Tom Holland Knew I Was Irish?


  1. terripink08

    terripink0853 分 前

    Jack: I think spider man is the most relatable, that’s why my favorite character is- Me:SHOUTO TODOROKI!!

  2. rickii RL

    rickii RL時間 前


  3. Kenzie Chapman

    Kenzie Chapman時間 前

    Did anyone see that Tom wasn't wearing socks?!😂

  4. Bill Reveus

    Bill Reveus7 時間 前

    Your irish 😐😐😐😐

  5. All Round Gaming

    All Round Gaming14 時間 前

    Tom Holland:Watches jacks mc series Jack:*knows Jack:HE KNEW I WAS IRISH????

  6. Adam Rajchl

    Adam Rajchl15 時間 前

    I am sorry, Is this real?

  7. Sacredarrow9023

    Sacredarrow902323 時間 前

    For those of guy ou who have been to Venice, grats. Its slowly becoming uninhabitable.

  8. LicoriceWithASideOf Fries

    LicoriceWithASideOf Fries日 前

    Why do I feel like this is fake? Edit: Nvm 🤗

  9. emanymton713

    emanymton713日 前

    To be fair about the title about this video...only someone who has never heard an Irish accent would, not even as a guess, think you might be Irish.

  10. Lexfor Thewin

    Lexfor Thewin2 日 前

    He take the bus He break the trust But most importantly... He turn to dust

  11. Maria-Essebo Maria

    Maria-Essebo Maria2 日 前

    Do anyone remember all the way

  12. Eagle 87

    Eagle 872 日 前

    Must be painful to sit there and act interested in the interview when it’s literally just 10 hours of repeating the same answers to different interviewers in the same spot

  13. MissingSomethingYT gachalife

    MissingSomethingYT gachalife2 日 前

    Who always freaks out when they get noticed by Jackcepticeye but when they get a heart from him it's a COMPLETELY different story -w-

  14. Who Am I?

    Who Am I?3 日 前

    Tom : He's Irish Jack Outside : yes I am Jack Inside : *Screaming Internally*

  15. KitKat 21

    KitKat 213 日 前


  16. instruments newbie

    instruments newbie3 日 前

    You look professional nice

  17. Aleks Nikiforova

    Aleks Nikiforova3 日 前

    how did YOU get to do THIS Mr. Septiceye? XD

  18. Vizio

    Vizio3 日 前

    Omgggg why does Tom look so much like Peter Parker

  19. Shaun the sheep Does gaming

    Shaun the sheep Does gaming3 日 前

    Unas annus

  20. Bharath V

    Bharath V5 日 前

    Spiderman 2019 : But iF yOU Don'T REfer TO iT HAs

  21. liam benedict

    liam benedict6 日 前

    I was shocked Aboit this video

  22. ShottyPwningz

    ShottyPwningz7 日 前

    Is this fake?

  23. Erin FREELAND

    Erin FREELAND6 日 前

    ShottyPwningz Nu

  24. TheGamingRaccoon Playz

    TheGamingRaccoon Playz7 日 前

    I remember watching jack when was uploading gta5 story mode and happy wheels and when we wore his cap, now the man is interviewing with the Spider-Man far from home cast, like god damn.

  25. Owen 99

    Owen 998 日 前

    Jacksepticeye cameo in the next one??

  26. Joseph Brendmoen

    Joseph Brendmoen9 日 前

    Charish this Sean i'd kill for this chance.

  27. Fizzy Universe

    Fizzy Universe10 日 前

    *the football*

  28. ThePeople Persons

    ThePeople Persons11 日 前

    No offense but....". AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO DIDN’T KNOW THAT JACOB WAS BALD?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!?!?!?

  29. PugMaster 16161

    PugMaster 1616111 日 前

    Jack actually sounded pissed when Tom said that "do I have a look PUNK!!"

  30. XxZEROxX

    XxZEROxX12 日 前

    There so weirdly awkard




  32. The Wee Irish Lad

    The Wee Irish Lad13 日 前

    8:07 F in the chat bois



    Fun fact:- Jack has 5 times more subscribers in youtube than Sony pictures.

  34. BlocketZ1

    BlocketZ114 日 前

    Don't tell them about the Sony Marvel deal

  35. Gaia Golashi

    Gaia Golashi14 日 前

    I love Jack being a fanboy but being professional about it

  36. XxboundtitanxX

    XxboundtitanxX15 日 前

    I just say footy but I’m Australian

  37. Malkatrix musik

    Malkatrix musik15 日 前

    Is Tom Holland not wearing socks??

  38. Leon Bradić

    Leon Bradić16 日 前

    Aww man i almost feel bad for how Tom was devastated by the loss to us.

  39. Goalscorer 7

    Goalscorer 717 日 前

    Did anyone else notice when Tom said, "It's nice to be home" to the right it says, "Far From Home"?

  40. MAD MAX

    MAD MAX17 日 前

    Maybe he saw your videos and in some videos you bring the sentence that I was irish

  41. Clay MacDonald

    Clay MacDonald17 日 前

    9:30 it wasn't the answer he needed, but the one he deserved

  42. The Jester

    The Jester17 日 前

    I bet it was so cool meeting him 😢😢

  43. Languid Lurker

    Languid Lurker17 日 前

    Could someone explain how Jack interview these celebrities? I thought he was just a youtuber.

  44. Gidabytes

    Gidabytes18 日 前

    That guy on the left is a Filipino! Any Filipino here?

  45. Regan Faldo

    Regan Faldo18 日 前

    Just wondering what has happened to the guys hair that is sitting next to Tom Holland ???

  46. T.E 08

    T.E 0819 日 前

    I cant believe he really met them..

  47. SFG bros

    SFG bros20 日 前


  48. Drone 425

    Drone 42520 日 前

    Jack reminds me of joseph seed from farcry 5. He’s just missing the glasses😂

  49. Dylan Demarco

    Dylan Demarco20 日 前

    Why every time it goes to jack why for a glimpse second it looks like caption America

  50. THE AnoNyMouS ProDuCer

    THE AnoNyMouS ProDuCer21 日 前

    Tom Holland is acting like he is not in an interview

  51. Erluq

    Erluq21 日 前

    That last question requires high order thinking skills for these actors 😂😂😂

  52. Diamond Eye

    Diamond Eye21 日 前

    You met Tom Holland the new Coolest spider man

  53. _robin_

    _robin_22 日 前

    idk whos hotter, tom or jack

  54. omierufus

    omierufus22 日 前

    Sean: you made me cry twice Tom: *awww, sorry man.*

  55. Liz Lawlor

    Liz Lawlor22 日 前

    Tom: your Irish Jack: *happy potato noises*

  56. Carlo Romualdez

    Carlo Romualdez22 日 前

    Spider man homecoming Anabelle comes home Spider-Man far from home LoL

  57. Abdullah Almusallam

    Abdullah Almusallam20 日 前

    Carlo Romualdez 😂😂😂😂😂

  58. Simonstar

    Simonstar23 日 前

    Tom: “you don’t wanna mess with football hooligans” lmfao

  59. Alpha Dragon1632

    Alpha Dragon163222 日 前

    Stop trying to be funny

  60. Alpha Dragon1632

    Alpha Dragon163222 日 前

    Simonstar bro shut up

  61. Scarrunner

    Scarrunner23 日 前

    Them: change the subject Jack: RREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  62. Jahlia D

    Jahlia D24 日 前

    Zendeya: *talks about being a loner and wanting to socialize* Zendeya:so how about you? Tom: oh im good me: wow lmao

  63. Ozz

    Ozz24 日 前

    Tom: My spider senses say that his irish Seán: Do I have a look?

  64. Ella Lawler

    Ella Lawler24 日 前

    Jack should have brought Spider Loaf with him