Top 10 Breaking Character Moments on Saturday Night Live


  1. Jalen Rowe

    Jalen Rowe8 時間 前

    How dare you heathens! Rebecca is just fine, face or no face.

  2. Saul C

    Saul C10 時間 前

    What could be better than actually letting us see the damn clips, and the moment that caused the break in character? Maybe talking through the whole fucking thing and cutting it off before we see and hear it. Keep up the shitty work

  3. Alandra Hartmann

    Alandra Hartmann11 時間 前

    Jeffrey’s isn’t on the list???? BOO

  4. Kit Harley

    Kit Harley16 時間 前

    I was disappointed at not seeing Billy Crystal's Fernando interviewing Hulk Hogan and Mr. T.

  5. Chief O

    Chief O17 時間 前

    what about cork soakers

  6. Chief O

    Chief O17 時間 前

    oops should have watched the whole video

  7. Chief O

    Chief O17 時間 前

    janet jackson could not keep it together

  8. m .r.b

    m .r.b17 時間 前

    I remember all of these! I so miss Chris Farley and Phil Hartman😢

  9. Mack .Doggs

    Mack .Doggs日 前

    character breaking is lame

  10. Gankatron 5000

    Gankatron 5000日 前

    If you just left the select sketch bits free of interpretation it wouldn't need interpretation, and wouldn't just be a list of short bits of the skits used to highlight the narrator speaking.

  11. Happylee

    Happylee日 前

    jesus if you are going to show your face on your vids ease up on spackling the makeup thick onto your face beforehand it looks so bad!

  12. AnJo888

    AnJo888日 前

    I always pictured her out as a brunette... Kinda little disappointed...

  13. Mikael

    Mikael日 前

    The narrator should shut her mouth! Damn! Blah blah blah! Shut up woman!

  14. Kelvyn Bienvenido

    Kelvyn Bienvenido日 前

    Justin Timberlake snl episodes are the best

  15. Stone Lover

    Stone Lover日 前 we actually get to hear and see the clip? Click-bait-y-ish.

  16. Reality Bytes

    Reality Bytes日 前

    Narrator needs to STFU and let us listen to the skits.

  17. Nikadoo 22

    Nikadoo 222 日 前

    Super annoying commercial interruptions. Let's make a video and then immediately ruin it because we're so greedy we gotta cram MORE ads in

  18. gary reardon

    gary reardon2 日 前

    The top 2 are definitely the best.

  19. eggyness

    eggyness2 日 前

    If I could watch a bit without an ad that I couldn't skip right during the set-up, this may have been funnier

  20. Scott McMan

    Scott McMan2 日 前

    This would be good, if you actually played the clips instead of describing them in detail and then jumping to the next one. *Fail!* Aren't clips covered under fair use? If not, why bother?

  21. Delight

    Delight3 日 前

    Rebecca is awesome

  22. GabriellaGlamour

    GabriellaGlamour3 日 前

    I’m in tears watching this

  23. Elbow NeckSnap

    Elbow NeckSnap3 日 前

    I like the skits you pick for these top 10 snl breaking character moments. But it seems you think your voice over is more important than the clips in the countdown. Or maybe you are from a radio background. Where you had to describe what listeners couldnt see. But it is not as entertaining listening to you talk over every laugh and its cause. Explaining what we could be enjoying if you weren't talking over it. You can pause. Cut to you. Simply give the behind the scenes info we may not know. Play clip. I always have to go and individually look up each of the top clips I haven't seen. Right after you "showing" them. And watch them again...for the first time.

  24. Julie Lichtenberg

    Julie Lichtenberg3 日 前

    The Nerds with Gilda Radner and Bill Murray

  25. Richard Herbert

    Richard Herbert3 日 前

    Hey, Rebecca. Nice to meet you!

  26. Doug McElroy

    Doug McElroy3 日 前

    There was a real old one with Candace Bergen (the first woman to host the show). She was in a skit with Gilda Radner, something about fundraising for the very dumb. Candace gets the characters' names confused and Gilda (the dumb one) has to correct her. Then Gilda launches on a monologue and you see Candice desperately trying to hold on. Then Gilda ad-libs a line ("Some people, even Fern here...") and it totally destroys Bergen. I think she slumps to the floor from her chair from laughing. She did recover and finish the sketch. Couldn't have been easy.

  27. Persephone Black

    Persephone Black3 日 前

    I remember in the 8th grade before summer started, my history teacher wheeled a tv into the classroom. We all thought he was going to force us to do one last school related thing before the year ended. No. He put the tv on and played a recorded tape he had of the "more cowbell" skit 😂 he thought it was too funny to not show us.

  28. Duane Cavanagh

    Duane Cavanagh3 日 前

    Would have been better if they actually showed the 10 times. ???

  29. Matt Krywyj

    Matt Krywyj4 日 前

    A couple cast members, Tracy Morgan most notably, took Jimmy Fallon aside and told him to stop breaking on purpose for attention...

  30. Sydney Templeton

    Sydney Templeton4 日 前

    oh watch mojo lady. how i hate your voice

  31. Amy Spaulding

    Amy Spaulding4 日 前

    Jesus how many ads will cut me off?!

  32. Brianna Kantharaj

    Brianna Kantharaj4 日 前

    i didnt like having a face to her voice. i pictured her looking much differently..

  33. Mike Are

    Mike Are4 日 前

    I remember Farley's Motivational Speaker skit. I laughed so hard I cried. The acid might have had a little to do with it, but not much because it's still as funny today!

  34. LaR E.

    LaR E.4 日 前

    It would be great if you would stop talking so we could actually hear the skits..

  35. Marshall Islands G

    Marshall Islands G4 日 前

    Fallon laughing doesn't count.

  36. Bryan Bokser

    Bryan Bokser4 日 前

    The angle of my dangle is inversely proportional to the heat of my meat

  37. Joel Barrientes

    Joel Barrientes4 日 前

    “Happiest Place on Earth?” Is DEFINITELY my favorite. I always scream at “I can’t have children”. 💀

  38. Patti Harvey

    Patti Harvey5 日 前

    Debbie Downer😆😂

  39. Jason918114

    Jason9181145 日 前

    The angle of my dangle is inversely proportional to the heat of my meat... Great line.

  40. kevin g

    kevin g6 日 前

    These corporate compilations suck! I want to hear the comedy not this bitch's voice.

  41. e f

    e f6 日 前

    STF up and let us hear the skit bitch

  42. Jack Costello

    Jack Costello7 日 前

    ‘You try making it through this without a smile creep across your face! Cause this is-Hey we’re root, and we can save you up to 52% off your car insurance rates. Download the app, and take root for a ride today.’ I hate you JPreporter, I hate you watchmojo, I don’t even know you Root but I hate your guts. I wish all the bad things in life happen to you and nobody else but you

  43. Stephanie McLaren

    Stephanie McLaren8 日 前

    This comment section is 90% people not understanding copyright laws.

  44. AlSamaani Bassel.

    AlSamaani Bassel.8 日 前

    what about Regine or what was her name ?!!! they couldn't breathe in that sketch

  45. Tracey Trotter

    Tracey Trotter9 日 前

    Would love to see you do this with The Carol Burnett Show. But actually show the skits.

  46. Paul L'Abbate

    Paul L'Abbate9 日 前

    Check out this character break. Fallon STARTS the skit laughing.

  47. waimea09

    waimea099 日 前

    No Bee Gees?

  48. Seafood Killa

    Seafood Killa9 日 前

    Rebecca you are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  49. Chalchiuhtlicue

    Chalchiuhtlicue10 日 前

    I liked the skit with Jimmy Fallon and Sean Hayes, they were these snooty high end fashion store employees. Will Ferrel came in on a motorized cart and he pulled out this teeny cell phone. Everyone broke character and started cracking up.

  50. Joshua Pauley

    Joshua Pauley10 日 前

    ok why is the narrator so damn pretty?

  51. grease58

    grease5810 日 前

    C'mon- SERIOUSLY??? Show the ORIGINAL 1978 SNL clip with Gilda Radner and Candace Bergen with Gilda making Candace COMPLETELY break and bust out laughing.........or does your research prohibit anything pre -1995???

  52. Izet Yusein

    Izet Yusein11 日 前

    Controversial statement, Jimmy Fallon ruined the classic Cow Bell sketch due to his breaking character moment.

  53. Rolling Ormond

    Rolling Ormond11 日 前

    Breaking is boring. Holding a straight face (like in the Chippendale's sketch) separates the pros from the amateurs.

  54. Chalchiuhtlicue

    Chalchiuhtlicue10 日 前

    Eh sometimes. There's been plenty of times where then breaking really made the skit.

  55. Brittany Patrosso

    Brittany Patrosso14 日 前

    Why don’t you show the funny clips.....???

  56. Doug Morrison

    Doug Morrison14 日 前

    What what where TF is the right to extreme stupidity with Candice Bergan & Gilda Radner? Radner: hnmm that milk was not very good im still thirsty. Bergan: thats because you poured it in your purse, you're not very bright are you Fern? (Bergmans character is Fern not Radners & Radner counters without so much as a paused) we cant all be brainy like Fern here. Bergman is unable to put it together even there just barely by the end of the skit. Finally calming down just long enough to deliver her final line still trembling.

  57. chucky

    chucky15 日 前

    wow... fekking lame.. i watched until i fell asleep at 5:45 .. shitty vid...

  58. Aaron Ruesch

    Aaron Ruesch15 日 前

    What about the Gap girls at the food court?

  59. Aaron Ruesch

    Aaron Ruesch15 日 前

    P.S. I always thought the Cow Bell sketch would be funnier if they didn't laugh.

  60. Andre Klugel

    Andre Klugel15 日 前

    Best one in my opinion was the one with Kristen Wigg, and Maya Rudolf, where they are gameshow prize presenters with weird accents. Bill Hader is in it, too, and everyone straight loses their shit. Funny as hell.

  61. Brooke

    Brooke16 日 前

    It’s so much funnier when you explain it 🙄

  62. Gurumoorthy Ganesan

    Gurumoorthy Ganesan16 日 前

    "My Girlfriend works at Yoshinova BeefBall"...

  63. Lucian S

    Lucian S16 日 前

    Improvised humour is the best

  64. bfosterchild69

    bfosterchild6916 日 前

    cool......thanks for talking the whole time