Throwing a Rooftop Pool Party for Strangers in under 24 Hours!! (Thailand Ep.1)


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory年 前

    We're thinking of throwing a festival while we're in Europe. Where would be the best place to do it?


    SKYRIM WORLD5 ヶ月 前

    Go to UAE

  3. Justus Dreyer

    Justus Dreyer5 ヶ月 前

    Kopenhagen !

  4. Pianosphere

    Pianosphere7 ヶ月 前

    Frankfurt Main

  5. Waldemar Weber

    Waldemar Weber9 ヶ月 前


  6. Zeustams Banana

    Zeustams Banana11 ヶ月 前


  7. Vitor Kitagawa

    Vitor Kitagawa13 時間 前

    A verdade é que só br sabe se divertir

  8. Santana Deo

    Santana Deo16 時間 前

    Please come to Indonesia, I'll be glad be your filmmaker plus your guide here guys🤙✌️

  9. Aldof Hilter

    Aldof Hilter日 前

    Next up try to throw a festival in a week

  10. SBP1323

    SBP1323日 前

    watching this in quarantine got me sad as fuck

  11. WAR GØD

    WAR GØD日 前

    Song name?<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="812">13:32</a>

  12. Rolexx

    Rolexx2 日 前

    Bro it was really <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="763">12:43</a>p.m when you said “ it’s <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="763">12:43</a> “ 💀 😆

  13. Je moeder

    Je moeder2 日 前

    Seeing this in coronatime is really weird

  14. Brandon B

    Brandon B3 日 前

    You're well-connected wherever you go. Is this really applicable, relevant and repeatable?

  15. Steve The Dinosaur

    Steve The Dinosaur4 日 前

    Everybody in Thailand seems so chill😂 Most people were just like “Oh yeah that’s cool” and they show up. I need friends like this

  16. Buse Cey

    Buse Cey5 日 前

    I first like the video then I watch it.... thats how much I love this channel :D

  17. Louis Astle

    Louis Astle6 日 前

    Who else watching in quarantine 🥺

  18. obb ieie

    obb ieie6 日 前


  19. Dom Travers

    Dom Travers6 日 前

    i hope someone smashed <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="707">11:47</a>

  20. Daniel Sasso

    Daniel Sasso7 日 前

    how to organize an epic party in 24 hours: step 1. have 5 million subscribers and a lofty bankroll. step 2: see step 1.

  21. The Turks

    The Turks7 日 前

    Y'all need to come to Dubai. Ill set you up!!

  22. Bugman Repellent

    Bugman Repellent7 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="40">0:40</a> our editor tiddy

  23. Nativeaboriginal

    Nativeaboriginal8 日 前

    Tubtim is hella sexy

  24. Squidward Tentacles

    Squidward Tentacles8 日 前

    This shit is so gay 😭 stop partying and go invent things for humanity you wombats.

  25. Peachy Boi

    Peachy Boi8 日 前

    Istg while Thomas was filming the instastory all I heard were the Koreans in the background

  26. F Teague

    F Teague9 日 前

    Americans cant party like the brits

  27. Pablo Alarcon

    Pablo Alarcon9 日 前

    only white people lol

  28. Jorji Costava

    Jorji Costava9 日 前

    ok cool but can yall make a pool party at this location? -27.587749, -48.556325

  29. Jason Collins

    Jason Collins10 日 前

    Ik you guys were hungover

  30. Warren Granzow

    Warren Granzow10 日 前

    Yo the reason behind you guys throwing this party is absolutely AMAZING. Breaking the the barrier between race, religion, and ethnicity is fucking awesome!!! Much love and respect

  31. Jamarus Jackson

    Jamarus Jackson10 日 前

    Tubtim is sexy

  32. Itz Mystic

    Itz Mystic10 日 前

    24 hours. Its tmr right? I'm dead lol

  33. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith10 日 前


  34. Gaurav Sapkota

    Gaurav Sapkota10 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="204">3:24</a> Why the fuck is matt always like this lmao

  35. zuzazn

    zuzazn10 日 前

    this looks freaking amazing! great job, count me in nxt time 😅

  36. Wash Your Hands

    Wash Your Hands11 日 前

    Did you guys get your wiener wet by some hotties?

  37. Max Hut

    Max Hut11 日 前

    Why is nobody fat

  38. Tristyn Mcinnis

    Tristyn Mcinnis11 日 前

    Party starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="650">10:50</a> incase anybody needed to know

  39. azzaoui anas

    azzaoui anas11 日 前

    This is me trying to do an essay and send it the last minute 😂

  40. Erlend

    Erlend11 日 前

    I'm smiling watching this :)

  41. Petruu

    Petruu11 日 前

    Try coming to Romania!

  42. Tahoor khan

    Tahoor khan11 日 前

    I'm missing out on life

  43. Nick Tangente

    Nick Tangente11 日 前

    The girl is pretty...

  44. traC zO

    traC zO12 日 前

    The thumbnail really worked


    DEIMOSLOL12 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="730">12:10</a> lmao another youtuber

  46. Johannes Terzis

    Johannes Terzis12 日 前

    Everywhere Western Europeans go they spread their degeneracy and their decadent hedonistic lifestyle. Begone, pest. Leave the people of the Orient alone.

  47. X Ray

    X Ray12 日 前

    I wanna see the rapper's performance

  48. Dennis de Ruiter

    Dennis de Ruiter12 日 前

    So nice to be rich

  49. sara almadani

    sara almadani13 日 前

    I was expecting to actually hear the dj

  50. Michael Fttngr

    Michael Fttngr13 日 前

    I've been to this party, & it was fucking awesome. Love u guys 🙌🏽♥️

  51. Zadrian Huang

    Zadrian Huang13 日 前

    I spot Farang woo

  52. Michael

    Michael13 日 前

    *Throwing a Sausage Fest for Strangers in under 24 Hours!!*

  53. Owen Kennedy

    Owen Kennedy13 日 前

    I wanna do this now

  54. Sanish Maharjan

    Sanish Maharjan13 日 前


  55. Kevin Saunders

    Kevin Saunders13 日 前

    I think I just found Dawson's twin brother @BigDawsTv

  56. Luqmaan Ryklief

    Luqmaan Ryklief14 日 前

    This genuinely made me happy.

  57. Th3 Troll

    Th3 Troll14 日 前

    Lebanese parties hit diff tho

  58. Gibril Jallow

    Gibril Jallow14 日 前

    I don't know why JPreporter didn't recommend this channel to me earlier...

  59. elia laemba

    elia laemba15 日 前

    nice bruhhhh

  60. Mihacker Like

    Mihacker Like15 日 前

    anyone watching during corona lock down ?

  61. Ben Roberts

    Ben Roberts15 日 前

    this is epic omg

  62. Agaaz Khan

    Agaaz Khan15 日 前

    Why the girls ate so hot in your vedios

  63. Agaaz Khan

    Agaaz Khan15 日 前

    The party went naked

  64. Nexum Games

    Nexum Games16 日 前

    They lied. They went to Thailand to reduce stress if you know what I mean.

  65. Halbkorn

    Halbkorn16 日 前

    real life Project X tbh hahaha

  66. Dion Kamst

    Dion Kamst16 日 前

    This is just amazing

  67. Not Monsieurr AjAx.

    Not Monsieurr AjAx.17 日 前

    Is it just me or did I just peep they asked the same guy to the party twice

  68. Toby Miles

    Toby Miles12 日 前

    mr.AjAx. Yeah they actually do

  69. Not Monsieurr AjAx.

    Not Monsieurr AjAx.12 日 前

    @Toby Miles 8:20 and 9:41 they look hella similar

  70. Toby Miles

    Toby Miles15 日 前

    mr.AjAx. Timestamp?

  71. Playmaster

    Playmaster17 日 前

    That thai girl at the begin is hot.

  72. Tiago Jimenez

    Tiago Jimenez18 日 前

    Is this a Hang over trailer or somethin' cuz I didn't see Alan

  73. Game Hunter

    Game Hunter18 日 前

    i wish i had friend like this i have no close friends and i am to shy to meat people

  74. DopeDo

    DopeDo19 日 前

    They went to the most visited country and invited a bros and tourists to a free roof top party. Not that cool but they have done other events where they actually connect with the local community.

  75. Howard Loutin-Box

    Howard Loutin-Box19 日 前

    whats her yt channel

  76. Nick C

    Nick C19 日 前

    "In 24 hours right...thats tomorrow"

  77. Anay Rathi

    Anay Rathi19 日 前

    Basically Yes theory is Sharing Happiness to strangers 😀😀😃😃😄😁

  78. aaryan 7

    aaryan 719 日 前

    I m now depressed watching this cause i don't have any friends, my all friends failed so they were kicked out of school and i m now all alone, it feels so bad to be alone all time

  79. Joint Juian

    Joint Juian20 日 前

    your sound sucks

  80. Capo No Kap

    Capo No Kap20 日 前

    this party looked a bit empty but aight

  81. Elemental Welding

    Elemental Welding21 日 前

    girl at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="705">11:45</a> in the pool is bae

  82. Digant X-D

    Digant X-D22 日 前

    I was there in Bangkok but we were leaving that day😢

  83. Luxzr

    Luxzr22 日 前

    Legit the sickest and most creative video I've seen on JPreporter. Wish i could've been there but I'm seeing this in 2020((:

  84. My Account

    My Account22 日 前

    Imagine being one of those people who said no and then seeing this video🤭

  85. mohammed

    mohammed24 日 前

    Feeling inspired as fuck Thanks yes theory

  86. zeus coronado

    zeus coronado24 日 前

    You should throw a party in Antipolo City, Philippines. It will be so greatt!!


    KIRYKEION24 日 前

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="152">2:32</a> Joeyboy.. where my One piece squad at? Kaisookuuuuu!

  88. Ark Salazar

    Ark Salazar24 日 前

    What is the song in first few seconds