Top 10 Actors Who Are Unexpectedly Good Singers


  1. Joel Copeland

    Joel Copeland15 時間 前

    Bruce Willis

  2. Joe Tengler

    Joe Tengler日 前

    No John Barrowman?

  3. Sandra norman

    Sandra norman2 日 前

    Get rid of Kevin Spacey-pedophiles do not belong.

  4. Yin Xris

    Yin Xris4 日 前

    Can’t believe Hugh Jackman didn’t even make honorable mention list.

  5. Seth Struble

    Seth Struble2 日 前

    He should’ve been in the top 10! His fame rose with his role as Wolverine. No one knew Wolverine could sing until Les Miserables.

  6. TrevorMurrayMusic

    TrevorMurrayMusic4 日 前

    How about Kevin Bacon ? Him and his brother have been writing, recording, and touring for years. Love The Bacon Brothers.

  7. Michael Hutchence

    Michael Hutchence6 日 前

    Johnny Depp???

  8. Healthy Noodles

    Healthy Noodles6 日 前

    Can you make another listing? We can add the following : Eddie Redmayne, Taron Egerton, Chris Evans

  9. anny chua92

    anny chua926 日 前

    Is Jake Gylenhaal applicable? I never knew he could sing.

  10. Mariana de Maura

    Mariana de Maura8 日 前

    Also " The Greatest Showmen" must be included.

  11. Trustee Plugo

    Trustee Plugo8 日 前

    3rd rate actors who sing like barking dogs. BLAH! Joined by squeaky irritating moderator

  12. Serban Gabriel

    Serban Gabriel8 日 前

    You did not mention Steven Segall.

  13. R Brown

    R Brown8 日 前

    Current update: Kevin Spacey is now disgraced and will probably never sing, act or work again. It should have been called Top 10 white actors who can also sing. As for the British actors, in the UK, most would have gone to drama school or RADA, where you would be required to sing as well as dance, as part of your training, so no revelations or surprises from those ones there.

  14. Joshua Ortiz

    Joshua Ortiz10 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="547">9:07</a> ok how come Hopper didnt get a song in a bugs life?

  15. Libby Kennepohl

    Libby Kennepohl10 日 前

    How could Patrick Swayze not be included even as an honorable mention? What?!

  16. Xander Evans

    Xander Evans11 日 前

    Where’s Garrett hedlund?

  17. Ginni Murphy

    Ginni Murphy11 日 前

    Jensen Ackles Supernatural

  18. Ginni Murphy

    Ginni Murphy11 日 前

    Tom Ellis from Lucifer

  19. Wendy O

    Wendy O11 日 前

    Seeing as Ryan Gosling was on the mickey mouse show as a kid, with Britney, Justin and Christina, why would you be surprised that he can still sing?

  20. Khmer Oldies Aficionado

    Khmer Oldies Aficionado11 日 前

    John Travolta should be number 1.

  21. Joyce B.

    Joyce B.11 日 前

    Raul Garza, that man can rip your heart out... check out his JPreporter concert post of Hallelujah...surpasses anything in this post.

  22. BA Video GAming

    BA Video GAming12 日 前

    dont watch this fucking shit the fucking woman cant shut the fuck up so we can hear anyone sing at all. .this bitch is fucking stupid stfu and let us hear thenm sing u fucking bitch

  23. Hella Green

    Hella Green12 日 前

    Did they seriously bleep 'fucking' but not 'cocksucker'?

  24. Nino Maridashvili

    Nino Maridashvili13 日 前

    God i love Kevin Spacey

  25. severino santos

    severino santos14 日 前

    James Marsden croons killer Sinatra's.

  26. kafi azad

    kafi azad14 日 前

    What about clint eastwood and jamie foxx?

  27. Marek

    Marek14 日 前

    Where is Dwayne The Rock Johnson???

  28. jason cowan

    jason cowan14 日 前

    Believe it or not I think Tom Cruise showed off his Chops in Rock of Ages

  29. Karen Kenney

    Karen Kenney15 日 前

    Sissy Spacek, she was great in Coal Miners Daughter, played Loretta Lynn

  30. tylean210

    tylean21015 日 前


  31. alfonse coppola

    alfonse coppola15 日 前

    gary busey in buddy holly story,he was great

  32. Finn-Mika Clark

    Finn-Mika Clark15 日 前

    *???Ewan McGregor???* Moulin Rouge???? Beauty and the beast???? Edit: Okay I found it in another top ten surprising singers, so ....

  33. Kenneth Bonsaksen-Nilsen

    Kenneth Bonsaksen-Nilsen15 日 前

    Neil Patrick Harris and Kristen Bell?

  34. Carrey Perea

    Carrey Perea15 日 前

    spacey cannot even come close by a million years to bobby darin....that movie was an insult!!

  35. Chris Onthelappy

    Chris Onthelappy16 日 前

    I reckon this might need updating... especially if anyone has seen "Rocketman"...

  36. Marc Keer

    Marc Keer16 日 前

    Kiefer Sutherland

  37. Pumpkin and Puna STANTALL

    Pumpkin and Puna STANTALL17 日 前

    When American Idol was new Jane Carrey ( is Jim Carrey) auditioned she didn't have a lot of talent at all...BUT when your dad is the high priest satanic worshiper of L.A. ...then you get through the first of auditions because for some crazy reason the judges aren't ready to push up daisies anytime soon.

  38. Johann Andrei Ladera

    Johann Andrei Ladera17 日 前

    Where is Will Ferrrel. Where are the actors in Chicago, The Producers, The Phantom of the Opera, etc.

  39. Jelena Krajnović

    Jelena Krajnović18 日 前

    Dennis Quaid

  40. Derek Clancy

    Derek Clancy20 日 前

    Jimmy Nail would have been a good add.

  41. Dave Tomsett

    Dave Tomsett20 日 前

    John Schneider from the Dukes of Hazard Tv series

  42. Jamie S

    Jamie S20 日 前

    Who else alive their ass off when she said sparkly vampire

  43. Cristiana Cernotto

    Cristiana Cernotto21 日 前

    Jessica Lange in AHS Freak Show

  44. Kim McConnell

    Kim McConnell21 日 前

    Christian Kane, Eliot Spencer from Leverage.

  45. Bill Collier

    Bill Collier23 日 前

    I'm with Daisy, Jensen Ackles should have been on the list.

  46. Netvoyager

    Netvoyager23 日 前

    Where was James Marsden?

  47. litestreamer

    litestreamer25 日 前

    Kevin Spacey does not deserve recognition.

  48. Nancy O'Malley

    Nancy O'Malley14 日 前

    The list was made before the scandal was made public

  49. Galhamon

    Galhamon25 日 前

    No Billie Boyd!? I demand a RECOUNT!

  50. Grow Someplace

    Grow Someplace26 日 前

    Patrick Swayze really surprised me, wish he was on this list.

  51. Zeus & Athena

    Zeus & Athena27 日 前

    People are avoiding Kevin Spacey now!

  52. Dale Huhtala

    Dale Huhtala27 日 前

    And once again Watchmojo cements their reputation for talking right over the subject of yet another video. I need to stop watching these...the commentators love the sound of their voices more than the topic they are covering.

  53. bluebellea3

    bluebellea327 日 前

    Eddie Murphy in Dreamgirls.

  54. Patrick Boyle

    Patrick Boyle28 日 前

    Robert Patinson sounds like a strangled cat. Kevin Spacey is actually a better singer than Bobby Darren - who wasn't very good at all. There were some really good vocalists among pop singers in those days but not Bobby Darren. All energy - no real voice at all. You have to admire Jeremy Renner. He's short and kinda ugly but terrific on screen. Maybe the best action star since Jackie Chan. He can sell a song too but not much of a real voice. In all ways he is a triumph over his many natural disadvantages. I would have liked to have heard a real singer play Johnny Cash not the weak and tuneless Juaquin Phoenix. Probably the best vocalist in this group is - surprisingly - Gerard Butler but unfortunately Phantom is a part that requires by far the best voice. A Bridge Too Far. The real Hollywood vocalist that almost no one knew was an excellent singer was the late George Sanders. I mean a really excellent singer as good as Gordon MacRae or Howard Keel - guys who were first of all singers and only second actors. Clint Eastwood could sing a little too. But such a thin sweet voice from a guy with that frame and screen presence was all wrong. And then there was Hal Linden (Barney Miller) a real Broadway musical star. Kevin Kline could sing dance and swashbuckle as any one who ever graced the silver screen. Maybe the most multifaceted movie and stage actor of the last century.

  55. ninsnumber1fan

    ninsnumber1fan29 日 前

    no jared leto? Lead singer of 30 seconds to mars? or i guess that is not really surprising since he is well known as the lead singer.

  56. Daveofthejungle

    Daveofthejungleヶ月 前

    Gerard Butler shouldn’t even get an honorable mention. The decision to cast him was the single worst thing about the Phantom movie.

  57. John Glielmi

    John Glielmiヶ月 前

    did you forget he sang in SUCKER PUNCH?

  58. alan smlth

    alan smlthヶ月 前


  59. Ginny Parrett

    Ginny Parrettヶ月 前

    Where is Jensen Ackles & Keanu Reeves?

  60. Neli C.

    Neli C.ヶ月 前

    Jake Gyllenhall!!

  61. John Tonelli

    John Tonelliヶ月 前

    Bo Duke of dukes of hazard

  62. Taraneh Bahar

    Taraneh Baharヶ月 前

    someone explain to me, why the hell isn't Jenen Ackles in this list!!!!!!! to be honest, i'm disapointed :\\

  63. Nipoporn Beckmeyer

    Nipoporn Beckmeyerヶ月 前

    What about Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison of the Doors?

  64. Miguel Ventura

    Miguel Venturaヶ月 前

    and where is John Travolta and Will Smith and Meryl Strep...

  65. Emzavelli

    Emzavelliヶ月 前

    Jeremy Rener is ass

  66. Macinda Lou

    Macinda Louヶ月 前

    All I learned from this is that Justin Timberlake doesn't age

  67. StormyStars

    StormyStarsヶ月 前

    Missed Matt Damon singing Scotty Doesn't Know.

  68. paul smith

    paul smithヶ月 前

    I enjoy John C. Reilly’s singing in “Walk Hard”.

  69. maddie thompson

    maddie thompsonヶ月 前

    Megan Mullally has an amazing voice too

  70. Oky Saputra

    Oky Saputraヶ月 前

    Where is jack black

  71. Indy Indy

    Indy Indyヶ月 前

    What about Robert Downey Jr and Johnny Depp? Also Bruce Willis?

  72. Nancy O'Malley

    Nancy O'Malleyヶ月 前

    The first two are in the second list-and Bruce Willis? Well....

  73. edejan

    edejanヶ月 前

    I'm not surprised. Many, many actors are multi-talented yet rarely have a chance to "show off!"

  74. Michael Mace

    Michael Maceヶ月 前

    Anyway, Hollywood is full of singing & dancing so it's really not that unexpected that anyone of them can sing. It seems like some people take it personally that a certain person wasn't on the list.

  75. Michael Mace

    Michael Maceヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="225">3:45</a> Why do Broadway broads always have to be so weird with hairy armpits?

  76. Kimberly Ortega

    Kimberly Ortegaヶ月 前

    LoL 🤣 I did not notice until you said that! LoL 🤣

  77. miss valeriano

    miss valerianoヶ月 前

    Where's Tom Ellis

  78. Yves

    Yvesヶ月 前

    No Jamie Fox? He stared off as a comedian, then acting. He jokes that he could sing better than J Lo when she came out and I’m sure he has sold more than most on this list

  79. Yves

    Yvesヶ月 前

    Interpretation is everything. Unexpected before they shows they could sing. It was unexpected before he made an album. You realise everyone on this list is no longer unexpected??? I wish you would think before responding to comments.

  80. Michael Mace

    Michael Maceヶ月 前

    It said unexpectedly good but he's made albums & it's been all over so it's not unexpected. I do wish people would think before speaking. 🙄

  81. rod dog

    rod dogヶ月 前

    William Shatner

  82. Hasan Palloshi

    Hasan Palloshiヶ月 前

    Totally Detuned Radio.. Schaade - Jamie Fox is A * Septum Art * Conquering Star.

  83. Frantastic Ruga

    Frantastic Rugaヶ月 前

    Carice van Houten should've been here!!!

  84. Ethan Lim

    Ethan Limヶ月 前

    What about Amanda seyfried, Eddie redmayne, Russel Crowe

  85. NotoriousNoe

    NotoriousNoeヶ月 前

    No honorable mention for Kira Knightly? Look her up. She's amazing

  86. Nancy O'Malley

    Nancy O'Malleyヶ月 前

    She's in the second list(and not just an HM)

  87. John Palcic

    John Palcicヶ月 前

    Tracey Ullman They Don't Know