


  34. Geegeemae B.

    Geegeemae B.4 日 前

    Where is Nicole

  35. Vivian Burton

    Vivian Burton4 日 前


  36. Vivian Burton

    Vivian Burton4 日 前

    I take the clarity car free thanks .bring motor city back

  37. Jules Love

    Jules Love4 日 前

    This list got it all wrong in number status. One to three should have been Jennifer Lopez, Paula Abdul and Madonna. In any order. The rest is just choreography, and learning steps.

  38. jason henry

    jason henry4 日 前

    HELLLL NOOOO I DONT AGREE WITH YOU!!! How can CIARA BE A HONORABLE MENTION ?????!!!! CIARA IS DEFINITELY TOP 3! Everything went good south when I saw that honorable mention😤 😡

  39. The Aircraft Aviation

    The Aircraft Aviation4 日 前

    Your selection is as bad as JPreporter Rewind 2019

  40. Amirul Aiman

    Amirul Aiman5 日 前

    Jenifer Lopez is better than Shakira? Wtf? Look how smooth shakira dance. And look how jenifer dance. She dance like too much stress. Britney Spear no.3? What the hell? 🤣🤣

  41. bilbo baggins

    bilbo baggins5 日 前

    Christina Aguilera...

  42. Danyelle Orr-McNeil

    Danyelle Orr-McNeil5 日 前

    What about Aaliyah? She should've at least got an honorable mention.

  43. Lashay Andrews

    Lashay Andrews5 日 前

    Couldn’t take this serious when missy on the list

  44. Patience Gary

    Patience Gary6 日 前

    To me janet is the best female dancer the rest isn't on her level

  45. Caryll Faith Torres

    Caryll Faith Torres6 日 前

    Britney Spears

  46. Marlo Custus

    Marlo Custus6 日 前

    WTF. The only 1 y'all got right was Tina Turner.

  47. Sanchita Das

    Sanchita Das6 日 前

    Disappointed for shakira's rank

  48. Helena Rees

    Helena Rees7 日 前

    Yesss Janet 👸🏾

  49. Lysa Macaraig

    Lysa Macaraig7 日 前

    Why Cristina Aguilera not in the list?

  50. ChildOfThe1970s

    ChildOfThe1970s7 日 前

    You ranked Missy Elliott over Tina Turner? What a joke!

  51. Kat Justice

    Kat Justice7 日 前

    Paula Abdul should be #1 since she choreographed many of Janet Jackson's dances, sheesh!

  52. Melissa missing Chris Cornell

    Melissa missing Chris Cornell8 日 前

    Britney & Gaga are trained dancers...the lack of natural rhythm is obvious. Gaga at least has charisma...Britney did for like 2yrs in the it's an eye sore to watch. Britney is washed up at the ripe ol age of 39. Sad what the evil industry does to young, up & coming female artists. Paula kids have no clue. Paula is the original pop OG choreographer. I saw her live in 89' when I was 10 yrs young ( that's how it was back then in the city kids...nothing out of ordinary...2 10yr olds at a concert, parentless, that we rode the subs to get to) & she inspired me to become the dancer I am today, & I would not have had an 8yr run with the Vegas show Jubilee if it wasn't for Paula teaching me to move while in my living room watching MTV. Paula used to choreograh the Laker Girls & Janet Jackson at the tender age of 19, untill she was given a record deal in 87'. Also the 80's-the early 90's MTV was 85% music videos.

  53. mark ragazinski

    mark ragazinski8 日 前

    LOL The simple fact Britney is even on this list (let alone #3) should tell as all how irrelevant Mojo is... Ill throw a couple names at you... Tboz and Lefteye are (were) better than most if not all on this list

  54. Watashi-tachi Sailor Guardians

    Watashi-tachi Sailor Guardians5 日 前

    What are you talking about? Britney's dancing only loses to Janet Jackson. Britney Spears' trademark was her dancing. She had the grace and the moves.

  55. Charmel Romero

    Charmel Romero8 日 前

    This list was messed up but I'm happy that janet was number 1.

  56. Judy Ivie

    Judy Ivie8 日 前

    Definately Janet Jackson

  57. egoistjoseph

    egoistjoseph8 日 前

    missy and rihanna? shouldn’t be on here.

  58. Abi the thirteenth

    Abi the thirteenth9 日 前

    "Nobody is quite the total package like Rihanna" Beyonce: am I a joke to you?

  59. DesignerQoo

    DesignerQoo9 日 前

    PCD-Nicole Scherzinger not on list?

  60. Francisco RA

    Francisco RA9 日 前

    Beyoncé debería estar en el 5. JLo y Shakira bailan mejor que ella. Britney Spears debería estar en el 2

  61. shaz raff

    shaz raff9 日 前

    Britney Spears - are you really serious!!!! Got to be kidding. Where is Tina Turner??? Tina should be in the Top 5.

  62. shaz raff

    shaz raff5 日 前

    @Watashi-tachi Sailor Guardians The only way she can keep her dancing up is to lipsync her songs. She was crap live. Not a real artist, just manufactured and marketed well.

  63. Watashi-tachi Sailor Guardians

    Watashi-tachi Sailor Guardians5 日 前

    What are you talking about? Britney's dancing only loses to Janet Jackson. Britney Spears' trademark was her dancing. She had the grace and the moves.

  64. brian crowley

    brian crowley10 日 前

    Shakira is soooo f..king gorgeous

  65. Kudzai Vengesai

    Kudzai Vengesai10 日 前

    Ciara can not be an honourable mention, the hack, who came up with this top 10,what criteria did you use,,, Ciara is a way great dancer than your #2 to 10

  66. erik hernandez

    erik hernandez10 日 前

    good choices

  67. Marcela Trevino

    Marcela Trevino10 日 前

    We all know damn well Britney is not better than jlo wtf

  68. erik hernandez

    erik hernandez10 日 前

    yeah..jackie jackson sexually abused paula abdul...fucking her for years and dumping her hard and heavy. that's a jackson for

  69. RayVision3D

    RayVision3D10 日 前

    Top five in any order: Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Brittany Spears. Technically they are all dancers who happen to be good singers. The rest on this list happen to know how to follow choreography or are good freestyle dancers. Also, where is Jodi Watley? She would destroy everyone but the five I listed in a dance battle.

  70. Tatenda Pamhirwa

    Tatenda Pamhirwa11 日 前

    Tinashe can dance tooo

  71. L Y

    L Y11 日 前

    You got Janet and Beyonce right. Britney and Rhianna should not even be on the list. Ciara and Tina Turner should have those spots.

  72. Watashi-tachi Sailor Guardians

    Watashi-tachi Sailor Guardians5 日 前

    Omg the fact that you said Britney shouldn't be on this list... Britney in her prime can outdance Beyonce ANY DAY. Ciara & Tina should be there but Beyonce over Britney? Nah

  73. Kevin Espinoza

    Kevin Espinoza12 日 前

    Shakira number 1

  74. Stephen Schmidt

    Stephen Schmidt12 日 前

    How is Beyonce on every list? Madonna can't dance. Shakira should be #2

  75. Emmanuel Bagwana

    Emmanuel Bagwana12 日 前

    What a bizarre list. Gaga Rihanna Missy?

  76. Rebbeca Chunn

    Rebbeca Chunn12 日 前

    Ugh I swear Madonna is on every single MsMojo video. Shakira should have been higher on the list. I don't know why I keep clicking on these.

  77. adonis darling

    adonis darling12 日 前

    Tina,Ciara or Nicole aren’t on this list? Clearly a rhythmless white person comprised this list.

  78. shAnu, gAUtAm

    shAnu, gAUtAm12 日 前

    Ur List ALwAys bEEn pErfEct ms mOjO:)❤

  79. Ashley Gumbs Grant

    Ashley Gumbs Grant13 日 前

    Janet, Ciara, Beyonce, shakira, J.Lo is the main top !!!!! Period.

  80. Angie Mynhardt

    Angie Mynhardt13 日 前

    Cool moves.....💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  81. Cynthia Gwanyanya

    Cynthia Gwanyanya13 日 前

    Tina turner and Ciara are like legends 🤦why they honorable mentiond

  82. canelasremastered

    canelasremastered13 日 前

    Ciara as an honorable mention? Rihanna a dancer? Beyoncé above Britney as a dancer? Please

  83. Fnu Brawijaya

    Fnu Brawijaya13 日 前

    1. Shakira (she mastered belly dancing in elementary school), 2. Paula Abdul (She was a choreographer), 3. Janet Jackson (Paula was her choreographer), 4) Nicole (she IS a dancer), 5) Beyonce, and etc etc. In this order.... Maybe after them are Ciara etc etc.

  84. Raheem Williams

    Raheem Williams14 日 前

    This list is bogus . Beyonce # 2 no way

  85. Fuck That Halilintars

    Fuck That Halilintars14 日 前

    It was janet and paula competing for dance diva...paula still moves so good..she deserve #1