Toothless & Night Lights Christmas Holiday Special | HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON Bonus (NEW 2019) HD


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    한국인 손?

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    is this a movie or are they episodes?

  3. Skyfaller3D

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    2:33 You kids are grounded! You hear me ground- wait what? - Toothless I imagined that what Toothless was saying to his kids XD

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    Please subtitle Indonesia

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    Mey rouguey o ksaad mistow fot pistinsy

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    5:28 What the...


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    Plz update this movie i see it

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    I like that movie

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    You know, they could still totally continue the series with a show between 2 and 3, like with Race to The Edge

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    Turk yokmu yaa

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    When poncher was in the fire place upside down that made laugh

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    When i go on hulu it only shows a 22min there a full movie or not??😓

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    Night cute

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    I'm always wondering why those animations can make me smile so much.

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    Muito fofo

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    So cute😊😊

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    at the begining they were like "CRAP WE LOST THE KIDS!!"

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    You kabeh is edan

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    My fivrit

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    how to train your dragon 4?

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    The goat 😂

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    The white one laughed so cute like a lion cubs

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    oh omg so cute to

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    Awww very Beautiful dragons

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    Đó là một gia đình

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    One of the parts is 😆

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    amazing how kids play with fire guns.

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    Yes omg yes I need to see it!!,

  32. Coffee Cat

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    I‘m genuenly suprised, that the sheep survived...

  33. Demo Man

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    I like how sheep still not moves

  34. Kristen Thon

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    Its funny there like OH MY GOSH THE KIDS ARE GONE

  35. Kristen Thon

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    How old are the night light since they were born

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    What would be hiccup's title? If stoic is "THE VAST" what would he be called?

  38. Sara Schiflett

    Sara Schiflett17 時間 前

    Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III the Dork (I came up with the name after seeing a video called “the dorkiness of Hiccup Haddock III”)

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    Méo thích cái con nait

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    please make a new Dragon 4,5,6,7,8,9 and10

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    I can see that you are concern of those haters. :)

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    These are just to wholesome to end.

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    I want fourth part😬😬

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    Hi Can you come to my house with you r dragon

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    Como treinar seu dragão no lixo porque você ainda grava isso ele tá de papo lá ninguém liga para ele pelo menos de Nossa uma coisa dele mas ele não existe só uma lenda boba Disney por causa do Dragão hashtag como treinar seu dragão é horrível

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    No ha alguien que hable español

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    Беззубика явно озвучивал котик😁

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    when me run away from my house this is my parents react 0:39

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    한국인은 없는것인가

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    Can you show this video moree

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    Toothless did it to her and made babies

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    Bebes dragon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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    awwwwww que tierno y hermoso

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    It is so funny how there like”awrawrawrawe”at the same time

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    넌 진짜 내가 본 드래곤 중에 역대급으로 귀여웠더

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    awwww. this is so adorable.

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    New movie?

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    I just realized that toothless doesn’t have teeth 7:04

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    me : wish there was dragons in the earth bUT FRIENDLY

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    I love how the black dragon gets mad

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    DcX life 1

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    The three little dragons omg there so cute!🤗

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    Tutube burik loading mulu dah

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    The two male night lights hate each other they keep fighting

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    Милое семейство

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    Есть русские?

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    The way he got scared of the dragon

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    Great vid

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    Oh no, hiccups kid become dragon killer

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