Top 10 Dramatic Final Laps in F1


  1. Dragos Iulian Dublea

    Dragos Iulian Dublea4 時間 前

    does anyone know the song on the background ?

  2. Luke Thompson

    Luke Thompson8 時間 前

    Some say Rosberg still hasn't turned right....

  3. ForceMaximus84

    ForceMaximus8420 時間 前

    You’ll need to update for Vettel and Leclerc’s bump this year. Lol

  4. ChrJahnsen

    ChrJahnsen日 前

    Mansell - as always - was all drama queen, primadonna and bullshit. He stalled the car at the hairpin because he was busy waving at the crowd before he had even won the race. As Frank Williams said himself, they took the car back to the pits and it started up in perfect working order. Another race squandered by Mansell, a driver who was fast but very very poor at bringing the car home.

  5. The Lost

    The Lost3 日 前

    Kimi crashes: Bwoah Kimi wins: Bwoah

  6. Boris Brontsema

    Boris Brontsema3 日 前

    is that glock

  7. Sven The tank

    Sven The tank4 日 前

    First one was bullshit max should have gotten p3

  8. Rodrigo de Albuquerque

    Rodrigo de Albuquerque4 日 前

    Felipe Massa campeão por 15 segundos. Deu pena ver a família dele parar a comemoração...

  9. Michael Knight

    Michael Knight5 日 前

    Cry Massa. Cry!

  10. BBM hunter6622

    BBM hunter66227 日 前

    The last one should have been titled is that glock

  11. Dr. Emmett Brown

    Dr. Emmett Brown8 日 前

    I dont understand, at 2:25 Hamilton leaves the track and is still eligible for a win but at 0:14 Verstappen barely leaves the track with all 4 wheels and is disqualified from 1st place?

  12. Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus

    Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus8 日 前

    Suzuka 2005 - one of the best dry weather performances in F1 history by Kimi and a cracking race in general.



    Just show the Videos, don't talk to much.

  14. Sơn Nguyễn Tấn Hoàng

    Sơn Nguyễn Tấn Hoàng10 日 前

    Who knows the background music?

  15. Ville Honkanen

    Ville Honkanen11 日 前

    Onko tällä videolla suomalaisia katselijoita, koska tässä on Mika Häkkinen ja Kimi Räikkönen?

  16. João Vítor

    João Vítor12 日 前

    Spain 1986?

  17. Josue Trejo

    Josue Trejo12 日 前

    Brazil 2019, Gasly vs Hamilton 👌

  18. GAMER 777

    GAMER 77716 日 前

    Video came in my recommendation after torro rosso came p2 and mclaren p3 in sao paolo 2019 lmao

  19. Geoff Ramsey

    Geoff Ramsey17 日 前

    I’d rather watch paint dry.

  20. Noah :P/\RL/\DÉ

    Noah :P/\RL/\DÉ18 日 前

    We need Gasly vs Hamilton in Brazil here

  21. Ibra 2К19

    Ibra 2К1914 日 前

    Kvyat win the Germany: YEEEEES!!! Gasly: WOOOOOUUUUH

  22. Dukeman 46

    Dukeman 4619 日 前

    If a driver hitched a lift nowdays the fia constabulary would eat them alive

  23. Oliver Schellenberg

    Oliver Schellenberg20 日 前

    Lando Norris @ Spa 2019 needs to be added

  24. welshdragon2008

    welshdragon200820 日 前

    Was that Senna giving Mansel a lift?

  25. Alex Gabriel

    Alex Gabriel21 日 前

    Pouco me importa se sou do Brasil, jamais torci pra Massa. Lewis🏆

  26. creator Space

    creator Space21 日 前

    That's a good one.

  27. Laura Penman

    Laura Penman22 日 前


  28. noname :*

    noname :*23 日 前

    These is not dramatic?

  29. Hugh Barned

    Hugh Barned25 日 前

    There are many more times that Verstappen have overtaken drivers off the track, but somehow have not recieved penalties or forced to give back position

  30. Charles Iznaur

    Charles Iznaur26 日 前

    Is it Glock? Never forget these words

  31. The Colour Rose

    The Colour Rose27 日 前

    Nicole celebrating the money shes gonna dig of hamilton

  32. Sahith Vemuganti

    Sahith Vemuganti28 日 前


  33. Mixr Aimzz

    Mixr Aimzz29 日 前

    3:08 a crazy race in canadirr

  34. MrClouxXx

    MrClouxXxヶ月 前

    Kimi at 0:28 is like „Max give me the drink”

  35. The Nániel Channel

    The Nániel Channelヶ月 前

    Cuarto Vettel, quinto Hamilton

  36. OLD CROW

    OLD CROWヶ月 前

    0:50 like boss

  37. launchedsquid

    launchedsquidヶ月 前

    Lewis can't see past his own ego, When the team told him it wasn't what they wanted they meant they wanted a one two finish, Hamilton pressing for the win destroyed that. They asked him to settle, he ignored it, Hamilton made that situation happen.

  38. Murat Erkul

    Murat Erkulヶ月 前

    kimi fuckin cocainman:) just check!

  39. Enyo Pinto

    Enyo Pintoヶ月 前

    1:00 well that was unnecessarily dramatic 😂

  40. Walker Smith

    Walker Smithヶ月 前

    F 1 drivers are all a bunch of WANKERs

  41. UlTiMaTe PiLou LoVeR 44 cats

    UlTiMaTe PiLou LoVeR 44 catsヶ月 前