Tiger Woods' Final Round


  1. Jeff T

    Jeff T5 時間 前


  2. p01 echeverria collante

    p01 echeverria collante5 時間 前

    Congrats!! tiger : Love your game since 1996 nike!.

  3. jgl234

    jgl2349 時間 前

    thanks tyger from spain, next to the josé maría olazabal's town. very emotional.

  4. Bay Area

    Bay Area13 時間 前

    Congratulations Tiger! So happy for him after all his been through.

  5. satyam kumar

    satyam kumar14 時間 前

    Finally tiger is out of woods

  6. I am Bear

    I am Bear14 時間 前

    Tiger celebrations still the best.

  7. Claude Maassen

    Claude Maassen22 時間 前

    Very happy for Tiger!

  8. Nate Moore

    Nate Moore23 時間 前

    Tiger Woods is Goat'd with the sticks.

  9. Kruze N

    Kruze N日 前

    Another Hole in one .

  10. Ron Thatcher

    Ron Thatcher日 前

    He's not done yet ... Just watch !

  11. vezmike

    vezmike日 前

    The great Michael Phelps at 2:04

  12. DelToro

    DelToro日 前

    All i need now is for Lance to pull through and compete/win and my childhood is not for nothing hahah :'(

  13. Killunova

    Killunova日 前


  14. Patrick Zegers

    Patrick Zegers日 前

    147 haters so far !

  15. uncooked ham

    uncooked ham日 前

    I wish he would finger me :(

  16. Joe Hung

    Joe Hung日 前

    Talents never die

  17. God's Child

    God's Child日 前

    Wow. Congrats Tiger!!! Loved the clip with your boy and mum. So sweet😘😘

  18. 555INFINITY

    555INFINITY日 前

    Wonderful victory He is the best player of all time I've been waiting for his time

  19. Nick H

    Nick H日 前

    I think he will win at least one more major this year....pressure is off now he has won the Masters, so he can be a heck of a lot more relaxed going forward, and they are all on courses which should suit....wouldn't surprise me if he won all 3, he will certainly be targetting them and getting the right amount of rest inbetween :)

  20. John Spratt

    John Spratt日 前

    amazing how those two went into the woods came back into play....and a great lie for subsequent shot..

  21. timepass india

    timepass india日 前

    🐯 TIGER Roars.....AGAIN👍 👍 👍

  22. Vollystri MKII

    Vollystri MKII日 前

    where is the hole in 1

  23. garth's channel

    garth's channel日 前

    Woods the movie

  24. Jukka Kymäläinen

    Jukka Kymäläinen2 日 前

    What a great Masters❗👍🙂 It was fun to see Tiger playing so strong again. I actually made video about Tigers swing technicue before Masters. Offcource it's just my funny theory, but it has helped me and that's why i want to share it.

  25. Halo Kosovo

    Halo Kosovo2 日 前


  26. This Is The Future

    This Is The Future2 日 前

    The fact I don’t know golf but I know tiger woods shows how much of a sport superstar he is

  27. Peace Keeper

    Peace Keeper2 日 前

    Shoa khan ?

  28. Huggy Bear

    Huggy Bear2 日 前

    not even a real sport

  29. Robbie Westerdijk

    Robbie Westerdijk2 日 前

    What a comeback to the Masters. Tiger the best ever !!!

  30. Evan Stone

    Evan Stone2 日 前

    I see Tiger’s started adhering to his illuminati rituals and obligations again.

  31. jason day

    jason day2 日 前

    Tiger I love you but please Retire now on a high note...

  32. Daniel Joseph Chiasson

    Daniel Joseph Chiasson2 日 前

    Don't you betray me.

  33. ake sura

    ake sura2 日 前


  34. Injua IguanaNinja

    Injua IguanaNinja2 日 前

    His biofilm is probably going to end with this moment.

  35. ChromaGames

    ChromaGames2 日 前

    Golf is not a sport ...

  36. Montreal Antidote

    Montreal Antidote2 日 前

    720p in 2019 feelsbadman

  37. Pickle Pickkle

    Pickle Pickkle2 日 前

    My cousin won one of the same world junior championships that tiger won when he was his age 🙃

  38. Glenn Goryl

    Glenn Goryl2 日 前

    Medal of Freedom for Woods? Entirely appropriate. One serial adulterer honoring another serial adulterer.

  39. Fafu Fafa

    Fafu Fafa2 日 前

    All of a sudden my mood rise up to play golf again...🐯 👍☝⛳®

  40. npukuk

    npukuk2 日 前

    What a Champion. What a story.

  41. Sensual Kira

    Sensual Kira2 日 前

    He looks like a Gollum. Big deal he put a ball in a hole. Wow!!! Like it makes any difference to this world or actually does anything for anyone. Who cares? Get over yourselves.

  42. Ketchupboyz Sorot.T

    Ketchupboyz Sorot.T2 日 前

    He is THAI!!..YAH

  43. Raoul

    Raoul3 日 前


  44. Give Me A Smile

    Give Me A Smile3 日 前

    I want to see a golfer named Lion Steel to beat him. 😏

  45. Paddy's Bricks

    Paddy's Bricks3 日 前

    Wow, I’m sooo glad I was wrong! Great to see you doing your thing again big cat!

  46. Susan Wojkikiki

    Susan Wojkikiki3 日 前

    Wrong!!! soulja boy has the biggest comeback in history!! Smh folks be lien

  47. Vikram Dumbare

    Vikram Dumbare3 日 前


  48. aj smith

    aj smith3 日 前

    If you didnt cry after watching this remarkable win. Well your not human congratulations tiger!

  49. zaw lin

    zaw lin3 日 前


  50. mickavellian

    mickavellian3 日 前

    I do NOT follow golf and I am cheering here like a loon ! EXCELLENCE in any endeavor is the most inspirational thing humans can deliver.. YES mr. Woods YES!

  51. Simon Xyz

    Simon Xyz3 日 前

    Congratulations Tiger! You're back!

  52. Teokoitu Taoro

    Teokoitu Taoro3 日 前

    About time tiger.....? Your shout see you at the bar..?

  53. SupahNinjaHD

    SupahNinjaHD3 日 前

    Form is temporary. Class is permanent.

  54. тнεηιяø

    тнεηιяø3 日 前

    Exciting 😐🤮

  55. rocco muriale

    rocco muriale3 日 前

    His 2 bd shot on 11 was underrated. That won it.

  56. Anibal Nieves Diaz

    Anibal Nieves Diaz3 日 前

    Que bueno GRASIAS a Dios Haellado para lante y recuperado es un ejemplo para todos

  57. Karispy Kreamy

    Karispy Kreamy3 日 前


  58. Westside Strong

    Westside Strong3 日 前

    The Champ is Back!

  59. Freida Kane

    Freida Kane3 日 前

    Congratulations Tiger

  60. ggTitan

    ggTitan3 日 前

    This makes me so happy :')

  61. Yann

    Yann3 日 前


  62. Desmond Godwin

    Desmond Godwin3 日 前

    Am happy for you sire, my role model.. wish to see you play someday and play with you.

  63. Neil Godfrey

    Neil Godfrey3 日 前

    Time to shave the head Tiger

  64. john lee

    john lee3 日 前

    Wow he can put a small ball in a hole.

  65. Hakeem Molemisi

    Hakeem Molemisi3 日 前

    Tiger shouldn't have taken of he's hat, he looks like just beat cancer and cocaine addiction😁 Welcome back champ👍

  66. lovely ladyt

    lovely ladyt3 日 前


  67. Tabs T

    Tabs T3 日 前

    His hairline isnt coming back though, unless marty mcfly is bringing it back.

  68. golden pineapple juice

    golden pineapple juice3 日 前

    Its all in the hips.

  69. Genaro Velasco

    Genaro Velasco3 日 前

    This wouldn't of been a big deal IF this was just a tour golf tournament. Tiger was against the best in the WORLD and it was a MAJOR. Some people said he was lucky, NO, the leaders Choked down the stretch. That is the beauty of Golf.

  70. Old Griffo

    Old Griffo3 日 前

    Very very special ..love it.

  71. Michael Kjærgaard Sørensen

    Michael Kjærgaard Sørensen3 日 前

    Respect for this man and his comeback 👍👍👍

  72. Dear Sybersue

    Dear Sybersue3 日 前

    Wow, I haven't seen him smile like that in years! Just goes to show that you should never give up.

  73. Patrick Geo

    Patrick Geo3 日 前


  74. Ty Vann

    Ty Vann3 日 前


  75. Ryan Shipston

    Ryan Shipston3 日 前

    Couldn't help but smile through all of that

  76. Stuart Campbell

    Stuart Campbell3 日 前

    Please Augusta, please upload this final round as soon as you can. I dont think I can wait a whole year haha

  77. Abhindnan Pigeon

    Abhindnan Pigeon3 日 前

    wait, tiger woods is half asian, half black? whoa, i did not know that

  78. Richard Burt

    Richard Burt3 日 前

    Doesn't top Niki Lauda's comeback

  79. Sagger Mail

    Sagger Mail3 日 前

    The GOAT back were he belongs!

  80. micky finn

    micky finn3 日 前

    Mr Woods you Sir are an inspiration! Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes! And the Green jacket is back on the Greatest Golfer that has ever lived and ever will 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  81. Taufik Rahman

    Taufik Rahman3 日 前

    This is very emotional for Tiger Woods. After all bad things happens to him. Finally Tiger is back. Congrates to Tiger Woods. He deserved this comeback win. ☺

  82. TheYoubytubeby

    TheYoubytubeby13 時間 前

    Taufik Rahman Not only an emotional win for Tiger but also all his loyal supporters who still believed in him despite being written off years ago...I bet it was hard holding it in when Tiger embraced his son on his way back to the club house...the stuff of legends

  83. Ezra Teng

    Ezra Teng3 日 前

    4 9 2 3 5 7 8 1 6 Give me five, not fire. 019 610, 1917-610 = 1307. 13 Oct 1307 is 13 Black Friday. Isn’t it? Jacques de Molay was the 23rd and last Grand Master of the Knights Templar. Miracle happened so the result of 2013 Masters is: 1. Adam Scott 2. Angel Cabrera 3. Jason Day 4. Tigger Woods

  84. flash more

    flash more3 日 前

    Went to his happy place, some other womans bed lol!

  85. Rose Castillano

    Rose Castillano3 日 前

    ...i never play golf and i never want this game...but since 2008 i saw it on tv...tiger woods...i want to watch always hes play

  86. Apple Mae

    Apple Mae3 日 前

    Nothing xcite me cuz no tension 11? Having 14 my tiger so whats n dr to wori? 💃

  87. Mike Hunter

    Mike Hunter3 日 前

    A man who has made mistakes. He knows it. But every man deserves a second chance! For what is life if you don't live and learn and carry on?

  88. S. Held

    S. Held3 日 前

    Woods, Jordan, Brady, Schuhmacher, Federer... What a time to live in to see them all

  89. Nightstalker_55

    Nightstalker_553 日 前

    Do not let this distract you from the fact that Tiger cheated on his wife with several women and then tried to lie about it even when proof hit the public. Such a great hero 👌👌👌.

  90. KEN KEN

    KEN KEN3 日 前

    ハゲとるやないかいっ!( º﹃º` )

  91. E Migs4

    E Migs43 日 前

    SO...the QUESTION NOW is...What is the GOAT ? Does Anyone remember Jack? The man who still holds the 2 Most-Important records from within a Field of GIANTS...all the while Nourishing & Maintaining a loving Wife and Family. YES...Tiger CREATED a WHOLE NEW GAME...BUT he entered into a Field of excellent "OLD-STYLE" players"...his new game dominated a Stagnant Field. You could certainly say that Tiger IS the Best golf-player of HIS-time...possibly even ALL-time...but clearly not the best golfer ever. Seriously...Congrats Tiger on an Amazing Comeback...Stories this Fascinating only come from incredible pain & sacrifices made from you AND those around you.

  92. Jordan Cooley

    Jordan Cooley3 日 前

    Oh Hi Michael phelps 2:06

  93. Bo Ta

    Bo Ta3 日 前

    People always cheer for Bad People

  94. Bo Ta

    Bo Ta3 日 前

    +E Migs you never read the quran or the bible..

  95. Bo Ta

    Bo Ta3 日 前

    Mhm but in new zealand the Terrorist was cristian :/ Or in norway anders breivik. Just shut your mouth please

  96. Bo Ta

    Bo Ta3 日 前

    +E Migs Not Religion is bad. The human is bad. In every organisation or relgion there is an idiot.

  97. Norman Tong

    Norman Tong3 日 前

    I am proud of you Tiger ! And I want to take Golf again after I had forsaken it for 2 years .

  98. Angshuman Sarmah

    Angshuman Sarmah3 日 前

    I didn't understand anything about the game but I enjoyed watching him celebrate his win

  99. munzsta churr

    munzsta churr3 日 前

    Welcome back tiger woods.proved everyone wrong who said he will never win again....hahaha shut up you clowns

  100. Lee Anderson

    Lee Anderson3 日 前


  101. Jay Luck

    Jay Luck3 日 前

    Even a group of German geneticists couldn’t have predicted this.

  102. JJNS

    JJNS3 日 前

    I've never really been a fan of golf but I'm so happy for Tiger. After everything, he is able to wear the jacket again :)

  103. 岡山市の賃貸・不動産ミニクルホーム

    岡山市の賃貸・不動産ミニクルホーム3 日 前


  104. weera lalee

    weera lalee3 日 前

    Not anymore.Tiger