Throwing a Party for Strangers from the Internet!! (Craigslist,Tinder and Bumble)


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory年 前

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  2. Petra Nyman

    Petra Nymanヶ月 前

    More videos like this!!!!😍👌🤟

  3. pablo broqueza

    pablo broqueza2 ヶ月 前

    throw a party in PHILIPPINES ☺

  4. Gamererin10 O’Sullivan

    Gamererin10 O’Sullivan3 ヶ月 前

    Yes Theory that girl timy

  5. Louie Jay

    Louie Jay5 ヶ月 前

    I'm so happy that i found this JPreporter Channel 😊, you guys are amazing. You guys are giving that beyond A+ happy vibes! Godbless guys! It's a YES!

  6. Myasa Man

    Myasa Man3 日 前

    This channel is a fucking eye opener This channel is fucking enlightening This channel is fucking great

  7. Myasa Man

    Myasa Man3 日 前

    So those are the types of people on Craigslist

  8. John Mayes

    John Mayes3 日 前

    I've learnt by now a yes theory party is the best party.

  9. rodrigo fernandez

    rodrigo fernandez4 日 前

    If you went at that party being single (like pretty much everybody), I bet It must had been your best opportunity to meet someone

  10. Rich Hanley

    Rich Hanley4 日 前

    A bunch of attractive women and creepy men, who would have thought???

  11. Michael Kerr

    Michael Kerr6 日 前

    And the fact that being at a party sponsored by famous youtubers being filmed with millions of views had nothing to do woth it. Nah, nothing at all.

  12. Ale1508

    Ale15087 日 前

    You are amazing guys😂

  13. joshie

    joshie7 日 前

    that’s actually kinda sick

  14. AussieTV

    AussieTV7 日 前

    This is how every party in the 70s started. Start a party and see who rocks up. Best times ever.

  15. Kristiadi Hartanto

    Kristiadi Hartanto7 日 前


  16. Sirlunchalot

    Sirlunchalot10 日 前

    I thought this would be like in project x 😂😂😂😂

  17. E Gamer

    E Gamer11 日 前

    this is like my favourite thing ever XD

  18. elizabeth hernandez

    elizabeth hernandez11 日 前

    The fact that some were just looking for friends made my heart hurt😭 I’m glad they got to experience this

  19. Bobby Kibby

    Bobby Kibby14 日 前

    This party actually the same day as my birthday lol

  20. Anshumaan Kashyap

    Anshumaan Kashyap15 日 前

    Imagine being these guy's neighbors 😂 One day you're seeing a fashion show and the other day you're seeing a bouncy castle😂😂

  21. Gamer1805 Gamer

    Gamer1805 Gamer16 日 前

    Why is it all white people LMAOOO

  22. Mighty YoungSir

    Mighty YoungSir16 日 前

    sic pacman suit

  23. Dads Bike

    Dads Bike17 日 前

    Can you guys send me a link to where you get these suits I need one for homecoming.

  24. Rishab Bhansali

    Rishab Bhansali18 日 前

    are you looking for something real? Matt: maybe.. 😂

  25. Darshan Jk

    Darshan Jk20 日 前

    Hey Average man's Gosling(Thomas)

  26. mrTabascohot

    mrTabascohot21 日 前

    Says girls are daring... More like stupid at making safe decisions. Also the Hippie woman is adorable.

  27. PaintedSiberian Husky

    PaintedSiberian Husky22 日 前

    Imagine how many couples they may have created.

  28. Random Gaming

    Random Gaming23 日 前

    Bro, I just found your youtube channel and I love it, I love your way of doing things like the video when you went to the oscars party by asking people like man your such a good youtuber

  29. Rick Bomhof

    Rick Bomhof23 日 前

    why are there only pretty people though

  30. Mátyás Szabolcs

    Mátyás Szabolcs23 日 前

    11:24 that was fucking scary

  31. Calciefer X

    Calciefer X23 日 前

    That bouncy castle looked so fun 😂🤣🤣🤣

  32. mr bhardwaj

    mr bhardwaj24 日 前

    Well this typ of parties are better then those parties where western girls act like whores n fuck

  33. Equinox_Shocka

    Equinox_Shocka25 日 前

    i dont really have any friends, this would of been awesome for me

  34. Vrijman

    Vrijman26 日 前

    It's too hard to understand what you guys are talking about without subtitles :(

  35. Suprith AG

    Suprith AG26 日 前

    You are like Zack Efron from the movie neighbours... wonderful idea....

  36. Clarksville Tennessee Music Scene

    Clarksville Tennessee Music Scene28 日 前

    I wonder how this would work in a more "average" city.

  37. Mr. Me

    Mr. Me28 日 前

    How sweet kind and fun was this

  38. Best Travel Photos

    Best Travel Photos28 日 前

    0:07 you ask john alite the mafia killer lol

  39. beep beep lettuce

    beep beep lettuce28 日 前

    + dog

  40. Jalil Tookhi

    Jalil Tookhi29 日 前

    It was at minute 10:44 the ladies realized they won’t be getting laid tonight

  41. Drb Gaming

    Drb Gaming29 日 前

    When U invite 2 rival gang members to your house...

  42. Mr. NotSoCreative

    Mr. NotSoCreativeヶ月 前

    I just realized you threw the party on 4/20, you sneaky devils 😂

  43. Bill B

    Bill Bヶ月 前

    Ironically, probably the most normal, well adjusted group of fun-loving people I've seen at a party.

  44. Me

    Meヶ月 前

    Love the concept. Let's be real though. Bad things do happen more than occasionally when meeting strangers from the internet.

  45. Biviano Cazares

    Biviano Cazaresヶ月 前

    just amazing

  46. putanginamo mamataykana

    putanginamo mamataykanaヶ月 前

    wow, so heart warming

  47. Gilbert Sanchez

    Gilbert Sanchezヶ月 前

    This is amazing. I subscribed

  48. trix7one

    trix7oneヶ月 前

    Who that chick in the my purple pillow commercial

  49. Sam B

    Sam Bヶ月 前

    Walks into a creepy request party and sees Thomas just standing there with a camera. 🤣

  50. JT Leon

    JT Leonヶ月 前

    You guys should've been in charge of the Fyre festival lol

  51. Jenna Breland

    Jenna Brelandヶ月 前

    poor Rome XD

  52. Robbie13

    Robbie13ヶ月 前


  53. Robbie13

    Robbie13ヶ月 前

    HELL ya, Thomas, I would reply yes too!! lol

  54. Jiji

    Jijiヶ月 前

    no way all those pretty women came from internet

  55. Tobias Grijsen

    Tobias Grijsenヶ月 前

    Man i really love these videos, there arent many channels where i basically watch back to back, but this is so grreat to see, eye openers, and lovely moments of fun and joy, with our fellow humans! Most of us truly are good, and proven with these awesome adventures! Keep on going guys, im a subscriber now for sure!

  56. Brooklyn Finest

    Brooklyn Finestヶ月 前

    Black people don’t trust nobody 😂😂😂

  57. Sam Kisling

    Sam Kislingヶ月 前

    Loved the older lady

  58. Moaiad Aljamal

    Moaiad Aljamalヶ月 前

    Does any of these experiences ever go wrong 😂?

  59. Derek Church

    Derek Churchヶ月 前

    Gracie's eyes are pretty dope

  60. JakubOrSomething

    JakubOrSomethingヶ月 前

    0:16 bitch has 2 pairs of glasses on her head

  61. Yggdrasil Tree Of Life

    Yggdrasil Tree Of Lifeヶ月 前

    Next time - do the same, but on Grindr 😃

  62. Luis Raya

    Luis Rayaヶ月 前

    I always watch this , it always makes me happy and makes me wanna be more open and just go out and have fun without being judgmental

  63. Murica Hellya

    Murica Hellyaヶ月 前

    those are your best friends, people raised right who bring things to a party without being told 😂😂

  64. megan

    meganヶ月 前

    "some of the best experiences in life are the ones on the other side of fear" yes!!!!