Top 10 Breaking Character Moments on Saturday Night Live


  1. Gloria Gonzales

    Gloria Gonzales日 前

    She destroyed the video talking sooooo muchhhhhh.

  2. Scott Silver

    Scott Silver日 前

    Great idea absolute terrible execution STFU and let us watch the moments. DOWN VOTE!

  3. Wes Kish

    Wes Kish3 日 前

    Play the f-ing video no one wants to hear you talk!!


    DREAMß GAMING4 日 前

    Christ Farley isn’t funny, if you have to resort to yelling and breaking stuff or anything else that’s physical. You’re not a comedian

  5. ComeliaO7

    ComeliaO75 日 前

    I figured Garth and Kim were improvised. They never keep a straight face. 🤣🤣

  6. cbebutuoy

    cbebutuoy5 日 前

    too much talking by the vultures.

  7. thepayne78

    thepayne786 日 前

    That would be every single sketch Jimmy Fallon was ever in.

  8. Matthew Oliver-Eaton

    Matthew Oliver-Eaton7 日 前

    I'm a very simple man...I see bill hader I click

  9. Nico tel

    Nico tel8 日 前

    Dam I guess Jimmy Fallon really does suck. Shouldn't of given him so many chances pretty lame actor, improv pathetic

  10. Wes Oerly

    Wes Oerly8 日 前

    The commentary doesn't add much.

  11. Sujoy Ghosh

    Sujoy Ghosh9 日 前

    Will you guys shut up! Just run your Top 10 list but stop the stupid voice over. Its annoying.

  12. creden316

    creden3169 日 前

    I'm sorry but the best clip I ever saw of them breaking character and couldn't keep a straight face is the skit with Jeffries and it wasn't even put on this video

  13. Jose Pantojas

    Jose Pantojas9 日 前

    I absolutely love your voice!

  14. Jeremy Pickett

    Jeremy Pickett11 日 前

    As a nerd, I gotta know your mic and compression setup. It sounds great

  15. Melayna Bee

    Melayna Bee11 日 前

    I havent even watched it yet and I stg its just gonna be Bill

  16. Bike Tall

    Bike Tall12 日 前

    Good compilation...BUT it would have been 1,000 times funnier if the annoying voice over lady would just let the sketches play out instead of talking over them!

  17. Corndog2004

    Corndog200412 日 前

    Why do you feel the need to insert yourself, you no talent hacks?

  18. GiftedLionMusic

    GiftedLionMusic13 日 前

    Talking over the clips really ruins EVERYTHING funny about SNL actors breaking character. Please, no more of these!!!

  19. Risto Visto

    Risto Visto13 日 前

    Cowbell is the best. Jimmie had ONE line, and he can barely get it out through his giggling. He's so relatable and hilarious!

  20. ArgueMax DotCom

    ArgueMax DotCom13 日 前

    This is the first time I have seen you. Your videos are always my favorite. It is fun to see what you look like.

  21. Sydney Slevin

    Sydney Slevin13 日 前

    Bill Hader has one of the most contagious laughs.

  22. Trace Burroughs

    Trace Burroughs13 日 前


  23. Baddscorpio

    Baddscorpio14 日 前

    My gawd. STFU

  24. Milli W

    Milli W15 日 前

    Ayyyyeee ur stunning!

  25. David Cooper

    David Cooper15 日 前


  26. Kevin Miller

    Kevin Miller15 日 前

    Would rather watch it than be told about it. Terrible video. 👎

  27. Cale Chiasson

    Cale Chiasson15 日 前

    “The goal was to make Jimmy Fallon laugh.” Setting the bar real low aren’t we?

  28. Patrick Judge

    Patrick Judge15 日 前

    Narrator needs to shut the F#*& up and let us enjoy the bits

  29. David Collaso

    David Collaso15 日 前

    Narrator is so annoying as not to shut up and let’s see the actual breaking character- so disappointed!!!!

  30. Pizza Pizza

    Pizza Pizza16 日 前

    Where is the Harry Potter skit with Lindsay Lohan...

  31. Amy Baker

    Amy Baker17 日 前

    Maine justice with Jamie Fox?!

  32. Elvis moore

    Elvis moore17 日 前

    this is stupid

  33. Hamm3r Tym3

    Hamm3r Tym317 日 前

    Ok show me a moment when Fallon doesn’t break...

  34. Cazam 777

    Cazam 77717 日 前

    Must you all have her talking all the time?!!🙄🙄🙄🤯

  35. Shaka Smith

    Shaka Smith18 日 前

    So who at WM decided we now have to see the narrator? No hate toward her but I'm sure this channel was doing perfectly fine without relying on cheap vanity for views and subs. People subscribe to WM for the engaging subject matter, not because Rebecca is (technically/conventionally) attractive. The whole cheap-tricks-for-clicks, "look at me, I'm hot" culture that we've created via social media is getting so old.

  36. Kevin Bransky

    Kevin Bransky18 日 前

    I know you just wasted my time with some hackneyed tripe you cut together in order to give us the impression you were actually talking about something during the video. In fact, what is happening is you are just naming names while mediocre montages of the clip at hand is being downgraded by your participation with this video. For future video endeavors, try to consider the golden rule of JPreporter: what would this video look like to someone who hasn't seen it. If the video catches their attention, and keeps it their, then you did a good job. Otherwise, consider changing how you record audio and edit videos. And remember that this video might have alot of views on it, but that doesn't make you a worthwhile investment of their time. Most won't comment about how terribly that video was put together, but most Americans also believe that angels are real and that the Universe is less than 6000 years old. Take my comment with a grain of salt, but also as recognition that something is amiss with the quality you provide.

  37. Brian Young

    Brian Young18 日 前

    Narrator; Pump the brakes on the clown makeup. Unless you were going for clown face look.

  38. DrTeeth

    DrTeeth19 日 前

    What an annoying presenter!

  39. tido1691

    tido169119 日 前

    Anyone else just wants to see the actual moments. Instead of a gift damn watch mojo countdown?

  40. robocat893

    robocat89320 日 前

    Rebecca is really cute!

  41. Franklin Franklinson

    Franklin Franklinson20 日 前

    Cow Bell.

  42. Swampbutt Stinson

    Swampbutt Stinson21 日 前

    Lame. Just show the damn clips, forget the voiceovers

  43. Jim Brockway

    Jim Brockway21 日 前

    Would have been nice if the narrator would shut up and let you hear the material

  44. Lynda Abraham

    Lynda Abraham21 日 前

    Too much commentary!!!!!

  45. holyfaith7

    holyfaith722 日 前

    Mine is Jeffrey's with Sean when he pulled out that little phone omg no one could keep a straight face

  46. Carole Burris

    Carole Burris22 日 前

    Better video..... Top 10 amazed they didn't break character, good luck

  47. Dana Dana

    Dana Dana23 日 前

    Blaugh bla bla blauuhhh... clip... blaugh bla bla blaugh......

  48. Coco Nut

    Coco Nut24 日 前

    Too much explanation... we get it.. its funny

  49. Its boyaknow

    Its boyaknow24 日 前

    What’s the point of this if you don’t even let us hear the audio

  50. Happy Happy NL

    Happy Happy NL24 日 前

    Bad video if you don't actually have a good impression of the moments of breaking character..

  51. miles lahue

    miles lahue24 日 前

    Why dont you hush up and let us watch???? So stupid.

  52. Starlandsoundmusic

    Starlandsoundmusic25 日 前

    how horrible... how about playing the whole clips instead of just yakking over it all?

  53. BSHAWofIT

    BSHAWofIT26 日 前

    Less narration

  54. MrSMF

    MrSMF26 日 前


  55. Jody Jaques

    Jody Jaques26 日 前

    It’d be great if I could actually hear the skit instead of the narrator

  56. Abanti Barman

    Abanti Barman26 日 前

    Surprised Bill Hader’s not all of them

  57. Mike Grabo

    Mike Grabo29 日 前

    Terrible,Stop talking!

  58. imakeitlast

    imakeitlastヶ月 前

    Butthole eyes always breaks

  59. Op9amer

    Op9amerヶ月 前

    Yes it is funny to see people bad at there job love how a person on this channel said it

  60. Britney Lynn

    Britney Lynnヶ月 前

    How did Debbie Downer not get the top spot?!