Tom Hiddleston Reacts to Unreleased Footage of Him Auditioning as Thor


  1. Milo Victor Ibrado

    Milo Victor Ibrado日 前

    All I saw was Loki making fun of Thor..

  2. Keshi Thinks

    Keshi Thinks日 前

    Hats off to the acting

  3. Speely May

    Speely May2 日 前

    He's so beautiful

  4. just rileyjane//ojsan

    just rileyjane//ojsan2 日 前

    I am now petitioning for a heart react on JPreporter just because of this goddamn video.

  5. Vivi Prado

    Vivi Prado3 日 前

    Lindo por de mais!!❤️

  6. Gitanjali Barik

    Gitanjali Barik3 日 前

    He is such a method actor...💙❤️💜

  7. Ixi A

    Ixi A3 日 前

    Loki I love you😍😍

  8. Mp Golip haunts

    Mp Golip haunts4 日 前

    Aww don't cry 😂😂

  9. Pao WL

    Pao WL4 日 前

    I love you.

  10. Sammy The Believer

    Sammy The Believer5 日 前

    The person who wanted to be Thor but wasn't. Who could you have asked for a better Loki?

  11. xDemonicBeautyx

    xDemonicBeautyx6 日 前

    Honestly, Tom is amazing and does a wonderful job with LOKI and I could never image anyone else as him but I would love to see him as Thor. I'd love to see a world where Tom was Thor. It would be interesting to see.

  12. B Lord

    B Lord6 日 前

    Don’t see Loki show

  13. Vini Soaris

    Vini Soaris7 日 前

    Awn Tom is so cute ♥

  14. Sonic The Irish Neko Demon

    Sonic The Irish Neko Demon8 日 前

    Fuck it, he’s baby

  15. local

    local8 日 前

    He seems really modest for a man who has everything

  16. Passive Agressive

    Passive Agressive9 日 前

    Before Thor blew up in 2010, I met Tom and Chris at Comic-com in London. They were the sweetest nicest people you could ever meet.they were just happy that fans were taking an interest in a comic book movie.they sat and talked to everybody.

  17. Anjali Sharma

    Anjali Sharma10 日 前

    *I have been falling for 30 minutessss!!! *

  18. Axel Rodríguez

    Axel Rodríguez10 日 前

    Billie Ellish

  19. Axel Rodríguez

    Axel Rodríguez10 日 前

    Oh my Nose uses tisteou

  20. Lori Hastings

    Lori Hastings11 日 前

    Plz leave me alone

  21. i just don’t

    i just don’t11 日 前

    he’s so handsome

  22. Mishka Sibert

    Mishka Sibert12 日 前

    That is some fine acting, ladies and gentlemen!!

  23. The Daniyal aziz

    The Daniyal aziz12 日 前

    Pure acting...such a perfectionist, a man with class ...Tom hiddleston for you ♥

  24. S z P a S i A

    S z P a S i A12 日 前

    This is so... Omg ❤❤❤

  25. Aqueel Kadri

    Aqueel Kadri12 日 前

    "The thing about baby Yoda'r is that...i just love him"

  26. Çiğdem Can

    Çiğdem Can12 日 前

    I shed tears when he talk about baby yoda. That's acting.

  27. DelanaFromAway

    DelanaFromAway12 日 前

    I have soooo missed him.

  28. Sabrina Mantooth

    Sabrina Mantooth13 日 前

    Says while crying in front of a laughing audience "baby Yoder"

  29. Tom Rieger

    Tom Rieger15 日 前

    Would be awesome if he became the 14th Doctor one day.

  30. Sahil Shukla

    Sahil Shukla15 日 前

    I love you Loki.

  31. Clarissa Herondale

    Clarissa Herondale15 日 前

    He is best loki because he wanted to be thor.

  32. pigo

    pigo2 日 前

    @Anaya Channe fuck off

  33. Grace Britten

    Grace Britten4 日 前

    That makes so much sense...

  34. clarissa salvatore

    clarissa salvatore5 日 前

    "I only ever wanted to be your equal!" has now a whole different meaning-

  35. Anaya Channe

    Anaya Channe5 日 前

    Probably the most underrated comment.

  36. Purrpawz

    Purrpawz16 日 前

    You can literally see his eyes reddening like gosh Tom is such a good actor

  37. Ari_air

    Ari_air16 日 前

    Tom hiddleston is so.freakin.cute💖💜💖💜 *I STAN*

  38. kevin 95

    kevin 9516 日 前

    That right there is the reason why he's the god of mischief, ladies and gents

  39. Bangtan _Baby's

    Bangtan _Baby's17 日 前

    Tom's voice is so sexy af

  40. Brick Collision Animation

    Brick Collision Animation17 日 前

    This has benn shown before

  41. Lexy Lexandra

    Lexy Lexandra17 日 前

    I could cry like that everytime when i was little to get away from something i did a sec! What are you all saying about grate acting😄😄 that means i am a fabulos actress😂😂😂😂

  42. Carol Genet

    Carol Genet18 日 前

    incredibly talented actor.

  43. Keisuke Takahashi

    Keisuke Takahashi19 日 前

    I believe that there are people chosen to play certain role in life and I wish I'm one of them.

  44. Lillian Folsom

    Lillian Folsom19 日 前

    He's a cute crier though

  45. VixNeko

    VixNeko19 日 前

    "Unreleased footage"? I've seen this before for sure.

  46. Fio Miche

    Fio Miche19 日 前

    Hahahaha, this is really good. Subscribe to my cove Fío Miche, if you like

  47. D. H.

    D. H.20 日 前

    OMG Tom is an excellent actor ...! Jimmy said: "cry..." and he can do it in the next second real. Wow look in his face. Tom is so unique... 😘😢 I would immediately cry with him 💔💔💔😭😭😭 I love to watch him in serious roles !!!

  48. JuJu Baby

    JuJu Baby20 日 前

    He’s a awesome actor!!!

  49. telly diana dayondon

    telly diana dayondon20 日 前

    I'm glad he never get the role...his destined to be the unmatched portrayal as Loki...

  50. Marty Fernandez

    Marty Fernandez22 日 前

    dios me reí tanto que escupi un pulmón

  51. Dan Bev

    Dan Bev22 日 前

    I highly recommend ‘The Night Manager’ - starring Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, & Olivia Coleman, among others. It’s a whole new, heroic TH.

  52. Valeria Pérez

    Valeria Pérez22 日 前

    Tom Loves baby Yoda 😂😂😂💚

  53. Ning Ning

    Ning Ning22 日 前

    Loki's voice is soooooo dreamy😍

  54. Marion Baggins

    Marion Baggins23 日 前

    Me: *After Endgame* 2:28-2:37 This Almost Happened!!! That Blonde Wig Thou!!! My Friends: What...WHAT?!!!

  55. Reyna Soraten

    Reyna Soraten23 日 前

    fallon: that's fantastic me: yeah, fantastically cringey thanks god he became Loki instead of Thor....

  56. Psycho Sexy Unicorn

    Psycho Sexy Unicorn11 日 前

    Tom watching the video like: I've never met this man in mg life

  57. Cari Caicedo

    Cari Caicedo23 日 前

    This man is perfection in all his acting 😍🤩 we'll always agree he's the perfect Loki 🤗💗

  58. myriaidee1sessh43

    myriaidee1sessh4323 日 前

    Moment 2:25, you are welcomed

  59. Oeindrila Sarkar

    Oeindrila Sarkar24 日 前

    Love you Tom

  60. Jaimar Bertorelli

    Jaimar Bertorelli24 日 前

    Man, me encanta el acento británico jajaja

  61. Margarita M.

    Margarita M.25 日 前

    Never been released? It was on YT for five years or so

  62. Elvia Dominguez

    Elvia Dominguez25 日 前

    I think I just fall in love again

  63. Michael Chan

    Michael Chan28 日 前

    Loki deserves a movie AND a TV show

  64. Ujwala Raani

    Ujwala Raani28 日 前

    Tom: We all agree that they cast the right actor Me: Yes, TOM can only be loki

  65. Pawan Raj Verma

    Pawan Raj Verma28 日 前

    Oh my God!! His skills are so underrated